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On the Brink of Insanity by AlAndAl
Chapter 11 : Imperfectly Perfect
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"What just happened?" I asked groggily.


"Well," Nanners said, "Al confessed his love for you and then you went limp like a wet noodle. It was quite hilarious actually."


I glared at him and turned to Albus and Robyn, who were now sitting side by side on one of the green Slytherin couches. Al was looking sheepish while Robyn seemed proud that news of their scheme had caused me to faint. Rotten old hag, she is. Don't tell her I said that, she'll cut off my legs and replace them with cucumbers. Trust me, it's happened before.


"You'll love me once you hear the trouble I went through to plan this, it was a great scheme really. If your rubbish boyfriend here hadn't screwed it all up, you might actually be together and not awkwardly staring at opposite walls," Robyn groaned. 


I rolled my eyes at her annoyance. It's not Al's fault that she's a bloody psycho. She probably tricked him into doing it or threatened him with cucumber legs. Either way, I doubt Al's feelings are in any way genuine.


"Fine, go on then," I muttered, and a glowing smile grew on Robyn's face and her monologue began.


"It was the beginning of the year, Kerf and I were feeling sorry for you, because you were all alone while I was with him. We figured that since you were head-over-heels for Albus, he'd be the perfect candidate. I was plotting to trick you into it, but when you brought up the list, I knew it'd be my chance. Forcing you to do Quidditch would put the two of you in constant contact, it was perfect. Everything was going quite smoothly until that psycho Ben messed everything up. I created the fight, because I knew Albus couldn't resist hanging around you when you were so alone. It was going super well, until you mentioned Ben, causing Albus to get all hurt and wounded. I had to let him in on the set up or else he would've hated you forever. Not really, but it would've been more difficult to get you two lovin'. Around that time, I was also getting tired of Kerf, he was quite annoying really, so I told him to let Ben into the common room at the precise time that I blurted out that you were in love with Al." at this, Albus blushed furiously, but Robyn ignored it and continued on, "Ben broke up with you, giving Albus the excuse to dive in, but he didn't have much time before this buff idiot decided to dive in first." She shot a devilish glare in Seb's direction. 


"So, the 'Seb wants to date me' thing wasn't part of the plan?" I asked.


"OF COURSE NOT! DO YOU THINK I'D RISK THE CHANCE THAT YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY START FALLING FOR SEB?! THAT STUPID TWAT WAS NEVER PART OF ANYTHING. ACTUALLY I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY HE'S STILL HERE." Robyn screamed. Seb's eyes widened with fear, but he stayed planted in the chair, refusing to let a teenage girl frighten him out of his own common room, but Robyn had other intentions. She grabbed her wand and pointed directly at him.




He jumped at the sheer volume of her voice and began to leave, but not before clarifying his role in the situation, "So, I'm not getting a Hogsmeade date then?"


The stupidity of the question enraged Robyn even further, and she pounced after him, chasing the burly Quidditch player out the door. We could hear her screams (and his, as a matter of fact) echoing down the hall. She returned minutes later, breathing heavily, but with a cheery smile on her face. None of us spoke. She took her seat and continued to tell the story. No one dared to ask what happened to Seb, we valued our lives too much. 


"Albus, being the spineless turd that he is, decided that he should just set them up, so that you wouldn't get suspicious of the arrangement I was planning. Sadly, IT WAS THE WORST IDEA EVER, and we had to interrupt the idiocy by having this meeting. Now, here we are. You know, Albus knows, now love can happen."


I don't really know what I was supposed to say. I was happy in a way, that Albus liked me, but it all seemed to forced. I wanted Albus to approach me on his own. I imagined him being caught up in my beautiful flying techniques or laughing with me in the library and just knowing that he wanted to be with me, not being forced into it by my psychotic best friend. I smiled in spite of these thoughts.


"You're really a nutter," I said laughing, "but I appreciate the gesture."


Robyn smiled, knowing it was a 'thank you'. She grabbed my right hand along with Albus' left and joined them together. We were both beet red with embarrassment and laughing awkwardly at everything. 


"So, I guess I'll leave you two to it then," she said with a wink, and walked out of the room. 


Albus and I sat in silence for a while, it was soothing in a way, just sitting quietly holding hands. He took in a deep breath and I could tell he was going to be the first to speak up.


"I wasn't forced into it, you know," he said softly, "I overheard her talking to Mike one day about the plan. I knew weeks before she ended up telling me. I liked you from the moment you crashed into me on the platform, and nothing Robyn, Mike, or Seb could do would stop that."


A smile grew on my face until I remembered the incident with Sebastian. I retracted my hand from his and asked, "Then why would you set me up with Seb?" 


Albus laughed, "Let's just say I had a plan of my own. I wanted to mess with Robyn a bit. Why did you say yes?"


My mind scrambled for an appropriate answer. "IjustwantedtomakeyouhappyandIthoughtthatwaswhatyouwanted" I slurred. He just stared into my eyes.


"You'd really do that for me?" 


"If that was what you wanted. I thought that if I would have you I might as well try and make your friends happy. And who knows, I may have grown to like Seb."


His gaze continued. I began to panic. What have I done? He trusted me and now he's angry because he thinks I prefer Seb or something. Oh my goodness gracianya. This is worse that the time I accidentally called Robyn, 'Francis' and she tied me to a tree for a week. I didn't know what to say. I was about to apologize when he suddenly moved forward and his lips pressed mine. I sat there is shock. When he pulled away after what seemed like a lifetime, I heard an overly excited Robyn shrieking and fangirling behind the couch. I really hadn't expected her to truly leave and Albus didn't really seem to care. We just smiled at each other, sort of in a crazy psycho way, but I guess love and psychotic behaviour aren't really that different.


Albus grabbed my hand and I was so glad that I decided to shimmy backwards through the barrier on that first day of school.




So are we, Robyn, so are we.






The year continued on perfectly. Robyn had decided to drop the whole list idea if I promised not to get mad whenever she squealed around us. I instantly regretted that decision, but Albus and I run off in secret so we don't have to put up with it. She found her own secret love. Apparently, my Nanners has has a little crush on her for a while. Al and I tried to formulate an elaborate plan like Robyn's but she tends to spy on us and our secret wasn't kept for long. They're dating and I like to squeal at them regularly, just to keep them on their toes. Our burly Quidditch friend never showed up to practice after Robyn's "little outburst", so we had to allow our crappy spare Beater to take his place, but we still won the Quidditch Cup, thanks to myself for being so amazing and Albus for being so hot (yeah, I still say stuff like that... Except it slips put of my mouth a lot more than it used to. I don't think Al really minds). As for Ben, I got suspicious that I hadn't even seen him once since he dumped me (oh so angrily) and confronted Robyn about it. I half expected her to direct me to a shallow grave out in the school grounds somewhere, but what she told me was much more surprising. 


"Ben wasn't even real, it was Nanners in a Ben suit."


After that, I concluded that Robyn's plan was much more twisted than I had even expected. I really think she planned everything, every single move Al and I made was mapped out. She's truly a Slytherin, that one. I've never asked for the full blueprint of her plan, I'm scared I might be a witness to something illegal, so I just give her the benefit of the doubt as always. It's really better not to know. Everything worked out perfectly anyways, well... As perfect as you can get when on the brink on insanity. 


A/N: MY LITTLE LOVELIES. THAT'S IT. I'm sad to see it go, but I guess that means I can move on to something else... I want to thank each and every one of you for reading, reviewing and becoming a part of this story. I appreciate everything and even on my worst days, you guys made we want to keep writing. I will never forget this silly thing and I want to hug you all forever. I hope you guys will stick around to read more of my stories :) I hope to start writing a new one soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE Allie xx 


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On the Brink of Insanity: Imperfectly Perfect


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