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Opened Doors by pipergurl03
Chapter 6 : The Hat's New Song
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A/N pipergurl03: Hey everyone. I know this may come as a shock, but I don’t own anything you recognize. I know, big shock. I really wish I did own Harry Potter. He’s just so darn...

Boyfriend: Ahem

pipergurl03: Oh, hi Honey. You know I was talking about you right, right. Hey why are you walking away.

LOL. Okay, I bet you all wanna start reading the story, so away we go.

Chapter 6

The Hat's New Song

“Ow, Ron that was my foot.” Hermione massaged her toe as the ministry car pulled up to Kingcross Station.

“Oh, sorry ‘Mione.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. It was about the fifth time he had either stepped on her foot or elbowed her, all on accident of course.

“Ron what is the matter with you today?” It seemed Hermione wasn’t the only person who noticed.

“Nothing,” but no one missed the crimson creeping up into his ears.

The four friends reached the barrier between platforms nine and ten and Hermione smiled. She couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. It was her last year at Hogwarts, she wouldn’t be coming back after that year, at least not as a student. Before she knew it she was pulled before a large scarlet train, The Hogwarts Express. “Can you guys believe this is our last year?”

“I’ve still got another year,” Ginny corrected her. She looked at Ron and Harry and they were smiling, too. “Hard to believe,” Ron gave his lopsided grin.

“Yeah, a lot has happened. Hey ‘mione remember our first year. Not much has changed, your still the bookworm, know-it-all.”

Hermione acted like she was hurt, “Yeah, I guess,” she said in false anger. She just couldn’t keep it in, she burst out laughing a second later.

“‘Mione!” Hermione thought she recognized that voice. No, it couldn’t be.

“Er...Hermione...that little girl seems to know you.”

“Mione,” Hermione turned and gasped. There she was, Eliza was standing right in front of the barrier, smiling and waving. “Oh my,”

“Hermione who...” but Ron didn’t get a chance to get anything else out. Hermione had dropped her bag and sprinted toward Eliza, pulling her into a giant hug, tears threatening to fall. She swallowed a few times and held Eliza out at arms length. “What...What,” but she couldn’t get the question out. She heard the others walk up behind her, but ignored them.

Eliza smiled and pulled out a letter. Hermione took it and smiled, “You were accepted, oh, I’m so proud of you.” She pulled her into another hug and stood up. “Ron, Harry, Ginny this is my sister, Eliza. She’s a first year.” turning to the woman Eliza came in Hermione gasped, “Tonks, how...”

Tonks grinned. She had blue hair and hazel eyes today. She patted Eliza on the shoulder and smiled, “My cousin, Kari, owled me and told me that your sister had arrived at her house. Well I apparated and she explained what had happened, so I took her in for the rest of the summer. I haven’t been very busy, so it’s been no trouble. Actually, she’s been of some help. I believe we may be looking at the next Hermione Granger.” Hermione beamed and Tonks continued, “Well, I’d better be going. We’ll be having a talk with your father,” then she turned to Eliza, “You be good. Here’s your trunk. All her supplies are in it. Well, I must be off, bye.” with that she apparated.

Hermione smiled and pulled over an empty trolley. Ron helped her put Eliza’s trunk on the trolley and they walked over to the train. Hermione couldn’t help but glance behind her, noticing Malfoy. She felt that weird fluttering feeling but she ignored it.

As they walked along the train they found an empty compartment and they settled into it. Once she knew that Eliza was alright she stood up, “I’ve got to go to the Heads compartment. I’m going to be back. I’ll just have to give out instructions. I’ll be back.” She walked out of the compartment just as a person in the compartment directly opposite them opened. She shut the door as the other person did the same. Looking up she smiled, though only briefly. Malfoy did the same, except his was more of a smirk ‘his trademark smirk,’ she thought to herself, not even noticing he had already started to the front of the train. She started up the train toward the heads compartment. She couldn’t see Malfoy anywhere. Thinking he was already up at the front, she continued on her way. She didn’t get very far, though. All of a sudden two hands grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a compartment, shutting the door behind her. Turning around, she found who it was. Malfoy was standing there, smirking. His hands were still resting on her hips. She raised her eyebrows and he pulled his hands away, reluctantly, Hermione noticed.

“What was that about?” He smirked and folded his arms over his chest.

“I just wanted to talk, I that a crime,”

“No, Malfoy, it’s...”

“Well, that’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to be sure our agreement is clear.”

“What try to be friends in secret.”

“Well, yeah.” He dropped his hands to his sides and they hung there loosely.

Hermione grinned, “Alright, we’ll be friends in secret.” She pushed past him and went out the compartment door. She couldn’t help but notice that for once in his life, he had on a smile. Hermione decided that she could get used to that very quick.


“Mione, could you help me with my trunk?”

“Eliza, you leave it on the train.” Hermione saw Ron grin as he watched Eliza go red. “Oh,” was all she said.

Hermione led the way off the train, where Harry and Ginny were waiting. “First years, this way. Follow me please, first years.” Hermione was a bit surprised when it was Lupin who was gathering all the first years. “Ooo, I know him, he was over at Tonk’s house a lot. Sometimes people would be with him, but mostly he was alone.” Eliza informed them. The other four smiled as she went skipping off to Professor Lupin. Hermione saw him wave as Eliza walked right up to him. Eliza pointed to Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny. Professor Lupin looked up and gave them a wave. They waved back and walked over to the carriages. For the four of them, they were no longer horseless. Hermione gave one of the thestrals a pat, and climbed into the empty carriage. Just in time to see Draco doing the same in one of the ones behind them.

Once they were all inside, Harry grinned, “Tonks and Lupin, would you ever think.” Hermione wasn’t really paying attention. She wasn’t exactly sure where her mind was, but she had a feeling who it was with. ‘I need to stop this. It will never work.’

“Hermione, Hermione we’re here.” Hermione was so into her thoughts that she didn’t notice they had arrived at the castle doors. She shook her head and followed Ginny out of the Carriage.

As the four of them found seats at the Gryffindor table, the doors to the Great Hall opened and in came Professor Mcgonagall, followed by a long line of first years. Hermione spotted Eliza between two boys, one with dirty blond hair, the other with chestnut. Hermione gave her an encouraging smile.

Once all he first years were up at the front, Mcgonagall sat down a three legged stool and sat the ancient Sorting Hat on it. Every head was turned toward it. When finally a rip near the brim opened and the sorting hat burst into one of it’s unusual songs, but this year it was even stranger:

I have been told,
by a great wizard wise.
Two students at Hogwarts
will bond from prying eyes.

They will first become friends,
enemies they were.
There lives will be changed,
for better or worse.

Do not deny,
for cupid has his way.
You feelings for others
might just stay.

So now I’m here,
to sort you all.
But I also warn,
great perils to all.

As the Great Hall erupted into applause Harry turned to Hermione, “Did that make any sense to you.” Hermione grinned, “Not really,” though secretly it was beginning to click. The two students are enemies, and they’ll become friends. She had a good idea of who those two will be...


Sorry all, I had to leave it at sort of a cliffy. Don’t worry the sorting’s next. I know, I’m not a very good poetry writer, so bear with me. I love you all.

I keep getting the feeling I forgetting something...what was it...oh yeah, confetti.

My reviewers last chappie were:

Death661: You are awesome, Here’s you...wait...Has anyone seen the invisible confetti...ow...*runs into the invisible bucket, starts rubbing toe.*...Found it. *hands out handful.

mischiefs_my_game: Hand a big ‘ol handful of confetti to her.

purple_violet: I decided to wait until you reviewed. Oh, love you so much. *Hands her a handful of invisible confetti. Tears coming to her eyes.*

Slytherin Sisters: *Tears beginning to fall, she gives her a big hug.* I love you too. You guys are awesome. *hands her a big large handful of invisible confetti.

All right, lets dance everyone. *Throws rest of confetti in air and begins to dance, then looks down,* uh guys, where did the rest of the confetti go.

Hugs and Kisses

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Opened Doors: The Hat's New Song


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