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The Next Chapter by DaniPotterhead
Chapter 4 : A Gift From Fawkes
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So this is the next chapter, it's longer and hopefully all chapter from now on will be much longer. Also sorry about the delay I've been very busy with exams along with the fact I am writing two other stories at the same time as this one. One of them is posted on this site and I would love it if you read it!! I'm still in the process of typing up the other one. All my stories come along as ideas come to me so if anyone can think of anything they want to happen, message me.

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry potter, J.K.Rowling does and I am not her.

Warning: Scenes of mild sexual nature

Chapter 4 - A Gift from Fawkes


Still making his way to Dumbledore's office Harry felt a small feeling, like a tug on his heart and turned around only to hear a shout of his name and then engulfed in a hug from his beautiful Ginny. She pulled back and gave him a chaste kiss. Harry smiled, he could taste strawberries and cream, his favourite flavour lipgloss. The lion in his chest roaring in pleasure at this welcome. Putting her down he looked down at her face which was beaming.

"Harry, I missed you. Where have you been?" she asked.

"Just walking around the castle, taking in the damage. They've already started to repair some parts.." Ginny could hear the regret in his voice and placed a finger on his lips quieting him. She knew that he still blamed himself and knew that he needed to realise for himself that it was not his fault, he needed to realise this before the healing process was completed.

"Harry it was not your fault, it never was and never will be." She smiled up at him. "You know this is becoming an occurance,we meet, kiss and then I tell you your not to blame. You know you should agree with me, after all I am a weasley." Harry smiled at her, pulled her forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"You know I could never resist your Weasley charm. I was heading to the Heads office, do you want to come?" he asked gently. Ginny looked at him, eyes sparkling with the joy that he wanted to include her. She nodded and Harry grabbed her hand.




Holding hands they continued to make their way up to Dumbledore's office. Harry knew that Dumbledore had been dead for a year now but he would always think of it as his office. The time he had spent up there with the old man over the years brought back fond memories and some embarrassing ones. Without realising it they had arrived at the stone gargoyle which hid the stairs to the heads office. Harry started, he didn't actually know the password, with Dumbledore he used to just guess any of his favourite sweets but with McGonagall it could be anything. In the end he decided to just ask.

"Excuse me..." Harry started. With these words the stone Gargoyle jumped to life, saluted before saying;

"Mr Potter, you are free to go up." At this the Gargoyle jumped aside and the revolving staircase revealed. Ginny looked at Harry questioningly about the behaviour of the guardian, he gave her look that told her he would tell her later. Reaching the door Harry hesitantly went to knock on the door. He hadn't been called here, it had been a feeling, a small whisper in his ear turning into an irritating itch. After connecting with the castle's sentient part, Harry had become more aware of his surroundings. He had known that Ginny was looking for him, just as he knew the Mcgonagall was in the office they were standing outside talking to Kingsley. He didn't know how he knew this, it confused him, just another question to be added to his list to ask. Looking back at Ginny he saw her give him a small smile and knocked on the door. There was movement inside and after a moment the door was opened by Kingsley, who popped his head around the door. After seeing it was Harry and Ginny he broke into a huge grin and opened the door wider so that they could enter. They both broke into grins when they saw Mcgonagall sitting in the heads chair. Still grinning Harry beckoned to Kingsley.

"So you managed to convince her to take the job then?" he said winking at him. Kingsley laughed his deep laugh and shook his head.

"Well, it took a bit of coaxing but after high recommendation from a very highly thought of anonymous student she caved in, so at the next govenors meeting she will be properly named the new head of Hogwarts," he finished.

"It would appear congratulations are in order, Headmistress," said Harry winking at her. Blushing slightly she stood up from her chair and walked around to where they were standing.

"Yes, well 'someone' thought that I was highly qualified for the job," she said raising her eyebrow at Harry in a way he was familiar with. Keeping his gaze firm and with no hint of sarcasm in his voice said;

"Well whoever it was made a correct decision." He smiled at her.

"Now Mr Potter, Miss Weasley, I don't recall calling you here so I presume you have a reason for being here." At these words Harry frowned.

"To be honest professor im not sure," he finished lamely. Mcgonagall stared at him.

"So you came here but you don't know why you came here or the reason?"

"Oh I think that there is a perfectly good reason Minerva," said a highly familiar voice coming from behind them. Smiling Harry turned around to address the speaker. All eyes were drawn to the newest addition of portraits, holding the image of the previous headmaster Albus Dumbledore. He looked like he did in life, long white hair and beard, warm smile and piercing blue eyes, that familiar twinkle that Harry had seen so often was there too. For the moment Harry dissmissed his thoughts as there were more important things to talk about, but that twinkle in his eye, in the portraits eye he corrected, it was different from any normal portrait he had seen.

"Would you care to enlighten us then Albus," said McGonagall. The portrait chuckled at her impatience, a rare small smile flickering on her face. Answering her question Albus said;

"Well i believe that this is something Harry and I need to discuss. I hate to be terribly rude, but would you mind giving us a moment to talk Minerva?" Professor McGonagall rose from her chair and made her way round to where Harry and Ginny stood.

"Albus, to me this will always be your office. I was perfectly happy to stay in my old office but old Flitwick told me that if I didn't get up here, the teachers would all 'gang up' on me, so here I am. I need to escort the Minister to the front gate, all the security measures are back up, although not as strong as before, so I will leave you to it. The office is yours." With a small smile she and Kingsley left the office leaving Harry and Ginny alone with the heads portraits.

Dumbledore smiled down at the pair and his beam considerably brightened when he saw their hnds entwined. Harry seeing where the professor was looking smiled back.

"I see that yourself and Miss Weasley have chosen to rekindle your relationship. Ah, loveit is the best feeling in the world, is it not?" Both Harry and Ginny nodded, Harry taking the chance to kiss her on the cheek. Ginny Blushed. "I'm glad that after everything that's happened love really is the strongest power that we have. Love won the battle. Everyone who cared about family, friends and lovers fought for their freedom, so that they could love unconditionally again, without the fear of the loss of a loved one. You most of all Harry deserve to be loved after the so many dangers you have faced in your short time on this earth. I always hated that you were so young, to go through so many hardships, and I always tried to keep you innocent for just a little bit longer. A hope of an old man, but like all teenagers you never did like secrets, and I've been on the receiving end of your anger quite a few times because of my mistakes." At this Harry looked down feeling slightly embarrassed. He remembered in his fifth year, after Serius had died all to well. He knew he had been distraught but he should never have turned his anger at the professor. He had broken quite a few of Dumbledores possessions that day and still felt guilty about it. "Harry, my dear boy. Possessions are for the living and as it would appear that I am no longer alive , I do not need them. Although I must admit that I always had far too many." Harry looked up and smiled, sometimes he swore the professor could read his mind, even in a portrait. "Now I believe that the reason that you are here is because you felt compelled to come, as if something was calling you here, a siren song you might say." Again Harry nodded, he had yet to speak to the portrait. He had so many questions but he was afraid he wouldn't find his answers. The portrait of Dumbledore continued to speak. "Well I happen to know what called you here. You see after my 'arranged' death last year I sent fawkes back to his home, where I found and befriended him all those long years ago. You see Pheonix Falls is a protected area where pheonixes are hatched and also the living area of many wild pheonixes. Now it seemed that Fawkes had been quite busy whilst there. That is to say he...Ahem... fathered a clutch of eggs. An old law on pheonix ownership states that when a tamed/captured Pheonix breeds with any other, one of the resulting eggs must be presented to the owner to do whatsoever he or she desires. You see pheonix's don't breed very often, and so when they do it's cause for celebration. Now as I am no longer of this world I left Fawkes to decide who his young should be left to and from all appearances he has chosen you."

"Me?" said Harry weakly. "Why would he choose me?"

"Fawkes chose someone who was ever loyal to me, along with bravery, selflessness and other traits which Fawkes himself admires. Pheonixes are very intelligant creatures afterall. When Fawkes arrives he will present you with his child/egg." At this Harry started.

"Ummm Fawkes won't be coming," he said slowly. Dumbledore looked at him questioningly so Harry explained all that had happened yesterday morning. When Harry had finished the eyes of the old man glistened with emotion.

"I could never ask for a better guardian," he said. "What was the spell that you used with Fawkes Harry?"

"I don't know Professor. It was like I knewwhat to do, like it had been pre-planned." Dumbledore nodded.

"You see when you two conjoined power to perform the spell, a bond was forged between you. It's a trust bond which confirms that Fawkes has chosen you to raise his child. If you look over by Fawkes old perch you will see what has been calling you." Harry followed the gaze of the portrait and slowly made his way over. Ginny squeezed his hand for reassurance. The urgent feeling he had grew more intense as he walked towards it. Just below the perch, on a red satin pillow sat a large black egg. Harry hadn't seen many eggs (apart from Norberts) but it was the most beautiful one he thought. It was like one piece of Onyx, perfectly shaped and smoothed. Looking back at Dumbledore, who nodded his head, he smiled nervously and placed his hand on the egg. Nothing happened. Harry blew out the breath he had been holding in. He hadn't known what to expect, after all this was the magical world. Looking to his right he saw Ginny looking at him and he smiled at her. He was glad she was here, he loved her so much. Talking to Dumbledore had been hard for him, and she had given him the strength . His heart swelled with the love he felt for her. As if she had heard what he thought she blushed. All of a sudden a rush of heat raced through his hand from the egg that it was rested on. Without realising it Ginny had placed her hand on top of Harry's. They both gasped as the egg changed colour, from black to the Gryffindor colours of red and gold. Dumbledore leaned forward in his chair smiling. He knew that the birth of a pheonix was a very special occassion, from experience he knew that Harry and Ginny would never forget this moment for the rest of their lives.

Harry and Ginny both found that they couldn't move their hands off the top of the egg but they weren't afraid. They were together, and they both felt very calm and happy. Harry felt like he did when he was flying on his broom, not a worry in the world. Ginny looked at Harry, wether it was from holding his hand or from them being so close Ginny could feel what Harry was feeling too, a picture of him flying on his broom popped into her mind and she smiled at the thought. Trust Harry to think about flying. Before she had even finished the thought flames consumed them both.

Ah ha an evil cliff hanger!


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