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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 15 : The Longest Day
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Chapter 15

Rose slammed the door to her closet so hard that she swore it shook the whole house. She was beyond furious and grateful that no one was home. Staring at herself in the mirror, she hadn’t anticipated having to go anywhere that would involve a dress so she had to buy one. It was yellow and strapless, and cut off right at her knee. Having just dug out one of her old white cardigans and highest heels from the back of her closet, she slipped on the shoes, and had a right mind to go shove her foot up his arse.

Removing the cardigan she tossed it onto her bed and examined herself in the mirror again. As much as she was dreading going to this baby shower, the only bright side that she could find was that she was going to fulfill her lifelong goal of killing Scorpius Malfoy when it was over. Screw the fact that she loved him, today she was going to kill him. Also seeing as how her father still hated him, because Weasley’s hold grudges, there was a good chance that he could get her out of serving any Azkaban time. It was a win win.

She had no clue how she was feeling, everything was building up inside of her, she knew that she wanted to kill him, but that was about it. Grabbing her hair brush off her dresser, she roughly began to yank it thorough her red curls.

Rose could feel her breaths become loose and quick as she continued to brush the same spot, her face becoming red. She was hitting her breaking point and before she knew it she had whipped around and screamed throwing the brush into the mirror hearing as it shattered into tiny little pieces.

Her hands flung, to cover her face, as she felt herself become numb. She remained very still, the only sound coming from a birds chirping outside her window. With her eyes closed it felt like nothing had happened, that she wasn’t about to have to clean up the mess that she had just made, and that Scorpius Malfoy hadn’t actually lied to her. With her eyes closed everything could go back to normal for the slightest of moments.

Grasping onto that feeling she held it, reminding herself to keep her emotions together. Taking a deep calming breath she lowered her hands and just stared at the mess on the floor. The only thought going through her mind being how could he do this to me?


“Why didn’t you to tell me?” Scorpius whispered loudly. He understood why Stacy never told him about what happened the night before the wedding. She would have only been on decent terms with him for a little less than six months, and would have felt that it wasn’t her place to mention it. Bryan and Vivian on the other hand didn’t have an excuse.

Vivian’s posture straightened as she smoothed out the front of her bright red sun dress, her blond hair down and make up perfectly done. Bryan looked at her awkwardly, attempting to mentally match their stories from that night. His mouth was slightly crooked as he turned back to Scorpius, who stood in the middle of the baby’s nursery with his arms crossed, and his eyes fixed on the two of them.

He waited for his answer “You know that Lexie heard all of that?” he added, his own words bringing him back to the memory of how Lexie felt that night.

If Scorpius had known what he was saying about Rose the night before, he would have called off the wedding immediately the next morning. Obviously because he hadn’t gotten his feelings under control like he thought he had.

It was a fact that he would always love Rose, it was a piece of him that had become a permanent part of his soul. The thing was that before he found the picture of her, he had learned to adjust his love, putting it away within him, making him incapable of falling in love with another person. Scorpius had figured out how to live and go about his life as long as he didn’t think about Rose.

It took years but eventually he got to the point where he could just avoid her entirely. He had become use to the feeling that something was missing, that a chunk of his heart was tucked away. By the time that he started to date Lexie he was accustomed to his way of living and feeling.

Even though his ability to fall in love was gone, he had been able to be happy with Lexie. They were a good match and compatible in a lot of ways. There was a point when he was excited about getting married and spending his life with her. Sure he didn’t love her, but he did do everything in his power to make her feel like he did, to make her know that she was special to him, and to make her happy. Making Lexie happy made him happy, she had filled a void that was in him, he could confide in her and trust her to no end. Over time he had grown to love her in the way that he loved Bryan and Vivian as a dear friend, and it grieved him that he couldn’t give her more.

In all honesty he did want to love her. He never did try, but it would not have made a difference if he had, he knew that that part of him was taken away. Rose had his heart but Lexie had everything else. Scorpius would have spent his entire life giving into her every desire so that she would stay happy if it hadn’t been for that bloody picture.

Finding that picture was his undoing, sure if someone accidentally mentioned Rose, it would bring up old feelings, and he would become distant for a few days, but he always bounced back. However seeing her, remembering that day in the library with the camera, remembering the way she looked at him, and how when she lowered the camera she leaned in to kiss him so softly and tenderly, the parts of her that no one else was ever allowed to see but him. Having all of those memories flood back all at once, was like a an unlocking spell. Everything came back to him, feelings that he didn’t even remember that he had, emerged.

After that he could not get Rose out of his mind. He tried he honestly did try, but it was as if every wall that he had ever built up had been shattered, and he was digging through the rumble attempting to salvage it. He didn’t know what to do with himself; he would spend his nights in his office attempting to figure out what he was going to do. A part of him knew that if he couldn’t straighten out these feelings fast he was going to have to call off the wedding. The idea of doing that killed him because he knew it would hurt Lexie but it was better than her continuously getting hurt by him.

Ironically, the night that he had officially decided to call off the wedding was the night that Lexie came to talk to him in his office. Scorpius had planned on talking to her in the morning, but when she came in and he saw how much pain he was putting her through, something clicked inside of him. Suddenly his mind went into construction and those walls were slowly starting to rebuild themselves, of course it took time, but every day he thought less and less about Rose. The day before his wedding he hadn’t thought about her at all, or so he thought, and he truly believed that he would be able to get back to where he was.

So here Scorpius stood five months later, interrogating his friends on the events of that night, curious about what they had to say for themselves. Vivian shifted her eyes to the floor staring at a hideous blue duck that was on the carpet “We knew that you would call off the wedding.” She mumbled.

Scorpius nodded his head, indicating that she would have been right about that. Cocking his eyebrow to Bryan, he tapped his foot waiting for more of the answer. “We thought that we were helping you, we spent years watching you pine over Rose and then when you started dating Lexie it just stopped.” He paused to glance at Vivian again, remembering the night in the hotel room. Stacy had gone to sleep and he and Vivian stayed up discussing what they should do. Ultimately they decided to keep it quiet if Scorpius didn’t remember.

Taking a breath Bryan said exactly what they had said that night. “When you and Lexie were planning the wedding you seemed so happy and free and we didn’t want you to lose that because of a few drunken words.”

He released a low breath “Alright, but what I don’t understand is that you knew it was the truth?” Scorpius wasn’t blaming them for allowing him to marry her. That was something that he should have never done to begin with, because he didn’t love her. But these were his best friends and they should have told him and let him decide what to do.

Vivian spoke softly, rubbing her arm. “We thought that if you married her you could learn to love her and fully move on.”

Shaking his head Scorpius sighed “That’s where you would have been very wrong, because the second I said I do, I had never been more aware of the massive mistake that I made.”

That was the one thing that he never anticipated. What would happen the moment that he married her? Lexie was right about one thing, their marriage wouldn’t have lasted a year. Even if he hadn’t seen that picture, the moment that she put that ring on his finger, those walls were going to come crashing down anyways, and they were never going to be rebuilt.

“We’re sorry,” Vivian finally said. “If we had any idea that all of the stuff that was going to happen we…”

Scorpius shrugged his shoulders to cut her off “It’s fine really,” He paused thinking of how to describe his next words. “In some weird way I think that this was all supposed to happen.”

“What makes you say that?” Bryan asked shoving his hands into his pockets.

Scorpius smiled to himself about to speak, when a soft tapping came from the door and Stacy peeped her head inside. “People are starting to arrive,” she said to all of them even though her words were more pointed at Bryan.

Letting the door swing open, it revealed her soft white dress with light purple flowers on it. Bryan’s face lit up at the sight of her. Instinctively he walked over to his wife and kissed her with a huge grin, tenderly caressing her bulging stomach with his hand.

Scorpius had never seen Bryan so happy in his life. The way he looked at Stacy, with so much love and joy…it was almost inspiring. At that moment every thought in Bryan’s mind was devoted to Stacy and the baby, the fact that Scorpius hadn’t answered his question had been forgotten.

Catching the pained expression on Vivian’s face, as the happy couple left the room Scorpius said “You made your choice Vivian,”

“I know,” she said breathlessly, her voice slightly choked. Her mind going back to the night that she broke up with him, Bryan was fast asleep in bed, and she left behind a note that said I’m Sorry, along with the engagement ring that he had given her only hours before.

Remaining very still, Vivian held back her tears. “I made the right choice,” she reminded herself.

Reaching out Scorpius gave his friends hand a tight squeeze, inclining his head to the door, implying that they should get down stairs with the rest of the people. Vivian motioned one moment, needing a second to herself to pull herself together.

Right before Scorpius was to leave Vivian asked “What makes you think that everything was supposed to happen the way it did?”

Scorpius met Vivian’s eyes. If he had called off the wedding he never would have left, if Lexie had never gotten pregnant he still wouldn’t have left London. It was the fact that Lexie was pregnant with someone else’s baby and that his marriage was over after only two months that made him leave. Everything happening all at once that made him need to take a break from his life for a while, and what he ended up finding was the one person that he couldn’t be without. “Because I found Rose,” he said simply.


Scorpius walked down stairs, hearing Stacy happily greet guest at the door. Rounding the corner he saw Rose. She had on a bright smile and gave Stacy an awkward hug, nodding her head to whatever it was that Stacy had said.

Pointing out where to go, Stacy turned to greet another guest. Rose stayed in the foyer taking a deep breath. Scorpius gave a polite nod as people shuffled past him to get to the living room. Slowly the room emptied out leaving only Rose and Scorpius in it.

He knew that she could feel him watching her. She shifted awkwardly and tucked a loose curl behind her ear, refusing to meet his eyes. His stomach began to feel heavy, and his pulse began to race with worry. Taking note of the white bandage that was wrapped around the palm of her left hand. Something was definitely wrong, and he wasn’t moving until she told him.

Scorpius moved to walk over to her and find out, but quickly she stiffened her posture and kept her eyes focused directly in front of her. Taking careful steps she walked right past him, without even an acknowledgement.


The baby shower had gone on for a few hours now. Rose stood in the corner of the living room watching as Stacy and Bryan opened the gifts. She had thought that she could handle this, but she was starting to believe otherwise. Feeling Scorpius’ eyes burn into her was almost unbearable. She had felt them from the moment that she walked through the threshold, and had successfully avoided them so far. She wanted to hex him right off the bat, but thought that it would be rude to ruin Stacy and Bryan’s day. So instead she remained polite and quiet, occasionally glancing down to her gold watch, waiting for the appropriate moment to make her exit.

Rose sighed, feeling the stinging from the cut on the palm of her hand. She had used her wand to clean up most of the mess, from the mirror but a spare piece slipped as it was falling in the trash can. Without even thinking, her fast reflexes reached out to snatch it, leaving a large gash on her hand. She was going to heal it before she left, but after very unsuccessful hunt to find a healing potion in her parents’ house she gave up, assuming that they probably stored them in her parents’ medicine cabinet, which she was not about to go looking through. She had learned that lesson the hard way about seven years ago when she found a bottle of Viagra in there, apparently wizards have that problem with age as well. Needless to say that was a mental image that she really didn’t need on top of everything else that was going on in her life.

They had just finished opening the snow globe music box that she had gotten them, with a miniature Diagon Alley and wizards that flew on their broom sticks whenever the music played. Seeing their last gift on the table she was preparing herself to leave.

“I think that’s it,” Bryan said happily as he laid the knitted blanket on the table.

“Actually I have one more,” Vivian said from beside Scorpius. “For Stacy actually,” The whole room nearly went silent, keeping their eyes on Vivian, knowing that she was Bryan’s ex-girlfriend.

Stacy had a confused look on her face, “You didn’t have to get us anything else, you already gave us that stroller in June.”

Standing up Vivian reached for a large flat package that was placed between the couch and the side table, “Well that was when I didn’t think I was going to be able to come to the shower, but since I was able to make I thought I should bring something.” She handed the gift to Stacy.

Bryan eyed her suspiciously. He had it on good authority that Vivian didn’t do surprise gestures just out of the goodness of her heart, there had to be a catch.

Stacy picked away at the paper, neatly folding it until she got to a white cardboard box. Looking inside Stacy gasped covering her mouth with her hand as she stared at Vivian.

Vivian had a smile on her face, an actual sincere smile. It was odd because Rose had never seen Vivian give an expression that was anything other than a scowl or a sinister smirk. This smile softened her face and Rose could see just how beautiful she was. It was shocking to say the least.

Bryan moved some of the tissue paper aside to see what it was. A surprised look covering his own face he looked to her and grinned, taking out what was in the box. “When did you do this?”

“When you two weren’t looking.” She replied.

Picking up the large frame, Bryan examined the picture closely before showing it to the room.

It was a picture from the World Cup. Fans were going crazy, immersed in the game, but in the center was Bryan who was knelt down on the concrete of the stadium, with his hands on either side of Stacy’s stomach and his forehead gently rubbing across it. Slowly Bryan lifted his head and smiled to Stacy as she smiled back down to him, stringing her fingers through his hair, neither one noticing that a game was even going on. It was a picture that captured just how in love and happy they were.  

Stacy was the first to move as she awkwardly pushed herself up from the couch and hugged Vivian, taking her off guard. It took a moment but eventually Vivian hugged Stacy back, “I really am happy for you,” she said directly to Bryan, understanding that he always doubted her when she said it before, and for good reason.

Letting go Stacy wiped away a loose tear as Bryan stood to hug Vivian as well. “I take back every statement I ever said about you not having a heart.”

Vivian laughed “I’m glad you like it.”

The moment was so sweet that Rose had almost forgotten about what had occurred that day. She didn’t even feel Scorpius come up beside her and whisper “You know don’t you?”

Everything coming back to her, she shot her eyes up to him with a deathly glare. It was a look that he hadn’t seen from her in years, one that truly said that she wanted him dead. Whipping around she walked out of the room, listening as he followed.


“Rose,” Scorpius called after her, the second that they were outside.

She just kept on walking, not caring if he’d almost caught up to her.

“Rose,” he said again, rushing up to her and grabbing her by the shoulder.

Screeching she turned around and punched him, “YOU BASTARD,” she yelled.

“Will you please let me explain.” He attempted to reason.

“What the hell is there to explain, you're MARRIED!” Her face was red.

Scorpius responded “I filed for divorce before I even left London. I was waiting for Lexie to sign the papers before I told you.”

“When?” Rose demanded.

Scorpius looked to the ground “This morning,”

Rose felt as if she had just been slapped in the face, “So let me get this straight, you slept with me and then went and got your divorce?" She looked at him disgusted “You’re sick,” she spat, turning around not wanting to hear any more of his explanations.

“Rose wait,” he ran after her grabbing ahold of her arm right before she apperarated.


Matt and Carla sat in the room that they were staying in at the Weasley house, Rex was in the corner. The three of them laughing at some joke that Matt had said, when they heard a loud crash that jolted all of them to attention.

“What was that?” Carla asked nervous.

Both Matt and Rex looked to the door, hearing a loud scream along with another crash. “That sounds like Rose,” commented Rex, the three of them jumping up and rushing to the door.

Coming to the bottom of the stairs they stopped and ducked as a vase came flinging towards them crashing into the wall.

Matt and Carla had shocked looks on their faces, while Rex only seemed to stiffen at the sight. Looking up they saw Rose, who was yelling at the pale blond haired figure, whose back was facing to them, and they knew it was Scorpius.

“Do you know how much of a fool I feel like?" she yelled, throwing a picture frame at him. “You have been lying to me for months,"

Dodging the frame, Scorpius took a step towards her “I swear I was going to tell you,”

“Why didn't you tell me? I gave you chance after chance and instead you chose to lie to me," She shouted loud enough that the whole neighborhood could probably hear her.

“Because I didn’t want to hurt you,” Scorpius yelled back.

“LIKE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!” Rose paused, taking a deep shaking breath, looking into his eyes. Scorpius wanted to look away from the pained expression on her face but that would have been an easy way out. He deserved to get this look of hatred from her, and it killed him to see it.

Her hand trembled as a tear fell from her eye “You hurt me Scorpius,” her voice was hoarse from screaming. “You really hurt me and I trusted you,” she didn’t even bother wiping her eyes, her makeup smearing down her face.

“I am so sorry,” he said filling the distance between them and grabbing a hold of her.

“Please don’t touch me,” she said trying to take a step backwards but he wouldn’t let her go. “Please,” she begged, feeling his arms snake around her. She attempted to push him away, but was weak. Sobbing she whispered please into his chest, his arms only tightening onto her.

Couldn’t he see what he was doing to her? That this betrayal of his was killing her? Her knees were becoming weak as she lost her balance. Scorpius lowered them to the ground, so that he was on his knees, holding her against him. She shook uncontrollably as she cried, soaking his shirt, he didn’t care.

“I wish I could take it back, I do,” he said softly into her hair. It was unbearable to see her like this, and even though she wanted him to let her go, he couldn’t. Scorpius was the only one who had ever seen her this upset, and he was the only one who knew how to handle her like this.

Matt and Carla were stunned by the sight in front of them, they had never seen Rose so much as shed a tear, and yet here she was breaking down right in front of them. Not even Rex had seen her this bad before, unlike Matt and Carla though, he wasn’t so motionless. Rushing down the stairs he grabbed Scorpius by the collar, “I believe she wants you to let her go,”

Scorpius spun around and punched Rex square in the jaw. “You think you know what she needs!" he yelled inching closer to Rex’s face, his jaw locked. “I have loved her for six years. I know more about her than you could ever dream.”

Rex lunged towards Scorpius, slamming them both into the wall “Don't you say that, don't you dare say that," he spat, giving Scorpius the darkest look that he could muster up.

“You think that she wants to be left alone," Scorpius pointed to Rose, “I can tell you right now that there is a huge difference between what she wants and what she needs, and right now she needs me!" he shouted.  “She may hate me, but when she breaks down she needs someone to help her get back up," He gave Rex a threatening eye “So if you ever gave a damn about her in your pathetic little life, I advise that you let me go,” he snarled.

Rex glared at Scorpius a second more before releasing his hold. Jerking away Scorpius rushed back to Rose. She hadn’t seemed to even notice what had occurred between Rex and Scorpius. Her hands were covering her face as she took large breaths, having cried out all that she had.

Kneeling in front of her, Scorpius let his arms rest on her shoulders, pressing his forehead against her. “Rose,” he whispered. Rose only shook her head, not wanting to hear his voice. Sighing he scooted closer to her, and readjusted the weight of his arms, so that his thumbs were against the base of her neck. “Rose you know that I love you, you know that I never stopped.”

Rose’s hands shook as she lowered them, letting them sit on her knees. Keeping her eyes closed, she sniffled attempting to recover any sort of emotions that she may have.

Moist breath beat against Scorpius’ skin. Raising his hand to the back of her head he held her still. “Love, look at me, please look at me,” he begged, his heart pounding inside his chest. He wasn’t sure how this was going to end for him, but if she knew that he loved her, if she believed that he never stopped, then he would be content in life, not matter the outcome. But giving up and not even trying wasn’t an option.

She struggled against his forehead, squeezing her eyes before opening them. “There are so many reasons why I am getting a divorce but they all come back to you, because I could never let you go, just like the part of you that couldn’t let me go.”

“You lied to my face, asking me to trust you, knowing that you were going to hurt me,” Her voice was barely a whisper “How could you do that to me?” she lowered her head onto his shoulder, unable to look at him for more than a few moments.

Protectively clutching her body, he cradled her “Because I’m a stupid idiot.” He breathed “I have been lost without you for six years and finally when I found you everything seemed to fall back into place. In the beginning I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to talk about it, and you seemed so adamant on not letting me in, that I didn’t think it mattered, but as we became closer things changed. For the first time in years I remembered what it was like to love, and to touch, and to feel. To be yours, and that wasn’t something I could let go of easily.” Strumming his fingers through her hair “I knew that I needed to tell you, but by the time that point came, so much had happened so quickly and I didn’t know how.”

He lowered his eyes so that he could see her face “How do you tell the love of your life something that you know is going to break their heart?”

“I did when I broke up with you,” Rose stammered.

Scorpius only nodded his head “Yes, and you are much stronger than I have ever been.”

Rose was quiet for a minute, her cheeks becoming a lighter shade of pink as she calmed down. She could sense the eyes that were on her, even though the room was silent she felt like she was in a stadium, full of screaming people. Breathing, she could kill Scorpius for this, she really could, but at the moment she didn’t have the energy or strength, to even let him go, let alone kill him.

He tried to judge her emotions, but was unsuccessful. The only thing he was certain about was the fact that she had calmed down and actually spoke to him. Rocking her slowly, the two of them remained silent and still, not caring about the other people in the room. That was until they heard “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE,” come from Ron Weasley’s voice.

Scorpius stiffened at the sound of the man who hated him with a passion. Rose slowly raised her eyes to her parents, who had shopping bags in their hands. The concerned look on her mother’s face was frightening as she stared at her husband. Shifting her eyes to her father, she was nervous. His face was bright red with a dark, terrifying look in his eyes, he looked as if he was about to burst

Carefully Scorpius began to stand up bringing Rose to her feet with him. Rose was practically immobile as her breaths became shaky, unsure of what to say.  

Looking from Rose and then to Scorpius, Ron couldn’t stand to see Scorpius hold her in such a tenderly way. “You get the hell out of my house," he yelled.

Scorpius’ eyes were wide, he remembered the first time that her father had found out. But this time was worse, much worse. He hadn’t been holding her, or just broken her heart. He hadn’t been so scared that the man would rip him apart with his bare hands. Gently he loosened his grip on Rose. Not wanting to put her though any more pain than he already had, he was sure that this argument was the last thing that she needed. Scorpius thought, that in letting her go, he might be able to spare her from at least that. Especially since she hated him anyways.  

Rose was upset and heartbroken, but as she looked at the hatred in her father’s eyes, she tightened her grip around Scorpius, surprising them both. Speechless, Scorpius stared into her eyes “Are you sure?” he asked, still in shock that she would want him to stay.

She couldn’t count how many ways he had hurt her that day, and a large part of her hated him with every fiber in her being, for doing this to her. However a small part of her wasn’t ready to lose him just yet. She had a fear that if he walked out that door, then he would disappear from her life forever, and as much as she wanted to hurt him, she wasn’t sure if she could handle that.

Rose waited a moment, thinking it over, she loved her father but she loved Scorpius, no matter how much he screwed up she was always going to love him. Even though she didn’t forgive him, and she wasn’t sure that she ever would, she found herself forced to make a decision. Twisting the fabric from the back of his shirt in her hand, she looked deep into Scorpius’ eyes, searching through his fears, and his concerns, and his love. Giving a slight nod that only he noticed, she looked away. Making the decision that she should have made years ago, the one to stand up and fight for him.

Tightening his arms protectively around her once more, Scorpius’ mind was reeling. He wasn’t sure what made her do it, he wasn’t even sure if she knew why yet, but he didn’t care. After everything that had happened that day, she was choosing him. She had chosen him and that was all that mattered. Looking Ron Weasley dead in the eyes, Scorpius said “I’m not leaving without her,” as sternly as he could.

Ron’s face went from red to maroon in a matter of seconds. Rose had seen her father mad, but never like this. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER,” Neither one of them moved. Rose stared at her mother who was gripping her father’s shoulder.

“Daddy I love him,” she said as strong as she could “I may hate him right now, and I don’t know if I will ever get past it, but I know I love him. I know that I always will,” Her father’s eyes were narrowed to her with a look of not only disappointment but also disgust. “Is there any way that can you just accept that?” Regardless of what she felt for Scorpius at the moment, this was about her, and whether or not her father would be able to accept who she was.

“Rose this is…” Ron was trying to reason, only to be cut off.

“I know who he is, and I know why you think we shouldn't be together, I have only been reminded of it every day for the past six years." She yelled, feeling stronger in herself. “All of this hatred over a few fights and a name, which happened years ago!"

Lowering her voice she said “I’m not asking you if you like him, but I am asking, as your daughter, can you please just accept him?”

Her father remained eerily still, seeming to honestly think over the question. The whole room was on pins and needles waiting for his response. “No,” he said softly, not removing his gaze. “No, I can’t. I think that you will forever and always be better off without him.”

Rose shook her head and sighed, those words striking her where it hurt the most. “That’s where your wrong daddy,” she whispered shakily, “Because he is always with me, he is a part of me.” Meeting her father’s very serious gaze, she plucked up the courage to say “If you don’t accept him, then you don’t accept me, and I want nothing more to do with you.”

Ron’s face was pale; almost ghost like, for the first time in her life Rose had seen him absolutely speechless. Bowing his head, he dropped the bags that he was holding onto the ground, and turned around to leave. Slamming the door behind him.

Hermione raised her eye brows to her daughter, giving her a disapproving look. “Rose Weasley, whether you want to believe it or not your father loves you very much.”

“I know,” she straightened her stance, “But he wants me to be something that I’m not, and I can’t live like that anymore.”

There were certain places where Hermione knew not to intervene, and this was one of them. Walking forward she gave Rose’s shoulder a tight squeeze, along with a polite nod to Scorpius, and went into the kitchen, saying only the words “I’ll write you next week, like always.”

The room felt as if it had been sucked of all its air. Letting go of Scorpius shirt, Rose tugged away from his grasp, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Why did you do that?” Scorpius asked staring at her.

“Because for some undefinable reason I still love you,” she spat, her previous anger towards him returning.

Spinning on her heels, she turned to walk away, only to quickly stop and look back at him. “It's against my better judgment I have put my trust back in you.” Scorpius adverted his eyes to the floor in shame “If you ever want hope that I will forgive you, don’t dare use it against me again.”

Keeping a steady focus on her steps, Rose went to Rex, who had a hurt look in his eyes. Waiting for his approval, she encircled her arms around his neck “Thank you for having my best intentions in mind,” she spoke into his ear, regarding his attempt at chivalry with Scorpius.

Rex met her eyes, there was something almost relieved about them. She seemed completely different and yet she was the same “If it means anything, I am ready to try now.” It had taken her heart becoming shattered for her to realize that.

Feeling Matt and Carla’s eyes burning into hers, she knew that they had a thousand questions, but she wasn’t in the mood to answer. “I’m going to go pack.” She said smoothly “I think that this is about as much of London as I can take.”

Matt chuckled even though he shouldn’t have. Halfway up the stairs she looked down to the four people watching her, her hand firmly pressed against the wall “And for the record, I think this may have been the longest day of my life,” tapping her finger against the wall, she nodded in agreement with her statement, before continuing up the stairs.

A/N: Now for the chapter, what did you think? A bit of a shock? I thought it was. Please give me feedback about what you thought. So much happened in this chapter, what did you think of Scorpius little insight about what happened with Lexie? Also what about the Vivian, Bryan and Stacy thing, did i make Vivian slightly more likable? Then the fight between Rose and Scorpius? Not to mention the biggest thing, where Rose finally fought for him even under the circumstances.  Thank you so much for reading and please review. This is my favorite chapter so far and I really wany to know what you thought.

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Confronting Temptation: The Longest Day


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