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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11: Iseara
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Iseara’s elegant grey legs gripped my forearm as I fed her small pieces of meat. Her long black talons were clean and deadly sharp. Already she had shown her intelligence, seeming to know me the minute I walked up to the tower on Friday. Settling on my shoulder and proceeding to nibble my ear. She was medium-sized, her face was ghost white showing off her huge dark eyes. Thrown more into contrast by the deep orange feathers around her shoulders, speckled with black spots.

She was beautiful.

I stroked her immaculate coat as she cleaned a spotless feather on her wing. Nibbling at my ear, asking for more treats. I pulled a bit more meat out of the bag, she swallowed it in one and looked back at me innocently. I laughed, knowing full well she could hunt with deadly precision.

She was a rare breed. A Madagascan Red Owl. She was also mine. Yes everyone thought I had everything but the things were never truly mine. Yes I loved my brooms but father also bought them for the entire team, taking away the feeling that came with getting something of your own.

I glanced at my watch, I was late for getting to the pitch. Blaise was the keeper and Cyrus was the chaser for our Quidditch team. I needed to support them and back up the Staff twins.

“I need to go Issy.” She hooted softly, took one beat of her wings and soared gracefully up to a shelf three-quarters of the way up the owlery. In between a Barn Owl and a Tawny Owl.  I gave her a longing glance, she was mine, belonged to me. Wanting to stay and talk with her a bit more instead of watching Quidditch. I wasn’t very enthralled by it.

I sighed and walked towards the pitch, seeing the younger years all dressed up in their house colours. I touched my Slytherin scarf, my tribute to my house.

“Oi! Watch it snake!” I got knocked to the side by three burly Hufflepuff fifth years. Two of them laughed and the one who had shoved his elbow in my side. I drew my wand, keeping it up my sleeve, I silently hexed him.

He doubled over, clutching his nose. “I need a tissue! Someone give me a tissue!”

His mates stopped, frowning. “What’s wrong mate?” He dragged his sleeve across his nose but the snot kept coming. I turned my head away as I walked up the stalls. Seeing him running for the castle. I smiled to myself. The snake did watch.

I smirked at my terrible pun and found where my house had huddled on our designated stands. We’d gained a few more in the past weeks. I leant back, watching the brooms whizzing about above me. My eyes were fixed on Pansy.

I don’t trust her, I didn’t know why she came back, but the minute she steps a toe over line I was going to be there and to curse it off.

Blaise did three saves, throwing himself forward almost falling off in the process. I just let the time pass by, thinking off Iseara. Wondering who I was going to send a letter with her to first? It was petty but I wanted her first flight as my owl to be to someone special, someone with meaning who would recognise her rare beauty.

“Ten points to Hufflepuff!” A first year Gryffindor had been given the new job of voice over on Quidditch but I still preferred the previous guy who did it up till two years ago, Quidditch matches had been cancelled last year so everyone threw themselves into it with new found enthusiasm.

A black spiky haired tomato dropped herself down on the bench next to me. The other three houses overfilled their stands. Our house needed three benches.

“Thought the match was against Gryffindor?” Rhianna gasped, she’d run and dragged Birdy behind her all the way up the stands. I smirked.

“It was, till half their players got flu. They are currently quarantined in the hospital wing and Hufflepuff took their place.”

“Ten points to Hufflepuff.” Oh for merlin’s sake!

“We’re getting smashed out there.” It was true, the points were currently five hundred to thirty. The game had only been going for an hour.

“Did you find the info?” I leant closer to her, she copied. As if we were spies meeting in the lions’ den.

Amount of Gryffindor’s opposite us we might as well be.

“Yep. November eighth.” I twisted. Spy act forgotten.

“That’s in six days?” She chuckled. “Are you sure?” Thought I’d get more time!

“You better get moving Romeo.” She’d only agreed to spy for me if I’d told her my intentions. She took it on herself to be my personal assistant. I nodded.

Quickly standing and leaving the stands, almost running until I reached the entrance hall. My stomach was doing back flips with nerves. Unlocking my broom I snuck towards the dark forest making sure to avoid Hagrid’s hut and Grawp’s crater who was throwing his fridge around in a tantrum. Getting on to it I made the long trip towards the Hogwart perimeter fence that I knew so well.

It took at least half-an-hour’s hard flying to reach it.

Landing outside the twelve foot high four foot thick fence, I apparated to Hogsmead and began looking in shop windows. I walked into Honey dukes. Picking up a bag labelled, Surprise Surprise.

“Good surprise I hope.” I glanced around, having realised I’d spoken out loud from my nerves of ditching school to go shopping. If I get caught. I shuddered at the thought. Checking the label It was a mixture of different sweets so I didn’t have to worry if she liked them or not. I paid for them to wrap it in blue paper and quickly walked out. That was easy. A few butterflies fluttered out of my stomach now half the mission was done. I apparated back to the grounds fence and quickly flew back to the entrance hall, getting freaked by Grawp as he stuck his hand out of his crater and began patting the ground looking for his thrown fridge. That was the hard part. Not that hard really, was quite simple.

“Mister Malfoy.” I spun to face Headmistress McGonagall.

“Headmistress? I erm.”


“Did you get what you were after?” Wait, I’m not in trouble?

“Yes Miss, yes I did.” This can’t be happening.

“Are you happy with it?” I nodded. She smiled slightly.

“Next time Mister Malfoy, let me know and I may just help.” I nodded and she walked back towards the still active Quidditch pitch. I let out a heavy breath I didn’t know I’d been holding, turning I quickly walked down to Slytherin common room. Oh what if she didn’t like it? Well it’s the thought that counts. Yeah but it would be embarrassing. I shuddered slightly at the idea, going into my room I sat on the bed and looked at my poor excuse of a ‘please forgive me for what I’ve done to you over the years, happy birthday!’ present. I sighed, pulling out my wand I gentle sketched in silver letters across it.

To Hermione.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday  x

I deliberated, wondering if I should put that it was from me. Otherwise she’ll never know it was from me. She’s a smart girl, let’s see if she figures It out. Take the coward way out then? Shut up. I sighed and laid down on my bed, staring at it. Can’t stay here all day.





“Oh My Merlin I love these pancakes.” How Blaise could say an entire sentence through a mouthful of pancake without spraying it everywhere I still didn’t know. Cyrus leant over, waving his fork at me as he finished his mouthful, his table manners had improved massively from hanging around with Blaise.

“So. Did you succeed in sneaking into the girls dorm last night?” It was just me and Blaise that went, Cyrus had stayed up with his lady friend to do homework. “Did you get it next to the correct bed?” I sighed, Cyrus stuffed another pancake in his mouth. I had nearly put the present on Lavender’s bed. Both her and Hermione had buried themselves under their duvets and looking would just be inappropriate, only figured it out when we heard growling. Turned out being Werewolf made Lavender growl in her sleep instead of snoring. Still pretty scary. I looked over to the Gryffindor table, no one had turned up yet. I scratched the table with my fork, dying of nerves inside. Not even hearing Blaise telling Cyrus and Rhianna every detail about last night. (Although I didn’t let him in the dorm. One of us in there was invading their privacy enough.)

I forced myself back into the conversation. “Finally.” I couldn’t help but grumble, Blaise ate so much but he was still so fit. I couldn’t understand it. I ate minimum to keep my body in a good shape but the only exercise Blaise did was Quidditch. Which last week we’d lost spectacularly to Hufflepuff. When did they even get a decent player? Let alone a whole team. I stood and stretched.

Pounding footsteps on the stone floor made me turn. Someone small threw her warm arms around my waist. I looked at the bushy brown hair that was pushed into a scruffy bun at the back. I still hadn’t realised who it was till I caught a whiff of coconut. “Hermione?” With her arms being round me I never felt happier.

She pulled back a little red in the face, she looked so cute when she blushed. Weaslette was standing not so far behind with a smile on her face. The hall was relatively quiet and the only people around were early rising first years so we were safe from any glares or rumours spreading. I could feel everyone at the table. Cyrus, Blaise, Birdy and Rhianna, staring at our interaction very closely until Cyrus struck up a conversation about who’ll win tomorrows Quidditch match. Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor. They had recovered from their sudden flu at some point during the week. “Thank you for the birthday present Draco, it was really thoughtful.” Wow. That was quick.

“How did you figure it was me?” I scratched my chin. Should really shave soon. She blushed pink and Ginny spoke up behind her.

“I woke up last night, I saw you putting it next to her bed.” I felt my the blood drain from my cheeks, my way of blushing.

“I’m sorry Ginny. I did mean to wake any of you up.” She was already shaking her head.

“I always wake up when Lavender starts growling.” I sighed. “You shouldn’t worry about it. I thought it was sweet.” Cyrus grabbed my shoulders and dragged me back, putting himself between me and the girls, he was grinning manically.

“What did he actually get? He didn’t tell us.” After his comment Cyrus turned and glared at me, I smirked at him. Hermione laughed.

“I’m not going to get involved. Thank you again Draco, see you later.” She waved, carrying her backpack bag over one shoulder and walked out the hall with Ginny. She turned before leaving the hall, flashing her gorgeous smile at me with her cheeks still slightly flushed before leaving the hall. I felt myself slump into Cyrus’s shoulders, the tension l didn't realise was in my body.

Worth. It.

 Cyrus and Blaise were both laughing.

“So was it worth it dude?” I nodded at Blaise whom smiled back at me. “I’m surprised she’s taken a liking to you. You is ugly!” I threw my fork at him.

“I am not ugly!” I lifted my spoon and pretended to check my reflection in it. Am I though? Merlin never thought about that. What do other people think when they look at me? They probably think ex-Death Eater.

Good point.

“You still here Death Eater?” I glanced up from my spoon. It was the same Ravenclaw that came up to me on the first night.

“Huh, no ketchup on you. Did mummy wipe it off for you?” He went red. “Who are you anyway?”

“None of your business Malfoy. You don’t belong here. Only place you and your whore mother belong is in Azkaban with that good for nothing father of yours!” I felt the blood pump behind my ears. My mother is not a whore! I leant forward, barely managing to stop myself from drawing my wand and cursing him then and there.

“Now. You listen to me you little pipsqueak.” I spat the last word at him. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t care who you are. But Albus Dumbledore was probably the greatest wizard who ever lived, and he was good friends and strongly trusted the judgement of Minerva McGonagall. So by saying that, you are not only insulting McGonagall’s judgement you are insulting Dumbledore’s as well. You know nothing of what happened before and during the war you are a child who has no business going around insulting another people when you have no idea what it is that they have done so go back to your table, sit down and eat your breakfast and stop trying to be a big guy because next time you’ll end up in the hospital wing.” The little shit was red in the face but after a second wisely did what he was told. Cyrus leant over to mutter in my ear.

“His parents were killed during the war, they were one of the ones who converted to being Death Eaters because they didn’t trust Potter or anyone to defeat him this time. He’s trying to prove that he backed Potter even though his parents didn’t by attacking you.” I suddenly felt really bad, Cyrus went back to his drink before leaning back over. “I guess he just wants to be forgiven for his parents so they can rest in peace with no shame.” I felt really bad for chewing him out.  Shouldn’t have called my mum a whore. Is probably bitter that my mum is still alive. I took a deep swig of my pumpkin juice.

“Draco.” I looked up at Rhianna. Cyrus and Blaise both had their wands out and were looking at something above my head. I turned slowly, we always sat at the end of the table nearest the door. Weasley was red faced and his fists clenched.

“Outside. Now!” I blinked at him. Sighing I stood.

“Why?” I spotted his fist and ducked out of the way. Causing him to over balance, as his cloak swung around him. “Weasley, just calm down.” He tried to swing again but I stepped back, feeling the stone wall press against my head and back.

“Outside Malfoy. Tell your snakes to back down too, if you had any honour.”

“RON!” Potter came running up to us, flustered as if he’d just been running through the castle. “Ron stop being ridiculous. Just admit you forgot it was her birthday.” I raised an eyebrow. I thought I was rubbish.

“I didn’t forget, I just, haven’t found the right present.” I couldn’t stop the smirk on my face. So that’s what this was about. Weasley felt his relationship with Hermione was being threatened by me. As bad as it was, It made me feel hopeful.

“Weasley listen to me. I’m an ex-death eater who bullied you lot for years. Why don’t you focus on your relationship instead of me?” I stood with my hands raised as if he was holding a gun. After a second he thrusted his hand in his pocket and drew his wand.

“I’ll curse you Malfoy.” Not even bothering to draw my wand, I simply curled my hand around his wand and leant forward.

“Really? Remember what happened when you tried to do that last time.” I smirked as he remembered eating slugs for hours. “Cursing me solves nothing.” Plus you couldn’t if you tried. “So get lost.” I pulled my own wand, pointed it lazily at him. “Expelliarmus.” He was thrown across the table and butt first onto the floor with his wand still in my hand. I turned and handed it to Potter. Who looked torn about what to do. Support his best friend or me. Here was me not wanting anything to do with them. “See you Potter.”

I walked, I just let my feet carry me as my mind ran ahead.

He feels threatened by the fact that I got Hermione a bag of chocolates and he didn’t for her birthday. Something else must be up or their relationship is on the rocks for him to do that.

If he hurts her heart I will kill him.

Like I have a say in what happens. I’m the Deatheater who got let off remember?

Bah. I still would, as stupid as it would be I don’t think I’d be able to hold back from punching that good for nothing. Hermione is good, sweet, warm and loving. She’s smart, so smart. Weasel doesn’t know what he’s letting slip through his fingers. It’s wrong, he should be waking up every day thinking how special he was, not about what’s for breakfast. He should be telling her every day just how special she is. To the world and to him. Not focusing on me. Stupid idiot.

I looked up. My feet had led me to the owlery. I clicked my tongue and Iseara flew down to me, her deep green eyes shone out of her white disk face.

They were the magical cousins of the non-magical and much plainer Madagascan Red. Infamous amongst the Magical Bird world for being very magical indeed, not just for their colours but their intelligence. Some wand makers even used their feathers in wands, they worked but people normally stuck to the three common wand cores.

She walked up my arm and sat on my shoulder, I walked outside and found a comfy looking rock to sit on. I levelled my arm and allowed her to walk to my wrist. She clicked her beak and stuck her leg out, asking for something to do.

I stroked the soft crimson feathers that shimmered down the back of her head, down her neck and along the top of her wings. The mid-night black speckles made the colour even more enticing.

“I’m sorry my dear, I just want your maiden flight with a letter to be to someone special.” She clicked and drew her leg back, understanding in her deep eyes. “How’s about you go hunt something?” I watched her flaming wings spread, they were crimson along the top and the colour slowly lightened down her wings, going from crimson to orange to yellow and then white. One beat and she was gliding, her wings skimming the top of the grass.

I admired her as she rose, twisted, dived, scooping up a small mouse. She twirled upwards and I watched as she lifted her feet, ate the mouse, dropped its skeleton then went on her after-dinner circuit around the Hogwarts grounds.  She was fast, another reason why her species was so widely valued, the fact that they never stopped, only slowed to eat and drink. No other owl could deliver a letter in such good condition and in such speed as that of the Madagascan Red.

She wasn’t bought, she was rescued. I watched her wings turn to accommodate the wind. She was my responsibility, mine to care for, look after. My first true responsibility.

Suddenly she did a loop and flew back to me, clipping my head with her wing then proceeding to fly round the castle. Oh dam what have I forgotten? What have I done wrong? I stood and proceeded to run after her, she flew around the castle next to the Blake Lake. I pushed my body faster till I rounded the corner. Falling against the rock I clutched my side, gasping for breath.

I heard a gentle hoot and looked around the rock, Iseara had landed on a window ledge three stories up. Right beneath her was five men, huddled around something pressed to the wall. I stood. Sneaking around as quietly as I could, drawing my wand.

I tried to see what the men were holding against the wall. I took a breath and stepped out from my hiding place. Four were acting as guards, stopping the prisoner from running. One was using his entire body to press something against the wall. I craned my head around.

Her hair was brown, chocolate brown. I could hear tears of fear and her skin was dead white. I couldn’t see her face, her hair was a tangled mess. The bloke pressing himself was hissing at her.

“Disgusting little creature.” I recognised the voice. “Don’t belong here, below real witch rules, your no witch. You don’t deserve that wand.”

Justin Finch-Fletchley.





So? Whatcha think? If you have any ideas of what might happen, feel free to tell me. Nothing is written in stone (or laptop) so give me your ideas. I’d love to hear them!!!

X Ravenpen x


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