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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 21 : 21- The Lost Chief
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21- The Lost Chief

Harry sat at his desk, head in his hands, exhausted from the past day’s work. His elbows were resting on two pieces of parchment. The larger of the two was scribbled with a mixture of arrows, circles and the names of Aurors that Harry had added to help him plan out the security for the International Confederation meeting the next day. The smaller piece merely had a short list of names. Augustus Rookwood, Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow and, Harry always felt sick at this particular name, Dolores Umbridge. Gawain had given this one to him from Marietta. The price for the Malfoy family.

The combination of assisting in placing the new anti-Amethyst Orb charm around Hogwarts, Azkaban, Gringotts and other areas that they thought would be a target for the Death Eaters. assigning Aurors to the next phase of trying to hunt down Preston Crabbe, a mountain of paperwork that included a report on what had happened at Grimmuald Place, the deaths of Natasha and Cole and the fact that he hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in days were all bringing out a fatigue in Harry.

He now had his eyes closed and his thoughts focused on Albert Kaman, all on Kingsley’s ordersfor the Minister had announced that there’d be a moments silence in remembrance to those who had died in the Quidditch attack.

Harry had been mentored by Albert Kaman ever since he had first joined the Aurors. Harry, Ron and Neville had been offered the job by Kingsley shortly after Voldemort’s death instead of returning to Hogwarts for their seventh year.
Because the number of Aurors had been more than halved during Voldemort’s reign, the three of them had skipped the three years training that most Aurors received and were instead offered to learn on the job. Gawain had mentored Nevillewhile Phillipa coached Ron and Albert trained Harry.

It was only shortly after Kaman had approached Harry that the Wizangamot had elected him Head of the Department, the same way they had done with Harry. Though despite this, he still found time for Harry.

As well as advanced magic, including Legilimency and innovative duelling spells, Albert had also taught Harry skills in stealth, had helped him develop his deduction and investigation tactics and had even allowed him to lead Neville and Ron on minor missions. It was Albert who had assigned the three of them the task of arresting Umbridge, understanding the fact that they had ‘unfinished business’ with her.

The more Harry thought, the more he remembered and the heavier his head seemed to get.

“Harry,” He heard a rough voice say and Harry’s eyes snapped open to Sirius’ voice. “Ginny wanted me to tell you that they’re now settled at the Burrow. Twelve Grimmauld Place is now completely abandoned again.”

“Thanks Sirius.” Harry said, rubbing his eyes. He would've like nothing better than to go to the Burrow and sleep, though he still had to bring the Aurors he had selected for the guard tomorrow up to date with the plans. As he rolled up the large parchment roll and stood up, Hermione burst through the door, breathing heavily. “Hermione, what’s wrong?” Harry said, thinking of another break-in, but Hermione simply stared at Harry.

“I just had a meeting with Kory. He’s asked me to be his Deputy Head.” The two stared at each other and a smile slowly crept up on Harry’s face. “I’m now the Deputy Head of the entire Department of Magical Law Enforcement.” And after a few more seconds silence, Hermione let out a scream and jumped to hug Harry. “I can’t believe it, of course I’ll miss the Department for the Control of Magical Creatures and I’ll need to rethink my writing schedule for The Tales of Beedle the Bard but just imagine what I could do for Magical Law.” She said in a rushed high pitched voice and Terry ran in through the door.

“Blimey, I thought someone was being attacked in here.” He said as he saw Hermione beaming at him.

“I’m the new Deputy Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department!” She shrieked again in an even higher tone and she ran at Terry and threw her arms round his neck. “Where’s Ron? I need to tell him.”

“He’s just got back from placing the new charm on Kingsley’s place.” And Hermione released him and ran off in search of Ron. “By the way, Harry” Terry said, recovering from Hermione’s assault. “A few of us are going down to Saint Mungo’s later, check up on Ernie and James. You coming down with us?”

“Yeh, of course.” Harry said catching Sirius’ eye and seeing him go to inform Ginny he’d be later than expected and he followed Terry outside the office to bring his Aurors up to date with tomorrow’s plans.

The trip to Saint Mungo’s was quick, despite the small group deciding to walk the journey. Harry, Terry, Neville and Gawain all approached the abandoned Muggle shop and Harry spoke to the display doll in the window.
“We’re here to see Aurors Ernie Mcmillan and James Williamson.” And, after the badly dressed doll gave a small nod, they walked through the window and into the Wizarding hospital’s reception. Susan, Naomi and Anthony were at the reception desk talking to the Welcome Witch, all completely cured of their ailments, though Naomi now had a fresh white head bandage.

“They’re on the first floor, in the Drake Garthon ward.” Susan said when she saw them and the seven of them walked up the stairs and through the first floor corridor noticing, as they reached the burns unit, the large number of people from the Quidditch match occupying the wards.
When they reached the correct ward, it was opened for them by a short blond man wearing lime green robes with the Saint Mungo’s sign of a bone crossed with a wand on it. The large white walled room had six occupants, one of whom had their curtains drawn around them. Ernie was lying in the closest bed to them and for a moment Harry thought Ernie had lucked out with his lack of injuries, until he saw Ernie’s full face. The entire right side of Ernie’s face had been brutally burned and, even though the burns were covered in a thick green paste, he could still see red and black splotches of skin on Ernie’s forehead, cheek and neck.

“About time.” Ernie murmured through half of his mouth with a slight grin. The other half, like the rest of the right side of his face, was covered in the green paste. As Susan, Naomi, Anthony, Neville and Terry all stood and sat round Ernie, Gawain’s attention seemed to be focused on the curtains closed around another occupant and Harry guessed that was where James resided. “Well, I guess I should take compliment in the fact that the Head of the Auror office has personally visited me.” Ernie said with half a grin and Harry felt relieved to hear the air of the old pompous tone in his speech and gave him a weak smile. “And where’s the new Deputy?”

“He and Phillipa are taking care of a possible lead on Crabbe. How’re you holding up?” Harry said.

“Better then some.” Ernie replied nodding his head in direction of the curtained up bed. “I’m not in as much pain as I was when I arrived and the Healers say they can save my hand and leg by re-growing the nerve endings but they also said that there’s going to be some permanent scaring.” Although it was obvious there would be scaring from his current condition, Harry could feel that he was not the only one who felt a pang of sorrow for Ernie.

“Williamson on the other hand is in a much worse condition. He got splashed by the Erumpent Horn Fluid in the explosion and it’s all they can do to keep him breathing.” While Ernie continued his conversation with the others, Harry saw Gawain walking towards the curtained off bed and followed him. They pulled back the curtain and Harry felt Gawain gasp silently beside him. Ernie had seriously understated Williamson’s condition. Several luminous green wires linked Williamson to a small grey contraption that had vials of multi-coloured potions sticking out of it that resided on his bed side table, each wire sticking into different black and red parts of his body. Very little of his face, chest and stomach were bare to them due to the bandages that were wrapped around him and although Harry was sure they were fresh, sticky, bloody stains were still being made on the white sheets on which he lay. His neck however, was tightly wrapped in a blue cloth and his once long, pony-tailed brown hair had now been completely shaved off. Though nothing made the hairs on Harry’s neck stand up on end more than the rasped struggling sound of Williamson’s breathing, as though he was fighting for every breath.

Gawain took a nearby chair and sat in it next to his fellow Chief and friend, a pained look on his face. “So, Harry” Harry heard Ernie call from the other side of the curtain. “Maybe you lot could bring me up to date with what the hell is going on in France and Scandinavia?”

The sound of Williamson’s breathing still in his ears, Harry and the others spent the next half hour bringing Ernie up to date with the goings on with the Death Eaters plans, including Marietta’s treachery. “Please tell me she is currently rotting in a cell in Azkaban.” Ernie said and Harry slowly explained the deal that Selwyn had set up for the Malfoys.

“You can’t be serious.” Ernie replied and he recoiled in pain as he made to move. “Am I really the only one who sees flaws in that plan?”
Harry was sure he was about to go through the same argument he had had with Kory mere hours ago, but before he could say a word, Susan had jumped.

“If the Malfoy’s have any information on the Death Eater’s plan, then we need to know, not to mention the fact there’s a one-year old amongst them.” At this, Ernie seemed to be looking for some kind of retort but when he saw Anthony, Terry, Naomi and Neville all agreeing with Susan, he seemed to falter.

“Come on mate, when have you known Harry’s judgement in these things to be wrong?” Terry remarked.

Ernie looked back and stared at Harry for a moment before saying “Do you honestly believe this is the right thing to do?” Harry stared back at him and, this time without feeling the forceful urge of his promise to Narcissa, he nodded.

“Yes, I do.”

“Well then,” Ernie said trying to straighten himself back to his usual haughty composure. “I suppose you have my full support too.” Harry smiled at Ernie, genuinely appreciating not only Ernie’s support but the support of the others as well. And an idea struck Harry’s mind as he remembered Kinsley’s first piece of advice to him when he became the Head of the Department.

“Visiting hours are almost over.” Said a female Healer at the door and Gawain, who had spent the entire time with Williamson, came from behind the curtain, white faced and looking as though he were about to be sick.

“We should be going.” He said sharply. No-one argued with him and they said their goodbyes to Ernie and, after promising to visit again soon, left the dorm.

“Anthony, Susan, Terry.” Harry called. “Can I have a word?” And the three of them held back as Neville and Naomi stayed with Gawain, who carried on towards the exit. “After seeing Williamson in this condition, I have my doubts that he’ll be returning which means right now, we only have two Chief Aurors.” Anthony and Terry stared inquisitively at Harry while Susan seemed to take in one big breath as Harry spoke. “Which is why I want to promote the three of you to Chief Aurors.” Simultaneously, Tarry and Anthony’s mouths gapped open as they gawped at Harry while Susan seemed to be letting out all the air she had breathed in in one long quit squeak and she flung her arms round Harry. The three men laughed at Susan’s response when their celebrations were cut short.

A high pitched noise erupted from the ward they had just left and they were quickly bustled out of the way by a group of Healers. The Healer that led the group had torn the curtain around Williamson’s bad to one side and started giving orders to the others.

For what felt like an eternity, the four of them watched as the Healers worked to save Williamson’s life, attempting to get him breathing again. The high pitched noise continued to go on in the background, refusing to become white noise.
When the noise eventually stopped, the Healers abandoned their attempts. The head of the group taped the machine Williamson was wired up to with his wand and the different potions that were in the vials vanished and the luminous green wires recoiled back into the machine like retreating snakes. He then turned to face the four Aurors that had been watching and shook his head to confirm the worse.


“I’m so sorry.” Harry said for what felt like the hundredth time to Gawain and Phillipa who both sat before him in his office, though it had about as much affect as it had done when he had first said it. Harry had wanted to deal with Gawain and Phillipa personally. Unfortunately for Susan, Anthony and Terry, their first responsibility as Chief Aurors was to announce Williamson’s death to the rest of the Aurors and Ron, who had returned after hitting a dead end with the lead on Crabbe, had sent the message out to those who were out on patrols.

“Did they say what killed him?” Phillipa finally said, her eyes reddened and puffy.

“I would’ve thought the Erumpent Fluid finally made its way to a major organ or something.” Gawain said stiffly, staring at the floor. Though Harry was finding it hard to watch two of the strongest people he knew in such a tired and weakened state, he couldn’t help but notice that Gawain seemed both upset and anxious at the death of his friend.

“I’ve asked the Healers to send word as soon as they’ve got a cause of death.” Harry said and standing up, he finished “I’ll arrange Portkeys straight from your houses to the meeting tomorrow. Get some rest.” And, after a hug from Phillipa and a nod from Gawain, the three Aurors departed the office. The fact ringing in Harry’s mind that in that one day, they had lost two Aurors, eleven Enforcers and the Head of their Magical Law Enforcement Department.

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The Battle of the Survivors : 21- The Lost Chief


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