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The Queen Is Giving In by blackballet
Chapter 21 : Breaking and Creating
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 A/N: Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm so grateful for my readers! For those of you who have been here since the beginning and to those who have just started reading, thanks. I know I've grown a lot during the creation of this novel, so thanks for sticking through it with me. Enjoy! 


"Now why are you going to break up with him, again?" Lily, Alice and I were seated on Alice's bed. Lily and I were going to stay at her place until we went off to James' house. Or that was the plan, at least. Now, I'm not so sure. 

"He's just a bloody prat!" she exclaimed in frustration, standing up from the bed and taking Alice's poor, defensless pillow with her. "So you know how he came over mine for the first day of break right?" We both nodded yes hastily, trying to get to the good part. "Well he was being all proper and great in front of my parents," she said, her face softening. She was almost swooning, at this point. "Then Petunia came in." Alice and I shared some scared glances. Whenever Petunia came up in stories, it wasn't good. "And not only did she come in, she brought that Dursley boy with her, and I'm sure you can imagine how that went over," she said, hitting the pillow that was hugged against her chest.  


"Oh Lily, did James hit him?" Alice asked worridly, grabbing one of her other pillows and clutching it.


"Don't be silly, Ali. He wouldn't be hosting a party if he did that," she said, seething now. "It's just, he should know how embarrassed I get around Petunia and Vernon. He knows they don't like to talk about magic, and he just kept going on and on about it," she said, stressing her last few words. 


"Maybe he does know, Lily. Maybe he just thinks that you shouldn't have to be embarrassed for who you are," I said, feeling a bit pissed with Lily at this point. I tend to get extremely annoyed when people don't appreciate magic now. 


"That's true," she said thoughtfully, her face turning from angry to curious to sad to horrified. "Oh, I've made a horrible mistake, haven't I?" She put the pillow in front of her face and flopped down on the bed inbetween Alice and I. 


"It's alright, Lily," Alice said, patting her head. "You haven't broken up with him yet. He doesn't even know you were thinking about it." She moved her arms up from her side, tilted her head up, and put them under her chin.


"About that..." she said, her eyes avoiding ours. 


"You've already done it?" I yelled, feeling bad when I saw the two of them jump. 


"It was a spur of the moment," she exclaimed, sitting up again to defend herself. 


"Don't be mad at her, Dorcas," Alice said pleadingly, holding both of our wrists and trying to calm us down. 


"I'm not mad," I said. "I'm just surprised!" Alice looked at me strangely and Lily even stopped moaning for a minute. 


"You're really surprised?" Alice asked, keeping with patting Lily's back. 


"Yeah," I said earnestly. "I mean, you two are like meant for each other," I said, leaning back and pulling a tissue out of Alice's tissue box to give Lily who had begun sniffling.


"Don't make me feel even worse," she said through sobs, blowing her nose and then throwing her dirty tissue back at me. 


"Oh, Lily it'll be fine," I said, giving up the cold attitude I had adopted. I sat her up and wiped her eyes of some stray tears, smling at her to try and lift her spirits. "He won't give up on you." 


"I think he has!" She choked out the words through more sobs. 


"Calm down, sweetie," I said tiredly, sitting her up on the bed properly. "Just tell us what happened." 


"It's just," she said, her sentence being disrupted by her hiccups,  "he didn't come back for me. I just, I was just sitting there all alone. I felt like I couldn't do anything," she said, her voice and eyes becoming clearer. 


"You'll be fine. Really, Lily. You've been very dramatic about all this. Just clear your mind," I said, my voice leaving it's sweet tone to take Lily back to the ground. "James loves you." 


"I guess," she said, laying back on the bed, a small smile gracing her face. I looked at Alice quickly and rolled my eyes in response to Lily's sudden change of emotion. She grimaced, but we too fell back and the bed bounced under our collective weight. 


"Thanks, guys," she said, splaying her hands across our stomachs sloppily. We both grunted and she laughed happily. 


"You have rampant mood swings, Lily," Alice said, throwing the arm off of her. 


"Yeah, and you take us for granted," I said, aiming for her arm to hit her face as I threw it back at her. 


"Maybe. But you let me." I stuck my tongue out at her and she grabbed it quickly. 


"Ew!" Alice squealed.


"Let me go!" I mumbled, finding it hard to speak without my tongue. I bit her and she let go hastily, rubbing her thumb and pointer finger. 


"Ow! You're mean, Dorcas." 


"Don't grab my tongue again, or you'll get a lot worse," I warned, smiling cruelly at her. It was really nice to laugh again. 




Sirius POV




"Don't you think you should just floo Regulus or something, mate?" I rolled my eyes at James and continued throwing darts at his poster of the Falmouth Falcons. 


"No. They don't feel the need to see me, and I definitely am not going to try and see them," I said, my game of darts becoming surprisingly more satisfying than I thought it would be. 


"Alright," he said, laying next to me on his bed and conjuring up some darts for himself.


"Lily broke up with me," he said in annoyance. I threw a dart, but turned to him in astonishment before I could see it land. He didn't turn to face me, which clearly meant that he did not want to talk about how or why. I'd just figure it out later. 


"So is she still coming?" I asked, returning to my game and finally hitting that particularly burly player in the background. 


"Yes," he said again, hitting the same guy I just had. Everything's a competition with James. 


"Are you joking?" I asked in bewilderment. 


"No. I sent her a letter after she did it asking, just to make sure. She said she still wanted to be there." 


"Well, if you can't tell her she's not coming, I will," I said in frustration. I threw a dart up and James flicked his wand out quickly to stop it before it came back down and hit me in the eye. 


"I don't care if she comes," he said, sitting up and vanishing all our darts. 


"Don't lie to yourself, Prongs. You know she'll ruin your whole night." 


"It's better than not seeing her the rest of break," he said solemnly. "Let's go. Mum wanted us for breakfast," he said, holding the door open for me. 


"You're addicted, Prongs," I answered, clapping him on the back. 


"Boys!" Mrs. Potter yelled from the kitchen, it being about ten minutes since James had come up to get me. 


"Food!" I screamed, pushing James out of the way selfishly and running down to get our rations. 


"Sirius you slow down right now," she said, as she heard me clambering down the stairs. 


"Yes, mummy," I answered mockingly. 


"You watch that tone with me," she said, as I entered the large kitchen and sat the table in the corner where we always ate. 


"Yes, mummy," I muttered again, not able to resist myself. Luckily I was saved  by James, who had sat down and proceeded to take his shirt off. 


"James you put your shirt back on right now!" she said, laying a plate in front of me and witholding his. I dug in hungrily. The food was too tempting to ignore even after the fourth day of being home. I guess I never really asked James' mum if it bothered her that I called her mum or that I thought this was home. 


"But mum," he whined, "I have to eat without a shirt for breakfast! It's a tradition!" He lunged for his plate, but Mrs. Potter simply held it higher above her head. I think James was too lazy to get up and really reach for the plate. We were both almost four inches taller than her now. 


"Morning love," Mr. Potter said, coming up from behind Mrs. Potter and grabbing the plate easily. 


"Charles!" she growled at her husband, who had already sat down next to James and begun eating at the same pace as me. "I am trying to teach these boys to be gentlemen!" 


"Sorry," he mumbled, swallowing his eggs all at once. James and I were already snickering into our food. Everyone knew who James took after. "Do you want some?" he asked, holding his plate out to James. I snorted loudly, and some sausage came out of my mouth and deposited back on to my plate thankfully. James cackled madly, leaning back in in his chair and clutching his stomach from the pain of laughter. 


"You lot can make your own breakfast tomorrow, then," Mrs. Potter said, untying her apron, walking to the other side of the kitchen, and sitting at the island setting with her own plate. James grabbed two pieces of buttered toast from his dad's plate and ran over to his mum quickly. 


"No, mum! We appreciate you! Come on, who can make toast like this?" He gave her a kiss on the cheek, grabbed his shirt from the chair, and motioned for me to come outside with him. 


"Yeah, thanks mum," I said, putting my dish in the sink and giving her a swift kiss on the cheek before leaving to go meet James out on the back patio. 


"Before you come out, bring the map!" James shouted. I had already had it in my pocket, why I don't know, but I did so I walked straight out where James was leaning against the wall of the enclosed patio. It was all slushy out, so I guess no Quidditch right now. 


"Why d'you want the map?" I asked, throwing it at him and yawning.


"You remember how we made this?" he asked, bouncing his leg up and down. I shook my head no, and picked at the grass that was growing through the stone. 


"Neither do I. Remus did all of it, didn't he?" I nodded yes. "We don't really give him enough credit, do we?" 


"Nah, I suppose we don't," I said. "And put your shirt back on, you prick," I said, laughing a bit at his shivering, white body. He stuffed it over his head, his long arms getting stuck for a bit before he could properly figure it out. 


"You remember why we made it, though?" he asked, after he was done with his shirt. 


"Yeah, I do. You wanted to make sure Evans wasn't talking with Snivellus," I said, laughing again. 


"Hey! You remember how he used to look at her," James said, his nose crinkling up for a second in disgust. 


"Yeah, I guess you're right. I remember we thought you were mental when you brought it up, though." He laughed too, this time. I guess it does sound kind of mental if you don't really know us. 


"Listen, I want to make one for the house. You think we could maybe figure it out?" he asked suddenly. I snickered again into my hand and refused to look at him so I wouldn't burst out in laughter. 


"You know, I really don't see it happening," I said, patting him on the shoulder. 


"The house isn't even that confusing," he said idignantly. 


"Well that's all fine and dandy if you want to spend hours and hours figuring out which spells Moony used." 


"Well he's coming over tomorrow. We'll do it then," he said, standing up and heading back for the door. 


"Well where are you going now?" I asked, turning to face him. 


"I'm going to draw up the plans," he said excitedly. He shut the door and I saw him do a little skip-jump through the glass. I got up too, following him to whatI expected would be the drawing room. He'd always insisted that we plan everything there. He said it's not called the drawing room for nothing. He is too bloody excited for his own good sometimes. 









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