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Wrecked. by MarieBlack
Chapter 4 : Pathetic.
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I'm trying to update more and hopefully this chapter will be less fliler-y. Please please please review lovely people who decide to read this, because well you rock and I want to rock more.

Imagine the inside of a club if you will, now imagine that everyone is overly drunk and dancing obscenely and the music is incredibly louder than need be. That is pretty much the experience of every Room of Requirements party the Sixth years throw.

Sometime after everyone discovered the Room of Requirement and it's access to all students it was mutually decided that the Sixth years would throw all multi-house parties as they were the oldest class who didn't have to worry about O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s.

So what does one wear to these parties?

Most of the girls in this room tonight went for spandex-and-easy-to-clean, whilst I choose the loosest dress that Rose has from her "fat days", black tights, and ankleboots. I definitely wasn't looking for any attention tonight.

I watched the curious red liquid in my plastic cup curiously, wizarding alcohol was always interesting because of it's enhancements like this kind seemed to have little expolsions bursting in the liquid. It really was beautiful.

I'm admiring alcohol right now.

I, Olive Wood, am admiring alcohol right now.

What in the hell was wrong with me.

I scowled into my drink before taking a nice swig and letting the alcohol pleasantly exlode down my throat. It really was soothing. And the great thing is, with my massive depression my alcohol tolerance was superb. Yay.

I searched the crowd for the only reason I was here, Albus, but once we came into the doors he had slipped off to a group of friends from Qudditch. Those blokes spent way too much time together.

I decided to people watch instead. Rose was risquely pressed against Scorpius, her red hair, now perfectly curled thanks to my superb wand handling thank you, tipping back in laughter as he whispered into her ear. Gits. Annalise was practically humping Chance Longbottom who wasn't drunk yet and could therefore enjoy her perfect yoga butt. Gits. Then of course there was pretty Veronica dancing to what in her mind would be slutty with Lennox Chambers, the Chaser who took my position this year (and let's face it slutty to Veronica was letting him put his hands on her hips and dancing closely- Still.) Gits.

The horrible thing about Seventh Year is that nearly everyone who matters is practially paired off at the beginning of the year so there's no one to just have a drunken moment with. Someone you don't look in the eye for two weeks until you silently agree that it never happened. Now, you may be saying, "Wow, Olive you are a slut." But well, if I was a guy half this school would be congratulating me for that and half the girls would be lining up to volunteer. So keep your bloody opinion to yourself.

I knocked back the rest of my drink, and tried to spot someone, anyone to save me from this misery. Just then Damian Patil decided to join me by the bar. He was apparently the child of a one night stand as he had taken his mother's last name, but there was no shame in that.

"So, Olive, fancy seeing you here," He said in his baratone voice and his smile seemed almost bright against deeply natural tanned skin.

"Well, a girl has to come out of her dorm room sometime, Patil," I sighed, setting my empty cup at the bar.

"Can I get you another drink?" Yup. He wants to get me drunk and snog me senseless.

"Sure." Who says I didn't want to get drunk and have a good snog. What else do I have to loose? My dignity. As if.

He poured me another drink, though he chose Firewhiskey which was sure to knock any lightweight on their bum. With a smirk and a wink at Damian I tipped the glass back and let the drink sear my throat, before setting the glass back down.

"Oh, c'mon Patil, after being on the Gryfindor Quidditch team for five years my ability to shoot back anything is better than the average girl," I mused, playfully pushing his shoulder.

He raised an eyebrow and poured me some more, a smirk of his own etching onto his lips.

"Well, bottoms up, Wood," He said raising his glass to my own and tapping it.

We chatted idly about classes while he continued to pour my drinks and his own. I could tell by his slight slurring that this Sixth year was reaching his limit, and therefore it was time to pretend I was getting smashed too. I giggled a whole lot more and touched his chest, letting my hand linger longer than what would be considered friendship.

Damian was steadily moving closer to me and the music was thumping louder than before, some raging muggle dubstep, and in order to utter his next sentence he had to lean in to whisper in my ear.

"So, Olive, whatdya say about the two of us finding a place to get a little friendly?" He slurred slightly, his voice a deep purr. I snaked my arm up his torso to curl around his neck and put my lips by his ear.

Good. I very well couldn't make out with him in front of everyone. I don't want to be hated by the Potter-Weasleys.

"Third floor, second classroom on the right," I whispered back and what was my best seductive purr.

We left the party seperately, even though I was sure everyone was too smashed to even recollect me being there. He made it there before I did and as soon as I had slid through the door there he was pressing me against the wall and sticking his tongue down my through. Yuck.

But with some careful manuvering of my own it became a less terrifyingly gross snog and just a more messy one. His hands went from tangling in my long waves to pressing my back into the wall. I jerked him closer to my body and clenched my fists on his shirt. Man, Patil can kiss once you get past the whole tongue down your throat at the beginning.

At this point you may wonder why I am doing this. Why am I currently letting Damian Patil who is absolutely tipsy snog me sensless in this abandoned classroom where I am more than a little full of alcohol myself. Do I not care about James's memory? What happened to being so upset about it? Do I even bother to think of how this will look to his family? Do I have any respect for myself?

The answer to the last one is no.

But honestly I just want to feel something again, anything again.

That's why I'm letting Damian Patil kiss me and that's why I started drinking heavily and that's why I haven't killed myself yet. Because I want to feel.

Damain's hands seem to be everywhere all at once, either pressing me against this wall or searching my body like it's some puzzle or something. His left hand has me pinned at my ribcage to the wall and I have pulled him close enough to my body that I can feel his strong heartbeat. And soon his right hand has snaked under my dress and is inching past my stomach- but fret not because Merlin is one twisted psycho.

The door that I am currently planted to a wall next to swings open and an illuminated wand finds our faces. Damian and I break apart, my lungs enjoying the rush of air and I shove his hand out from under my dress.

Wow. Merlin is taking this my-life-is-a-joke-now thing to far.

"Ollie?" came the familar voice of none other than Albus Severus Potter.

Oh, yes this did just get about eighty times worse, dear readers.

"Man, do you not realize that we're in the middle of something?" Damian said slightly slurred, his left arm still placed on my ribcage and holding me against the wall.

Such a smart Ravenclaw that one.

Al glanced at him, then his hand placement and then back to his face, he lowered his wand to which Damian scoffed but what he didn't realize is that Al did so in order to pull back his arm and take a swing. To which landed right at Damian's jaw. Well, then.

Damian crumpled to the floor and held his face, groaning. I snorted before Al approached me and threw me over his shoulders, and since when did this boy have the muscles to do that.

"Oi, Albus Potter, put me do-," I began in a rage.

"Unless you want meto inform the whole school that you're a raging slag  I suggest you keep your mouth shut, Wood," He snapped.

Oh, he pulled the last name card. Allycat is not happy. Not at all.



Al brought me back to the Gryffindor tower and since he couldn't deposit me in my own bed, those pesky stairs, he trudged up to this own dormitory and right into the bathroom. He dispensed my body in the shower and flicked a handle, and a torrent of icy cold water rushed over my body and I squealed and thrashed some.

"Come out when you've sobered up," He said carefully, turning his heel and shutting the shower curtain.

I sighed and rested my face on the cool tiled wall, and let the tears start falling. Man, I sure was the biggest idiot. And James. He deserved so much better than me. And how do I repay him and his memory? Getting cozy with Damian Patil.

I'm so pathetic.

Why can't I be like everyone else and accept that James is gone? Why can't I just move on and feel again? Why did this happen to me?

After some more ashamed moments in the shower, I kicked off my shoes and turned off the water and emerged into the bathroom.

Al had set a t-shirt and pair of sweatpants out for me. Even when I was a bloody insane idiot, he was still perfectly, well, perfect.

I stripped out of Rose's borrowed clothing and with a flick from my wand which I had thankfully stowed in a dress pocket dried my undergarments before slipping into Al's clothes.

Fresh pine needles. That's what Albus Potter smells like.

I tip toed out of the bathroom and peered around until I saw Albus perched on his bed, his frame leaned forward with his elbows resting on his knees and his head down.

"Just tell me Ollie, why in the blazing hell were you snogging Damian Patil?" He said softly and short.

Al wasn't a loud angry person, he just got alarmingly quiet.

"I....I don't know," I said lamely, lowering my head.

"You can't just do that, Ollie. Do you have any idea what this school would say about you if anyone else caught you and spread it around? Do you have any idea how this world would percieve you after that?" He ranted, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

"Well, yes I have, Albus. That's why I picked a bloody abandoned classroom. How in Merlin's name did you even find us?" I snapped back, feeling the judgement in his words.

I wasn't about to be judged by Albus Potter, he had no right.

Albus visibly flexed in anger, a slow breathing coming from his gritted teeth.

"I had to do my rouncds, Wood. Just because there's a rager going on in the Room of Requirements doesn't mean I can skip out on my responsibilities. Just. Go to bed." He barked moving aside for me to take his bed.

Now, I could easily have gone to my dorm, but do I want to explain how I got a male's clothes to everyone who is trapsing in from the party right now, not to mention ignore an order from Al when he's in this mood.

I climbed into his bed, and nestled under his covers. I was overwhelmed by how much they smelled like Al, and for some reason it made my brain go a little fuzzy. A little soft.

"I guess I was just trying to feel," I said softly, my back to Al who was spread out on a palet on the floor.

"Just get some sleep, Wood," Al said into the darkness, rolling over.

You really did it tonight, Olive. Not only did you prove yourself pathetic to you, but also to Al. The one person who never saw you that way. I'm beginning to run out of things to live for, huh.

Sometime between me actually sleeping and being awake one of Al's room mates stumbled in.

"Mate, what's Olive doin' in 'ere anyway?" He slurred not so quietly.

"She just had a lot to drink tonight, man. Couldn't leave her to fall victim to some perv," He retorted softly, slightly annoyed.

I'm increasingly pathetic.

I suddenly had an idea for this to take a little bit of a darker turn here lately. I know it's a little out there and admittedly scandalous. But it will all make sense in time, lovely people. Please review. pretty please. With sugar on top.

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Wrecked.: Pathetic.


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