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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 29 : Chapter Twenty-Nine
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Amazing chapter image by milominderbinder @ TDA!


A/N Strong language ahead courtesy of Rose.

I left the great hall with Dom leaving behind Albus and Hattie who were still at the Slytherin table. Neither of us had seen Rose and Scorp as they had left breakfast way before us, but knowing them they were probably in a broom cupboard somewhere getting up to to no good.

As we headed up to Charms, Dom was quiet. I had noticed that a lot lately, her being quiet and not her normal happy self. Yet I didn't have the courage to ask her what was wrong, I knew that it probably wasn't a family matter other Rose and Al would most likely know and since they didn't seem to have a clue I had ruled it out.

"How are you and Frankie?" I asked Dom as we walked, she had on her five inch heels which no doubt would get points docked from us the second we enter Transfiguration after break. We had just turned into one of the secret passage ways which is behind a tapestry when we saw the scene in front of us.

"We're-" Dom started to say but she stopped.

It was Rose and Scorpius and boy did she not look happy, in fact she looked terrifying. Her blue eyes were narrowed and glaring daggers at Scorp, and her red hair seem to crackle with electricity.

"I honestly don't give a fuck, Scorpius. I know what I heard Hattie say and if there is something going on between you and whatever blonde bimbo she's on about, it better not be still going on," Rose fumed.

Both of us seemed rooted to the spot, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Scorp. One thing you learn is never to anger a Weasley woman, or a Potter woman.

"Ro, please listen to me. It's over; I mean it was never a thing. It was one time I swear," Scorpius told her as he stumbled for words. "There's nothing going on between us and there never was."

Rose looked ready to blow. "Do you know what, as of now we're on a fucking break, Scorpius, don't fucking talk to me. In fact don't come anywhere near me until you short out what you fucking want," Rose snarled and I was totally surprised at her. Rose never swears, ever.

"Ro, what?" I started to ask but she stormed off so I turned to Scorpius. "What the hell is going on between you two? You're normally snogging the faces of each other so why is Rose on about being on a break?"

Scorpius just shrugged as he picked up his school bag. "Just don't ask, Flick, it'll be easier that way," he told me without looking at me or Dom and he walked off in the same direction as Rose.

"What the hell was that about?" I mused as we followed as well, as we didn't want to be late for Charms. Dom didn't say anything and shrugged as we carried on up the passage way and came out at the end of the Charms corridor.


I turned around to see Tessa and Lily skidding around the corner behind us. They both came to a stop, huffing and puffing.

"Th-this came in the post, dad sent it with mine," Tessa said sounding out of breath as she handed me a letter. "Gotta go otherwise we'll be late for Transfiguration," she told me and as she and Lily caught their breath before setting off again quickly so they could get up to the third floor in time. I pocketed the letter, planning to read it later.

We were literally one minute late when we entered the Charms classroom, and thank god Professor Weasley wasn't there just yet. We took our usual seats at the back, with me in between Dom and Rose. Scorpius and Al were sat in front of us and they were talking in hushed whispers.

I opened my mouth to ask Dom what she was going to say about her and Frankie but Professor Weasley walked in and the whole class became quiet. "Good morning," Victoire beamed at us all, "As you all know your NEWT's are fast approaching which is why-"

Even though I knew I should have been listening to what she was saying I blanked out and on a scrap of parchment I wrote; What's up with you and Scor? - F and slid it over to Rose who looked at it and then started scribbling a reply. I took down some notes of what Victoire was writing on the board and then looked back to find the parchment with Rose's reply in front of me. It read;

I was in your common room waiting for Scor and I overheard Hattie saying stuff to him about him and a blonde girl. She said something on the train journey as we were coming back but I thought nothing of it. Hearing him pretty much confirm he cheated on me with some blonde bimbo just then was the icing on the cake. Stupid evil Slytherin prick! - R

It'll be okay Rosie, you'll work things out. I swear. - F

In reply to that Rose just shrugged and carried on taking notes, something I really should be doing. I sighed as I started to take notes and listening to what she was telling us about our upcoming NEWT's.


I only remembered the letter Tessa had given me at break, I headed into the toilets with Dom and whilst she sorted out her make-up in the mirror I went into a cubicle, put the lid down and sat on it. I opened the letter and read;


How's your first month and a bit of being back at school been? Both Bentley and Aubri are fine, although they certainly miss you. All Bentley was saying last night was 'mum-mum'. Hope you can get either a visit home or a Hogsmeade trip soon to see them, because I know you miss them like crazy.

I know I probably went on at you over Christmas, but have you told him yet Fliss?

Hope you're revising for you NEWT's, we all wish you luck although I know you'll do fine.

Lots of love,

Dad xxxx

I sighed and then folded it back up and tucked it in the pocket of my robes. I picked up my bag and left the cubicle. Dom was still applying mascara to her lashes so I hoped up on the sinks, hoping I wouldn't fall in one as I perched between two.

"What were you saying 'bout you and Frankie earlier?" I asked.

"Just that we're still not going official, I don't see the point. Why should the whole of Hogwarts know my business, only to give the information the prophet. God I wish sometimes I didn't have my stupid surname." She sighed. "You're so lucky no one knows your name and you've never been in the paper," Dom paused as she thought. "Well except for when you were spotted with Al in Diagon and when you split up," she pointed out.

I nodded in response. "I really don't envy you at all. I don't get why people want to date you just because of the fame. It's mad!"

Dom applied lip gloss and then said, "We should get going to Minnie's lesson."

We left the bathroom and headed to Transfiguration. Minnie was already there and she was sat behind her desk, marking papers. It appeared that we were early as the bell hadn't gone yet and no one else was in sight. We stood outside the door and we both jumped a little as Minnie said, "Do come in, Miss Weasley, Miss Saunders," as she looked up at us over her glasses.

We headed in and took out usual seats. Dom muttered something to me and I shrugged. "Any idea where the others are?" I asked her.

"Let's see from what's happened this morning, I'd say Rose is somewhere cursing Scorpius. He's probably trying to find Rose and Al is-" Dom stopped as Al walked into the classroom as the exact same time as she had said his name.

"Al is what?" he questioned as he took a seat in front of us.

Dom shrugged at her cousin. "Never mind."

Al gave us a funny look and turned to look at the front of the classroom just as the bell went and Minnie ushered in the others who were waiting outside. Rose came up and sat next to me and I could see from the redness around her eyes that she had been crying.

"You okay, Rosie?" I whispered just as Scorpius sat in his seat next to Al.

She nodded silently as she got out her books. I had never seen Rose looking so down, she's always so happy. It was just like Dom, neither of them seemed to be their normal selves and I couldn't help but wonder why. I knew what was up with Rose but Dom, I had no clue.


After the bell had gone to signal that double Transfiguration was over and that lunch was starting I let out a sigh of relief. I honestly can't wait until these exams are over, I thought as I packed up.

Just as myself, Dom and Rose were about to leave both Al and Scorpius left in a hurry, as did Didge. We exchanged looks as though to say 'what the hell' and slowly made our way down to the great hall. I excused myself from the others so I could go and sort my bag out as I needed to empty it and add my Defence work and books.

When I got into my dorm, I spotted a letter on my bed addressed to me. I frowned to myself as I wondered who it was off. I dropped my bag and perched on the end of my bed. I flipped the envelope over and just as I went to open it a white blur flew over my head screeching.

As it swooped to get the letter I recognised it as Hallow. "Hey," I murmured as I went and got the owl treats off the window sill. "Hallow, it's me, Flick," I said as I held my hand out flat. She stopped and turned her bright yellow eyes on me.

Hallow calmed down as she took the treat from my hand and then pecked my finger affectionately. I turned back to my bed and letter as she settled on the end of my bed and I sat down. It was off Ria, that was for definite but I had no idea why. Were Bentley and Aubri both okay? I wondered as I opened it up and read,

Dear Flick,

Sis you have no idea how sorry I am but I had to tell him. He was getting curious about their father and why they didn't look like me.

James knows Flick and I am so sorry.

We were talking about something and he asked whether their dad was on the scene thanks to your lie about saying they were mine. I told him no and then the truth kind of came out about how they're yours, I didn't say they were Al's but he worked it out because of you two being together and what not. He swears he won't say anything to Al, although according to him he's been getting really worked up over the situation with you and Hattie.

James may not see him a lot because of his Quidditch and working but they owl each other. You have GOT to tell him Flick!!! And soon because there more people who know, the harder Al will take it.

I'm sorry again Flick. Bentley and Aubri are both good and they miss you.

Love Ria xx

Fuck, was all I could think. Al is going to murder me when he finds out his brother, sister and best friend all knew before him. I am so dead, I thought. Why the bloody hell didn't I tell him sooner?

I flung myself backwards on my bed and screamed in frustration.  It's my own stupid fault. I picked up Hogwarts A History which was on my bedside table, some parchment and a pen and wrote a reply before sealing it up and sending Hallow on her way.

I sorted out my bag and went to the bathroom before leaving the common room and heading into the great hall I spotted Dom, Rose and Rory as well as Al and Scorpius and of course bitch face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aaron smile at me and I smiled back.

Rory, Dom and Scorp were all sat on one side, with Rose, Al and Hattie on the other. I dropped my bag as I sat in-between Dom and Scorp and helped myself to a steaming bowl of Leek and Potato soup as well as some bread. Everyone was talking quietly and there was so much tension in the air, especially between Rose and Scorpius.

"I hope you realise," Hattie said unexpectedly. "You and blondie weren't exactly discreet when you had your little rendezvous' last year. I heard and saw you perfectly well in that alcove, behind a suit of armour."

We all looked at her and then at Scorpius who had stopped eating, the forkful of food suspended in mid-air.

"What the fuck?" he said.

Rose looked close to tears again as she said softly. "One time, Scorpius, you told me it was one time."

He looked at her. "I swear to you, Rose, it was. Are really going to believe her over me? I mean she pretty much lies to make a living. Don't tell me that you don't think she's with Al for the money and fame. You have to believe me, Ro."

Rose dropped her fork and stood up abruptly which caused the others around us to look over. "I can't, Scorpius, I just can't. I don't know what to think right now, either she's lying or you are." With that Rose flung her bag over her shoulder and left the hall.

Hattie had a nasty smirk on her and I swear to god I would have slapped her if Al wasn't there. "You evil cow," I hissed at her as Scorpius picked up his own bag.

"Why are you shit stirring, nothing went on and you know it. I don't see how you can be with her, Al, she's a nasty piece of work," Scorpius said as he gave her a murderous stare.

Hattie smiled wickedly. "Oh I know perfectly well what went down with you and blondie, like I said you weren't exactly discreet. And y'know I could let it slip who it was and then you'd be in big trouble because I have a feeling that little old Rosie will be furious when she realises who you shagged behind her back."

Scorpius seemed lost for words and he got up and left as well. None of us seemed to know what to say. It was Dom who broke the silence just as Hattie went to grab the basket of rolls; Dom reached over and stabbed her with her fork which caused her to howl in pain. "That's for my cousin you evil bitch. You coming, Flick, because I swear to go if I stay here she will not be wearing that smirk on her face any longer."
I picked my bag up as did Dom, just before we left Dom turned back to Al. "I hope to god you know what you're doing, Albus, because if you and her stay together any longer I'm pretty sure you won't be calling me or Rose your cousin."

We strolled out, watched by the shocked faces of those who were near us and those who were standing up or pretending to go and see their friend at another table to get a good look. We didn't stop walking until we were coming up to the Transfiguration corridor.

I said goodbye to Dom who said she was going somewhere to calm down otherwise Hattie wouldn't be sleeping in our dorm tonight, as she'd be in the lake.

"I'll meet you in the library after Defence since I've got a free period," I told her and she nodded as she started walking down the corridor in her five inch heels. "Oh and, Dom," I called and she turned around, her blonde hair flying everywhere. "Please don't do anything stupid."

She just laughed as she carried on down the corridor and I headed off to Defence alone.

A/N Okay so I made the decision to cut out the next chapter which was a Quidditch match, and where Flick's family came alone with the twins but I decided against it as it seemed too short as well as dragging out.

Ooh naughty Scorpius, will he and Rose be okay and be able to mend things?? And Ria's revelation, is it good or bad James now knows?

Up next - Arguments and falling apart.

Edited - 04.10.2014

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