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Conspiracies by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 2 : That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
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Disclaimer - Nothing in the HP verse belongs to me, only Melody.

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Chapter 2

It had been a couple of days since the unexpected visit from Harry Potter and Hermione Granger-Weasley and twenty-two year old Melody Kerrigan had regretted it from the moment she left Harry Potter’s office. After agreeing to help find out the truth about the murder of star quidditch player, Archie Wood, whom James Potter II had been accused of murdering, Melody knew it wouldn’t be easy but she had categorically underestimated how much work it would actually take. Melody had not left her living room/kitchenette in 3 days unless she had to go to the bathroom. Stacks of uneven papers littered the floor and her desk and pots of old, used ink (before she switched to the muggle method of pen and paper) were placed in wobbly stacks, always threatening to fall over when she walked past.

Melody had been given statements made to the law enforcement department by Archie’s friends and family and had been sifting through them for days, trying to make sense of what had actually happened. In another pile lay pictures and details of the evidence against James Potter and also his statement. His statement said nothing new; he was denying all charges against him which Melody had already been told he was doing by Hermione, who was his lawyer. The eldest Potter child was now at home with his family, under house arrest and this was only because both Harry and Hermione had managed to pull a few strings, with one being Chief Auror and the other the top wizarding lawyer in the world, otherwise he would have been waiting in a cell in Azkaban for an undisclosed amount of time, among those who his own father had put away.

Sat on the floor, her old rickety chair being used as another surface to place papers on rather than its intended purpose, Melody was looking over the evidence against James again. Her conclusion; it was looking overwhelmingly bad for the famous son of Harry Potter. It seemed solid, all legit with no loop holes. There was a shirt with the small blood spatter on it. It had been proven that the blood was Archie’s and the shirt was the same one James had been wearing on the night of the murder. There was also footage, caught by muggle security cameras that showed the pair in what seemed like a heated argument earlier on in the night. The fact that James also had no solid alibi was the icing on the accusation cake; he was being accused fairly and it looked like he was the murderer. But Melody had to go by what Harry, Hermione and the rest of the family believed and that was that James was being set up by someone. And Melody had the easy task of proving he was being framed (note the sarcasm). Add trying to also read over ten, detailed statements about Archie’s last night which include one from his fiancée, best friend and 9 quidditch team members (two being reserves), the latter who were extremely drunk when they were out with Archie and either still drunk or hung-over when the law enforcers had visited them and another day was turning into a nightmare for Melody.

To make matters worse, the papers had found out that Harry was working on trying to prove James innocent and somehow managed to find out who Melody was and how she was involved. And because of this, her face was plastered all over the papers (Mostly the Daily Prophet, which was no surprise there) and the articles were less than flattering and disturbingly detailed about her life. Melody guessed it was combination of work colleagues and past friends from school looking for their fifteen minutes of fame who had blabbed to journalists but there was nothing Melody could do about it. There was nothing scandalous hidden in her past, no skeletons in the closet. The only thing that was remotely interesting in her past was that she dated Griff Jones, Quidditch player for the Montrose Magpies whilst she was at Hogwarts. Griff, coincidentally was also under suspicion of the murder of Archie Wood before they arrested James. But aside from this, by her own admission, Melody believed she was one of the most boring girls in the wizarding world so she was not too troubled about what the papers could find out. However, seeing yourself in the paper garners an uneasy feeling and it was a one Melody had been having since the news broke out.

Yet Melody had put that feeling aside and threw herself into her work. She was just eating her lunch when Hermione appeared in her living room, giving her a fright. ”Shit!”

“Sorry, I should have owled first,” Hermione smiled as she apologised and then took a look around the room, “I see you’ve been busy,”

Melody nodded, flushed because of swearing in front of Hermione and finished her bite of the sandwich she had made, covering her mouth as she swallowed. “Sorry, it’s fine. And yes, I have and I’m getting nowhere. On the evidence front, you should know being a lawyer that it’s solid. That’s not the route we should go down. I think we should maybe start with the statements? It seems the best way forward. We can try to see if there are any gaps or if people have contradicted themselves?” Melody stood up, wiping her hands on her leggings and grabbed some statements off the pile.

“That sounds really good. I’ll take those if you want me to?” Hermione nodded to the papers in her hands and Melody smiled gratefully.

“You wouldn’t mind? Thank you, we get through them quicker, that way.” Melody gave the papers to Hermione and smiled. “Would you like a drink?”

Hermione shook her head and wore a polite smile, “No, thank you, I have to get going, I only came to see how you were getting on but it seems you’re doing well.” Hermione readied herself to disapparate but not before smiling widely at Melody. “We all appreciate what you’re doing for James. It seemed we did pick the right person for the job.” And with a pop, she was gone before Melody had time to contradict that statement.

Sighing, Melody returned to the floor and her lunch and began reading another statement. She knew there had to be something that didn’t add up, people could only lie to a certain degree until they began to unravel, forgetting what they had lied about and getting themselves caught up in a web of lies. Melody just had to find the starting lie and it would soon begin to unwrap itself for her and all she would have to do is follow the trail it left.


Another day passed and Melody found herself becoming increasingly frustrated. The team members statements were proving unusable, seeing as they were still intoxicated when taken. And it was typical when these were the ones that said that both James and Archie had apologised and parted on good terms. A judge would throw the statements out of court because of the indisposed nature the witnesses were in, even Melody knew that and she wasn’t the lawyer. Archie’s best friend, Shane Western had said nothing important in his statement and his alibi had been verified. Random witness statements were not useful, most of them only speculating and not actually being anywhere near Archie the night of his murder. And his neighbours in his upstate apartment complex had apparently seen no one coming to or leaving Archie’s apartment. After reading another useless witness statement, Melody threw the paper away from her and groaned, falling back onto the cushions behind her. She ran a tired hand over her face and yawned. Lack of sleep was beginning to become a daily ritual in Melody’s life and it she hadn’t even been on the case a week.

Contemplating not moving from the floor and just hibernating, there was knock on the front door and Melody had to hold back a frustrated scream. Taking her time to stand up, Melody brushed down her clothes and walked to the door. What greeted her on the other side of the door was not what she was expecting. Hoards of reporters were on her door step and the flashing of lights was killing her vision. All she could hear were shouts of various questions from both men and women, all trying to be heard at the same time and she quickly shut the door, locking it and taking a deep breath. Being in the papers was one thing but being hassled on your own front door step was something Melody wasn’t willing to put up with for long, if at all.

Blasting old school Celestina Warbeck to drown out the shouts of reporters, Melody went back to the statements spread all over the floor. It was an hour later when Melody was checking over Adelaide Celestine’s, fiancée of murdered Archie Wood and Shane Western’s, best friend of said murdered Quidditch player, statements again, that she frowned when she noticed they were each other’s alibi. It was a possibility that they were good friends. Adelaide had said that her and Archie had had an argument and she had gone to Shane’s to cool down and stay the night. Shane had confirmed the story but Melody couldn’t help but wonder why the fiancée wouldn’t go to her mother’s house, which was only five minutes down the road. Melody would go to her parent’s if she had had an argument with a boyfriend so why didn’t Adelaide? Melody knew that she couldn’t look at the information as a lead but she knew she had to look into it further. Grabbing the phone, she dialled the number that was in Adelaide’s personal details but was met with an automated message.

Miss Celestine regrets to inform you that she is going through a personal tragedy at this current time and cannot speak to anyone other than close friends and family. Leave a message and number and when she is feeling better, she will contact you. If you are getting in contact with Miss Celestine with a modelling job, please contact her agent and she will get back to you shortly. Merci.

Melody couldn’t help but scoff at the message. Adelaide couldn’t speak to anyone yet she reckoned that if she phoned saying she was looking for a model, the model would be on the phone and happy to talk. Adelaide was a famous model, the usual type of girlfriend all the British Quidditch players had and had met Archie ten months ago, according to the gossip magazine, Witch Weekly, if it’s sources were reliable (which they usually weren’t). As much as Melody thought about trying to get in contact with Adelaide by tricking her, she was in no fit state. She was barely awake, exhaustion suddenly grabbing hold of her and she was developing a headache from the musical catalogue of Celestina Warbeck, which was still playing in her living room. Lowering the volume of the warbling witch’s voice, Melody heard no more voices outside her apartment and turned the music off completely. Clearly the talent of Celestina Warbeck had sent them packing to bother some other poor, unsuspecting soul.

Stretching out like a cat would, Melody decided enough was enough for the night and settled down on the sofa, tv remote in hand. Yet no sooner had she laid down, she was asleep and the young witch slept soundly through the night for the first time in days

You will only hear these elegant crimes,
Fall on your ears from criminal dimes.
They spill unfound from a pretty mouth.

Panic! At The Disco - That Green Gentlemen (Things Have Changed)

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