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Our Ridiculous Lives: Daisy Potter by Fonzzx
Chapter 7 : The Trap
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Chapter 7: The Trap




Nothing much happened over the next few weeks. Alexis continued to turn everyone's heads everywhere she went. Ron and Hermione gradually stopped being so nauseating and became a normal couple. Draco's mother was still staying at Hogwarts. I thought it was a bit weird that his father hadn't come to try and reason with her, but maybe he simply didn't care that she'd left him. I felt sorry for the poor woman.


It was the Easter holidays by the time things started heating up again. Most of the fifth, sixth and seventh years were staying at Hogwarts to revise for exams. Mum and Dad weren't really bothered that Harry and I had chosen to stay, they'd see us over the summer and apparently they'd been dealing with Sirius and Fiona a lot lately.


I was revising in the library when Draco came in, looking confused.


“What's wrong?” I asked as he sat down beside me.


“I can't find my mum.”


I pulled the map out of my bag, and we proceeded to look for her.


“Maybe she went to Hogsmeade,” I said, frowning.


Draco bit his lip. “I don't like this. I just have this feeling, you know?”


I put down my quill, and looked straight at him, squeezing his hand. “We'll find her, ok?”


The quickest way to Hogsmeade was through the statue of the one eyed, hump backed witch, so that's the way we went. We left our bags at the bottom of the slide and walked through to the Honeydukes cellar. I cursed myself for not pinching the Invisibility Cloak off Harry, but that hardly mattered now.


We looked in all the shops, but Narcissa was nowhere to be seen. The only place left to check was the Shrieking Shack. We both hesitated at the entrance, lit our wands and went in. Voices were coming from one of the downstairs rooms.


“Where is he?” A man's voice demanded.


“He'll be here, Lucius, don't worry,” a woman answered.


Draco ran ahead. Typical Gryffindor. He burst into the room.


His mother was magically bound to a chair, and a blond man who could only be his father was stood over her. A dark haired woman was on the other side of the room.


“Draco!” His father said, an unconvincing look of relief on his face. “We found -”


“Oh shut up Lucius,” the woman said. “Draco, we'll let your mother go if you come home and get married.”


“She's your sister!” Draco shouted. “You're not supposed to use her as a ransom!”


Oh, so this was Bellatrix, Sirius' crazy cousin. She looked nothing like her sister. She looked nothing like Sirius either. She had wild dark hair, and wide eyes that seemed to stand out of her face. She looked like she used to be good looking, before age had taken its toll on her.


“Bellatrix, I don't think this is going to work,” Malfoy said, trying to salvage the situation.


Bellatrix suddenly clapped eyes on me. Draco moved so that he was standing in front of me. Ropes flew out of Bellatrix's wand and bound him, and she shoved him to the side, pointing her wand at me.


The last thing I remember is infinite pain before I passed out.




When I woke up, Draco was gone. Remus was bending over me.


“Here,” he said, handing me some chocolate before helping me sit up. “What happened?”


“It was a trap,” I said. “Draco's father and Bellatrix were waiting for us, they'd kidnapped Narcissa. Where's Draco?”


Remus looked sad. “I think they've taken him.”


I jumped up. “We have to rescue him!”


Remus pushed me back down so that I was sitting again. “No. It's up to the aurors now. Harry found me as soon as he realised you and Draco were missing. Your dad and Tonks are sorting it out.”


After I'd finished the chocolate, Remus walked me back up through the tunnel, out from under the Whomping Willow and back to the castle. The sun was just setting, and we were walking past Remus' office when the door opened.


“Sirius!” Remus gasped. Sirius collapsed on the floor, blood pouring from a wound in his head. “Get Madam Pomfrey!” Remus shouted at me, and I ran towards the Hospital Wing.


“Come, quickly!” I shouted at the poor woman, before sprinting back to Remus' office with her in tow.


Sirius was laying on the desk, and as soon as we came in, Remus went to the fireplace and Flooed away. Within three minutes he was back, with Fiona and the baby in tow.


Sirius was just coming round. Madam Pomfrey was dabbing Essence of Dittany on his wound, and it was clearing up rapidly.


“What happened?” Fiona asked, panicking.


“Bellatrix,” he said faintly. “I went to try and rescue Draco.”


“Crazy bitch,” Fiona muttered, absently fingering a scar on her neck that I knew came from Bellatrix.


Eventually Sirius sat up, and Fiona perched beside him on the desk. He took Cassie off her, and Fiona leaned her head on Sirius' shoulder. Their little family was the picture of perfection. Sirius kissed her forehead and snuggled the baby into his shoulder. Her brown eyes peeked over and looked at me.


Remus strode to the fireplace for the second time in an hour and disappeared. Madam Pomfrey gave Sirius strict instructions not to overexert himself, and left too. I slipped out of the office quietly to give them some privacy.


I sighed and slid down the wall further down the corridor. Where was Draco now? Had he been hurt? Had they chosen his wife yet? It pained me to think of him with someone else, even if he didn't want her. My eyes pricked uncomfortably. I'd never cried over a boy before. I buried my face in my knees, and that was how Harry found me. He pulled me up and let me cry on his shoulder for a bit.


“We're going home,” he said. I nodded. We walked back into Remus' office. Sirius and Fiona had gone. We each took some Floo powder and disappeared into the fire.


Mum jumped up as soon as we stepped out of the fireplace in the living room. She took one look at me and pulled me into a hug. I let myself sob on her.


“Have you found anything out yet?” Harry asked Dad.


“I'm sure Draco's at Malfoy Manor, but after Sirius' escapade, I don't know how long they'll keep him there. If they move him somewhere else when we're not looking then we're screwed.”


There was a commotion as Tonks tripped over walking through the door. Remus followed her, smiling. In fact, I don't think I'd ever seen him look so happy.


“We have news,” Tonks announced from the floor, her pink hair shoulder length today. “We're getting married!”


Mum and Dad hugged Remus and Tonks. I left the room while all the noise and fuss was going on. I wanted my bed. I trudged up the stairs and collapsed into it.


I didn't move for a week, until Harry barged in and cast levicorpus so that I was suspended in the air and Mum summoned my duvet and bedsheets.


“We're going back to school tomorrow,” Harry told me, sending me crashing to the floor.


You can go back to school. I'm not going anywhere,” I told him.


Harry looked at me for a minute. “HERMIONE!” he shouted. “COME AND TALK SOME SENSE INTO HER.”


Hermione came thundering up the stairs. “Daisy Lily Potter, get dressed this instant! You are going back to school tomorrow, you will sit your OWLs and you will not lay around moping, because Draco wouldn't want you to do that.”


“Fine!” I gave in. Mostly because there's no point in arguing with Hermione. Especially not when she sounds like Mrs Weasley.


I heard Dad cheering from downstairs.


The next evening, after we'd returned to Hogwarts, Hermione bullied me into writing revision notes. I was sat staring at a blank piece of parchment, trying to force my brain into thinking of something worth writing down. The parchment suddenly burned hot and glowed, and words formed on the page.


Daisy, it's me, Draco.


Holy crap.


Draco! Are you ok? I miss you.


I'm alright. I miss you too. I hate us not being together. Hermione sent me a coded message and told me how to do this so we could at least keep in touch without anyone finding out.


I looked up, and she smiled at me. “You're welcome,” she said, knowing that I couldn't articulate a thank you at that moment.


A tear fell from my eye and splashed on the parchment. I dipped my quill into my ink. That Hermione. She's so bloody clever.


I have to tell you something. Draco's writing was getting messier, a sign he was agitated.


You can tell me anything.


I know this isn't ideal, but I don't have a lot of time on my own. I need to tell you that I love you. I wish I could tell you face to face, but I can't.


He loved me. He was in love with me.


I love you too, I wrote. I promise, we'll get you out of this mess.


Patches were appearing all over the parchment. He was crying. I wanted more than anything to hold him.


I have to go, he wrote.


Everyone in the common room was staring at me as I cried noisily. Hermione came over and gave me a hug. I ran up to the sixth year boys dormitories, and thankfully it was empty. I dropped onto Draco's bed and pulled the curtains shut. It smelled of his aftershave. His robes were folded at the end of the bed.


After a while the pillow was soaked with my tears. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. It was as red as my hair. I didn't want to deal with people asking questions so I pinched the Invisibility Cloak out of Harry's trunk and went to my own dormitory. I took Draco's school jumper first though.


Ginny, Hermione and Alexis were waiting for me on my bed. Ginny had a small mountain of chocolate in front of her, and Alexis said she was going to give me a Veela style makeover to make me feel better. I let her work on me while Ginny and I ate our way through the chocolate. Hermione tutted (her parents do something to do with teeth), and worked a potion into my hair, which took the (admittedly very faded) red out and it went back to my natural black.

Admittedly I did feel a lot better when they'd finished. I certainly looked a lot better. I slept well for the first time in a week. Thanks to that, I was able to concentrate in my lessons the next day, which was useful because the teachers were asking revision questions every ten seconds.  

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