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The Last Keepers Of The Light by bellatrixlestrange123
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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 A/N- Okay so to  clear up any confussion, this story is set after the death of Voldemort and after the war. just in case anyone was wondering :)


Chapter two:

I couldn’t believe myself. How could i have done that? I thought i was stronger than to reveal secrets under torture. I had been raised to never ever give up the one thing that my family had given their whole lives for. It was my life now; my parents were dead. The role had passed onto me. There was, however, one good news. No news is good news, my parents had taught me. But this however, was the one thing that sort of put a veil over the mistake i had made. Yaxley seemed to think the object My family guarded was The Holy Grail. In fact, it was anything but. However, Yaxley now knew that i was in possession of a similar item.

And now he was sure to torture me until i told him.

I would have to make sure that i kept my mouth shut, he couldn’t find it or anything about it. The consequences would be disastrous.

Yaxley sighed, his face was twisted up and the corners of his lips curled upwards, “You have one more chance, tell us where you hide the Grail, and we’ll...spare you”

If by spare he meant that he would give me a quicker death than if I didn’t tell him. Then his offer wasn’t exactly pleasing.

I crossed my arms infront of me, leaning back further into the seat. Yaxley wouldn’t kill me. He couldn’t. I was the last person alive that had information leading him to what he wanted. I was valuable and he knew it.

But that wouldn’t stop him from torturing me.

Truth was, i was scared. I was terrified and maybe the reason i crossed my arms wasn’t to come across as daring but rather to stop my self from shaking. Yaxley was scary and he wouldn’t hesitate to curse me right there and have everyone jeer at me whether they wanted to or not.

I had to tread carefully, for my sake.

I decided to choose my words carefully, turning them over and over in my mind until they sounded good enough, “If you’re so interested in what you call the Holy Grail, why not look into my mind, i’m sure you’ve mastered legilimancy”  

This struck a nerve with Yaxley and no one noticed the muscle that jumped in his jaw. Everyone knew Yaxley wasn’t a legilimens. He was practically illiterate for the most part. The only knowledge he had was the one Voldemort had force fed down his throat. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. Yaxley must have known that I had been trained in the art of occlumency since I was five years old. My mother had taught me everything i knew. She had been able to penetrate my mind with legilimancy in order to teach me how to repel such an attack. So far, I had not cracked. I was sure though, that I was close.

Yaxley kept his voice calm though the little crack in his tone did not go unnoticed by Draco who looked at Yaxley through hooded eyes, listening to his every word as he made up an excuse as to why he had not tried to penetrate my mind, “The mind is not a book, Miss Blanc,  to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of the skull. The mind is complex and layered, not easily perused by any invader”

I shrugged, taken aback by my own courage, “Well then I guess you are never going to find out”

Yaxley’s face instantly flashed with anger and something else, disappointment? His grip tightened around his wand and from where i was sitting across from him, I could see he was gripping it so hard his knuckles had turned white, threatening to pop out from under his skin.

He nodded to someone behind me. Jugson.

As expected, in a second i felt rough hands grab me by the back of my collar, dragging me from the chair and pulling me out, dragging me across the room to where Yaxley sat. I clenched my teeth together. Trying my hardest to look even slightly brave. Jugson loosened his grip on me and pushed me towards Yaxley, the last thing i wanted was to land in his lap. Instead I threw myself on my knees. I might have looked like a submissive little girl kneeling in front of him but it was sure as hell better than being in his lap. I glanced at up at him and he smiled at me. A sickly sweet smile, like sugar venom. He resembled the look my father used to give me when I would do something like break a vase or a glass. A fake smile and a scolding. I felt a sudden pang in my chest as I remembered my father and my skin crawled knowing i was leaning in front of the man who had killed him.

I felt Yaxley’s gruff hand on my chin, forcing me to look into his dark eyes. His eyebrows were set in a frown I tried not to look at the ugly scar that ran down his face. I could hear Liana snickering next to me, her high heels inches from my face.

“Remember that if you had been cooperative, this sticky situation might have been avoided” He winked at me and I resisted the urge to vomit on his shoes. I wondered what type of punishment that would get me in. He roughly pushed my face away from him and my head missed the leg of the table by an inch. I felt the familiar tug of my collar and yet again I was being dragged away by Jugson. He lead me out of the room, away from the silent snickers from the death eaters around the table. I cast a look back at Draco too see he was still looking at his lap before Jugson slapped my head back to facing the front. This time, i was being lead a different way. Away from my cell. Where was he taking me?

Jugson lead me deeper into the manor, a part that looked like it hadn’t been inhabited for hundreds of years. He led me down a corridor that looked like it had been abandoned and never visited again. Portraits hung on the walls on either side, however the faces in the pictures had been blurred. And there was something else. The portraits didn’t move. Only adding to the stillness and eeriness of the place. There was a thick layer of dust on every surface and even though it was mid day by now, the corridor lay in darkness. Jugson led me round a corner and down a set of stairs, the stairs wobbled and creaked slightly under me and i wondered if that was because they were made that way and had withheld years of abuse or weather they were simple crying under jugson’s weight. The previous brick walls slowly turned into cobblestone the deeper you went down the stairs. Suddenly we were standing in yet another corridor. Except this time it made my heart feel like it was clawing to get out of my throat and run. My legs felt like they’d been hit with the jelly legs curse. I did not want to go any further into the corridor.

Except I had no choice. Jugson himself seemed tense, is eyes darted around in their sockets as he led me to the end of the corridor, There was only a single door and Jugson unbolted it quickly, shoving me inside.

“Have fun” he sneered, the last thing i saw before the door closed behind me were his daring eyes.

I was left to stare at the darkness around me, it was nothing but blackness. My eyes soon settled, a single window had been cut into the walls, again, very close to the ceiling.

The room must be deep in the heart of the manor. It explained the unusually high ceilings. As soon as my heart stopped jumping around in my chest i took the time to stare around the room. There was no bed, no nothing. Just four walls and myself. Huh, what else had I expected. The walls were cobblestone, exactly like the walls outside in the corridor, from what i had saw before, the door looked like it was at least half a metre thick and i wondered how Jugson had opened it as easily as if it was a curtain. Moss grew out of the crevices. My stomach lurched when i saw the chains lying on the walls with hammered metal shackles on the floor. There was a strange cold that surrounded the back of the room. On the side of the wall, there was a black stain. It made me shudder to think of what it probably was. I sat down to the wall nearest to the door. My heart had started hammering again and the feeling of nausea rose up in me again. I realised I had never, ever been so scared before in my whole life.

I awoke much later, feeling very groggy. I was slumped against a stone wall, and my neck throbbed from being bent at an awkward ankle. I straightened myself out, remembering my surroundings. The room was darker now, it was probably night. I must have been out for a good few hours. Feeling very stiff, no doubt from having slept on a cold stone floor, I got to my feet and walked over to the door. The thick wooden door had no handle. I let out a groan and trailed back to my wall. I sat down heavily and tried vainly to make myself comfortable.

“Good evening” said a voice and i jumped. My eyes darting around the room. I instinctively reached for my wand before remembering that obviously it wasn’t there. I couldn’t help but feel stupid.

My mouth was dry and my palms sweaty. Bar me, there was no one in the room? Maybe it came from outside?

I stood up, crossing the room towards the door, “Who is it?” I bent down on the floor, trying to look for shadows under the door frame but I couldn’t see anyone.

“Over here Miss Blanc” i froze. That voice definitely did not come from behind the door. Someone was inside the room with me. The thought made my blood run cold.

I turned over so now i was sitting on the floor with my back to the door. In front of me was someone-something that seemed to literally rise from the ground. The figure was shrouded in a dark cloak, the hood and the darkness hiding his face. But i didn’t think it mattered because something told me he didn’t have a face. He was tall. Taller than me anyway and his neck seemed to blend into his shoulders which seemed to blend into the rest of body. The stranger didn’t have feet and if he did they were covered in a cloud of black smoke. But it was this that made my heart stop in my chest. It was the pair of perfectly rounded red eyes that glared at me from under his hood.

“What do you want from me?” I had planned to sound brave but my words came out in nothing more than a whisper.

“Miss Blanc I think you already know that” He stayed perfectly still, almost like a statue.

I wondered if I was loosing my mind.

“I wish to know about the Holy grail”

I felt like I couldn’t breathe, “There is no Grail”

The stranger laughed. I noticed he had a wand. “Let’s get past this..Dishonesty, Miss Blanc” His fingers curled around his wand, “Why don’t you just start from the beginning and tell me everything?”

Despite the terror that had taken over me. I purser my lips and looked him straight in the eyes. Crossing my arms firmly over my chest, just like I had done before Yaxley.

The stranger’s eyes didn’t change, neither did they show surprise, “Ahh, I thought maybe you would have been a lot more cooperative, No matter” He raised his wand, “Crucio”

Pain engulfed me and even though i tried not to make a sound. A scream escaped me. I pushed my head back onto the floor. Digging my nails into the stone. Groaning from the anguish. He stopped fairly quickly and I lay panting on the floor, the adrenaline wearing off slowly. The pain remained as a heaviness in my bones. Like I had just thrown myself in front of the Hogwarts Express.

“Now, All you have to do is tell me everything you know, and you can return home, That is all I ask Miss Blanc” His voice was calm, his face still engulfed in darkness. I looked up at him as i lay on the floor. I could have sworn his eyes were mocking me.

I glared at him. But held my silence.

His voice was silky smooth, “Crucio”

The pain took over me again, worse than last time. The curse seemed to course through every vein in my body. My vision hazed and I hated myself for being so venerable in front of the stranger. I could hear him laughing. Or maybe i was the one laughing. Maybe I had finally crossed border line masochist and finally turned insane. Laughing at my own pain.

It went on like this for a while. Short rushed of pain and then a chance for me to obey him. Which I would not take. When I no longer had the strength to even raise my head off of the floor, the lowered his wand and stared at me. For the first time since he had shown himself, he moved his head. Turning it to look straight at me. “I’ll see you soon Miss Blanc, next time, have more sense”

With that he materialised back into the ground.

I lay panting on the ground, clutching my head with both my hands. Maybe if I squeezed it hard enough my headache might disappear.  My stomach growled with hunger and i wondered how long I’d been lying there. It felt like hours.

I closed my eyes for a second and tried to think of a way out. Something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me to tell the truth but i knew that that was not an option. Telling the truth would destroy everything that my family had worked for, given their lives for. If Yaxley found the object, which he seemed to think was a challace, he would become the most powerful wizard in the world. Scratch that, the most powerful person in the world. Despite his immense stupidity, He would still be immortal. Even if you gave a troll the gift of immortality, it would soon find a way to conquer the world. And then it occurred to me. I could lie. Yaxley thought that the object he was after was a chalice. Why not lie and feed him stories about a random chalice and send him on the search for it? When Yaxley went out to search for it, he would surely bring me along. As soon as i was outside of the manor, i could find a way to escape. I could go anywhere. Be free. The thought made me dizzy with greed. It also didn’t matter how skilled of a legilimens the stranger was, he couldn’t see into my mind, if he could he would have tried that already.

I small wave of relief washed over me, I pulled myself into a sitting position, my legs aching from the torment they had been put through. A small smile etched it self on my lips. I sat and waited for the stranger patiently. 

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The Last Keepers Of The Light: Chapter Two


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