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Radio War by s2rocks
Chapter 3 : James Potter
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All characters belong to J K Rowling.

Here is another chapter. Hope you love this one. It's James PoV

Thanks to all the people who reviewed and have put me as favorites, it means a lot, please leave a review too!


the amazing image is by Mintleaf@TDA


Chapter three: James Potter


James Pov:




I am dying.

My head... fuck, it hurts.


My first thought was that I'd fallen from my broom, or been hit by a wild bludger, or maybe beaten with a Beater's bat.


Nah, no Idiot had the guts to beat me with that bat. I was too fast for them to catch. And if someone did get a shot, I would be dead as Coach Wood himself would kill me after all the hard training.




Excruciating pain.


It was not just any pain; this was the pain of a well-earned and much deserved hangover. I groaned as the blurred memories of last night evaded my mind. I rolled over and realized I was laying on something that felt suspiciously like a bed, I rolled again.


Definitely not mine.


It was hard and uncomfortable in comparison to mine. I breathed in long and the smell of the sheet struck me. It was of like, I sniffed again, groan, Lemon.


I hate this - girly shit.


I tried to open my eyes and shut them quickly when the bright light blinded me.


I couldn't see.


My eyes were burning, like someone had poured the boiling potion in them and it was eating away at my flesh, like someone had poked needles in my irises.




I rolled over, away from the light. I blinked rapidly, trying to clear my vision, but it only made it worse, as an exploding pain spread straight through to the back of my skull. I shifted position, the pain rippling from my head to my toes. It felt like it ran deep, way down to my bones. I closed my eyes again.


I rolled over again and realized that with one more roll, I would fall off the bed. It took some effort, but I managed to pull myself up to a sitting position. The sheets made a strange crinkling sound as I moved.




I moved my hand to search for the source of irritating sound.


"Hello," I grunted, my throat sore. I cleared my throat.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Black, I am calling from Reception to inquire about your checkout time." came an overly sweet voice from the phone.



Check out?


I dropped the phone and scooted to the edge of the bed and stood up. My knees were weak and my legs shook, but I managed to stay on my feet. I was light-headed, trying to ignore the stabbing pain. I tripped over something, the phone that had fallen on the floor and ran into something, nearly knocking it over.




I opened my eyes to take in my surrounding. I was in a room with light grey walls which had a big queen size bed on which I was sleeping, a couch and an attached bathroom as there were two doors in the room.


Not my apartment.


What the...


I checked myself.



Not naked.





I moved towards the first one and opened it and sighed when it turned out to be the bathroom. I moved to sink and washed my face trying to wake myself.


A look in the mirror made me grimace.


I looked like shit.


I rinsed my hands and washed my face again, and stood straight when my vision cleared.


Taking a seep breath, I tried to remember what happened last night and it came back to me.


Party. Nathan, Alcohol, Game.


Fuck, what did I do last night?


But first where am I?


I moved back to the room and paid more attention this time.


I realized that it was a muggle hotel room as there was a big flat screen in front of the bed. There were electric lights and freezer. I took out a bottle of water and gulped the whole quantity down my throat.


Much better now.


I dashed (wincing a little as I shouldn't be rushing in this hangover)  to the bed to check for my wand which I found under the pillow that had fallen on the floor sometime in the night.


I rummaged through the whole room but couldn't find my phone.


Accio phone,” I uttered concentrating on my phone and nothing happened.


Where… where... I had last seen it on the dining table.


Shit, I must have left it at home.


I checked another door which led to the hallway and sighed when I saw the elevator. I pushed the ground floor button and waited till it opened at the hallway across which I could see the reception.


A blond-chest-busting-through-her-blouse-girl was present at the reception, with a fake smile on her face. She gave me a sultry smile and purred, "Mr. Black, are you checking out?"


Thank God, my parents named me after Sirius Black. I had an excuse to use the surname.


I nodded and after signing all the damn papers, left the hotel, walking to a deserted road and disapparating.


I landed in front of my apartment and tapped my wand on the door and mumbled the password, banging it open. I led my feet through a big entrance hallway, which expanded into a semi-open plan living space. The whole of one wall was curved and filled from top to bottom with glass windows, and in the middle was a feature wall with a fireplace on both sides which separated the comfortable living space from a formal dining area.


When I accepted the offer to play for Puddlemere, I spent my first paycheck on an apartment.


Believe me I love my family, but if I had to spend a month more with my siblings in the same house I was going to die or bloody kill them, especially Albus Fucking Severus.


I went to my room and fell on my bed.



I heard banging on the front door and thought that whoever it was would go away if I didn’t open the door. I had almost dozed off when I felt the sheet under me being pulled away and I fell off the bed and smacked on the floor, face front.



Fuck that hurts.



"What the fuck!" I moaned and opened my eyes to see my best friend standing there, grinning at my torture.


Damien Fucking Wood.


Are you kidding me?


"What the hell, Damien?" I snarled at him and he just shrugged and yelled.




“Ow!” I put my hands on my ears to stop his screeching voice which not only hurt my ears but my head too.


“Shut it!” I snapped at him and he arched his brows at me disapprovingly.


"Where the hell were you? We have all been searching for you like fuck," he questioned irritatingly, sitting on my bed not caring a second that I was sitting on the floor.




He was one of my best friends though, the other being my cousin Fred. We had spent our whole time at school together and even now, were playing for the same team.


"I don't know. I was in some shitty muggle hotel, totally trashed and my head is killing me,” I groaned. I was feeling better but not much. He held put a vial to me.


“Here,” I took the vial from him and gulped it all down.



Hangover Potion.


And that’s why he is my best friend.


”What do you mean by ’we’?" I asked when the pain in my head vanished. I rubbed my eyes and clicked  my neck.


"We meaning I and your family," he told me and then stood up suddenly and looked down at me.


"Do you remember what today is?" he questioned, quirking his eyebrows in expectation of getting an answer and checking whether I remembered it. There was a gleaming twinkle in his eyes which were shining in amusement and an upward twitch of his lips.


"Fuck. Of course you forgot." He chuckled and then burst out laughing hard. I worked my brain trying to process what shit he was talking about. I gave up after few seconds when I couldn’t remember anything and waited till he became stable. I stared at him expecting him to answer but he just moved towards the cabinet and turned the radio on.



What the.....


"Well guys, I know you've been waiting for quite some time but I'm sorry to say that it seems Mr. Potter hasn't been able to make it." I heard an irritated voice of a girl, which was musical even if she seemed frustrated.












I forgot the damn radio show.



"Our assistant has been trying for two hours to contact him but our famous friend doesn't seem to be ready to show his face.”


No freaking way. I groaned and put my head in my hands for my idiocy.


“It is very disrespectful of him, you know that yesterday we confirmed about the show time and today unfortunately there won't be a show. Even his manager hasn't been in contact with us.”


Manager. Fucking Emma.


“Knowing his reputation, I think he must be sleeping through a very bad hangover." I could hear the fake enthusiasm which was sarcastic and mocking.




I would have said Bang on if it was not said about me.



Shit, this girl was fucking with my reputation.



"Isn't she feisty? I like her," Damien said grinning widely as if a child got his favourite candy. I scowled and he smirked plainly ignoring my glare.


“Don’t be like that. I can’t believe she said knowing your reputation,” This cracked him up and he roared in laughter so hard that tears started pouring out of his eyes.


“I am so glad that my situation amuses you,” I snarled at him and he snorted.


"C'mon, this is big. No one had ever said a wrong thing about you; you had been the saint Potter. People called you gay,” I glared at him but he ignored me and just continued, “but no one ever said bad shit about you.”



That was true. No one ever dared to mess with me.


“And this girl fucked you up in front of the whole wizardry world. Dude, you are totally screwed! Wait till Emma hears about this," he added the last part, snickering.



I was silent till he rambled it all off and then I exploded.



"Who does that fucking psycho of a radio host think she is? That bitch, I am going to kill her,” I hissed out.


“Wow, I would love to see you get arrested by your Dad.” he chuckled and I growled at him.






“God, Emma is going to kill me," I moaned, thinking about my near-future funeral.



Seriously, first I had the hangover of hell, then Emma and now this attention seeking girl.



Why was I being fucked by everyone today?



Emma would tear me a new one.


"Are you seriously scared of Emma?" he questioned and chuckled, his eyebrows rose. "I mean you never made any move on her," he added, raising his hands when I glared at him.


"Emma is not that type of girl. I don’t see her like that. She is like Lily to me. She is too sweet like honey and very nice and innocent. Besides I keep my professional and personal lives apart." I lied knowing he would know I was talking shit.


He snorted and scoffed, and shook his head.


"Right like you did with your assistants before. I mean you have had—what— twelve girl assistants until now and you fucked all of them."



This was true.


"Hey it's not my fault if they are dying to be with me and I just need to get laid and they are throwing themselves at me,” I shrugged. “Now forget this and tell me what I should do about this radio girl," I asked, gripping my stubborn hair tightly and thinking how to murder the girl.



“First, stop planning her murder,” he advised and I sighed. He knew me too well.



"Second, what am I, your consultant?” he complained and said ” Call Emma!"



He stood up and left the room. I followed him to the kitchen, pulling out a water of bottle when he taunted me with a bottle of beer. We both jumped when we heard the loud banging on the door.



“Here comes the fire control,” Damien snickered.



I stood up reluctantly and opened the door.



A small, I mean tiny, five foot pixie like girl with black hair and brown eyes entered through the door without my permission.


See what I mean when I said she was like a sister to me. She’s totally like Lily. I was so sure that she would have punched me first and then entered but hey, that’s good. If she was a boy, she would have looked a shorter version of me.


And no she is not my sister, legal or illegal. My mum would kill my dad if he ever dared to cheat which he wouldn’t.



Even today they made out like fucking teenagers.



Why am I talking about my parents snogging?






"Where have you been?" she turned suddenly and I flinched back seeing her narrowed eyes. This expression on a normal person would be like he would disarm me but for her it meant using Sectumsempra on me.



Urgh, what I hated most was the disappointment in her angry voice. This was the tone that my dad used when he was heavily disappointed at me. Damien snorted as she had questioned me too sweetly.



Dude, it might sound like sweet and polite but it’s lethal. Don’t anger her.


"I seriously don't know where the hell I was yesterday,” I mumbled and groaned when she shook her head at me.


"Rock Pub," she answered without any hesitation.



At this I remembered all the shit that I had done last night.



"Ring any bells?" Damien asked raising his eyebrows and I nodded reluctantly.


"Fucking Nathan invited me to celebrate their win and we talked and drank. I think I got badly pissed playing some shot game and might have hit on a girl in my drunken state. I don’t how I got there but I woke up at a muggle hotel this afternoon," telling them everything I could remember.


"Did you have sex with her?" Emma asked with a straight face and Damien choked on his beer and I froze.


"What?" She looked questioningly at Damien and scowled when he spluttered out the beer and I frowned and then shook my head.


"No, I don't think I got laid last night. Maybe she left when I fell asleep at the hotel or she dumped me at the hotel knowing I won’t be able to do anything as I was totally wasted," I answered uncomfortably. I squirmed under her gaze as I felt kind of awkward talking about my sex experiences with her.


"Are you sure, because we don't need the gossip about an illegitimate junior Potter and this will blow your reputation into pieces,” she said not batting an eyebrow at this question as Damien choked again before laughing heartily.


"When a guy says he didn't get any, he's telling the truth sweetheart," Damien said, winking at her but his face fell in fear when she glared daggers at him.


Told you she is dangerous.


"How?" she asked with a curious look on her face, and before Damien could blurt out I cut him off, "Seriously!” I yelled in frustration,”We have more fucking important matters to discuss right now," I hissed at both of them.


"Oh, now he remembers," she sneered at me and sat down. She glared at me and started talking before I could say anything.


"I know I should have checked on you first, but I thought maybe for one day,” I looked down in guilt, “you could take care of yourself but no, you obviously can't. I always have to check on you even though my best friend is getting married and I am the maid of honour," she said, getting furious and fumed at me.


"God, I can't even ask for one day to myself. Just for one day, you can't stop yourself," she said, taking a deep breath as she tried to control her anger.



“And stop saying ‘fucking’ in every line,” she snapped at me like I was a child. Damien gave me a grin knowing he was hidden well behind her.



I didn’t dare to contradict her or even open my mouth.



"Well it's done, and now I have to make it all right,” I sighed, “I talked to the director of the WWN and he said that the host took all the responsibility, and we can't sue her as she can sue us in turn and has a better chance of winning," I cursed, knowing I couldn't do much in this case.


"But you can repair the damage by doing the show again." I snorted and shook my head.



There was no way in the hell I was going to do the show.



"Well you have to if you don't want to lose your fans because right now, people are thinking that you don't care about anyone except yourself, which I say is true." As soon as she uttered the words Damien laughed at me. “That’s true.”



See I have great friends.



"Hey I love my family," I argued.


"Oh, really, when was the last time you went to see them?" she arched her brows at me and before I could reply she cut me off with, "all of them."



I didn't have an answer for that. It'd been months since I'd visited the Burrow. There were reasons against that too.



"Ok, I haven't for a while but I am going there for dinner this weekend," I told them quickly making the plans. I was thinking to go there and see all of my family and now the decision is made.


"You mean tomorrow for dinner?" Damien asked, smirking as I nodded.


"What?" I asked as he gave me a smug look.


"You are going to die tomorrow," he replied, making the gesture of cutting his neck with a clucking sound.


"This was fun but I need to go. I have some work to do as my friend is getting married today," Emma glared at me, “I know the radio host and I could persuade her for another chance. She’s quite stubborn. Don’t be a cry-baby, just give the damn interview when I call you,” she said before leaving.


"Is it just me or was she really pissed, even though she talked really nicely?" Damien asked and I ignored him.


"There is no way I am going to have this interview with her. I won’t leave that girl alone. She tried to fuck me up...," I yelled furiously but Damien cut me off, "Oh, she didn't try; she did."



He shut up when I glared at him and gave me an innocent look.



"She crossed the line and dared to stand against me. She is the first one who has tried to gain attention by insulting me, and I don't give up easily. I will make her cry for everything she said about me," I mumbled to myself, pacing around the room.


"Actually it was your fault,” he threw his hands up in defence when I snarled at him, “but she shouldn't have done that. So what are we going to do?" Damien asked before yelling “Brilliant!” and rummaged in his pocket and he threw his phone at me, and



I stared at him, confused.


"Call her," he told me.



I always knew he was an idiot.



"Before you call me an idiot, I have her number," he added cutting my thoughts. I dialled the number and Damien poked me to put the phone on loud speaker which I did.



"Hello," a sweet musical and polite voice answered, there was a loud cheering in the background, it sounded like some party. Damien mouthed ‘talk’ at me but she cut me off.



"Excuse me," she told me and we heard her yelling to the crowd.



"Guys, shut the hell up." The voices in the background quietened down.



"Sorry about that, may I ask who is calling?" she asked clearing her throat.



I nodded at Damien and asked, "Can I talk to Miss Ciara Jordan?" I asked politely and



Damien gave me a what-the-fuck look but then he frowned.



"Yeah, speaking."



I continued, "You are the radio girl who insulted James Potter today."



Before she could reply, there was a loud cry in the background again.



"Rox, please control it," she said to someone and then spoke to me.



"Listen to me douche bag, yes I am the girl who talked about James fucking Potter today and if you care about yourself stop calling me," she hissed.



Now this pissed me off.



"Who the hell do you think you are?" I snapped back.



"At least I am better organized than the guy you are making this call for," she sneered, which irritated me a lot.



"So, you are saying you are a better person than me?" I replied, telling her who I was.



There was silence on the other end for a few minutes.



I knew this would happen and now she was going to apologize with a stammer in her scared voice.



"What can I do for you, Mr. Potter?" she questioned in a confident and sharp tone which reminded me of McGonagall a lot, and this nearly made me fall off the chair I was sitting on.



I looked at Damien who was immersed in his deep thoughts.



"You can help me by telling what the hell you think you were doing cursing and insulting me," I spat out, raising my voice.



"I apologize for my language earlier," she replied back, a glimpse of irritation in her voice.



Now we are talking.



"But I am not sorry for what I said on the radio this morning because you deserved every word of it."



I pinched my nose, trying my hardest not to lose my control and yell at her.



What the hell? How dare she?



"Listen to me, you attention seeking whore. If you think you can gain attention by slating me off in front of everyone then you’re wrong. Don't think I can't make your life a living hell because believe me I can," I threatened her trying to force her to back down.



"Are you threatening me?” she hissed,”Because if you are, let me tell you few things. First I can sue you if I wanted attention or money and I have more chance of winning than you. And on the matter of my job, well if you even tried to bribe them they won't replace me, so go ahead and try it," she shouted in the phone.



"I can certainly sue you and win. Don't forget my aunt is a very powerful member in the Ministry," I lied but she didn’t know that, and I think she would be afraid now.



"No, I don't think so,” she answered chuckling lightly.






”Not because you can't sue me but because I know she won't. Just try it," she challenged.



"You bitch..." I said but she cut me off.



"Listen James Fucking Potter," she spat out my name like venom as she continued, "maybe you don't have anything important to do right now, but I am busy and have better things to do than listen to your pathetic whining. So listen to me, stop feeling sorry for yourself and grow up.”



I growled in the phone.



“Oh and another thing, don't call me again. Otherwise the next call I make will be to the Auror office complaining how the Head Auror's son is threatening me", and with that she hung up.



Damien (who was now awake from his deep meditation) and I looked at each other for a few minutes before he broke the silence.



"Wow! that girl is awesome," he said as he started laughing. "I mean not only did she insult you on the radio but she threatened to call your father.”



“Fuck, she has got guts. I mean no one has ever seriously threatened you before but she just did. That is so hot," he boomed and I kicked him.



I had to do something about this; otherwise people would start to think that James Potter had gone soft.



“I don’t know why she seems familiar to me,” Damien mumbled but I ignored him.


I would make this girl regret each word she had said to me and she would pay for what she'd done, with worse pain and humiliation than she'd made me suffer.



I was going to make her life a living hell.



Payback is a bitch.



(Editing done by amazing mammateej and MadiMalfoy. Thank you!xxx)

Let me know what you think, your reviews mean a lot to me. I would really appreciate all feedback. They will motivate me to write on :)

The next chapter will be about Weasleys. I love them. The best family ever :)




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