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She Came From the Land Down Under by tonksadora
Chapter 5 : Unexpected Confessions
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 With Christmas just around the corner, I was beginning to get excited at the prospect of going home. Since, as much as I love Hogwarts, I’m not a big fan of cold weather. I really, really hate the cold with a burning passion. The numb feeling in my extremities is a real turn-off and I don’t particularly enjoy having a red raw nose.


You see, in Australia I spend Christmas at the beach sunbaking, surfing, eating cold potato salad and walking around in no clothes, generally. I can’t wait.


Anyway, life was going on as it does- with more Quidditch practice (where I’m literally the new captain giving orders out at everyone whilst they all obey me like I’m God. At least I’m getting results, though.), classes becoming harder because of OWLS, more fun times with the mates and more boys lining outside classrooms for a date with me.


Okay, the last bit was a lie but a similar incident occurred which changed my life forever.


I was in the library on my own, on a Sunday afternoon just being a nerd and reading about Apparition (when I was supposed to be doing McGonagall’s homework) when I saw Andrea Summers sitting all on her lonesome as well. I looked up and saw that she was looking at me so I went over to have a chat.


You might be under the impression that I hate Andrea. That is not true, it wasn’t true before and it’s certainly not true now. I just didn’t understand her. I thought we had nothing in common. And I was jealous of her face. And I thought she was a snob. But I didn’t hate her.


But this year I’ve noticed that she spends a lot of time on her own and looking depressed. And despite the fact that I don’t usually notice what other people are doing who aren’t in my immediate group of friends, so this concerned me a little. Well it intrigued me as well. Yeah, pretty much I was just nosey and wanted to know what was up with her.


“Hey, hey,” I said cheerfully as I sat down opposite her. She sort of began to fuss around with books and parchment and answered me with her head down.


“Hi Georgie,” she muttered.


Her forehead was bright red and I thought she might be coming down with something, but I didn’t point it out because I didn’t want to embarrass her. I used to get the impression that she distinctly disliked me for some reason or another but I usually turn a blind eye to those sorts of trivial things. I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like me, they can deal with it.


“How’s life?” I asked her.


“It’s been quiet, not much going on,” she replied although I could tell she was lying, “what about you?”


“I’m great… just hanging out with all my friends,” I said gesturing to the empty table I just came from. Andrea didn’t laugh.


“Look, I’ve noticed you’ve been really quiet lately- are you alright?” I asked her in a low voice after it was clear she wasn’t going to initiate conversation.


I was expecting her to say ‘no I’m fine, just tired’ or something along those lines. I was ready to say one last witty line before walking away and not communicating with her for a while. I was preparing to discuss this conversation with Clara just to prove my point on how dull and incapable of holding a conversation she really is.


What I was not expecting was for her to actually tell me what was going through her mind.


“I’m actually not all that alright.”


I was kind of shell-shocked when she said that- I’ve only ever seen one emotion on her face the whole four and a bit years we’ve been here and that’s the look of complete calmness with a touch of haughtiness. I felt like I had just lured a very shy animal out of its den and was trying not to make any sudden movements.


“Oh,” I said softly, “well what’s up?” I tried to look as friendly and trustworthy as possible.


 “It’s kind of hard to explain,” she said, twisting her fingers anxiously.


“You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone,” I said truthfully, because I won’t. Then I thought a little, “Unless you don’t want to. You don’t have to,” I added quickly. I can’t pressure the animal, now. I felt like I was one of those animal people on those Muggle television shows.


“No, no,” Andrea was shaking her head, “I have to tell you, you deserve to know. Otherwise you’ll be confused.”


Yeah that helped a whole lot. Now I was even more confused as I looked at Andrea blankly.


“Okay, then just tell me. I won’t judge you.”


Andrea was looking apprehensive, “I don’t know about that,” she trailed off.


“No really!” I said earnestly, “I won’t judge you. Just spit it out and we can go from there.”


She was looking- well more like gazing at me with an odd expression and a twisted looking smile. She still looked stunning, regardless, and I had to actively think of not hating on her prettiness.


“I know you won’t. It’s just hard for me to tell you,” she was obviously trying to give me a big hint. I however, was still completely lost.


“Uh,” I honestly didn’t have anything else to say, “Have you stolen something of mine recently?”


Andrea let out a little chuckle which, coming from her, is the equivalent of a hysterical belly laugh from anyone else. I felt proud.


“No Georgie,” she sighed, “I thought you would’ve noticed, being the intelligent person that you are.”


Now I was utterly up the creek so I just frowned at her and decided to wait for her to tell me whatever she had to tell me. I have no patience for guessing games when it comes to feelings and such. Or anything really- I’m not a fan of ‘I Spy’ at all. I just prefer to be straight-forward. Andrea seemed to realise this as well.


“Alright,” she took a deep breath, “Georgie I… I sort of fancy you.”


At first I didn’t understand what she said. Fancy me? What bit of me is fancy enough for someone like her to notice? Maybe she’s noticed my new blue feather earrings- they’re pretty fancy.


I tilted my head to the side, “you fancy me,” I repeated. Andrea’s face was beginning to go bright red and it was then I realised what she meant.


“Oh!” I said because I was so shocked.


Andrea was looking at me with a pained expression and you know what the first thing I thought was? The first thing I wondered was whether I could turn for her. I mean, the kissing might even be a bit much and anything beyond that… well it probably wasn’t my cup of tea to say the least. But what else was I supposed to do? How does one deal with this!?


“I know you like boys,” she said exasperatedly, reading my mind and I inwardly let out a sigh of relief, “I just thought you should know so you don’t think I’m weird. Although I thought you had figured out that I was gay.”


“I had no idea,” I whispered, relieved she had said that. “Wow, I’m flattered.” I told her honestly, because I was. Then I thought about something. “Does anyone else know?” I asked.


“Mum does,” Andrea began, “and Ryan does and I think Sirius does as well even though I didn’t tell him outright,” she looked quite sad, “but I don’t think I could deal with the whole school knowing.”


“Of course,” I said sympathetically, “I won’t tell anyone. And it was so brave of you to even tell me, I don’t think I could’ve done it,” I said to her.


She smiled at me, “you could’ve done it,” she said. She’s making me feel really bad about bagging her for all these years. She’s such a sweetheart, really. I think that this has definitely been a life lesson for me- don’t judge a book by its cover. And don’t hate on pretty people. Even though, I’ll maintain, I didn’t hate her!


“Look I’m really sorry I don’t feel the same way,” I told her because I really was sorry. It was like telling a guy you liked him when the even the prospect of you kissing him turned him off. “And I want to be friends with you. Because I don’t think we’ve been great friends for the past four years, have we?”


“No we haven’t,” Andrea paused for a second, “I just think you’re great- you’re witty, you’re loyal and you’re stunning.”


“Andrea!” I cried as I stood up, grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. “You’re making me tear up!”


I really did almost lose it. I honestly can’t deal with people saying nice things about me to my face. I just can’t! It’s really the only thing that gets to me.  I would prefer it if people just told me that I was an opinionated, smart-arse bitch.


I let go of her, and wiped my right eye which had been the one to tear up a little. It’s always one eye that tears up in times like these.


“I’m so glad I got that off my chest!” Andrea said, looking very relieved.


“One very lucky girl is going to get you in the future… I just know it,” I said with, grinning at her.


“Maybe,” Andrea said, her eyes lighting up a little with hope which just made me melt inside. “Well, I’m going to go back to my common room. Thanks for being so understanding, Georgie.”


“Hey, you just gave me the biggest compliment,” I reminded her, “see you around, Andrea.”


She waved and left me at the table all on my own again.




I didn’t leave the library until about eight that evening since I had to finish three different essays and was also just trying to contemplate what had happened. A couple of people stopped by- Ava and her friend Brenda said hello, Greg sidled past to get a book from the shelf behind me and talked my ear off for a few minutes. Lily spotted me and stayed for a bit as well, helping me with potions. I could tell she knew something had happened since I was being quieter than usual. But I stuck by my word to Andrea and didn’t say anything.


So anyway, I was walking down the second floor stairs, planning to go to my common room since I wasn’t hungry and didn’t really want or need dinner when I saw Sirius coming up the stairs.


“George,” he greeted, calling out over two staircases.


“Sienna,” I invented on the spot, nodded at him. He burst out laughing. Now that it was late November, I’ve kind of given up on being normal around Sirius. I just act like my strange self. He’s also started acknowledging my presence in public which is a change. A nice change.  


“What did you just call me?” He asked as he sped up so we could meet on the landing.


“You called me a guys name… thought I should call you a girl’s,” I shrugged, my mind still not exactly in the present.


“I like Sienna,” he said thoughtfully, leaning on the banister with an easy grace.


“It suits you. Reminds me of a flower,” I replied vaguely as he gave me a weird look. It was getting way too easy to flirt with him (well, my strange version of flirting anyway), despite the fact that he and Lara were still going strong. That reminded me.


“How’s Lara?” I asked him. I didn’t really care since she hasn’t spoken to me since last week in Transfiguration but it seemed necessary to ask. Okay, I cared a little bit.


‘She’s… fine,” he hesitated, “what has she said to you?” he asked sharply, much to my surprise.


“Nothing,” I answered, frowning. “Is she supposed to have said something to me?”


Sirius shrugged and hoisted himself up to sit on the banister. “We’re okay. Not sure how long it’s going to last.”


Well that’s news to me. “Right.”


For some reason I suddenly thought about how Sirius probably knows about Andrea. I thought about whether I should subtly bring it up, just to test the waters- not say anything about me of course but to see whether he trusts me enough to tell me what he knows. But then I remembered something else.


I thought about Andrea Summers, the prettiest girl in the school, the one that got the chance to go out with the Sirius Black, the best looking guy. I thought about how she prefers ordinary old me over him. I thought about how ironic that was. And I burst out laughing.


“What?!” Sirius almost fell off the banister backwards so he hopped down hurriedly. I couldn’t help it- I just laughed hysterically. Sure, it was pretty spiteful and a sensitive topic of both parties but I couldn’t help but bring out my secret inner Slytherin and laugh. Because it was funny. Especially since Sirius thinks he’s irresistible. Andrea isn’t turned on in the slightest by the school’s prince charming!


I’m going straight to hell.


And I don’t care.


Sirius looked as though he wasn’t sure of whether to laugh or not. I was on all fours by now and almost sobbing with laughter, mostly at the look of bewilderment mixed with amusement on his face. I can’t resist irony.


“What on earth…” Sirius just shook his head as I finally stood up, wiping tears from my eyes.


“Oh dear,” I was still laughing a bit as I looked up at him. “Nothing,” I said simply.


I don’t care whether he thinks I’m weird because that’s me. I’m not going to change for him or anyone else. If he can’t handle being friends with someone who just laughs hysterically out of the blue for seemingly no reason then that’s his problem. I waited for his (probably withering) reaction.


But he just let out a little chuckle and ran his fingers through his hair, “George, you never fail to be interesting… to say the least.”


“Thanks Sienna,” I replied in a low-pitched male voice. Sienna giggled.


“Oh you,” he said in an uncanny imitation of a flirty female.


I lost it again and this time Sienna/Sirius laughed with me. We were interrupted when a door flew open from the corridor to my right.


“Black! Your detention began ten minutes ago!” Professor McGonagall barked at him. Still chortling, he gave me a wave and walked into the classroom. McGonagall gave me a reproving look before slamming the door shut.


It has been an odd evening, to say the least.



Please review (even if it's just a few words)- I will reply! Let me know who you want to see more of- Lily? James? Remus? Ava? Snape? McGonagall?

Over and out. - T

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