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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 7 : The one with all the unwanted attention
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‘I DON’T! ALRIGHT!’ I yelled, tears forming in my eyes. ‘I used but I don’t anymore …’ my voice was dying away. I looked down, away from his piercing grey eyes. I suddenly felt his grip loosen and was about to turn away when I felt his hand lifting my chin up.

He stared deep in my eyes, before smashing his lips against mine. Well this is unexpected. I was too shocked to move at first, but then I quickly got into in. Moving my lips in sync with his.

I had never felt this before. My stomach turned and twisted. Fireworks were going off in my head and I felt like we were the only two people on this entire world.

You know when you watch the notebook, that kissing scene in the rain? That’s how I felt right now. This kiss was very passionate and raw and it consumed me.

And just like that, the fireworks stopped. I looked at his face and he smirked, before he trotted away without saying anything.

I woke up sweating. I’ve had the same dream for the past few days now. I wiped the sweat away from my forehead and pulled myself out of bed. I walked over to the window and stared into the distance.

Things have been kind of awkward these past few days. In the beginning, I just tried to ignore him. Which wouldn’t be noticed, because let’s face it, I ignore him most of the time. But Malfoy had other plans.

We had charms with Slytherin the other day. I was a bit early, because I wanted to ask professor Flitwick a question about an essay we had to write. Even after he answered my question, which took about 5 full minutes, I was still the only student in the classroom. So I sat down on my usual spot, waiting for the other students to arrive. The next student to arrive was that blond guy I wanted to avoid. So as soon as I saw him walking in, I turned away.

Then I heard someone sitting next to me and I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Malfoy, smirking at me. I didn’t say anything, I stuck to my plan and ignored him.

The other students soon came in. Dom and Nymph throwing me a questioning look. They decided to sit next to each other. After Dom and Nymph, Albus came in. He was scanning the room, probably searching for Malfoy. His mouth fell open upon seeing him sitting next to me. He walked forward until he was right in front of Malfoy. He put his hands flat on the desks and stared into his eyes. He gave me a questioning look before he turned to Malfoy again.

‘What are you doing?’ he questioned. Malfoy was about to answer when something hard hit Albus’ back. He turned around, rubbing the spot where he had been hit. He looked down and saw a book lying there.

‘And if you could find a seat, we could begin, Mr. Potter.’ Flitwick said. He was standing on top of some books, so that he could see all the students.

Albus mumbled something that sounded a lot like: ‘grumpy old leprechaun.’ But he obeyed none the less and took the only seat left, next to Groyle. You know, the troll. I swear I have never seen have looking so hateful.

I had absolutely no idea why Malfoy decided to come and sit next to me. But I prayed that he would keep his mouth shut the entire lesson.

But who am I kidding? Malfoy and shutting up? It’s like my Mum and flying. My Dad and reading a book. Uncle George playing by the rules. Luna exclaiming that nargles don’t exist.

You get my point.

‘Today I have quite a special lesson planned for you guys.’ Professor Flitwick began. I played with my tie nervously.

‘Who can tell me what exactly a patronus charm is?’ he asked.

As I expected, mine and Malfoy’s hand raised into the air immediately.

‘Anyone else?’ Flitwick asked annoyed. Me and Malfoy were always the ones who answered the questions, the others just didn’t bother anymore.

‘Alright. Mr. Malfoy?’ he asked.

‘This ancient and mysterious charm conjures a magical guardian, a projection of all your most positive feelings. The Patronus Charm is difficult, and many witches and wizards are unable to produce a full, corporeal Patronus, a guardian which generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity. You may suspect, but you will never truly know what form your Patronus will take until you succeed in conjuring it.’ Malfoy explained. It looks like he swallowed a textbook for breakfast.

‘And what is a Patronus used for?’ he asked Malfoy, testing him.

‘Its only purpose is to defend you against dementors.’ He answered. I let out a little laugh. Everyone started looking at me.

‘Anything to add, Miss Weasley?’ Flitwick asked, a sparkle in his eyes.

‘That’s not his only purpose.’ I said coolly.

‘Really?’ Malfoy asked and smirked at me.

‘Yes really.’ I snapped. ‘It’s also used to communicate. Invented by professor Dumbledore.’

‘Very good …’ Flitwick began but I interrupted him.

‘It was used in the order of the phoenix. But I guess you wouldn’t know that.’ I added. Everyone fell silent.

‘Miss Weasley. How dare you –‘Flitwick began but Malfoy interrupted him.

‘You’re right Weasley. I wouldn’t know that.’ He answered, never looking into my eyes. I turned around and saw Nymph looking terrified at me.

I may have gone too far ….

‘Alright.’ Flitwick began, trying to lighten the tension. ‘I will show you how to conjure this charm. Please take your wands and textbooks on page 256.’

As I reached down into my handbag I felt something on my thigh. I turned around, blushing to see Malfoy staring at me. ‘I do know some other things that you know nothing about.’ He said as he was moving his hand under my shirt, rubbing circles on my skin.

I began to feel something in the pit of my stomach.

‘I could teach you.’ He whispered in my ear. I was about to response when Flitwick began showing us how to use the patronus charm.

The rest of the lesson, Malfoy and all his parts stayed on his side.

No, I am not disappointed.

Unfortunately Malfoy didn’t stop there. Last night at dinner, he and Albus came to sit with us at the Gryffindor table. Which wasn’t that unusual.

I was glad that I was sitting in between Dom and Nymph, so he had no chance to come and sit next to me. He chose to sit next to Albus, in front of us.

Of course he was sitting like right in front of me, staring. To say I was uncomfortable would be an understatement.

‘So Rose. You have been awfully quiet these days. You didn’t say much about your date with Lucas. Should he keep his ice-creams far away from me?’ Albus questioned. I gave him a weak smile.

‘No no. Me and Lucas are just friends …’ I started. I turned around to stare at Lucas, he was talking amused to his friends. After we got back, we had a long talk and decided that friends was the way to go.

Malfoy was smirking. ‘So not interesting happened that day? What a boring life you do have.’

‘Ow no, au contraire …’ I began ‘Something very interesting happened.’ Dom dropped her fork and was staring at me with wide eyes. Malfoy looked as if he had just swallowed a frog.

‘Really! You didn’t tell us …. What happened?’ Nymph asked curious.

‘Let’s just say I realise that I really really hate peppermint.’ I said, smirking. Two can play this game.

Malfoy was biting his lip. Let me fill you in; he tasted like peppermint when I kissed …. I mean when he kissed me.

‘I’m sure you don’t mean that. Everyone likes peppermint.’ He stated. The rest was staring at us. You could cut the (sexual? No surely not!) tension in the air.

‘Maybe if peppermint wasn’t so cocky, it would be appreciated more.’ I answered.

‘But it has reasons to be cocky.’ He began and I felt something stroking my leg. I quickly turned red and tried to disguise it, but it was too late. Malfoy had noticed.

‘After all. It might be a bit bitter at the beginning but in the end it will leave you feeling free and satisfied.’ He said as he reached a certain sensitive spot. I jumped a little, but quickly regained my coolness and pushed his leg away.

‘I’m sure there are others that can make me feel that way.’ I answered coolly. Malfoy just smirked at me, knowing that he had won this round.

The others looked stunned, but Dom quickly changed subjects. As we got back I changed quickly and pretended to sleep so that they didn’t have the time to ask me questions.

‘Rose?’ I was suddenly awoken from my day dreaming. I turned around and saw Nymph looking worried at me.

‘Why are you up?’ She asked and came a bit closer.

‘I couldn’t sleep.’ I answered and gave her a weak smile.

‘Does this have to do with Malfoy and your peppermint conversation?’ she questioned as she gave me a weak smile.

‘Yeah. I guess. I just …. I don’t know if I’m ready to talk …’ I began but she interrupted me by putting a hand on my back, tender.

‘I will be here when you are.’ She smiled. I gave her a heartwarming smile.

‘Just don’t let him get to you, Rose. I don’t want to see you get hurt.’

I snorted. ‘No chance.’ I said, being my typical self. She smiled at me.

‘Let’s get some sleep …’ she said as we both returned to our beds.

She was right. I shouldn’t let him get to me … But somehow deep inside I knew it was too late. He had gotten under my skin. 

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Project H: The one with all the unwanted attention


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