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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten
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A/N Sensitive topic ahead and strong language.

For those of you who have read up until chapter nine, I would suggest re-reading them as I've changed things. The plot is still the same but I've edited the first ten chapters.

Also thank you to all of you who read, review and favourite especially Silverstone Nata as she got me back into writing this!!

I was having a nice dream when mum woke me up and said something about it being nine o'clock. I rolled over and slept for another hour until she came back and pulled my quilt and blankets off me, letting the cold air get to me. I was getting a sudden moment of deja vú as I opened my eyes, blinking at the sudden light in my room.

"Come on, get up and dressed now. I want you in the kitchen in fifteen minutes!" She said loudly.

She didn't speak to me for three days and now she is acting motherly again. My mother has issues, I swear. I sighed and made my way to my en-suite to have a shower as she left my room.  When I came out, I threw on a pair of leggings and a long grey top and grabbed my socks and made my way down stairs.

I entered the kitchen to find mum arguing with dad; he left quickly with a hurried, "Goodbye".

I called a goodbye to him but he probably didn't hear me as I heard the front door slam shut. I sat at the table and put my socks on while mum asked, "Do want breakfast darling?"

Why is she being so nice to me all of a sudden? Yesterday she hated me.

"Toast please, just butter." I replied because I wasn't going to say no to food.

Mum set about making it for me while I read one of the magazines that had been lying on the table; she put the toast in front of me as well as a glass of orange juice, "Enjoy."

Seriously why is she being so nice, it's really odd and is starting to creep me out.

Mum came back into the room, "Right," She announced, "How do you fancy a trip into London to do a spot of shopping in the sales?"

Now she was definitely worrying me, she only ever takes Lucy on what she calls 'fun days out'.

I nodded because a lot of my clothes were getting far too tight as well as small what with my ever growing bump. Amber told me that I should only extend them once with the spell because otherwise they won't go back to their original state which is why I really need some maternity clothes. "Is Lucy coming with us?" I asked as I finished my second piece of toast.

"No she has plans," Mum answered, although she didn't sound too sure about her answer, "Get yourself ready and we'll get going. The taxi will be here soon."

I drained my glass of juice and went upstairs to get myself ready. I wrapped myself in my cardigan, coat, scarf and gloves and put on my ugg's and grabbed my bag before going down stairs. Mum was waiting by the front door with a smile playing on her lips.

"Ready?" She asked as she looked me up and down, I nodded and left the house to get into the taxi. Mum joined me a moment later and then we set off.

It took about an hour to get to where ever we were going, the taxi stopped in a street that had those old looking Georgian three story houses on each side and we got out. It didn’t look like a place to shop and it certainly wasn't very busy. "Mum why are we here? I see no shops." I asked as I was really confused.

"Hang on a minute dear," Mum turned her back on me to talk to the cab driver, "Here you go, thank you very much," The taxi pulled off and she turned back to me, "Come on."

She took my hand and led me down the street, we stopped outside one of the houses, which was painted white. She guided me up the steps and walked right on in, it smelt like a dentist's office and I could see leaflets on the reception desk.

I started to put two and two together and then I saw the calendar on the wall. Today was the twenty-seventh of December, fuck. She had booked me an appointment for today, how could I have forgotten. I was so pissed at her for making it two days after Christmas as well as that I didn't want it.

The receptionist who was blonde and looked middle aged smiled sweetly at us, "Can I help you?"

"Appointment for Molly Weasley." Mum told her in a low voice.

The lady checked her notes and then nodded, "If you want to take a seat in the waiting room, the doctor will call you in and talk you through the procedure beforehand." She looked at me before pointing to the door opposite.

I tried to move my arm, but mum had a strong grip around my wrist. She looked me in the eye and hissed, "Stay right where you are."

The receptionist eyed us and then my bump, the phone then rang so she had to answered it and put on a high pitched voice.

Mum opened the door and pushed me into the waiting room. It was painted white with black chairs and a few sofas' there was also a huge fireplace in the middle of the one wall. It looked ever so modern and there were also two huge coffee tables with magazines on, who would want to read gossip magazines in here, I thought.

There were leaflets in stands all around and mum poked me in the back pushing me in further into the room. She steered me towards the corner and sat down. I didn't move, I just stood there looking blank.

"Will you sit down." Mum hissed at me and pulled my arm forcing me to sit down. I looked up to see the other people in the room looking at us. Mum smiled at them and then looked away.

There were two women who looked in their early forties, a lady who looked in her thirties was sat alone close to us and a couple who looked around my mother's age were sat opposite the fireplace talking quietly.

The place was creeping me out as it was so silent and eerie. I spent the next few minutes trying to plan an escape in my head, when suddenly I felt the urge to pee, something I do a lot more often now. I jumped up and mum looked at me as did the other people.

"Are you okay Mol?" She asked, pretending to look concerned.

Of course I was not bloody okay. She was trying to pressure me into having an abortion that I did not want. "I need the toilet." I stated quite loudly.

Mum gave me a look that said 'If you do a runner you are dead'. I simply nodded and slowly left the room, leaving the door open a little so that mum would hopefully be able to hear me asking the receptionist.

She looked up from whatever she was typing on her computer, I smiled the best I could without breaking down in tears and asked, "Could you tell me where the toilets are please? "

She smiled back and pointed. "Just down the corridor turn right."

"Thank you." I replied as my voice cracked a little.

I made my way down the corridor and turned right just as she had told me and saw it was a dead end with three doors going off it. One said 'staff only', another had a picture with a stick figure of a man on it and then there was one with a stick figure of a woman on it. I pushed the women's door open and entered.

This was probably one of the cleanest toilets I had ever been in, everything looked so new, sparkly and bright. I could hear someone sobbing so I walked carefully down the cubicles to the very end one which was where the noise was coming from.

"Are you okay in there?" I asked, pushing the door gently to reveal a young girl who looked around Lucy's age curled up on the toilet lid, tears streaming down her face.

I went over and she moved a little so that I could see the rest of her face. I blinked because I swear I realised that face as I’ve seen it before at Hogwarts. It took me a minute to realise and then I whispered, "Tabitha?"

She looked at me blinking rapidly. "Molly what are you doing here?" She gasped.

"I well - I'm not really sure, my mum tricked me and is dropping hints that this is the best option when she knows I want to keep her," I muttered as I pointed to my bump that was hidden behind my layers, "I'm actually surprised that I'm still here to be quite honest. You?"

She smiled a little, "I only found out two weeks ago, I told my step-mum straight away and now I'm here. I'm not sure how far I am, maybe a few weeks. I just don't know what to do, I'm scared shitless. I'm only sixteen how am I going to do this."

"Tab, I know it's scary. My mum hates me and I'm not keeping her just to spite my mother. I love her already and she's not even here yet. I've seen her twice at my scans and I've felt her kick which is the most amazing thing in the world. I'm not with her dad and I don't care, I know I can do this. I can't wait for her to be in my arms and to watch her grow up. I've been scared since the minute I found out and I still am but I know I'll get through this."

"Really?" Tab asked as she sat up a little straighter.

I smiled, "Yes really, but do know why I'm putting up with my stupid mother and no baby daddy? It's because she's something worth fighting for, and when she's here she will know that she is loved as much as any child who has their father around. I will never stop loving her as she is eternally mine." I told her and then wiped away a tear that was running down my cheek.

I grabbed some tissue from the holder and handed it to Tabitha and she blew her nose. "Thanks Molly." She hugged me, "Can you not tell Lucy about this please, I haven't told her as she's been worried about you and then what with Ella-Dora telling the whole school about you. I didn't really want it to be known just yet."

I nodded and my hair fell into my eyes, I brushed it back and whispered, "I promise." As I knew the feeling about wanting to keep things private. "Right," I said standing up, "I came in here to pee." Tab smiled again as I left her cubicle and went into another one. Once I had finished and came out, Tab was out and sorting her eyes and face out in the mirror as there were big mascara smudges.

"Thank you Molly and I really mean it." Tab gave me another hug and then left the toilets.

I smiled as I washed my hands before leaving, walking back down the corridor. I had thought about it whilst I was in the toilets and I was going to make my escape plan, Making sure that the door was closed I snuck past it. I managed to get past the receptionist desk without her seeing me as she was too engrossed in the magazine she was reading.

As soon as I was outside I breathed in the fresh air, and made my way down the steps carefully before breaking into a run, well I was walking as fast as I could. Once I was safely out of sight of that place, I made my way down the next street before I found some shops. They weren't that big, just a few small boutique's, and some cafe's.

I entered the cafe called Mocha's and made my way over to the counter where a young girl no older than myself was serving an old couple. Once they had their drinks she served me, "Hi there," She smiled, "What would you like to order?"

"Do you have a phone book or a number for a taxi firm please?" I asked, hoping that I didn't sound rude.

She spotted my bump even though it was well covered through my layers and smiled, "Of course," She bent under the counter and I could hear her muttering, "Where did I put them." She then stood upright and passed me a small business card, on it said Colin's cab's'. "Give him a ring and one should be here within minutes. He's very reliable."

I smiled at her, "Thanks, can I order a small lemonade please." She nodded and told me to take a seat. I made my way to a table near the till, luckily for me it was hidden behind the counter so if my mother did eventually realise I was gone and happened to walk past here she wouldn't see me. I pulled out my wiz-phone and rang the number on the card. A rather jolly man answered, and I told him where I was after the waitress slipped me a piece of paper with the address on and my name. He assured me he would be here within five to ten minutes.

The waitress came back over with my lemonade and I spotted her name badge which said 'Suzy' "That's one pound fifty, please."

I felt around in my pocket and handed her a two pound coin, "Keep the change."

"Are you sure?" Suzy asked.

I nodded as I drank my drink, glad for the coldness of it. I headed to the toilets as once again I needed to go and when I came back Suzy told me that my taxi was outside. I thanked her for her help and left. I got in the cab and told him my home address, praying that mum wouldn't notice my absence for a little bit longer.

I sat back and relaxed, putting my wiz-phone on silent and stuffing it in my bag, so even if she did contact me I wouldn't know. I shut my eyes and reflected on what I had said to Tabitha, all of was the truth and I hadn't realised before until then when I and said it out loud. I loved my little alien with all of my heart, despite the fact she wasn't even born yet.

I felt her kick me and I smiled to myself, it's mad to love something that you've never met before but I knew that she was my life now. Nothing matter but her and I all I wanted to do was keep her safe. I knew I wanted to be the loving mother that I had never had and I knew I wanted her to grow up knowing that she was wanted and that she is loved.

It took roughly the same time as it had to get to that awful place, I had never been so glad to see my house in all my life. I muttered, "Thank you." as I paid him.

He replied with a jolly "Just doing my job miss."

I watched him pull off as I walked up the drive, as soon as I was halfway up it the front door was yanked opened and Lucy shot out looking a right mess. She ran over and hugged me like she had never seen before. "Hey Luce what's that for?"

Lucy pulled away and looked me up and down, "Mum phoned nearly an hour ago, saying that you had disappeared when you were shopping and she couldn’t get you on your wiz-phone." I laughed. "What’s funny?" Lucy asked me looking thoroughly confused.

"Luce we didn't go shopping, the bitch took me to an abortion clinic and pulled me inside with her."

Lucy gasped, her eyes growing wide, "You didn't do..." She trailed off.

"Merlin no. I didn't want that and I never did, it was all her. Don't worry Luce, your little niece is still safe and well inside of me. She keeps kicking and summersaulting to remind me."

"Since when," Lucy asked with a sad look on her face as she pulled me into the house and made me go into the living room.

"Christmas morning, and anyway I said I was going to the toilet, which I did and then I snuck out and ran until I found a cafe. I asked about a taxi and the waitress, Suzy helped me and so I got one back here." I explained.

Lucy hugged me once again and I noticed her pyjamas, "You haven't been out today have you?" It wasn't a question it was a statement and it became obvious the moment I said it out loud.

She shook her head which made her bed head even messier, "I woke up about twelve, and I found a note saying you and mum had gone shopping to 'bond'." She told using her hands to make speech marks around 'bond'.

Great so no only had she lied to me she had lied to Lucy as well, once we were inside Lucy went upstairs to get dressed whilst I settled on the sofa to watch some Christmas movie that was on. Nearly an hour later mum came home. The reason I knew she was home was that the front door slammed shut, which made a 'thack' as it came in contact with its frame.


I stood up and Lucy was looking at me with a worried look on her face, "In here." I yelled.

Mum came in looking fuming, "Lucy go to your room, now!" She snarled. Lucy reluctantly left after shooting me a look and I nodded. Once Lucy had shut the door mum rounded on me. "Why on earth did you leave? We were going to get this problem sorted once and for all." She yelled pointing a finger at my bump which was clearly visible now.

That pissed off a hell of a lot. I knew she was going to explode, I could see it in her eyes, and since I told her I was pregnant, I knew it was only a matter of time.

"Mum I NEVER said I wanted a fucking abortion, it was YOU who suggested it. I told you I didn't want it and yet you still went ahead and ignored me and booked the fucking appointment. You could have saved yourself a hell of a lot of money if you and listened to me." I paused for a breath and before mum could say anything I continued.

"But no, you never listen to me; all you care about is yourself and your reputation. You don't care about me, your grandchild, Lucy or even dad. You know sometimes I think they're right in saying you married him for his money. Not once have you asked me how I am or how the baby is, you've never even asked if I know the gender or even felt them kicking."

Mum opened her mouth and I swear she said something but I didn't hear it as I was too busy trying to hold back the tears, "It’s a girl, for your information, a baby girl. Your granddaughter, your own flesh and blood and you wanted me to kill her. I don't give a tiny rat’s ass about your reputation. This is my life so why don't you stop trying to interfere and get on with your own sad and boring life." I stood up and headed for the kitchen so I could get a glass of water. It wasn't until I picked the glass up did I realise I was shaking.

Mum started yelling something at me from the living room, I couldn’t hear what it was and once I finished my water I put the glass in the sink and went back in finding her sat in the chair.

"You can say that you love us both the same but I know you don't, I know Lucy has always been your favourite because she's such a goody two shoes whereas me, well I'm the one troublemaker aren't I. Do us all a favour and stop lying about it. And while I'm on the subject of lying, everyone in the family knows you have some sort of problem with babies. I know that dad only knows part of it and I know you had the baby blues when you had me and Lucy but they told me you've been like it since Tori was born and I want to know why?"

Mum glared at me, "WHY? Why should I tell you? It's none of your business, you wouldn't understand." Mum declared.

Why does she have to act so uptight, I'm her fucking daughter of course it’s my business.

"Mum, it's my fucking business because I am your fucking daughter and whatever it is made you decide that you would kill your unborn granddaughter, so it CLEARLY IS MY FUCKING BUSINESS." I retorted, as the vein in her head started throbbing. Clearly I had hit a nerve.

"RIGHT," She screeched, "If you really want to know, I had big plans and then I got pregnant at sixteen. I was with the father but he left, it was a drunken mistake just like yours is," Mum spat, "He didn't want her and neither did I, I went to get an abortion only to be told I was too far along. I was forced to have the baby, a baby that I never wanted."

I was gob smacked, mum had had a baby at sixteen and yet she's been lecturing me.

"I never finished my last year of school because of it and I never got the grades I needed. I gave it up for adoption and it was the best thing I did. Do you know how hard I had to work to get my GCSE's, I missed nearly all of my exams because I got pregnant so I had to re-take them when I was in college. It ruined my life getting pregnant at sixteen which is why I don't want you to keep it. I want the best for you Molly and becoming a mother at seventeen is not it. You'll understand one day when you're ready to be a mother."

Mum started crying but I didn't care, her hair was a mess and her eyes were red. All I could think about was the fact that I have a half-sibling out there somewhere, an older sister, and maybe even nieces or nephews.

"Well I'm ready to be a mum, this is happening and this is real. Nothing is going to change that. I may be scared shitless but I am going to be a mother and certainly a better one that you ever were. Just because it ruined your life doesn't mean that it’s ruined mine. I am not you and I never want to be." I yelled as my voice started to crack.

Mum stood up abruptly, "That's it!" She cried, "I've had enough of you, you ungrateful little brat. Get out, get out and don't come back. I never want to see you again. You have until February to move all your stuff out otherwise I'll sell it."

I span around heading towards the door, with my hands covering my bump protectively, "Gladly, that kid is lucky it hasn't got you for a mother, I expect that theirs is loving and kind. What sort of mother throws out their seventeen year old pregnant daughter, what will the neighbours think? Oh boo hoo, you want to start thinking about your children and not yourself."

My tears were falling down my cheeks thick and fast and I wrenched open the living room door and slammed it behind me before storming upstairs. Lucy was sat on the top step, her face was hard to read but I could see she had been crying as well. I bent down and hugged her, "You heard everything?" I whispered.

I felt her no, "You're not going are you Mol, please don't leave."

I didn't say anything and helped her up off the step, I headed to my room and accio'd the holdall from off of the top of my wardrobe. I put an undetectable extension charm on it and then started to grab clothes from my chest of draws and then tipped the entire contents of my underwear and sock drawers into it as well. I stuffed some hoodies on the top as well as several pairs of shoes.

Lucy was sat on my bed crying softly as I went into my en-suite and gathered up my toiletries and put them in a bag before adding them to the holdall. From within the bag that I used this morning I pulled out the taxi firm's business card and rang the number on my wiz-phone. They told me a taxi would be here in twenty minutes and I thanked them before packing more of my stuff.

I took everything out of my wardrobe and flung it all into my school trunk which also had an undetectable extension charm on it, as well as all my Hogwarts books and school equipment. I shut the lid and locked it with my wand and left it at the end of my bed. From within my bedside table I picked up the charger for my wiz-phone and my purse and put them into my blue and white striped bag.

I reached under my bed which was hard to do what with my bump and collected my secret stash of wizard and muggle money and put it in the bag along with the book I had for Christmas off Lucy.

Once I was done packing I hugged Lucy, she rested her head on my shoulder and I murmured, "Everything will be ok Luce, love you sis."

"Please stay Mol." She pleaded but I shook my head as I heard the familiar sound of tyres on the gravel outside, I went and looked out of mum and dad's bedroom window and saw the taxi.

I went back to my room and spotted Specky's cage and I realised I had almost forgotten her, "Listen Luce I need you to look after Specky for me. If you need me either text me or send her, she'll know where to find me." I hugged my little sister one more time before putting my blue and white striped bag over my shoulder and picked up my holdall.

I made as much noise as possible as I dragged my holdall down the stairs, I went out and gave the taxi driver my bags and told him I'd be out now. I went back into the house and entered the living room; mum was on the sofa with a wine glass in her hand full to the brim.

"I'm going now." I said as calmly as possible.

She didn't even look at me, "Goodbye." She said bluntly.

"I'll pick up my stuff before half term."

"Fine and I want your house keys as well." She told me as she took a large sip of her wine.

I got my keys out my pocket and took the front and backdoor ones off the key ring and placed them on the side. I left and stood by the front door and whispered to myself "Goodbye home."

I got in the taxi and stated Lauren's address before I phoned her. She answered at once and I was glad.

"Molly what’s wrong?" Laur asked sounding worried.

"She kicked me out." Was all I managed to say before I started crying again.

"That bitch," Lauren whispered and I heard her mother scold her in the background for her language, "Come straight here."

It was much longer in the taxi than walking to get to Lauren's but when it pulled up; Lauren rushed out of the house along with her mum. She pulled me into a great big hug and Sandra payed the taxi man and brought my stuff in whilst Lauren guided me into the house, where I collapsed on the sofa.

"Hey Mol, it’s gonna be okay." Lauren soothed me as she hugged me and stroked my hair.

"I'll get her a blanket and a warm drink." I heard Sandra say.

Moments later Sandra wrapped me up in the blanket and passed me a mug full of steaming hot chocolate, I started to explain what had happened and every now and then I had to stop as there were too many tears.

"Oh Molly sweetheart, you can stay here." Sandra offered.

I nodded, "Thank you, it'll only be for a while."

"Nonsense, you can stay here in half term as well. There's enough room in Laur's room. I won't take no as an answer Mol, I won't have you living on the streets."

"Thank you so much." I mumbled as I leaned over and hugged her. I sat on the sofa curled up in the blanket staring into space and I could hear Laur and her mum talking in the kitchen.

"Take her upstairs, tell her to have a nice long bath and get ready for bed. Your bed is big enough for both of you to sleep in it. I've got a feeling that I should go over to her house and sort her mother out, kicking out her pregnant seventeen year old and telling her she never wants to see her again, who does such a thing?" Sandra said.

"Her mum that’s who." Lauren replied and then came in and sat by me and then suggested we go upstairs as it was getting late.

"Where is everyone?" I whispered as we made our way upstairs.

"All the kids are asleep, Etta and Jack have gone out for a meal and Lana has gone to a party. Go and have a nice hot bath and relax Mol, the stress can’t be good for the baby."

My hands flew down to my bump, my poor baby girl, I hope she’s okay with all the stupid stress that has been put on me, I thought and nodded. I found my holdall and bag on Lauren's bed and I got out my nightwear before going into the bathroom. I must have spent ages in there as when I came back out Laur was already in her pyjamas and was on the phone to someone.

"He needs to stop being so bloody selfish, this isn't about him. He needs to be here, especially now as she needs him more than ever," She was saying. I looked at her funny and she said, "See ya," to whoever she was talking to. "You okay Mol?" Lauren asked as she shuffled over and I got in bed next to her.

"Just tired, it's been a long day."

Laur turned off her bedside light sending the room into darkness, "Night Mol." She whispered.

"Night Laur and thank you."

A/N Tabitha is one of Lucy's best friends and was mentioned previously. She isn't actually pregnant but thinks she is, but it was a false alarm. I wanted to add someone Molly knew who was also at the clinic so Molly would say all these feeling she had out loud and to realise how much she loves her baby already.    

I’ve worked it out and it total, including the epilogue there will be twenty-nine chapters.

Up next - Telling her mum's family, explanations and a New Year.

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