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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 4 : Party Time
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 Hermione Granger was the first person to leave the Great Hall, after telling Ginny to go back to Harry, she wanted to be alone.  She walked quickly away from the chatter, not knowing what to think.  Could she really be pregnant?  She was sixteen; she couldn’t possibly be a mother!  She reprimanded herself for being so stupid, still trying to walk swiftly towards the common room.  As angry with herself as she was, she unknowingly lifted her delicate hands and rested them on top of her small stomach.  She sure didn’t look pregnant, she thought, smiling to herself. 

She wondered about whether she was or wasn’t with baby until she saw a figure down the hall.  Not knowing why, she called out to him, hands still on her stomach. 

“Hey Draco, what are you doing out here?”  She questioned.  She hadn’t seen anyone leave the Hall before herself. 

“I just couldn’t stand being in there anymore- wait, did you just call me Draco?” He replied with a small smile.

“Did I?  Oh yeah, I suppose I did...  sorry”  She said sheepishly.  He shook his head quickly,

“No, it’s okay.  I like it more than the usual Malfoy.” he joked.  Just as he was saying that, he noticed where Hermione was still resting her hands.  He furrowed his eyebrows at her questioningly.

“Still not feeling well Gra- Hermione?”  he questioned.  She followed his gaze and quickly dropped her hands to her side, feeling anxious to get away suddenly.

“Oh no I’m not, but I’ll be fine.  I guess I’ll be seeing you around, then?”  She didn’t wait for a response, just quickly walked in the opposite direction.  What had gotten into them?  First he’d taken care of her, then she called him by his first name, and they were acting civil; even like friends!  She shook her head in exasperation.  She had more important things to think about.  Finally she reached the staircase to her dorm room.

Hermione flung the door open and started towards her bed but stopped when she saw the long dressing mirror.  She crept closer and lifted her shirt, replacing her hands onto her slim stomach once more.  Was there life in there?  She felt confused, scared, but also a bit excited.  No, not excited, she mentally chided herself.  She was definitely not ready to be a mother.  She ran a hand through her hair despairingly.

She threw herself on to her bed right before her favorite red haired girl came in.  They got to choose their roommates this year so their room consisted of herself, Ginny, Luna, and a gorgeous black hair, blue eyed Hufflepuff named Lucy they’d met last year.  Ginny’s smile faded when she saw Hermione’s desperate face.  Asking if her best friend was alright, Hermione gave a shaky smile and tried to nod before she burst into tears.

The smaller girl quickly gathered Hermione into her arms, soothing her and whispering empty promises that everything would be alright. 

“What am I gonna do, Gin?  I’ve been stupid, so incredibly stupid!”  Hermione sobbed into her best friend’s shoulders.  They heard the door open and Luna’s always large eyes widened immediately, taking in the scene before her.  She ran over and the girls accepted her into their teary bundle. 

“Erm, what exactly happened here?”  Luna questioned.  Ginny shook her head and looked at Hermione.

“I think… I think I might be pregnant” Hermione whispered.  Ginny’s eyes widened and she froze.  Luna just smiled dreamily and held Hermione tighter.

Suddenly Ginny snapped out of her daze, “Hermione, why didn’t you tell me you’d slept with anyone?  And why didn’t you use a protection spell?  Don’t you know one?  You could have asked me!  So, who’s the fath-“ she stopped suddenly, “that git!  Hermione, if my idiot brother got you pregnant, I will kill him!  I will literally cut off his manhood!  That insufferable arse!  I had no clue you two were like that, you said you were like siblings!  Oh I will kill him!” she ranted.

Hermione tried to interrupt, but in her anger, Ginny heard none of it.  All of a sudden, Luna slapped her across the face.  “Ginny!  Would you listen to what she’s trying to say!  She said it’s not Ron.  Oh and sorry about hitting you, you seemed like you were about to go find Ron and hex him or something!”  Ginny, still fuming, accepted Luna’s apology and turned to the terrified, sniffling Hermione and softened considerably.

“Guys, I don’t even know for sure.  Could we go into Hogsmeade this weekend and pick up a potion?  I don’t think I can go alone.  Plus, I don’t want people to see me with it!”  The girls both agreed to help their best friend.  There was still one question on their minds though.  It was Luna who finally voiced it.

“So “Mione, who was it then?  If it wasn’t Ron, who is the possible daddy?”  Hermione had the decency to look ashamed but replied, “I’d really rather not say quite yet.  Can’t we just take it one step at a time?”  Luna nodded understandingly and they shared uneasy smiles. 

Ginny got up and extended hands to each of them before speaking, “You know, I heard there’s a party in Hufflepuff’s common room tonight.  It might be just what we all need, to get our minds off things.  What do you say?”

Luna replied, “Oh yes, Neville already asked me to go with him.  I was coming up here to ask if you two would like to get ready with me and tag along?  What do you say, Hermione?”  She smiled at her two best friends and nodded, “I’d love to go, I heard something about it earlier today.  Everyone’s supposed to be there!  I suppose we’d better start getting ready then.” 

The girls all smiled at each other before turning to Ginny’s wardrobe, which was their favorite place to find clothes.  She’d put an undetectable extension charm on it to include all of her clothing from home plus everything she had found over the years in Hogsmeade.  They stepped inside and began picking out dresses.  Ginny found a gorgeous baby blue dress and handed it to Hermione, begging her to try it on.  Luna ended up finding the perfect dress for Ginny and Hermione found one for Luna. 

They all changed in different corners to surprise each other when they turned around.  Once they’d dressed, they all turned and filled the room with ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’.  Hermione was wearing the short baby blue strapless dress with beading from the bust to the waist, where fabric jutted out and fell to her middle thigh, showing off her legs.  Luna had donned a bold red dress that hugged her curves until her mid thigh where it stopped.  Ginny put on a gold dress that accentuated her cleavage and clung to her body before it was cut off at right above the knee.

They giggled and Luna did a few charms on each of their hair until each girl had gorgeous, perfectly curled hair flowing down their backs.  Ginny, who had the most experience, demanded the other two sit as she did their makeup.  She gave Hermione a soft smoky eye and peach lip gloss and blush.  On Luna, she stayed with a shimmery neutral eye shadow but a bright red lip that looked stunning with her dress.  As they were putting on some of Ginny’s high heels, Lucy stumbled into the room, flashing a bright smile.

“Sooo, did I miss the whole getting ready thing?  Sorry if it’ll make you late but, err… help?”  She asked, giving them the puppy dog look.  They agreed and began fixing her up in a green dress and berry colored lipstick with a crème eye shadow.  Once they were all ready to go, they confidently strutted from the room, causing necks to snap in their direction.

Hermione decided to forget all of her problems, especially the possible one underneath the stomach of the gorgeous dress, and just enjoy the night.

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