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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 10 : Discussions.
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Dren Potter & Sirius Black

"Really Remus already?"

He smiled at me with mischief glistening in his eyes. I love Remus to death but he knows how to hurt a girl.  

Requesting unlimited access to my chocolate stash until he feels my debt is repaid is simply horrible and he has already eaten more than half.

"You agreed; suffer Dren. Suffer"

"oh I am just counting the amount of galleons I’m going to have to spend in order to restock"

"and then double that number ha ha"

"yes Remus"
I’m glad chocolate was all he wanted considering he had the opportunity to thoroughly humiliate me.


James had wandered off with Remus when we entered Hogsmade leaving Sirius, Lily and I to ourselves.

"So Sirius.... where are you meeting Emmaline?"; he shrugged nonchalantly at Lily's question but I saw the little glance he took towards me

"She didn’t say; all I know is she kept going on and on about the pink monstrosity of a tea shop"

I shook with laughter knowing full well that's exactly where she planned to meet him seeing as I could see Emma standing outside of Madam Puddifoot's all dolled up a from where stood outside of the Three Broomsticks.

"oh look there she is now; you poor pup"; it pained me a little to see that he was in fact going through with the date but I couldn't exactly blame him. This thing with us was out of nowhere; why cancel his plans. "Good luck mate you're going to need it"

he sighed heavily and shivered slightly at the pink decor; if it's that bad from the outside I can only imagine how vomit inducing must be inside

"why did I do this to myself"

pushing him toward his date I gave him a smug smile "don’t you remember? she has a great sense of humor"

"ha ha very funny"

I watched him take Emma by the hand and lead her inside of the tea shop he so dreaded before turning to Lilly and seeing her look of pity and sympathy as we took our seats and waited for madam rosmerta to take our order.

"Dren I really think you ought to just talk to him"

"I’m pretty sure after last night he is fully aware of the situation"

"he may not remember"

"trust me he remembers; we just got side-tracked is all what with me bitching out Remus and all"

the look of sudden realization crossed her delicate features "oh so that's what that was about"

with a nod I confirmed her thoughts of Remus catching and we filled each other in on all of the details could remember about the night in question over a few butterbeers and a hearty lunch. We sat for what seemed to be hours before we noticed Lucius staring at us from the far side of the cafe.

not wanting anyone to overhear I leaned closer to lily from over the table with her leaning in as well

"I was supposed to meet him last night"

"and you blew him off? Oh Dren I am so proud of you!"

"Yeah me too but...."

she sat back in her seat with a look of disapproval in her eyes 
"But what? please don’t tell me you're regretting it already"

"No of course not it's just I can’t help but feel like he's going to do something horrible over this after all he is a Malfoy and they're so used to getting everything they want"

she nods with understanding "true and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to act the part consider what an arse he is. Any who should we be heading back? I have some homework that needs doing as do you."

"You go ahead I think I’ll just search for my brother"

"I swear you marauders anything to avoid homework."

With no luck finding James and Remus I headed back to the castle not really wanting to know what Sirius and Emmaline would be up to at the moment.

I; imaging the worst figured it'd be better to just join Lily in her studious nature beside her annoyance at my procrastination has always been entertaining.

But I didn’t get that far before feeling my a hand take a tight grip on my right forearm

"Must you ruin my day I was having such a lovely time"

"Considering how my evening was ruined by your lack of presence last night I’d say were even"

Tearing my arm from Lucius' grasp I attempted to head towards Gryffindor tower "good then you can be on your way"

I will not be ignored" spinning me by the shoulder; he violently pushed me against the wall my head slamming against the stone slab sending a sharp pain through my body

My head pounding he grasped me by the chin his nails digging into my skin.

"You disappoint me; a blood-traitor; a muggle lover but when you sought me out over the summer here I was thinking there was hope for you yet. After all you are such a specimen it would be a shame for such breeding to go to waste"

"What makes you think I would ever breed with you I’d rather be barren" I scoffed but his grip only tightened. For the life of me I can’t remember why I started sleeping with him in the first place

Right now it hardly seems worth the trouble

"You’d be so lucky"

"You can let go of me now"

before I could stop him or turn away he pressed his mouth against mine. We had never kissed before

His lips were nothing like Sirius'; where I had known warm passion there was nothing but wetness. These cold lips that felt as if they belonged to a corpse.

With no response from my mouth which I refused to open for him; even as he nipped and sucked on my lips begging for entry, he moved to my neck.

My body which was so used to his touch moved forward on its own; my lips were meant for Sirius but my body was just so willing

So accustomed to these occasions that I couldn’t stop the warmth in my stomach from growing

I couldn’t stop the moans that his hand and his lips were causing to erupt from deep inside of me as they trailed down my curves.

And I just couldn't bring myself to stop; to do anything but enjoy the way he made me feel.

Sexy, Desired; tainted in the best possible way

"See Dren you couldn’t stop no matter how badly you wanted to."
Sighing heavily I opened my eyes thinking that if I just looked at him I could push him away but it wasn’t him I saw

It was Sirius.
holding the map and out of breath it was clear he ran here thinking I was in some kind of trouble and was met with exactly the opposite of what he was expecting to see.


Turning with a smile on his face Lucius took look at Sirius and sneered "looks like the cats out of the bag Potter; I’ll leave you to deal your little boyfriend here but I expect to see you tonight; believe me when I say showing up is not an option"

Sirius slammed the door of the empty classroom close. his anger getting the better of him and i could completely understand. had it been me catching him with some one neiter of us could stand in such a comprimising position.

i cant even begin to imagin what i would have done.

"I cannot believe you would let him touch you!"

"It isn’t what you think"

"So you haven’t been shacking up with Malfoy then oh well that’s just fine and dandy it must’ve been some other scumbag with his hands all over you."

I sat on the floor of the astronomy tower seeing as Sirius refused to go anywhere near the room of requirement now knowing who and what I’ve been doing in there

"It wasn’t like that...I didn’t mean for this to happen"

"Then what was it like Dren? Did you trip naked just happening to land on top of him?"

"No!" he was pacing; back and forth back and forth

He wants answers but I don’t really have any.

"How long? How long has been happening? A month, two?"
He stood in front of me his eyes filled with hurt; disgust and betrayal.

"Believe me when I say you don’t want to know"

Slamming his fist down on one of the desks he failed to hold in his anger "Dammit Dren!"

He sat head in his hands; staring at me wanting to know but not really wanting to hear it.

"since summer...I had ended things well before term but when we arrived and you sought out Emma and I couldn't stop thinking about you as more than my friend as something other then a brother I needed a distraction and he was there"

"How convenient because in a school full of blokes of course Malfoy was the best choice"

I rose from my seat and walked towards him kneeling to meet his eyes but he wouldn’t look at me and I couldn’t blame him

"He knew the rules. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I just couldn’t stop thinking of you and at the end of every night I just felt guilty; dirty even."

scoffing he still wouldn’t look at me; I could see on his face he was counting all the nights I had disappeared from the map; the times that coincided with intimate moments we had shared.

"The night we kissed...Thursday night when we made the plans for were coming back from him. You slept in my bed you kissed me you let me hold you with his filth still on you"

"Sirius please...”

"Why would you? How could you...I just...I don’t understand"

I didn’t have an answer...

"I don’t know; all I can say is we've both horrible decision out of was a mistake and I tried to stop"

"Didn’t look like you were trying too hard back there"

"it's not like that; my mind and my heart scream when he touches me but my body....I’m just so used to his touch and he knows every way to gain a response when all I want is to punch him in the face."

He shook his head "stop...I don’t want to hear this."

Grabbing his chin I forced his face towards mine but he still wouldn’t look me in the eye

"Look at me...Sirius look at me please"

I can't"

"Thursday night I met him with every intention of ending it and I did..."

"Before or after you fucked him?" he was met with silence; finally looking me in the eye I could see his maliciousness...whether it was for me or Lucius or even both was unknown “that’s what I thought"

"I didn’t get the chance before we....I was startled; when he came in it was different he was cold and empty. He just grabbed by the back of my neck and....I did end it he just refused to take no for an answer."

"So what I just saw?"

"Was him not taking no for an answer? i wanted to stop him but he just knows...and I just couldn’t.....but I didn’t...”

His hand ran through my hair "you didn’t want him to touch you, did you?"

He rose from his seat leaving me kneeling on the floor and made his way towards the towers exit


"I need to have a small chat with my cousin."

This isn't going to end well..this isn't going to end well at all.

A/N so sirius caught lucius making his usual moves on dren..and maybe he gets that this was just a thing but what could this mean for them and their future? who knows i havent thought of it yet lol i know ive been taking forever to update lately and i am so sorry i am however really happy with this chapter and there will be more to come so bear with me please love you guys ^_^


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my brothers bestfriend: Discussions.


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