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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 16 : The Calm before the Storm
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 The Calm before the Storm  



credit to &lifecontinues@TDA for this drop dead gorgeious CI! (Albus Potter & Brielle Patil)


I don’t know what made me do it. In a state of deliria, hysteria, and ultimately temporary depression I found comfort in Dominique Weasley.  I know, I ‘m just as shocked. I laughed, talked, and even shared my chocolates with her.




That’s a big step. I refuse to even share my chocolates with my date, Scorpius, when he was the one who bought them for me. Speaking of my said date, he’s probably going to want my head on a stick after what I did to him.




“I’m really glad I got to talk to you Brielle,” Dominique said with a friendly smile as we trudged up the hill after getting off the carriages. We were some of the last people returning from Hogsmeade and my nose was pink from the cold hair and my tummy was full of delicious chocolates.




“Yeah, so am I.”




For once in my life I don’t think I was being sarcastic to her. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe the world is ending and Dominique is trying to make amends with the people she did wrong. That would make perfect sense considering she definitely did me wrong plenty.




I wasn’t surprised by the odd stares we were getting as pushed the double doors open to the castle. I would be surprised to if I saw myself walking and talking with Dominique Weasley. We weren’t ever friends or anything close and I’m almost positive everyone knew that.




It was just a fact.




I was enjoying the calming silence that had over taken our walk and it wasn’t until we reached the changing steps that we were forced with a decision. Where to go? We were both Ravenclaws so our common room seemed like the plausible solution but the fact was that Scorpius had wanted me to go back to his common room after our date but considering I had ditched him I doubted he wanted me there.




“Are you coming with?” Dominique asked as she took a step off the moving stairs just as it neared the Ravenclaw dorms. Whatever. I had to jump to make it onto the level and I nearly fell to my deaths because of the stupid stairs.




One of these days I’m going to get seriously injured because of these rubbish stairs. They suck. Can’t we just invest in muggle elevators or something neat like that? I mean we’re freaking witches and wizards.




Dominique twirled some of her blonde hair around her finger and I was tempted to make a snide joke about it but I bit back the comment. She was being perfectly nice to me and there was no reason for me to trash on her for one of her habits. Well, one of her annoying habits.




“Good Evening dears,” The portrait of the women clad in blue said as she pressed her cap to her head. “Answer the riddle; It is greater than god and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you shall die. What is the answer?”




There was an impending silence that I mentally cursed myself.  I hated these riddles and most of the time it took me a few times to guess the answers. Amelia usually refused to answer them and instead beats on the portrait until someone opens it for her. Leslie is our go-to girl for answering these rubbish questions.




“Nothing!” Dominique said with a questionable look, smiling as she noticed the portrait nod in conformation. It popped open and I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. What the hell is nothing? She must have gotten the idea that I had no clue what she was going on about so she explained for me, “Nothing is greater than god or more evil than the devil. The poor have nothing, the rich need nothing, and if you eat nothing you will die.”




Merlin, I had to admit she was a clever bird. I probably would have been outside waiting for some poor first year to let me in if she wasn’t here.




“Oh, yeah, I knew that.” I said with a blush to my cheek. I shrugged as if I had already known the answer but really I wouldn’t have gotten it like ever. I probably would have said something really stupid like jellyfish…or mega jellyfish…or mega awesome epic jellyfish. Yes, mega awesome jellyfish seems like the right answer to me.




“Where the hell have you been, young lady? You were supposed to be back here an hour ago and what is this I hear that you ditched Malfoy half-way through your date and – Why in Merlin’s beard are you with her?”




You’d think my mum had come to Hogwarts to chew my ear off but it really was just Amelia. She seems rather similar to my mum when she scolds me. She looked royally ticked off with her hand on her jutting hip as she stared me down though from behind her I could see Louis seated on the couch with a lazy smile, watching her with intent.




There was actually everyone here now that I take a good look around.




Leslie was seated next to the vacant seat that Amelia had used to be in. James seemed to have ditched his ditzy bird long enough to sit down on the floor and play wizarding chess with Fred where he was currently beating his arse. Jenna – yuck – was sitting on the love seat with Al who didn’t look that interested in her.




Cue little victory dance because Al isn’t falling for Jenna’s gross man stealing ways. I don’t care if Al isn’t technically my man because he is in my head. So is James, Freddy, Scorpius, and Louis. They are all my men. No one steals my men unless I approve first.




The only people not here were Scorpius (no surprise), Rose (no surprise), and her date (no surprise). Basically a big no surprise.




“I have been out, mum.” I said sarcastically as I tossed my bags to the side. “I lost track of time, my bad. I didn’t ditch Scorp, well not really, it’s a long story that I’ll tell you later. Dominique was just keeping me company is all.” I waved my hand dismissively as I walked past Amelia and threw myself into the seat in between Louis and Leslie.




Dominique looked around apprehensively as if she didn’t know if it was okay for her to sit down with us. I didn’t blame her considering Amelia was staring her down with her evil glare and her lips set into a tight line. I would be scared too.




Amelia really resembles something similar to a fire breathing dragon at the current moment.




“Sitting down, Dommy?” It was Louis who spoke first, offering his older sister a kind smile. His date gave him the death glare now but he shrugged it off. He pointed over to the arm chair next to the chair and Dominique nodded and took a seat down on the plushy couch.




Amelia let out a huff of breath as she realized she lost the battle between whether Dominique could sit with us or not. She turned on her heel to stare me down, bobbing her leg up and down. “Well? Why’d you ditch Scorpius?”




“I didn’t ditch him,” I groaned pinching the bridge of my nose as I rested my head onto Louis’s shoulder. My eyes were still a little bit sore from crying earlier when Dominique had found me. This was not a topic I really wanted to discuss to be honest.




“I’m pretty sure you did.”




“I’m pretty sure I didn’t.”




“I’m pretty sure you’re both annoying.” James mumbled from his spot on the floor. I kicked him in the back in which caused him to turn around to shoot me the finger. Fred took advantage to knock his king down and winning over the board.




James groaned when he realized the mistake he made, pouting his lips before saying, “That’s not fair! Fred you’re such a bloody cheater.”




He snorted, “Don’t be a sore loser, you dimwit. It’s not my fault you messed up.” 




The tension slowly resolved into our usual banter and speaking. Amelia gave up after ten minutes of trying being a bitch to me and instead took a seat right in Louis’s lap. Hm, I guess their date went well then. Dominique had some spasm when she sat in his lap and Amelia made sure to give her a smug look.




Real mature.




I spent my time trying to help Fred win the wizarding chess game by poking, kicking, and scratching James any opportunity I had. Fred was nearly the winner of the game and all he needed was to knock down one more of James’s kings.




“C’mon, Bri, help a brother out.”




Yes, Fred and I had a very interesting friendship. He tends to call me his sista from another mista, his homegirl, or one of his favorites – Bri Dog.




I don’t know what goes on in this boy’s head but I got to assume it’s a complete and utter mess up there.




“Brielle will be doing no such thing,” James snorted as he contemplated on where he wanted to move his next piece while carefully watching Fred’s larger amount of pieces at the same time. “Besides, she can’t faze me.”




I’m offended. I can faze anyone if I really wanted to. I could faze Voldemort if he came back to live. Y’know what, if he comes crawling out from the ashes there is no need to call Harry Potter. I’ve got this one covered.




All I need is a catch phrase and a sidekick. I’m voting to bring Amelia as my sidekick. I don’t believe she would take any shit from Voldy. She’d probably kick him in the sack and run.




I feel like that is all my friends and I do. Or at least threaten to do.




When in doubt it’s a kick in the manhood and a run for the wind tactic. I’ve got to assume it works most of the time.




“Bitch I can faze whoever I want,” I then decided to ‘faze’ James – as they like to call it – by grabbing a chunk of his hair and pulling it by the roots, making him cry out loud in protest as he whipped his hands around like a mad man.








I’m such a helpful friend.




Fred did a victory chant when he knocked James’s last piece to the ground. I let go of James’s hair though at this point his eyes were teary eyed and I couldn’t tell if it was because of the game or because of me.




Probably both.




“That was bullcrap. I challenge you to a rematch.”




“Bring it on, homeboy.”




Oh dear lord.




I was a woman on a mission and I was dedicated to said mission. Hogsmeade had happened yesterday and after trying to assist Fred in winning his rematch with James I called it a day and crawled up to sleep. It didn’t help that it was Sunday the next day which meant no classes.


Which also meant I’ve spent the whole entire day doing nothing and sleeping away my worries. It’s been a real relaxing experience but now I can’t do that anymore.



Like I said before, I’m on a bloody mission.




I’ve decided that my charming blonde boy deserved in explanation or at least an apology for me just ditching him on our fake date. The only problem was that Scorpius is a tool and he’s a Slytherin so now I have to walk all the way down the stupid dungeons to find him.




It’s cold and creepy here. Who would even want to live down here?




The Slytherins want to live down here – that’s the answer. Can you imagine doing the walk of shame from here? Not that I’m saying that I approve of people slagging around but just take a moment to imagine if you did.




That would be one awkward, long, and uncomfortable walk of shame.




I should make a mental note to never do one of those. But wait, that’s not okay, some Slytherins are really attractive. What if I’m like in the mood and want to get down and dirty with a snake?




LOL JUST KIDDING. My v-card has yet to been swiped and I plan on keeping it like that until the time is right.








I’m pretty sure I nearly jumped out of my robes when the rather scary portrait of Salzar Slytherin asked for the password. I didn’t think this through.




“You see, ha, this is a really funny story actually.” I began to say as Salzar arched an eyebrow at me. “I’ve seemed to forgotten the password. Woopsies! Now it would be lovely if you could save me some time and just y’know….let me in.”




He barked laughing at me from inside his golden portrait, shaking his head full of greasy hair slightly before pursing his lips. “You are no Slytherin, are you?” He looked me up and down before letting his lips set in a firm line. “Ravenclaw, you are and don’t even try to lie; I can see your house on your robes.”




“These aren’t mine.”




“Oh really, now, then who shall they belong to instead?”




Your mum.




I’m just joking that would be very rude to say to Mr. Slytherin and he probably wouldn’t let me in if I said that to him.




“Your mum,”




Whoops, I said it. I really need to learn when to control my mouth and when to say whatever the hell I want.




He glared at me and I’m pretty sure if he could he would set fire to my being. I don’t know his mum but I for sure don’t want to meet her now.




“Aren’t you the little charmer,” He sneered before seeing a young girl step up the portrait – sending me a death glare first – before whispering some into his ear. He nodded. “Well it’s your lucky day. It seems like little ole’ Becky Sanders wants to go into her common room and you can just slide in.”




“Thanks Becky Sanders!”




She gave me the finger and swung the door open with a thud. She couldn’t be older then a fourth year. I can’t believe I just got told off by a fourteen year old. This is ridiculous.




What is even more ridiculous is the way people are staring at me in the common room. They’re acting like they’ve never seen a Ravenclaw before. I mean, I know I’m really awesome and stuff but I’m not that amazing.




It’s not like I’m some endangered species or some crazy shit like that.




“Aren’t you a long way from home, Claw?” Some raven hair girl said with an upturned nose as she looked at me dismissively.




“Aren’t you a short way from home, Snake?” I shot back at her quickly, making a beeline for the stairs marked for boys. I bolted up the first set of stairs because I really didn’t want to get caught in the wrath of a Slytherin.




They’re usually pretty vicious.




I counted my steps before I settled at the door marked for sixth years. I felt sheer awkwardness standing in front of the door. I’ve never actually been in one of the boy’s dormitories. It was just never something I ever thought to do.




When I dated Hunter for that short period of time he never brought me to his room. I think mostly because he knew it would probably make me feel uncomfortable. I’m all for snogging in abandoned classrooms and whatnot but when you bring someone to your room you are implying something.




You’re implying you want to use your bed for more than snogging.




That is not okay, mate.




I raised my knuckles and knocked on the door. There was noise coming from inside but no one told me to come in. I knocked again and there was still no answer. I was getting annoyed so I hit the door rather harder with my fist and it just popped open from the hinges and flew open.




They kept their door bloody unlocked and open. They were morons. I hope someone steals all their crap one day.




“Who the hell keeps on knocking?” I looked around for the source of the voice and found Scorpius laying on his bed while tossing a snitch up in the air and catching it. “I fucking hate when people knock on the door. It’s so bloody annoying.”




“I had no clue you had such the potty mouth on you, Scorp.” I smirked when he jumped slightly at me voice, missing the snitch and letting it hit him in the face. It made me giggle softly.




“I had no clue you had the lady balls on you to not only come to the Slytherin common room but to go up to the boy’s dorm rooms even after you had just ditched one of said boys that lives in the dorm.” He responded cheekily as he sat up. I would have thought he was mad at me but he used a teasing tone as he gave me a lighthearted smile.




“Please don’t ever use the term lady balls again,” I cringed and he snickered at me. One of his roommates snored loudly from the back of the dorm. “And I’m sorry about leaving you like that. I just was having a bad day and I really wanted to be alone.”




That wasn’t particularly all true but I wasn’t gonna go off and tell Scorpius about all my self esteem issues and about how I’m 95 percent sure I’ll end up as a cat lady with 200 cats. I don’t even really like cats that much. That’s why I have an owl.




He waved his hand dismissively as he smiled a tad bit wider, “Don’t even bother apologizing – the plan went better then I even expected. When you walked out on me everyone was watching – and I mean everyone – which was including Rose and her ugly date.”




That really wasn’t fair considering her date was fairly attractive but I wasn’t in the mood to point this out to him.




“Anyways, so after I made a half-arse attempt to get you to come back I went back to my table and you’re not even going to believe what happened next. Rose ditched her date and sat down with me! She was convinced that you were using me and walked out on me in front of everyone to make me look bad or something along those lines. She went on this whole entire bitch fest about you but I really didn’t pay much attention to it because she was sitting with me. Me!”




I’m glad to know that Scorpius sat with Rose while she bitched me out. I’m just ecstatic. (Sarcasm)




“ – And then she told her lousy date that she was going to spend the rest of the time with me since she felt bad that I was dumped so we went to the book store so she could get some more books and the quill shop as well. It was the best two hours of my life.”




“Scorpius, I’m glad that you got to spend Hogsmeade with crazy red head but the fact that you just said the best two hours of your life were spent looking at books and ink makes me want to cringe. I hate to say it but that’s pathetic.”




Scorpius laughed whole heartedly and agreed with me. I decided to venture off into the scary world that is the sixth year boy’s dorm room. I poked random piece of clothing with a long stick – it’s actually Scorpius’s broomstick – and nudged his sleeping roommate with the furry end of the stick.




I ticked him and he constantly rolled around and whined about how the mouse wouldn’t leave him alone and how he was going to tell on the mouse. I don’t know about you but I don’t even want to know what this guy is dreaming about.




At this point Scorpius was on the floor rolling with laughter. He had tears prickling the corners of his eyes and he was gasping for his breath as he rolled around like a sack of potatoes and hit the ground as he choked on his own laughter.




Albus chose this perfect time to arrive.




Fresh out of the shower.








Basically naked with only a soft cotton towel wrapped around his defined waist.




Merlin, I think I just died and went to heaven. I mean, I knew Albus was a good looking guy but I did not know he looked this good without a shirt while his hair is soaping wet and the rest of his body is damp from his past shower.




If I knew he looked like this at least once every day then I would have started coming to the Slytherin dorms more often. Me likey some Alby. 




Jeez, now I sound like one of Albus’s stalkers that follow him around and steal his tissues to worship in their shrine. You may think I’m kidding but I’m not. Hogwarts actually has an official ‘I LOVE A.J.S.F.L.H’ club.




In case you were wondering that stands for I love Albus, James, Scorpius, Fred, Louise, and/or Hugo. I know – even little Hugo made the cut. He must feel like a pretty rad fourth year already having stalkers.




“Scor, what the hell are you laughing at?” He asked with a crooked smile, obviously not noticing me yet.




Scorpius seemed to laugh harder at this and pointed a shaky finger towards me. I was sitting on Scorpius’s bed with my legs criss-crossed underneath them in my regular school robes while holding his quidditch broom.




“Wha – Oh! Brielle!” Albus looked surprised as he noticed I was in the room. Almost self-consciously his hand went to graze the towel resting on his hips as if to make sure it was still there. “I didn’t know you were here,” He faltered as he gave me a small smile.




We didn’t talk much since I saw him yesterday at Hogsmeade. To be honest, I was still ticked off that he went with Jenna to Hogsmeade but it really wasn’t any of my business to tell him who he could and couldn’t go on a date with.




But I’m still pissed. Put that on the record, please.




“Obviously,” I snorted as I offered him one of my usual smiles. I tried to keep my train of eyesight on his face though it was hard when he had a body that resembled a god. Like not just any god – a sex god or something similar to that.




You would have a hard time not staring if you were here too.




“Keep your wandering eyes off of poor Albus’s body. He’s an innocent little boy and I will not let you taint him!” Scorpius scolded me dramatically and teasingly, throwing his hands over my eyes which made me giggle.




I swatted him away and he released me quickly enough to allow me to see the soft tinge of pink that crept up Albus’s cheeks but quickly disappeared.




He laughed whole-heartedly, “As if, she can’t help herself. I mean look at myself – I’m hot.” I didn’t know if he was joking or not but I had to agree with him (mentally). He made a point to wink at me before laughing and making his way over to what I assumed to be his trunk. “Besides, I’m not that innocent.”




He mumbled the last bit and I wasn’t sure if I heard him right but Scorpius’s eyebrows perked up upon hearing the little comment. “Mh, yeah? We’ll have to discuss that later.”




What the hell. What are they discussing later? I want to be a part of this discussion. I hate being left out. I feel like I’m the last one picked for the kickball game or whatever they play in the muggle world.




I pouted and Scorpius snorted at my face.




“You look like a pig,”




“Go fudge yourself,”




This not only made Scorpius laugh harder but made Albus chuckle also as he plucked clothes out one by one. I groaned.




Now I know what you’re thinking, why did I say fudge? It’s not like me to hold back on dropping a few swear words but recently I’ve hard to – erm – clean up my act according to Professor Longbottom. In Herbology, I got bit by one of his nasty plants so I ended up dropping the f-bomb a few times….and the b-bomb….and the c-bomb….and the s-bomb…and every bomb.




It turns out this freak of a plant bloody dies upon hearing curse words. I know, right? I think it’s some pet plant parents get their kids to make sure they don’t curse because really, who wants to kill their own pet? I know I don’t.




But it turns out I killed the poor fella and Longbottom decided as punishment that I was charmed that if I drop a swear word within the next three days something will happen to me. I’m allowed to think it all I want but if I say it out loud something will happen and I do not want to find out what will.




“You’re truly ridiculous,” Albus murmured before his looked at me with his lips drawn into a thin line. He looked like he was trying to concentrate or something along those lines. He then made a little motion with his fingers that resembled a circle and pointed towards me.




Hi, I’m Brielle. I’m not a circle. Silly Albus thinking I’m a circle; I’m not a circle.




“He wants you to turn around so he can change in peace,” Scorpius finally elaborated after all I did was just stare at him back and make the shape of a square out of my fingers.




I’m so smart.




I blushed upon realizing why he wanted me to turn. He wanted to take of his towel – cue mental image – and get dressed – cue another mental image – in peace. I was pretty positive he could get changed in peace without me turning around but I didn’t want to sound like a creeper so I flopped down on my stomach the opposite way and put my hands over my eyes.




“Tell me when I can open my eyes!”




I waited patiently, counting in my head and humming a tune.




Albus was taking a really long time getting ready and I was starting to get annoyed. I swung my legs from behind me back and forth as I waited for them to tell me I could turn around.




I swear I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes like this and it does not take this long to turn around.




“Albus, do you not know how to put on clothes or something?” I asked angrily as I removed my hands and turned around to face them. Both boys did some spasm dance and Scorpius tried to casually lean against the dresser but he epically failed and fell to the ground since he missed.




“Uh, yeah, something.”




I don’t get it. Is this some type of joke? I’m not in one this joke and I do not appreciate it.




“Are you guys on drugs?”




They stared at me.




“Because if you are, you know, on drugs then you need to stop.”




Still no answer.




“Scorpius, are you high? I don’t think Rose would date a druggie. I don’t wanna have to tell her you’re a druggie cause then she’ll never talk to you and –“




“We’re not bloody high!” Scorpius said quickly as he nearly sprinted to the door as if to block my exit. It wasn’t like I was going to run off and tell the whole entire world that Scorpius and Albus were druggies. I’d probably only tell like twenty people.




Yeah, maybe twenty-five people max. That seems about right to me.




“Then what is up? Tell me,” I whined with a pout, standing up and frowning. Scorpius was too far away from me so instead I poked Albus in the rib where his now clean deep green t-shirt lay. “C’mon, tell me.”








Fine, bitch, have it your way.




“Merlin! Scorpius help me!” Albus screamed quiet loudly after I tactically pounced on his back.




I kept one arm wrapped firmly around his neck to prevent me from falling while the other was pulling on a large chunk of his hair. My legs were wrapped around his waist and I refused to let go. I want to bloody know and if I want something I get it.




I sound like one of those little screaming spoiled toddlers on those muggle teli shows.




“I wanna know!”








“Tell me!”








“I refuse to, you oaf, now tell me!”




“I’m not an oaf! You’re an oaf!”




“Take that back Albus Severus Potter!” Cue me pulling on an even larger chunk of his hair and him hastily apologizing to me.




“I’m sorry! I’m sorry – ow! – let go of me hair! You’re going to rip out my hair and it’s my prize possession. I need my hair or I’m nothing. I repeat – NOTHING.”




This boy is way more in touch with his feminine side then I was aware.




“Tell me or your hair gets it!”




Albus looked around frantically as if his life depended on it. He sent Scorpius a quick glance where Scorpius shook his head violently for him not to tell me. Tosser. I yanked on Al’s hair a little more and he finally gave in.




“Fine!” He cried, “Fine! We were staring at your arse! I’m sorry – don’t hurt my hair!”




Are you kidding me? Albus just had me beat him up because he didn’t want to admit that he and Scorpius were staring at my bum.




My bum.




All of this for a stupid bum. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty flattered. I wasn’t aware my bum was that smashing. I’ll have to keep that in remind for future references.




“Oh, okay.”




I dropped myself from his back and dusted off my sweater. Albus rubbed his head thoughtfully before looking at me carefully. Scorpius was still guarding the door. Maybe Scorpius is the druggie and not Albus. I could totally see that.




“Okay? You’re not mad or anything?”




“Nope,” I popped the ‘p’ and took my original seat on Scorpius’s bed. “I don’t know if you are aware of this but I have other guy friends so I’m used to your guy things or whatever you call it.”




“Oh,” Both boys said at the same time, seeming surprised.




I don’t know what they expected me to do. It wasn’t like I was going to yell at them. It’s not their fault my bum if fabulous and a lovely thing to stare at me.




I was just born that way I guess. Cue imaginary me flipping my hair and smirking. Instead, in real life, I gave both boys a cheesy smile and nearly fell of Scorpius’s bed because I leaned forward too much.




Why is my life such a mess?






“It’s been a joy spending my evening with you lads but I think it’s time I hit the hay and return back to the Ravenclaw dorm,” I murmured as I let out a small yawn.




It was nine o’clock and it was getting close to curfew which was at ten thirty, however, technically we were supposed to be back in our dorms at ten if we weren’t prefects. I wasn’t a prefect – in case you were wondering.




I had spent the rest of my day with Scorpius and Albus, goofing off and talking. We played a game of exploding snap and we harassed one of their sleeping dormmates until he got angry and left to go take a nap in the common room.




I was currently sitting criss-crossed on Albus’s bed with an over-sized Puddlemere United sweatshirt on. I had snagged it from Albus after Scorpius decided to charm the room to death freezing temperatures even though it’s the middle of winter.




“Don’t go,” Scorpius whined from his spot on the floor, nudging my knee with his foot. He wasn’t wearing any shoes or socks so I recoiled from the touch. Feet are already gross and teenage boy’s feet are no exception.




“Scorpius, I kind of have to go back. I need to go to sleep, y’know, I have classes tomorrow.” I offered him a lazy smile as I hugged one of Albus’s pillows to my chest. Speaking of Albus, he was seated on his bed with me but instead of next to me he was partially behind me using the headrest to balance his back on.



“No you don’t have to,” He emphasized the word before throwing up a snitch ball into the air and catching it. It must have been some toy he had because he seemed to like playing with it a lot. “You can just crash here for the night. I’m sure my boy Albus wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with you.”


Scorpius snickered at his comment and I was tempted to throw my shoe at his face but I restrained. I hid in my curtain of hair so they couldn’t see the soft color that formed on my cheeks. I was – for a lack of better words – inexperienced and practically prude.


Okay I wasn’t really prude I just never had options. Sharing a bed with a boy was for sure not something I usually did.


“Yeah, stay,” Albus jumped in to the conversation, pulling on the fabric of my (his) sweatshirt so I fell backwards again his chest. “I promise I’ll be a nice cuddle buddie.”


“Hands above the waist, of course.” Scorpius added with a coy smile. “Unless you’re into that stuff.”


I didn’t refrain myself this time and I threw my shoe at his face. He growled something about me being dangerous and after I collected my shoe from the other side of the room I wiggled out of Albus’s grasp and stood up.


“Despite how appealing that offer is, I have to reject it.” I shrugged as I dusted off my skirt which was hidden under the big sweatshirt. “Amelia and Leslie will probably think you guys tried to kidnap me again and would release a rapid war on everyone.”


“It was worth a try,” Scorpius shrugged with a coy smile.


I gave both boys a hug goodbye and made my way to their door, jumping over discarded clothes and have eaten pizza on the floor. Their room was just bloody disgusting.


“Here, wait,” I turned around to see Albus pulling on shoes and stuffing his wand in his back pocket. “I’ll walk you to your common room.”


“You don’t have to. It’s a long walk,”


“Exactly,” He shrugged as if it was nothing, throwing on his cloak and pulling the door open for the two of us, “Besides, a walk around the dungeons at night isn’t the best idea. Scorp and I may be decent guys but there is a lot of not so decent people out there.”


I wanted to hurtle Albus with hugs. He was too sweet. He was going to walk back to my common room just to make sure I was safe. This is why I love this guy.


Scorpius said his last goodbyes and I didn’t bother fighting Albus about the fact that he was walking me back to my common room because I really didn’t even want to go alone. We talked about random crap but the main topic was about the party coming up within the next week.


James and Freddy were notorious for throwing these crazy Halloween parties before break. Anyone was invited but I never actually went. James told me if I didn’t come this year it would be a severe kick to his ego and apparently very rude so I’m dragging Leslie and Amelia with.


I also made it my liberty to invite the rest of my Ravenclaw quidditch team, even Jenna. Blech.


“Do you know what you’re going as?” I asked him once we neared my tower, walking up the immense amount of steps.


He smirked at the question and nodded briefly, “I have a good idea about it but it’s a secret.”


“Bugger – I hate secrets.”


He laughed lightly at my comment and shook his head, making his hair flop. “Do you and the girls know what you’re going as?”


I snorted, “Uh, obviously not since James just forced me into going yesterday. Well figure it out.”


“I’m sure you will,” He murmured casually as we came in front of the portrait. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Bri, sleep tight.”


I went up on my tippy toes to give Al another goodnight hug and he surprised me by placing a quick yet chaste kiss on my cheek. He saluted me before jogging off into the dark corridor to make it back to his dorm room before curfew.


Everything was surprisingly good or at least for now. 

A/N: And BOOM! I'm back again guys! :) I hope you guys are satisfied with this chapter because you better. I really tried to give you guys what you wanted in this chapter because it is A) very long (6,000+ WORDS) and B) BRIBUS. 

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The next chapter will be, also, very long and the Halloween chapter. Get excited because it is Bribus time again - along with other couples. After the Halloween chapter there will be one misc. chapter and then the following chapters will be for the winter break. Or at least I think it will be - i'm not positive. 

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