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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 28 : Chapter Twenty-Eight
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"THREE LAPS OF THE PITCH!" Albus yelled over the down pour of rain that was soaking us to the skin.

I cursed at him under my breath as I started to jog, keeping pace with Charlie, who's our keeper. Al of course was running up front, ahead of all of us except Scorpius who was catching up to him. Charlie was saying something to me but I couldn't understand what because of the rain and then the thunder than rumbled above us.

Out of the seven of us I was fourth to finish, which totally surprised me considering I'm not that fit since having the twins and I haven't done any training.

"IN THE AIR!" Al yelled again and we collected our brooms from the changing rooms. I caught sight of myself in the one mirror; my robes were soaked, my hair was dripping wet and my face was red from the cold. I cursed Al again and went back to join the boys as I'm the only girl on the team.

I kicked off the ground which squelched and sprayed mud in all direction and even though it was raining I was glad to feel the wind on my face as I did a lap around the pitch.

"Oi, Flick!" Albus yelled at me and I came back towards the ground as he and the other joined me in the air. We all drifted so that we eventually formed a circle and Al chucked the Quaffle to me. "We're going to passing back and forth between each other; don't just go in a circle alternate."

I didn't pass it to Charlie who was next to me instead I threw it to Nathan who was opposite. Nathan passed it Scorpius who chucked it to Anthony who gave it to Al and so on. I was getting bored of doing this and in the end it was getting more difficult to see and I had to pull my goggles down which were on my head. They made things a lot easier to see, especially because Albus has put a charm on them to stop the rain fogging them up, something he learned off his father who got the spell from his aunt Hermione.

After I don't know how many rounds of throwing the Quaffle between us Al let split us up; the chasers and seeker against the keeper and beaters and let out both the snitch and a bludger. I just about caught sight of the little golden ball before it disappeared from my view and I hovered for a moment before speeding up towards where I thought I saw it go.

The rain was coming down even harder than before and I swear I saw some lightening as well as hearing thunder. It didn't take me long to spot the little gold fluttering ball which was hovering in the middle goalpost at the opposite end of the pitch to where Charlie was being keeper.

I sped up feeling the rain lash across my face and I ignored the numbness that was growing in my hands as I got closer and closer to the goalposts. It fluttered from the end one to the middle one and I made my move, accelerating forwards and zooming right through the middle post my numb fingers closing around the golden ball.

I looked around me and noticed that I couldn't see any of the others. I heard a roaring sound and out of nowhere the bludger came whizzing past my right ear. If I hadn't move in time I would probably be looking at a few nights in the hospital wing.

I let myself drift down so that the muddy pitch came into view again and then I saw Al calling the others in, in fact I could just about hear him yelling over the roar of the rain as I got closer. I touched down and put my broom over my shoulder.

"Well done everyone, considering the weather that was a good practice," he told us when Leo who was last joined us. I left the boys and went into the girls changing rooms; I looked up at the clock and saw we had been out for at least an hour and a half.

I put my broom down on one of the benches and went to my locker to get my towel, and shower stuff as well as my clothes. I peeled my wet and muddy uniform off of myself and chucked it into the washing basket for the house elves to pick up and headed for the showers.

I was happily humming to myself as I came out of the shower, wrapped in a big fluffy white towel. My hands were combing the knots out of my hair since I seemed to have misplaced my hairbrush which I could have sworn was here when I got in the shower.

"Looking for this?" A low husky voice said and I gripped my towel tighter as I span around to see Albus leaning against the door frame to the captain's office which links the two changing rooms and is normally locked.

I swear to god I locked it, I thought as I picked up my boot and threw it at him, "You complete arse, Albus Potter!" I exclaimed. My boot didn't even hit him as he caught it with ease and suddenly I was very aware that I was wearing nothing but a towel and he only had on a pair of jeans, slung low around his hips and a towel wrapped around his neck.

I opened my mouth to say something but my eyes trailed over his rather nice chest area and then I looked away fast and he chuckled. "Is my sexiness distracting you?" Al asked me as he came closer to me, closing the gap between us.

"You need to get out," I told him as I put my hand on his chest which was still a little damp.

"Why?" he asked giving me a cocky smile.

"Because this is the girls changing rooms and you're clearly not a girl," I stated and he chuckled again.

"Are you sure about that?" he murmured as he tried to pull me closer to him but before he could I moved out of his reach, grabbed my things off the side and ran into the toilet. I lent back against the door, my heart beating fast. "Come on, Flick," Al called.

"Give a girl some privacy, Potter," I shot back as I got myself dressed. It became quiet again and when I left the toilet I screamed because Albus was hiding around the corner, twirling my hairbrush in his fingers. "What is wrong with you, Potter, do you like scaring girls?"

"Nope, and since when were we on last name terms, Saunders," he said with a smirk and I smacked his arm.

I walked past him and threw my towel in the washing basket after using it to dry my hair and went over to my locker so I could put my charm bracelet back on as well as to get my hoodie. "Since you decided to be an arse and scare the crap out of me. Now give me my hairbrush please?" I asked.

Al smirked again and the towel from around his neck fell down. "Not unless you give me a kiss?" he said as I pulled my hoodie on over my head.

"No way," I said as I put my hands on my hips and stared at him, well anywhere that wasn't his chest area. "You have a girlfriend," I stated sitting down as I put my socks on and then my boots.

"So do you," Al pointed out, as he got closer to me again. I stood up and we were facing each other.

"No I don't. Me and Aaron have just decided to be friends, it just wasn't working," I told him and he just blinked at me, looking confused.


"The day we came back, after you and Scorp took me to the hospital wing," I said with a shrug as I snatched my hairbrush out of his hand and started to brush my hair which I then put up in a ponytail and put the hairbrush back in my locker before slamming it shut.

Before I could turn around to go and get my coat Al was right in front of me and his face grew closer until his lips were on mine and he was kissing me, and I was kissing him back. This time there was no guilty voice in the back of my mind, no worrying about getting caught, no nothing. It was perfect and it made me feel so happy. Al had re-lighted the spark between us once again and there was no getting rid of it.

I kissed him back, running my hands over the hard muscles on his stomach and chest which were tense, but at my touch they seemed to relax. When we broke apart we were both breathing fast and he bent and kissed my forehead.

"God I've missed you so much, Flick," he murmured as he wrapped his arms around me.

I couldn't speak, now would be the perfect time especially as there's no Hattie to barge in on us. "Al, I ha-"

"Shh," he whispered as he tipped my head back with one hand and placed a finger on my lips with his other. "Don't ruin it, Fliss. I know we shouldn't be doing this and I don't care if you think it's wrong or unfair so just shush okay."

I closed my eyes and buried my face into his chest. "You need to get dressed," I muttered as he kissed my cheek as we broke apart.

Al left and headed through the captains office, I went and shut the door behind him, making sure that I slid the lock across this time. I sat down on the bench and put my head in my hands. I'm so stupid, I thought, why the hell have I let it come to this.

After five minutes of sitting there thinking I stood up and put my coat on, I picked up my broom and umbrella off the bench and unlocked the door and headed into the captains office which also doubles up as Madame Spinet's office. Unlike Albus I knocked the door to the boys changing rooms and he opened it, thankfully he was wearing more clothes this time.

"Ready?" he questioned and I nodded as he took my arm and we headed out into the rainy night. I put my umbrella up and held it so that it covered both of us as we made our way up to the castle. Neither of us spoke and I didn't mind because the silence between us wasn't awkward, it was just nice.

"Torjous Pur," I muttered to the wall which revealed the passage and we walked down it. The second we entered Hattie came rushing over from one of the tables.

"Why were you with her?" Hattie demanded with her hands on her hips.

Al pushed past her to head up to the dorms. "We're friends, Hattie, something you wouldn't understand."

Hattie glared at him and then me, whilst she was still giving me evils Al turned around and  winked at me. I kept my smile hidden as Hattie went on about something but I ignored her. As I crossed the common room ignoring bitch face, Ginger Nut was winding her way around my legs so I picked her up (Ginger Nut that is, not Hattie) as I headed up to the dorms.

A/N I know it's fairly short but I wanted to put the Quidditch practice in and plus there was Albus/Flick action as well.

Up next - Getting ready for exams and a rocky relationship

Edited - 16.07.2014



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