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Sparkles and Eyeliner. by MusicLover17
Chapter 3 : Is It Some Kind of Twitch?
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I walked into Biology apprehensively the next day.

He was wearing a tight black t-shirt today, and I did everything I could not to look at his muscly arms and hunky broad shoulders. What was with him and his tight

Well, I certainly wasn't complaining, anyway.

I sat in my seat, and he ignored me, as usual. I wasn't sure how I had managed to turn him against me, but I wished we could have gotten off to a better start. It
wasn't fair, sitting next to somebody so gorgeous and mysterious and not having any idea of how to break through to them.

Mr Snape started handing out microscopes, and it wasn't until one was thumped down onto our desk that I realised we were going to have to work in pairs.

Oh, God help me.

"Malfoy, Granger, let's get started," Mr Snape ordered.

I turned in Draco's direction, chewing on my lip nervously, and glanced at him in time to see him roll his eyes at the microscope, folding his arms.

Gah. Do not look at the arms.

The last thing I needed was him to catch me staring at him, and have another reason to torment me.

We were given our slides and the sheets we had to write our results on, and everybody in the class was getting started, and I fidgeted, waiting for Draco to say or
do something. Nothing happened though, and I was beginning to feel awkward. I looked at him expectantly, and realised he was glaring at me, waiting for me to start.

My face burned.

I set up the microscope with the first slide, thankful that at least I knew how to work it - he wouldn't be able to find any insult or degrading comment in that.

I didn't bother asking him if he wanted to go first - I'd just get glared at. Funny how I was now able to predict him.

I was rusty at this cell division chapter, but I could remember the basics of it.

"I'm sure that's prophase," I muttered, and shoved the microscope at him. I squeaked against the table, and he took his time reaching for it and lifting it over to
his side. He glared into the eyepiece.

"That's not prophase," he scoffed, shaking his head. He rolled his eyes at me like I was retarded, and pushed the microscope away. My cheeks on fire, I checked with
the book and realised my mistake - it was anaphase. I felt stupid and close to tears, and I looked for something to distract myself with. I pulled my pencil case out
of my bag, deciding to fill in the results sheet and ignore him. I placed the sparkly abomination on the desk, and caught him rolling his eyes at it. I was sick of
him, and plus it was the third time he had rolled his eyes at me, and so I felt brave enough to snap at him.

"Have you got a problem?" I demanded. Stupidest question of the decade, I know. "You're rolling your eyes an awful lot. Is it some kind of twitch?"

He glared at me.

"Bite me," he muttered, and raised his eyebrows condescendingly. I swung my hair so that it covered my face, enraged.

Draco Malfoy was getting to me, and I hated it.

We both reached for the microscope at the same time, and our hands clashed. He withdrew his like it had been burned, and I tried not to let that hurt me too much,
either. God, it wasn't like I was infected. He must really hate me.

He sighed loudly, and grabbed a pen out of his pencil case (plain black, no sparkles visible) and tried to write his name on the top of the sheet. No ink was coming
out, and he started scribbling on the corner of the page, trying to get the pen to work. The noise began to grate on my already frayed nerves, and I breathed out
through my nose, trying to calm myself. Draco emptied the contents of his pencil case onto the table in search of a pen that worked, but there seemed to be nothing
in there other than pencil shavings and an empty fountain pen and earphones.

"Do you want to borrow a pen?" I asked tentatively.

"Whatever," he said, and I frowned. Ungrateful jerk. I could just let him sit there like a pen-less wonder, but I was, for some insane reason, helping him out. Go me.

I reached into my pencil case, and to my horror, the first one my fingers pulled out had blue fluff on the end of it. I cursed my mother, and asked myself why I
hadn't emptied potentially embarrassing items from it before I brought it to school.

Draco snorted. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Oh, shut up," I snapped. "Are you afraid of the fluffy pen or something?"

"I'm afraid of what was going through your mind when you bought it."

"I didn't buy it," I retorted. "My mother did."

"A scarier thought. Another version of you."

I glared at him, shocked and hurt and angry.

"Screw you," I said, and stood up, gathering my stuff quickly and stalking towards the door. I had hoped to leave dramatically, but I tripped over a schoolbag strap
near the front of the classroom, and set off a round of sniggers. Mr Snape tried to demand where I thought I was going, but I ignored him, and slammed the classroom
door behind me.

I escaped to my car, where I fumed, and tried not to cry.

What was with him?

Would it kill him to be nice to me, even just a little bit?

What was so repulsive about me?

I unsuccessfully tried to talk myself into going back to class, and I ended up just driving home. I spent the day stomping around in a foul mood, all thanks to Draco.

I couldn't stop thinking about him, which made me angrier.

How could I escape into my stupid daydreams, where he smiled at me and made me laugh and put his arms around me and hugged me and kissed me and treated me like I was
worth a damn, when in reality, he was so unfriendly and cold?

There was no point. I wasn't living in my daydreams.

Yet I still had to pull myself away from the idiotic, fantastical perception that had managed to lodge itself in my brain, that maybe this was just a front. That
maybe he did like me. Maybe he just… didn't want me.

I knew how it felt, to like someone, but to hate them at the same time.

I would just have to content myself with frustration, because I would probably never find out what was going on inside his mind, and there was no way in hell I was
asking him.

He hated me. I didn't know what exactly I had done, but maybe it was just one of those chemistry things. We didn't click. Together, we wouldn't work.

So it was stupid, and pointless, to daydream about us ever being able to function as an entity.

So why couldn't I stop?

The temptation to stay in bed the next day, and not face school or Draco Malfoy, was almost overwhelming, but I dragged myself out of bed. I would not let him win,
damn it. He had to know he was getting to me, but I refused to let him imagine I was sitting at home crying over him.

I'd go into Biology with my head held high, and completely ignore him.

I arrived at school a little earlier than normal, and I sat down on one of the outdoor benches, taking out my mp3 player. I stuck on Linkin Park, my favourite band,
and gazed at nothing while I waited for school to start.

I was jolted out of my trance when someone sat down next to me.

"Hi, Mia," Alice chirped, and I pulled an earphone out of one ear, smiling.

"Hey, Pansy," I said, and noticed Draco hovering by us in my peripheral vision. I didn't look at him.

"How come you left school yesterday in the middle of class?" Alice demanded, agog. "Everyone was talking about it."

Oh, great. I had set the rumour mill going. Fabulous. Let's have another Everyone Stare At Hermione Day.

"I didn't feel well," I lied.

Pansy was sceptical, and I shrugged. Thankfully, she let it go, but I knew I would probably get interrogated later.

"Who are you listening to?" she asked, and stole the available earphone, popping it into her own ear.

"Linkin Park," I said, and she scrunched up her face.

"Not you, too," she complained. "Don't tell me you're into all that scream-y music as well."

"I don't mind it," I smiled, shrugging again. I didn't have a particular taste in music. I just listened to whatever I wanted to, and to whatever suited my mood.

"Do you want something, Draco?" Pansy asked suddenly, and I was unable to stop myself from looking up at him.

Oh, gunfph.

He looked gorgeous. His hair was styled differently; today it was messy and sticking up in various directions. He hadn't lost the Converse or the nice, tight, skinny
black jeans, but he was wearing a white shirt with a black and red tie, and the shirt was clinging to the muscles of his arms and oh…

What was he doing to me? He was freaking killing me.

He was staring at both of us with his arms folded, a peculiar expression on his face. He looked like he wanted to say something, but instead he just shook his head
and shuffled away.

"He's been in a weird mood since yesterday," Pansy frowned, gazing after him, while I tried to recover. "Weirder than usual, I mean. He came into my room yesterday
and I'm sure he was trying to ask me about girls."

"Are you serious?" I asked incredulously. What the hell did that mean, then?

"Yeah, he was all like 'you know the way you're a girl?' and I was like 'yes…' - worried for his sanity, I might add - and he goes 'well, what are you thinking?' and
I said 'I'm thinking that you're acting like a freakazoid again' and he just glared at me and muttered 'forget it' and stormed away. It was only after I thought about
it that I realised he was probably trying to ask me to summarise the female species for him." She laughed. "My cousin, the weirdo… ooh, come on, we'll be late for

I stood up unsteadily and tried to refocus. Draco was trying to ask about girls? Why? Could this be something to do with me?

I wondered if he felt guilty over being such a jerk yesterday. He should. Arrogant, moody, gorgeous emo…

To my annoyance, I spent the most of the day trying to figure him out, with little success. It bugged me that he was always on my mind, never far away from my
thoughts, and yet there was nothing…we were nothing. Not friends. Not enemies. Just… nothing.

Heading for Biology, I was a nervous wreck. I walked into the classroom, trying to carry off an unconcerned air about me, but I probably just looked like someone who
got caught doing something naughty. Mr Snape was a little disapproving, but bought my lies and didn't punish me, thankfully.

I approached my seat slowly, my eyes trained purposely on the ground, refusing to let them wander anywhere near Jerk Boy.

I sat down, and he cleared his throat. I ignored him, and he did it again. I very badly wanted to look at him, and see if he was wearing eyeliner today and marvel at
his perfect bone structure and admire the tight shirt and the tight jeans and watch his lips move as he spoke and get lost in his blue eyes… but I ignored him,
because I was nothing to him, after all. We had nothing.

He cleared his throat again, loudly, and I gave in.

I hoped I wouldn't always give in when it came to him.

"Do you need something for your throat, Draco?" I asked, pretending to watch Mr Snape giving out to a student who lost their book. I wouldn't look at him. I couldn't
speak to him and look at him at the same time; it would just be too much.

"No," he scoffed, and I freaking looked at him… and he was glaring at me, like I knew he would be. Surprise, surprise.

I was useless. I couldn't stop thinking about him, and now I couldn't ignore him either. I was pathetic.

"Look, Mia," he began, and a tingle shot down my spine at the sound of my name spoken in his velvety, chocolaty voice - that was the first time I had ever heard him
say my name. I wanted everyone to say my name the way he said it.

Miaah. That's me from now on.

Gah. I think I like him too much. I shouldn't. I can't.

"I'm sorry… about yesterday," he said, glaring at a spot on the table now. "I didn't mean… what I said. I was… rude," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Huh," I said, not entirely satisfied. He shouldn't have bothered apologising if it was so obviously causing him trouble. He was rude? There was an understatement for

"I'm trying to say sorry, alright?" he snapped, in an insolent tone, and he was glaring at me again.

"You're doing a terrific job," I sneered. "I'm believing that you mean it and everything."

"Oh, forget it," he said, looking away.

"I already have," I mumbled, folding my arms on the desk and resting my chin on top of them. I wanted to storm out again, and just get away from his gorgeousness that
clogged up my mind, and away from the things he said, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

We didn't speak again. The class began, and I half-listened to the teacher, whilst running over Draco's previous words in my head, analysing them and trying to
analyse him. He was the hardest person ever to read, and I just didn't get him. My head hurt from trying to figure him out.

At the end of class, Draco just randomly attacked me.

"By the way, if you think listening to the same bands I like is going to make me like you, you're wrong," he said, shoving his books unceremoniously into his bag.

I turned to face him, blinking rapidly. "What the hell?" I spluttered, outraged. Where the hell had that come from, and what was that supposed to mean?

"I'm just saying," he shrugged, slinging the black schoolbag onto his right shoulder. He tried to walk past me, but I blocked him, fuming.

"For your information, Linkin Park have been my favourite band for about six years now. I have all their albums. I've been to three of their concerts. I have posters
of them in my room. So go to hell. And believe me, the fact that you don't like me does not keep me up at night. If you think I'm going to bother changing who I am
just so you'll like me, you're totally insane," I ranted, pronouncing the last word slowly. He had glared at me for the duration of my tirade, and his eyes narrowed
when I finally shut up.

I swirled around so that my hair hit him in the face, and satisfied that I had sufficiently gotten my point across, I made to walk away.

That was, until I stumbled over my own feet and fell backwards into him.

His arms caught me before I could impair him too badly, and they steadied me. I regained my balance, his touch burning my skin, my face ablaze and probably hot enough
to fry eggs on.

"Thanks," I breathed, too afraid to turn around. First I yelled at him, then I whipped him in the face with my hair, and then I fell on him.

Mental note to self: Don't. Do. Anything. Ever.

"OK," he said, his voice very close to my left ear. My heart began racing, and I took a deep, quiet breath, trying to calm down.

"But it doesn't change anything," he added, and I frowned.

"What does that mean?" I demanded, turning around to face him. "You stopped me from falling over. Why would that change something? God, there's no something for
nothing with you, is there Draco?"

He was so damn confusing.

"You know what, fine," he said, rolling his eyes. "Next time, I'll let you fall and break your ass."

"Great. Wonderful. Thanks a lot," I said.

Then I walked away.



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