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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 17 : Sideline Kisses
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 Sideline Kisses

 a beautiful CI by &lifecontinues@TDA (Brielle & Albus)


I felt like everything was going faster. Instead of waiting and dreading for days to be over, they were done in a blink of an eye. And now it was one of the biggest events people had been talking about for weeks now.




James’s & Fred’s Halloween party.




Apparently some people had pre-planned and picked up some outfits at the last Hogsmeade event while others scrambled to put an outfit together. I would be one of those people scrambling.




“I hate dressing up; can’t I just go as myself?” Amelia whined from her spot criss-crossed on her bed. She looked at the pile of clothes a mess in our room with a look of distaste before looking away.




“No, you’d scare little children too much.”




I earned the backside of pillow for that comment. Surprisingly the pillow hurt a lot more then I anticipated. Screw you pillow and your non-existence fluff. Hogwarts should not only invest in a heater but fluffier pillows.




Just charm that shit up.




“Ouch, fine, I guess I deserved that.” I mumbled annoying as I surveyed some options. The party was tomorrow night but we decided it would be best to decide on our outfits today.




Today was Friday which meant the party was Saturday. I had a Muggle Studies class with Dominique in the morning and Herbology with Leslie and Louis but besides that I was free afterwards.




Speaking of Dominique, that was a complicated situation. It’s been rather awkward since our little heart-to-heart at Hogsmeade. My friends aren’t the type of people that would jump into a friendship with someone that they grew up hating for years so it’s been a task, to say the least.




She sits with us at our little group now but she’s pretty silent throughout most of the meals. She smiles and nods at all the right times but she barely adds in to stories. She doesn’t exactly talk to Amelia but she’s had a conversation or two with Leslie, I believe.




The only people she has very common and interesting conversations with when we are all in a big group would be her little brother, Louis, and me. It was odd to think that I was becoming friends with someone that has had it out to get me since I was eleven.




“What do you think guys?” Leslie asked as she gestured to the outfit laying on her bed. It was a black pencil skirt that looked pretty formal with a deep blue button down tucked in to it. There was a lacy black bra shoved underneath the shirt and the tops of it were sticking out. She had thrown a pair of black pumps next to it with fake glasses.




“Uh, Les, what are you trying to be?” Amelia asked as she spared a glance in the direction and arched an eyebrow.




I was with Amelia – What the hell are you supposed to be, Leslie?




“A sexy professor, of course.”




“Ah, yeah, that makes perfect sense. I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out before.”




That makes no sense. How am I supposed to know she’s a sexy teacher just because she has her bra sticking out of the outfit and a pair of fake hipster glasses? Life would be so much easier if she just decided to be some weird animal or something.




“You’re so bloody sarcastic,” Leslie snorted at me, moving her outfit to the side so she could sit down on the bed. “What are you going to be, Queen of Sass?”




“The Queen of Sass,”




Leslie threw a pillow at my face. I don’t even understand why everyone was hating on me today. Usually my sarcasm and light heartened banter was accepted and never discouraged. I am not feeling these people today.




I need to invest in new friends.




“Ouch,” I whined, holding on to the pillow and chucking it back at her in her general direction. “You lot need to stop physically assaulting me with pillows. It’s not okay.” I bounced on my bed and criss-crossed my legs underneath, “I have no clue what I’m being.”




“There’s a shocker,” Amelia said sarcastically as she emerged from the bathroom every going in there to get a headband. “Do you even want to go?”




“Well, no, not necessarily. Y’know I’m not that big of a fan of big, crowded parties but the lads said we’d have to go and I already told them yes.” I sighed and threw my hands up in the air, “I don’t even care – you guys can pick what I wear.”




Both girls faces twitched into eerie familiar smiles. This was going to be a big mistake.




I stand corrected; this was not a big mistake. No, it was a rather large one. It was an ignoramus mistake. You may think I’m over reacting but I can assure you that I’m not.




I would know considering that I am now standing in front of a floor length mirror dressed as a slutty cheerleader. This was defiantly not the Halloween costume I was going for. I was thinking of being Marilyn Monroe or perhaps Minnie Mouse.




Being dressed as a cheerleader was not the first thing on my priority list but it was too late to change considering the party started in an hour.




It turns out that Dominique – who jumped with joy at the thought of helping me pick out my outfit – had a spare cheerleader outfit in her wardrobe. It looked modest on the hanger and was better than the slutty bunny Amelia was trying to get me to be.




I don’t know why everyone has to be slutty for Halloween.




The outfit wasn’t nearly that bad when I first put it on but Dominique deemed it ‘not finished’ until she made some minor changes. With a wave of her wand the skirt was nearly three inches short, the long sleeve top was now short sleeve, and the bright red uniform was now a beautiful blue color with the Ravenclaw symbol on it.




Basically, she made me look like a Ravenclaw slut.




“I have to admit, Weasley, you did an amazing job.” Amelia, surprisingly, admired Dominique’s work as she span me around in the floor length mirror before pushing me down into a seat where Leslie was waiting.




Leslie had put on her professor outfit and it turned out to look much better on then off. She had, of course, altered it a tad and finished the outfit off with putting her thin hair into a messy bun and sticking a pencil through it.




She had called dibs on doing my hair and before I could protest she was yanking it out of my headband and performing countless smoothing and straightening spells on it.




“I take great pride in my work,” Dominique murmured as she came out of the bathroom after changing, flipping some silky blonde hair off her shoulder with a half smirk half smile. She had decided to go as the devil – ironic, I know – and was dressed in head to toe red.




She wore a fluffy red skirt that was cut above her knee with a strapless red tube top and platform heels. Not to mention the little tail sticking out and the horns on top of her blonde hair. I was not going to lie – she looked pretty easy in the outfit but she was happy with it so who am I argue?




“Why does Amelia get to look at least remotely normal and I have to look like I just rolled out of high school tele show?” I whined as I looked over at Amelia who was adjusting the cat ears on her head. She was wearing black leggings and a long sleeve black shirt with a deep v. She was the most covered up and I was jealous.




The only good part about my outfit was that I had snagged a pair of my converse and convinced the girls to let me wear them. I was a mess in heels and would probably trip and fall, knowing my luck. And that luck that I’m speaking of is nonexistent.




I have no luck, okay? Good.




“Because we said so,” Amelia responded sharply from her position at the mirror, looking at different angles of the way the cat ears laid on her head. “If you had it your way you’d probably go as a garbage man.”




“I’d be a beautiful garbage man.”






The party had started ten minutes ago and we clung onto the thin sheet of parchment paper, which was our invitation, which would lead us to where the party was being held. The corridors were silent besides the clicking of shoes and the scuffing of people following closely behind or in front of us.




Leslie was flanking my left in her professor get up and to be honest she didn’t resemble a professor at all. Or at least in my opinion. I don’t know any professor as young as she does that walks around with an inch of her bra hanging out and winking at every male species she sees.




Maybe she’s already tipsy for all I know.




Some first year looked at Leslie – speaking of the little firstie, he shouldn’t even be here! Fourth year and up, people – and mistake her for a professor and cried bloody murder and made a run for it. I don’t know what professors teach him but I know none of mine look like Leslie.




Amelia was on my right and she made it an effort to meow at everyone that came to close to her. She always would laugh right afterwards and then resume to meow once again at a different person. I believe she was finding great entertainment in the whole scenario.




Dominique, however, wasn’t with us. She had left to go with Jenna Greengrass ten minutes early to make sure everything was all set up and ask if James needed any quick things. I have no clue why Jenna needed to go early but I don’t care cause I don’t like her.




I’m sure you can probably guess what she went as; it’s an animal and it’s sexy. Here, I’ll put you out of your misery and just tell you now; she’s going as a sexy bunny. And I mean, she is not doing this half-arse. She is going full out with this.




I don’t know if you can even call what she was wearing clothes. She wore a sweetheart neckline bodysuit with sheer tights underneath, knee high boots, little ears and a tail. Not to mention she covered all her showing skin – which is a lot – in glitter.




I’m trying to figure out if I can kick her off the team for being a desperate hoe bag. Amelia says yes but Leslie is pretty positive that there is no such rules in the quidditch handbook that prohibits being a hoe bag.




I’m severely disappointed.




“I think we’re here,” Leslie mumbled as the invitation shook near an empty wall. We all stood staring at it blankly. There were two Hufflepuff girls with us and one Gryffindor seventh year that spoke up in the crowd.




“Yeah, we’re here, just move a second.” He shimmied his way up into the front of the crowd and closed his eyes before he began to pace back and forth. After the fourth time a large door appeared and I nearly shit my pants.




Y’know, just being honest here.




“What the – Dude, is this some dark magic shit?” Apparently Amelia has taken a liking to calling people dude now as well. Thankfully this guy is actually a dude and not a chick. She called Rose Weasley ‘dude’ during DADA and she nearly blew her top off.




He chuckled, shaking his nose and holding the door open for people, “Nah, none of that rubbish. This is the Room of Requirement.”




“The room of what?”




He laughed again, “It’s a long story, just enjoy the party.” He ushered everyone inside and as soon as you stepped it you were enveloped in the loud music and different smells. I’m pretty positive most of the those smells were from fruity drinks and spiked punch but I wouldn’t vouch for it.




“Merlin, James did a great job!”




I could barely hear myself over the music but I think Leslie and Amelia got the general idea because they both nodded their head enthusiastically as we all looked around in awe. It must have taken James and Freddy a while to plan out the elaborate party.




The room was decorated in dark colors and there was a cloud of fog that followed you were ever you went. The middle of the room was turned into a spooky dance floor but instead of a tile floor the floor was charmed to look like it wasn’t there so it looked like you were dancing in the air.




There were large, creepy trees all around the room that looked like they came straight from the forbidden forest. The tree branches loomed just above some people’s heads and on top of the branches were floating trays holding an assortment of things.




“I can’t believe we’ve never been to his parties before,” Mel commented as she grabbed hold of both Leslie and mine’s wrist and began to pull us throughout the crowd of people to look for a familiar face.




“I can’t believe you lot have never been to them either!”




We turned out to see Scorpius smiling at us as he broke away from the dancing crowd. His blonde hair was squashed underneath a quidditch helmet and the edges were starting to have little droplets of sweat forming. He was wearing his full quidditch attire and he looked like an idiot.




Who wears long sleeves when it’s so damn hot in here? Oh, yes, Scorpius.




“Are you seriously so uncreative that you came in your quidditch clothes?” I asked dryly with a laugh, accepting a red colored drink that he thrust into my hands as well as Leslie and Amelia’s.




He shrugged, “It’s harder for blokes to dress. For girls, all you need is some skimpy clothes and cat ears.”




Amelia smacked him on the shoulder for that one. In case you forgot, she’s dressed as a sultry kitty cat. I’ve decided that by calling her a sexy cat it makes her sound like a two cent skank and Amelia is much more classy. She’s one of those high end escorts that you need to meet at a lavish hotel and pay not only for the room but for dinner and her services.




I sound crazy but bottom line is that Amelia is one sultry cat.




“Take that back, dude!”




Scorpius snorted some of his drink up as he laughed, shaking his head at Amelia’s comment. Apparently Scorpius agreed with me in thinking that Amelia calling people dude is rather weird. Correction, it’s not rather weird it’s just really freaking weird.




He shrugged yet again before placing his empty cup on a floating tray and saying, “Don’t take offense – you all look great and all. I need to go find my darling Rose and make sure no creepy fifth years try to steal her away from me. Go have fun and dance or something.”




And after that Scorpius made a run for it to go stalk Rose Weasley. I feel like that is all he does. Stalking Rose, I mean. When he graduates this rubbish school in a year and a half and he has to apply for work they’re going to ask him what kind of extracurricular activities he’s done.




I’m 95 percent sure he’ll be writing quidditch right alongside stalking the daughter of two members of the golden trio. I don’t know what job field he’s interested in but I’m not sure he’ll get in, to be honest.




“Yeah guys, let’s go have fun and dance or something.” Amelia said sarcastically, quoting Scorpius before taking a healthy sip from her red cup.








I turned my head to see Fred screaming while dancing on top of one of the narrow tables. His shirt was missing, his red morph suit seemed to be barely hanging off his defined hips, and I think he had food taped to his back. Leslie cringed just at looking at it.




I think Freddy may have had a tad bit too much.




I’m so stupid.




I don’t even know why I’m a bloody Ravenclaw.




Usually, if someone saw a friend (a.e. Fred) drunk of their arse and making a fool of themselves you would try your best to refrain from also getting drunk, too. But of course, being me, I seem to like to do the complete opposite of what I should do.




I blame it for having no alcohol tolerance at all. I’m rubbish at drinking and all of that jazz. I get buzzed on only two drinks. I’m pretty positive Amelia has drank the same amount me and she doesn’t seem faze. Leslie ditched us to go try to make sure Fred didn’t kill himself or get raped by his ‘endearing’ – eugh – fan girls.




How cute.




“You’re so drunk it isn’t even funny,” James commented with a lazy grin as he grabbed my arm, preventing me from faceplanting onto the ground. Thank goodness for that boy. If I fell I would have been really upset.




“I think it’s funny,”




James rolled his eyes at my comment before tossing back some of his own drink and trying to maneuver carefully through the immense crowd of dressed up people. He began to mumble things under his breath and look around the crowd before his eyes lit up.




“Al! Over here, mate!” He cupped one of his hands near his mouth so his voice was louder as he shouted for his brother.




“Albus!” I cheered alongside him as I craned my neck to see Albus. I hate being short. I wish I was tall so I could see people in crowds. It’s not bloody fair.




“There you are; great party James.” Albus smudged his way through the crowd and gave the two of us one of his award winning smiles. Curse that boy for being so good looking and being my friend. His black hair was messy, as per usual, and sticking up in odd angles from dancing around and the sweat.




It seemed as if Louis and he decided to go as matching costumes which would be….I don’t know. I’m assuming they are some type of warrior god. Albus has a bronze breast plate and nothing else on his top with black bottoms, dark running shoes and a sword hanging off his belt loop.




“Thanks little bro, mind doing me a favor and watching Bri for me? I need to go make sure Fred hasn’t gotten himself locked into a broom closet with someone he doesn’t want to be with and I don’t know if it’s save to leave her alone.” James nodded towards me as he kept his grip on my arm as if I was a little child. “I tried looking for Leslie and Amelia but I can’t find them to help out.”




“It’s no problem just go,” Al waved his hand dismissively and soon James hand left my arm and was replaced with Al’s. Their hands felt different – or at least to me. James’s were slightly larger than Albus’s but Al’s hands were softer despite the deep calluses around his finger pads from catching the snitch and scratching up his fingers.








I’m so intelligent.




He smiled, “Hey Bri, you enjoying the party?”




Am I enjoying the party? I believe so I am. Yes ma’am I am. Er, I mean yes sir. Merlin I’m talking to myself inside my head. I don’t even think I drank that much to make me this loopy. I blame Fred and James and their obsessive need to spike every drink within a five radius of this party.




Instead of ranting about how I drank too much spiked drinks and how I can’t even remember how many glasses I had, I settled for a simple nod.




Like I mentioned before, I’m really intelligent.




“I like your outfit; what are you supposed to be?” I asked as Al began to drag me through the crowds of people. I kept on getting bumped by other people’s sweaty bodies and I was tempted to attack the next person that throws their body at me.




This is not okay. I have a personal bubble and it has been severely popped.




He laughed and shook his head slightly, “Well isn’t it quiet obvious? Lou and I are demi gods,” He beamed quite proudly at me from over his shoulder before his eyes swept downwards and up. “I like your outfit too. Let me guess – sexy cheerleader?”




He had a smug look on his face and he chuckled when I nodded. Curse you Leslie, Amelia, and Dominique.




“Don’t look at me like that – this wasn’t even my idea.” I whined as we were separated from the dance floor and in a more spread out space. Al let go off my arm momentarily to grab a red drink and sniff it before thrusting it into my hands.




I looked at it skeptically. I can’t afford any more spiked punch drinks.




“Don’t worry ‘bout it. It’s just water,” Al made an odd hand gesture as he waited for me to take a sip before continuing to talk. “Whose idea was it, anyway?”




I snorted, “Whose do you think?”




“I guess I’ll have to go thank the girls then for convincing you to wear this lovely piece of clothing.” He leaned against the wall nearby and he used his hand to gesture up and down to the shorter skirt and tank top style cheerleader top.




I was suddenly glad that I had darker skin so Albus couldn’t see my more obvious blush. I was also glad I had at least some common sense while drunk/tipsy or else I would be a giggle moron.




That would just be embarrassing.




“Please, don’t, you’ll only encourage them to try to dress me up again.” I moaned and dramatically fell forward to rest against Al’s chest. I had been dancing all night and I was tired.




“What’s so bad about dressing up every so often? All you wear is that rubbish school uniform and your quidditch robes, anyways.” He asked, wrapping an arm lazily around my shoulders, pulling me closer to his chest which was only covered by a chest plate.




I wonder if Albus had anything to drink and if he had the same ringing noise in his ear. He was much higher up then I so it wasn’t like I could smell it on his breath and he seemed to be acting pretty normal. Maybe he had opted away from the drinks or better yet maybe he just has a high tolerance.




“Don’t diss the robes – they have feelings too, y’know.” I stuck my tongue out at him even though he couldn’t see and he laughed. “And besides, I like what I wear. There’s no need to go walking around to potions class in stripper heels and a skirt four inches shorter than it really should be.”




He laughed again at this and shook his head. I could hear the vibrations from his laugh since half my face was pressed to his chest.




It might sound weird but I’m sure we looked like a couple from anyone’s wandering eyes if they saw us. We were secluded in a little corner up against a wall with me wrapped up in Al’s arms. It was misleading and I knew that.




“Do you drink?” I found myself asking randomly, arching an eyebrow slightly.




He seemed surprised by the question and it took him a few moments to respond, “Yes and no.”




That doesn’t answer the bloody question, Albus. You can’t drink but not drink at the same time. Maybe he was actually drunk and was confused right now. I wouldn’t put it past him.




He rolled his eyes when I just stared back at him blankly before pursing his lips and explaining, “You obviously know I drink – you saw me drink when we crashed your little Ravenclaw sleepover.” I smiled at the memory and nodded my head for him to continue. “I just don’t like to drink a lot. I feel like people just make such stupid mistakes while drunk and it’s not something I really want to happen to me.”




“That’s so…mature.”




I thought that was the right word to explain it all. It made perfect sense to me. He spoke like he had years or knowledge and experience. For a second there he appeared much older than sixteen going on seventeen. He could have been five years older than me and I would have believed it.




He laughed and shrugged his shoulders, “I guess you could say I speak from experience. My whole family drinks so much they all might as well be alcoholics. I’ve seen my uncles, aunts, cousins, and even siblings do the most ridiculous things. I remember at our last get together at Dom and Lou’s families house out in France we all went into the basement and took a bottle or two with us. James and Freddy got so plastered and somehow Hugo, of all people, convinced the two of them that to prove their masculinities they should climb the highest tower of the estate and jump off.”




I couldn’t help but snicker. It would be something both Freddy and James would do. I could totally picture them being so enthusiastic of the idea and wanting to beat each other. I was not going to lie – I was surprised that Hugo would be the one to suggest it.




I don’t know much of the kid but he didn’t seem the mastermind of that whole family.




“I know its funny when you think about it but our parents were so pissed off,” Al said after he laughed alongside me, his fingers pressing into the fabric around my waist where he still had an arm draped lazily around me. “Aunt Fleur – that’s Dom and Louis’s mum – found James and Freddy right before they got to the middle tower. She went bonkers and started cursing us out in French. We were all grounded for the rest of the holiday and Fleur banned us from going into the basement alone.”




“Your family seems like to so much fun to be a part of,” I wiggled around in his grip so I could retrieve the cup of water he got me and took a small sip. “I’m sure holidays are a lot of fun together.”




My head wasn’t spinning as much anymore and I was starting to feel less tipsy. I took another sip of the drink and listened to the scary techno music playing in the background.




“They are,” He smiled as if he was remembering a memory before turning his gaze on me. “What about your family? What are they like?”




I snorted, “They’re not existent.”




I couldn’t help but let the bitter tone creep into my voice. I know I always made jokes about the fact that my dad jumped out on my mum and I long before I could walk and talk but it still annoyed me deep down.




“Care to explain?”




I shrugged slightly, “Not much too explain, really. My mum raised me alone for basically my whole entire life. Dad skipped out on her while she was pregnant with me after she told him she was a witch. My aunt Padama is dating some old muggle guy that gives me the creepers. I think they’re going to get married eventually. I’m really the only kid in our family. The only other family I have is the Browns and they aren’t even technically related to us.”




Albus had his eyebrows furrowed together as I talked and he sighed once I finished. “Sorry for bringing that up – that wasn’t right of me. I don’t want to put a damper on the mood,” He looked around before refocusing and giving me one of his lazy smiles, “Y’know, your mum went to the Yule Ball with my dad a while back when they were in school.”




I don’t know why but this made me laugh. I couldn’t imagine my mum going on a date with the man who saved the world. Merlin, could you have imagined if they got freaking married?! There would be no Wotters, alas.




I decided to voice my opinion on this.




“That’s a bit odd,” I crinkled my nose, “I mean, if they really ended up liking each other they could have gotten married. Merlin, Al, we could have been siblings.”




Al seemed to not like this idea just as much as it disturbed me. He scrunched up his nose in a familiar way and shook his head violently. “Merlin, you’re right, forget I’ve said that. I wouldn’t want you as a sister.”




Ouch. I’m offended, Potter.




“That’s a big rough. Why wouldn’t you want me as a sister? I’d be a totally awesome one. We could have totally eff’ed shit up on a daily basis.”




Yeah, I know, I’m still on the no cursing ban by Professor Longbottom. It royally sucks and I hate it.




He laughed, “I’m sure we would have, in your own ways, totally eff’ed shit up together. But, like, if you were my sister then we couldn’t do certain things together, as well. I mean some of the stuff I can do with you I would never do with per say Lily or even James.”




“What kind of stuff are you talking about?” I asked with an arched eyebrow, craning my neck upwards so I could look at him.




This boy better not be talking about doing drugs. I know I was just joking about it when I accused Scorpius and him of being druggies but I don’t swing that way. STAY CLEAN, KIDS. Drugs are bad, man.




Albus seemed to take a moment to think out his answer. He looked at me in such an…intense way. It made me have goose bumps. He parted his lips and it was started to get weird. We were just standing off in a corner staring at each other.




This is not what normal people do but then again we’re not normal either. I wish I was normal but at the same time I don’t. Being normal is so overrated and I bet it’s really boring and –




My silent rant was cut short when I felt Albus’s lips make contact with my own. I was shocked. I was totally shit shocked. His lips were soft – much softer then James or Oliver – and were gentle on mine. There was no aggression or sense of urgency.




The kiss was slow and almost timid. Like he didn’t know how I would respond. That’s when I remembered that I didn’t respond yet. I was just standing there in his arms like a rock. And for some odd reason that I cannot explain to you I decided to kiss him back.




I was kissing Albus Potter. 


A/N: BAM! And I'm back once again with another update! I think I'm an update whore - is there such a thing? If there is then I am the queen of updating. I have an issue. I just hate making people wait long because I know how aggravating it is for it to take a whole month for another chapter. However, on that note, I have school next week starting up so it may be a little slower possibly since I play a HS sport plus I dance outside of school at an intense studio and inside of school. I am trying to write a lot of chapters in advance, though! 

So, was this what you were all waiting for? Originally, I was planning on having you guys wait til at least the 20th chapter for their first kiss but I thought what the hell! I had to alter the plot slightly but no bigs cause I love you guys. Speaking of how much I love you guys, I decided to post longer chappies. Isn't this just 5,000 words of pure goodness? 

What did you all think? Was the kiss nay or yay? How do you think she'll react next chapter? Any suggestions of guesses on what the future may hold for our little clique of friends? Favorite quotes? I love reading your reviews and it would make my day to get one from you guys. I feel so much pride to know that I have 80+ reviews and that I have such dedicated people reading my story. You guys are all amazing and keep me going and posting. 

I'm gonna go back to writing more of this story, alone in my room like a complete and utter loner. I have nothing better to do since it's raining and my parents are watching a scary movie downstairs. I love you guys lots and hope to hear from you guys soon! Leave a review and make me smile! xx 


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