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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 12 : The marauders map
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12. The marauders map

It was finally morning, and after a long winded and stressful night Marlene was glad it had finally arrived. So many questions were asked and with Mary out cold beside her it had been up to Marlene to answer.

Who else was involved?

How old did you say you were again?

Three? There was three of them?

What curses did they use?

I’m sorry how do you write your last name?

It was only when daily prophet reports turned up at the school did Madam Pomfrey close the doors and bid them goodnight.

Not that she got any sleep, with Avery seeming to whimper out every two seconds from the bed across hers, though had (thankfully) fallen asleep and half way through the night Mary’s bed was isolated from the others with a curtain drawn around it so she was hidden from sight, and within the first hour Lily and Remus had fallen asleep next to her bed. Snape had been there too for a little while, his foot had certainly deflated a lot but pretty much as soon as they had arrived he was discharged. Marlene felt quite, lonely.

“Marlene?” Lily tiredly yawned beside her, haven woken up scanning the room for a second not knowing why she was there. Her eyes opened wide as she remembered “Are you alright? Did you sleep?”

“No I did not sleep, did you hear the news reporters trying to get in last?” Marlene replied changing the subject quickly, no she was not alright.

“What! How did they even hear about it? They can’t just come into the school expecting to have a full interview with photos and everything right after the incident. That’s ridicules; did they manage to get in? No, no of course they didn’t, I bet Professor Dumbledore kicked them out? Obviously he did”

Marlene nodded back, it was better to leave Lily and just nod and agree when she was rambling. She began to search around for a clock wondering what the time was “do you have the time?”

Lily looked down at her watch “eight, classes start soon” She said with a distant look on her face.

“You should go, I know how eager you are about school”

“No, No, it’s ok. I really don’t mind”

“Who else will get my homework for me?” Marlene replied sarcastically giving Lily a nudge moving her off the visiting chair “and take Remus with you”

With a nod Lily smiled “I’ll come back later, I promise” and then she turned about to wake up Remus but not before saying “With your homework”



When the marauders went down for breakfast there was still no site of Remus who they were sure had not come back after his prefect round, and when James saw that Snape too was scanning the area for a certain red head, he was positive something must have happened.

“Maybe he just went to lesson early?” Peter suggested piling his plate with yet another round of crackers and cheese.

Sirius swished his hand in front of him as though pushing the idea aside “nah, he’s never done that before why would he start now”

“Besides Lily’s not here too”

“You’re worrying too much Prongs, they’ll turn up eventually” Sirius insisted “What do we have first?”

“’I’ve got muggle studies”

“Darn, that means I’ve got divination” Sirius cursed pulling out some parchment and quill from his bag “I didn’t do the homework, where’s M.M.? I need to ask her what it was, I wasn’t paying attention”

Peter snorted as Sirius looked down the Gryffindor table but when his eye didn’t come across her he sat back down with a pout on his face.

“I don’t think she’s here, I’ll be blaming her if I get a detention”

“Who’s your teacher now?”

“Can’t remember her name, she’s a grumpy old dope though if you ask me. Always got something to moan about, luckily she’s only a substitute until we get a new one”

James chuckled but stopped immediately as he saw both Remus and Lily entering the great hall and both seemed to be in a deep conversation in hushed whispers.

“Sirius” James quickly swatted Sirius on the shoulder pointing towards them clearly confused.

Remus looked worse than ever, with dark bags circling his eyes and his scars more prominent than ever. It was clear to the marauders that his night had been hectic.

“Where the bloody hell have you been?” Sirius questioned as soon as he was close enough for him to hear.

“Er...” Remus looked around especially towards the slytherin table where Snape seemed to be staring directly at them, perhaps he was behind it all? “Mary and Marlene were attacked last night, a couple of slytherin’s used dark magic”

“What! Are they alright?” Sirius quickly said, and just as Remus did, turned around to the Slytherin table too Snape and glared “It wasn’t Snivillus was it? I bet he’d have loved to get his revenge after Mary cursed him”

“I just thought that, but he was in the hospital wing the whole time” Remus replied.

Sirius wasn’t convinced but dismissed the thought anyway “So, are they alright?”

“Yeah, Mary came off worse, though Marlene’s shaken up a bit”

“Do you think it’s wise to be telling them Remus?” Lily said coming over to join them, her nose in the air and like Remus, looked very tired “You know, they might…”

She trailed off as James realized what she meant “you don’t think we’ll tell the whole school Evans, we’re not going to go off gossiping”

“Well I don’t know, you might. I mean it wouldn’t have been the first time!” She argued back folding her arms and raised her eyebrows challenging “It was you who told the whole school that Severus had fallen off a broomstick in first year, it was you two that gossiped about him being put into the hospital wing after you had jinxed him-”

“Which time?” Sirius grinned. But only received a nasty look before Lily continued speaking pretending he hadn’t interrupted.

“And don’t even remind me about the time his cauldron exploded in potions mysteriously – despite him being the best in our class – and the next day everyone knowing about it!” 

“Yeah but Evans this is different, in case you didn’t notice we actually like Mary and Marlene” James stopped her calmly but a smirk breaking its way through and he couldn’t contain it any longer as he remembered the time in fourth year in potions class when Sirius had put a whole pack of exploding snaps into his cauldron without him realizing.

“Eugh! You don’t care about anyone but yourselves do you? Here you are laughing when Marlene and Mary are both up in the hospital wing”

“Hey! That’s not exactly fair, we do care” Sirius cried back “Besides it was probably your best friend Snivillus who put them in their”

Lily’s mouth unhinged itself as she stared open mouthed at Sirius for a second before turning around and storming off and the sound of her stomping could be heard even after she left the room.

“She knows I’m right that’s why she left” Sirius moaned leaning his elbow against the table and resting his head on his hands.

Pretty much the whole hall had left for classes by now and looking down at the watch on his hand he saw it was almost nine.

“We’d better go” He sighed, completely miserable now “Lessons start soon”

Sirius made his way up to divination, alone. His mind on Snape and just knowing he had something to do with the incident but couldn’t think of anyway of how to get him back, a simple prank wouldn’t be enough to revenge what he did to Marlene and Mary. Dark magic was used, inside the school; he still couldn’t seem to get his head around that.


Later that night back in the common room, Sirius had just come back from a detention because the new divination teacher apparently didn’t find it acceptable not to hand homework in. He was tired with a sore back after a few hours having to bend over boxes taking out and replacing file with every intention of visiting Marlene and Mary in the hospital wing afterwards. Though he wasn’t surprised when madam Pomfrey slammed the hospital wing doors in his face when he realized just how late it was.

He was pissed off and above all tired and wanting to go up to his canopy bed in the boy’s dormitory and sleep in late.

When he arrived up in the dormitory ten minutes later he found James, Remus and Peter all huddled around a piece of parchment.

“Wha’ you doing” He mumbled moving over towards them.

“Remus just had the best idea”

“It wasn’t completely my idea” Remus said shyly when his face lit up “Peter had the idea of a map”

“What’s the idea then” Sirius yawned sitting down on a couple of pillows, his eyes half open.

“Well we were thinking about how we can avoid something like this happening again, you know t Mary and Marlene, and then Remus came up with the idea of being able to see Hogwarts in a mini version” James explained.

“Where does a piece of parchment come into this?” Sirius said feeling that this was going nowhere and was just another idea that they would have which never ended up being completed.

“And then Peter came up with the idea of a map. Its genius, Sirius. We could put all of Hogwarts’s hidden passage ways on there and can you imagine all of the pranks we could pull, and we could go out after hours and not be caught because we would be able to see teachers coming on the map, and along with the invisibility cloak we’ll never be caught out of anything again”

Remus smiled as Sirius begun to process it all in “But on a serious side we’ll be able to see if anyone gets hurt and be able to stop the things that happened to Mary and Marlene”

Sirius thought about it for a minute, the map seemed flawless and with the amount of pranks him and James could pull – “Hang on, what if someone finds the map. Won’t they think it’s a bit strange that we’ve got a map of Hogwarts”

The four thought about it for a minute until Peter finally spoke up “Maybe we can do it so only we can see it”

“that’s a crap idea, what if we need to show it to someone. We could charm it so you have to say specific words”

Sirius’s eyes lit up “but can charm it so that people like Snivillus won’t be able to read it”

“And it’ll insult them instead!”

The idea for it seemed to impossible, to advanced for them to even imagine making. With all the charms and spells the boys would have to learn.

“I think we could do it” Sirius decided “What would we call it?”

“Easy” James answered “the marauders map.”

Sirius was certainly no longer tired.

AN sorry it took so long, I struggled to write this chapter but I’ve finally done it :D Thanks to my reviews, I had lots of positive feedback on the last chapter so thank-you.


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