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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22
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 Understanding how she managed to get into this predicament Amelia never could quite grasp, but she had once again found herself kissing James, without a care in the world about anything else around them. She had tried to not give into him knowing that they had agreed that nothing was going to come of this at this moment in time, but it seemed that she and James had opened some kind of gravitational pull around themselves after the first kiss had happened in the holidays.

Now whenever they were alone they couldn’t help but give in to their feelings, which resulted in much sneaky and hidden kissing, hiding from their families who would no doubt try to convince them to stay together and other members, such as Adam, who would more than likely not approve of this ‘hook up’.

“This isn’t a good idea,” James muttered against Amelia’s lips as he moved away from them and trailed kisses across her jaw line, Amelia’s eyes closed in bliss as she ran her fingers over the back of his shirt.

She knew that it wasn’t a good idea, but she couldn’t help but give in to him. She had noticed in the few days they had been back at school, that he seemed to turn up whenever she was walking alone in the corridors, as though he knew that she would be alone, and greet her with a chaste kiss which would intensify more over time. They both knew that this wasn’t going anywhere; they had had conversation after conversation about this over owl post whilst hiding their secret tryst from their family.
Lucy and Lily were still trying to convince Amelia to have a relationship with James but she still told them no, or would sometimes ignore their suggestions over and over again..

“We’re not being very secretive right about now,” Amelia told him, her eyes opening as she looked at James who had brought his face away from her, he smiled at her and Amelia felt her stomach flip with excitement as she smiled back at him.

It was true; they weren’t being secretive, what with them being in the Library, sitting at a table that was hidden behind a large collection of books about the properties of potions ingredients. This was the only table that was left unoccupied in the library, due to every student seeming to want to begin studying, which is what Amelia and James had begun doing until James’s hand had sneaked across Amelia’s thigh and he had placed a kiss on her cheek. They were now facing each other and Amelia’s arms were wrapped around the back of James’s neck, his forehead touching hers as he leant forwards and kissed her gently. Amelia grinned in spite of herself before pulling him in for another deep kiss.

“James, are you in here?” Came Adam’s voice from behind the books, Amelia and James didn’t have time to pull away from each other before Adam had walked around the corner, looking around for James, and finding him kissing Amelia.

His mouth dropped open as the books he was clutching fell to the floor with a loud thump. James and Amelia had already pulled away from each other but Adam had witnessed Amelia with her arms around James and her hands were quickly brought up to her lips. Adam could guess instantly what they had been up to and the sheepish grin on James’s face didn’t deny what he thought.

They didn’t say anything for quite a while, Adam was just staring at them both in shock his books still on the floor in front of him and his hands had fallen to his side. Amelia had brought her hands down from her lips and her eyes flickered to James who was looking like he didn’t know whether to run from Adam or ask if he was okay. Neither of them could imagine what Adam’s reaction would be, both of them knowing that it was highly likely to be a bad reaction

“It took you bloody long enough!” he cried, throwing his arms in the air before bending down in front of him and picking up his fallen books and placing them on the table that Amelia and James had been sitting at. Adam pulled out a chair and sat down on it before pulling parchment out of his bag and looking down at it as though nothing had happened.

Both Amelia and James were frowning as they took in his reaction, both of them turned to look at each other before James gave Amelia a shrug and looked over at Adam, who was scribbling something down onto the parchment with James’s quill that he had just leant over and stolen.

“That’s it?” James asked him wearily, Adam gave him a shrug of his own.

“Yeah, I only need the quill for a moment,” he told him before handing him back the quill with a smile.

“Not that,” James said still wary about Adam’s calm reaction after his momentary shock. Both of them were waiting for him to explode or yell at them loudly and threatening James, but Adam was just flicking through the book at the top of the pile in front of him.

“Look, I found your letters from Amelia, okay?” Adam told them honestly, looking up at them both. James and Amelia had turned their chairs so they were sitting normally at the table. Amelia felt herself blushing as she thought about what she had written to James and James was frowning at Adam.

“What made you read my letters?” James asked him a stern tone to his voice.

“I recognised Amelia’s writing,” Adam told them honestly, “I thought that it was for me and that you had accidently opened it without realising. It was just lying on your bed and I thought that it might have been important for Amelia to be writing when she could just come and find me to tell me. I never once thought that she would be sending you owls, James.”

Amelia nodded believing Adam’s story immediately, James seemed to as well. Amelia and James had never exchanged owls before this year so Adam would never have imagined that they would be talking to each other through them now.

“And once I had begun reading I realised that it was for you, James, but I had already read most of the letter before I realised this fact. And by that time I had already read about you both... so...”

“You’re not mad?” Amelia asked him.

“I’m not happy about it, mainly the fact that I have to share James and I suppose having to deal with the fact that he’s now going out with my baby sister. But I was just shocked to see you both kissing in front of me.”

“Sorry about that,” James admitted, “we should have told you that something happened between us. But we’re not going out with each other, Adam.”

“So, you’re just using my sister?” Adam asked the first sign of anger at the moment in his tone of voice.

“No,” Amelia cried instantly, not liking the dark look on Adam’s face, which he quickly dropped as he stopped glaring at James menacingly. It was scary how quickly he could go from happy to angry in milliseconds, “it’s not like that Adam. We’ve both decided that we’re not going to be going out with each other.”

“Because his going to be leaving Hogwarts and you’ve still got a year left here?” Adam asked, Amelia was amazed that he immediately thought of this, neither Lucy nor Lily could understand why they had chosen to do this, neither could Kelly who had caught both her and James kissing each other earlier that morning. After dragging Amelia away from James and demanding information about what on earth was going on, she like Lucy and Lily thought that James and Amelia should try a relationship.

“Yeah, exactly that, and it wouldn’t work because he’s going to Romania,” Amelia admitted, folding her arms in front of her, trying not to think about James going away for three years and barely seeing her. She knew that she would have missed him even if they hadn’t been kissing each other and giving in to their feelings. He had spent practically every moment that he could around her house and it would be strange to not see him following Adam and joking around with him and her. She dreaded to think how Adam would cope without James around, he would miss him a whole lot more then she would. But Adam would never admit out loud just how much he was going to miss James, knowing that it was Adam’s encouragement and support that was keeping James from staying behind. She could tell though, when Adam was alone, just how much he would miss James, he almost seemed lost without him around.

“Then you best enjoy the time you have together then,” Adam told them with a small smile before looking back down at the book in front of him. Amelia and James both watched him for another moment before they brought their own books towards them and settled down to study. It wasn’t long before James’s hand found her own on the table and she clutched hold of it tightly, turning to give him a small smile which he returned before looking back down at his notes.

Amelia stayed looking at him for a while longer and felt herself aching at the thought that in a matter of a few weeks he would be leaving Hogwarts and leaving her, she felt the smile dropping from her face and she turned away, her eyes catching Adam’s who had been watching her carefully. He gave her a look that said, ‘I’ll miss him too’, before she nodded at him and looked down at her own notes, not being able to focus on them, her mind counting down the moments they had left together.


“How are you feeling today, Mariah?” Albus asked as he stood up. Mariah had just entered the common room after sending off an owl in reply to her mother’s letter about her uncle.

“What do you want, Albus?” Mariah snapped, her defences going up as soon as she stopped in front of him, she folded her arms quickly as though using them as even more protection against him. She was not feeling up to dealing with him today, even if he had been nice for the past few days, it wouldn’t be long until he became a jerk again and she wasn’t going to wait around until the moment arose. Knowing that she would have to be the one who made things go back to how they were before he could hurt her, it already hurt to think about how he had comforted her in her time of need and how they wouldn’t have another moment like that.

Albus stopped dead, a perplexed look on his face as he processed what she had said and how she had said it.

“I’ve come to check on you, I was worried,” he told her, his eyebrow puckering at her sudden change in behaviour towards him.

“Well, you shouldn’t worry about me; it’s not your problem, is it?” Albus shook his head at her words and let out a small angry laugh.

“Seriously, it’s like there’s two of you or something!” Albus cried throwing his hands up in the air as he glowered at Mariah, who was standing in front of him with her arms folded in front of her and a sneer on her face. She didn’t appreciate the comment he had made and the fact that he was yelling at her in front of the whole common room, who weren’t even watching the fight, having been witnesses for most of them that they just got bored of it, or blocked it out. “The other day we had a nice moment. We were actually getting on with each other and we were talking.”

“Well, that was then, wasn’t it?” Mariah cried her arms still crossed in front of her, “today is a different story.”

“How is it a different story? I thought we could get passed this, I was there for you. Why can’t you just admit that something changed between us?” Albus asked her.

“Because you always find a way to ruin everything, Albus,” Mariah cried loudly, her eyes were stinging with tears as she thought to how wonderful it was between them and how it felt to be wrapped up in his arms, but she knew that Albus would never feel for her what she felt for him. He had made that clear with all of the hideous names he had called her and the times he had taken the piss out of her, not that she didn’t give back as good as she got and sometimes was even the starter of their fights.

Albus looked at her, his eyes seemed to be searching for something on her face and she frowned slightly at the scrutiny he was doing of her. Feeling slightly awkward she shuffled and brought her arms down by her side, looking away from him in the hope that he would stop staring at her with the hard look in his eyes, the look that was melting her heart and had made her feel like the happiest girl in the world. She scolded herself for thinking that he would see her as anymore then his enemy and chanced another look up at the person who used to be her best friend, the person she had missed so much that it broke her heart every time she thought about what could have been if they had stayed friends. Would they be more than friends by now?

“Well, I’m going to be ruining this.” Albus stated. Mariah looked up at him with a confused look on her face; Albus had walked over to her and had crashed his lips down onto hers. Shock filled Mariah and she felt her whole body seem to heat up at the touch of Albus’ soft lips. Bringing her hands up to his unruly curly hair she pulled him closer to her. They ignored the gasps and “what on earths” from the students who had finally looked at the scene that was playing out in front of them.

A/N: Can I just hug Albus and Mariah for a moment? *hugs them*

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