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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 22 : The Date
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As soon as they landed in the harbour by the restaurant Draco looked down at the beautiful petite witch in his arms. She was gazing out across the sea which was twinkling in the light of the stars and the silver orbs that were allowed to float above the water in the wizard’s beach, and when he heard her sigh he snaked his arms around her waist and turned her.

          “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Draco asked quietly as he raised one hand to her chin and made Hermione meet his eyes.

          “Yeah it’s… wow,” Hermione said with a soft smile. “Where are we?” She then asked as that little endearing crease appeared in her brow as she started sifting through all the information she knew.

          “We’re at a small wizard’s only beach just south of France on one of the islands,” Draco supplied then he cleared his throat delicately. “This area of beach actually belongs to my mother as a present from my father back in their days of actual romance.”

          “Oh,” Hermione said softly, her cute red tinted mouth forming a perfect O shape as she did so.

          “You look so beautiful tonight Mione, so, so beautiful,” Draco whispered as he leant down to capture Hermione’s mouth with his.


Hermione felt Draco’s lips against hers and she felt something break inside her causing her to give herself over to the sensations of the kiss and wrap her arms around his neck as she kissed him passionately. She felt Draco’s arms wrap around her waist and secure her to him as he kissed her back just as desperately, until she finally had to breathe.

          “Wow,” Draco breathed as he rested his forehead against Hermione’s. Hermione could only stare into the molten silver depths of the man she had come to love until he blinked and pulled away, slipping an arm around her waist as he lead her in the direction of the restaurant.


On the short walks there Hermione tried to analyse what had changed or what was so different with the way she was feeling about Draco. Something had broken down inside her and she suddenly wanted him more than she ever had before in her life. It was confusing and electrifying all at the same time.


Hermione and Draco were greeted outside by a wizard dressed in a crisp black suit and he immediately recognised Draco and waved them in showing them to a table at the back of the half-filled restaurant. Hermione could feel the eyes on her all the way to her seat but she ignored them.

          “Sorry about the staring. This place is very erm… pureblood,” Draco said quietly. Hermione could tell that he felt embarrassed about bringing her so she covered his hand with hers and smiled.

          “Let them stare,” Hermione murmured softly. Draco grinned at Hermione and was thankful that she was as confident and brave as she was then he called for a waiter.


The man who had seated them hurried up to them and handed their menus across to them and quietly waited in place for Hermione and Draco to decide and when they did Draco allowed Hermione to order first before he placed his own order and sent the man away. Another waited walked up and placed a bottle of vintage wine on the table and backed away quickly.

          “So, how have you been?” Draco asked conversationally as he poured himself and Hermione a glass of the wine put aside for the Malfoys, but he looked up just in time to see the grimace flash across Hermione’s face.

          “Lonely…and when I’m lonely I think about them,” Hermione shrugged as she tried to blow off her feelings. Only Draco wasn’t having it and he looked straight at her softly.

          “You could move back in with me. No one will think anything of it if you did,” Draco murmured.

          “I don’t want to give up. I’ve never been a quitter, I can’t quit at this Draco,” Hermione whispered urgently.

          “Okay…well let me come around and visit you…maybe stay the night once in a while, and you come and visit me, we could both go and visit Elizabeth, just don’t lock yourself up in your flat,” Draco smiled. Hermione smiled back and then leant back in her chair.

          “What have you been doing with yourself?” Hermione asked.

          “Making plans for Malfoy Manor to be knocked to rubble and built back up again,” Draco drawled calmly as if knocking down his ancestral home was something simple. Hermione gawped at him.

          “Are you serious?”

          “Deadly,” Draco answered.


          “I want to eventually live in the manor and at the minute every wall in every room is tainted by my father’s presence and his lifestyle of serving Voldemort. I want to eventually raise a family, but I will never do so in that manor,” Draco said quietly. Although Hermione couldn’t hear any anger or hardness in his voice, she could see the hatred and the anger that Draco felt for that house in his eyes, although she doubted that anyone else would be able to tell. Hermione reached out and laid her hand against his cheek and his eyes softened back to their normal liquid silver; then their food came.


Over their meal Hermione and Draco didn’t feel the need to say much, there wasn’t a need to fill every single second of silence between them and Hermione found that she had missed being around Draco all day more than she’d like to admit. So when Draco paid the bill and asked if she wanted to go for a walk she was more than willing to take his hand and walk along.


Draco took Hermione out of the restaurant and down a gradually sloping pathway but when they reached sand Hermione stopped.

          “Is there a problem?” Draco asked as he turned around.

          “No, it’s just I’ll struggle in the heels on this sand I was going to take off my shoes,” Hermione blushed. Draco chuckled and waited for her to take her shoes off and retake his hand, before he set off again along the beach as the tide rushed up the sand towards them but never quite touched them.

          “Where are we going?” Hermione asked after a few seconds.

          “I want to show you a little place. My mother had a small cottage built for me on this island when I turned seventeen as a coming of age present. It was probably a relief to her to be able to give me something nice after the war but I’ve only visited this place once and I decided never to come back till I had someone to show it to…here it is,” Draco murmured. Hermione stopped next to Draco and looked at where he was pointing.


Nestled into the forest was a small cottage with a white porch, white door, white walls and a red roof and it seemed to softly glow from the wizard lights hidden in the trees.

          “It’s beautiful,” Hermione whispered.

          “Yup… Do you…do you want to come in and spend some time with me?” Draco asked nervously. Hermione looked up at him and nodded.

          “Yes.” Draco grinned and took Hermione’s hand, led her up the stairs and opened the door for her.


As soon as the door was opened, the cottage flooded with light and Hermione could see that the living room was styled on the beach with white washed furniture, white stone floors and blue rugs here and there. The house was evidently a Malfoy dwelling, it had a feel of luxury about it, but Hermione couldn’t help but love this building. Draco hung up his jacket and walked over to a small fridge and withdrew a bottle of red wine from it.

          “Join me?” Draco asked softly as he indicated the front porch. Hermione nodded and she scooped up a blanket off the back of the chair and ran out onto the beach itself, leaving Draco to get glasses and follow her.


Hermione spread the blanket out on the floor then stood on it as she faced out to sea as Draco walked up behind her. She heard him lay the bottle and two glasses down on the blanket then she felt his fingers trail down her exposed spine and she shivered.

          “You okay?” Draco asked as he continued running his fingers across her back, knowing she enjoyed it.

          “Yes I’m fine,” Hermione murmured before she turned and pulled away so she could sit down. Draco sat down next to her and poured her a glass of wine Hermione accepted it with a  wry smile.

          “Are you trying to get me drunk?” Hermione questioned.

          “Maybe,” Draco grinned before he poured his own.


For a while the pair watched the sea and the stars and drank their wine quietly then when Hermione finished her drink, she lay back and stared upwards. Draco, having also finished his drink, leant above her and ran a finger over her lips.

          “You’re so beautiful Mione,” Draco whispered before he lowered his mouth onto hers in a soft kiss. Hermione responded by tangling her fingers in his hair and holding him to her.


Their kiss was slow and sensual, but it didn’t lack any of the passion it had held earlier, in fact it was more passionate now than it was then and Hermione felt herself melting underneath Draco. Then she felt his hand trail up her thigh and stop at her dress before he pulled back.

          “Stay the night…with me…please?” Draco murmured in between kisses. Hermione barely contemplated it before she had nodded her head. Draco let out a quiet noise of happiness before he manoeuvred himself off Hermione, picked her up and carried her inside and set her down in the living room where his hands ghosted over Hermione’s exposed back and tangled in her hair as he pulled her mouth back to hers in an almost bruising kiss. Hermione moaned against his mouth and Draco pulled her towards his room and pressed her onto his bed.


Hermione felt the soft sheets beneath her and looked up at Draco with an almost worried look in her eyes but as she went to speak Draco captured her mouth in a kiss once more. This kiss was all fire and passion and any doubts Hermione had felt faded away as she felt his hand’s slide beneath her dress to undo the hidden zip at her side to remove it from her body. As her dress slipped off her shoulders she reached out and began to undo Draco’s shirt. He pulled it off over his head and then removed the rest of Hermione’s dress and allowed Hermione to remove his trousers.


Once they were both dressed in only their most basic underwear Draco slipped under the sheets and invited Hermione to join him. As soon as she did, Draco’s mouth was on hers and his hands were exploring her body. In minutes she felt her body shake as Draco’s wicked fingers wreaked havoc on her body and she heard herself cry out hoarsely, her voice rough in her release. Draco lay down next to her and trailed his fingers over her stomach as her heart rate returned to normal.

          “Are you okay?” Draco asked in a low voice. Hermione looked at him as incredulously as she was able to.

          “Okay…? I’ve never felt like that in my life Dray,” Hermione panted. Draco’s grey eyes sparkled in the dim light and then seemed to turn sheepish and Hermione frowned as she thought something over in her head, Then she smiled and moved so she was kneeling over him.

          “What are you do-?” Draco started to ask, but Hermione cut him off by making a burning trail of kisses from his throat to the waistband of his boxers.

          “You don’t have to do this,” Draco murmured.

          “But I want to,” Hermione whispered.


Draco’s head tipped back as he let out a soft sigh which became a loud moan as he tangled his fingers in the soft brown hair that he loved so much, then he pulled away to effortlessly roll Hermione underneath him. He met her eyes waiting for confirmation for him to be allowed to make love to her, and after a shy nod, he ran his fingers over her abdomen and murmured the contraceptive spell before he joined his body with hers.


Hermione had never felt anything like what she felt as she screamed his name in her release minutes later, and Draco’s vision seemed to white out as his own release washed over him before he fell on top of her.

          “Shit,” Draco groaned, his voice breathy in her ear. “Wow Mione…” Hermione ran her hands through Draco’s hair and placed a soft kiss on his shoulder.

          “I love you,” Hermione whispered. Draco rolled off her to lay next to her and traced patterns on her flushed skin.

          “I love you too Mione,” He answered as he watched his witch fall to sleep.



Hermione woke up with her head on Draco’s chest feeling slightly sore but happy, she couldn’t ever remember why she didn’t want to make love to Draco in the first place, but she was glad that the doubt was gone. Draco was snoring lightly and the sun was streaming in from one of the windows as she sat up and stretched languidly. Looking around the room she saw a folded towel on a rack next to a door and she got out of bed and walked into the bathroom picking up the towel as she did so.


After figuring out how to turn the shower on she stepped in and rubbed her hands through her hair with a yawn before smiling to herself as she remembered the previous night with Draco and the feel of his long, slim hands on her skin. Then she heard the shower open and Draco stepped in behind her placing a kiss on her shoulder.

          “Morning love,” Draco murmured. Hermione smiled and let her head fall back against him as his hands trailed over her torso.


They spent more time than usual in the shower before they got out to get breakfast with Hermione wearing one of Draco’s shirts and Draco admiring the way the short hemline and the open buttons at the top of the shirt shed an overwhelmingly sexy light on his girlfriend as she moved around the kitchen cooking. Over breakfast Hermione sighed and Draco looked up to see a suddenly sad look cross her face.

          “What’s up?” Draco murmured. Hermione blushed crimson and Draco raised an eyebrow.

          “I don’t want to go back to my flat yet,” Hermione murmured.

          “Why?” Draco asked with a smirk on his face. Hermione looked up and saw the smirk and swatted at him playfully.

          “You know why,” Hermione blushed.

          “You want to spend more time in my amazing company don’t you,” Draco grinned. Hermione rolled her eyes.

          “Don’t say you want me to go back. I know you don’t.” Draco’s eyes dropped to the gap in Hermione’s shirt as she shifted and when he met her eyes again his eyes burned.

          “Trust me… I’d love to keep you here with me forever, but we have to get you back soon. Ginny will be on my case about wedding stuff if you’re not back,” Draco sighed. Hermione pushed her empty plate away and shrugged with a mischievous light in her eyes.

          “We have 3 hours until Ginny wants to see me, surely we can stay till then.” With a wink she stood up and sauntered back into his bedroom. Draco watched the room for a second but when he saw his shirt in her hand through a gap in the doorway he followed her immediately.




Hermione and Draco appeared at the Weasley house just before Ginny started to get mad about where she was. They were fifteen minutes late and Ginny wanted them there to help with wedding things. Pansy saw Draco before Ginny and she recognised the look on his face and slid up to him as Ginny berated Hermione.

          “So…good night?” Pansy smirked. Draco smirked back and then caught Pansy in a headlock.

          “Shut up,” Draco grinned as he watched Hermione flick him a birdie behind her back as it was, after all, his fault that they had been late. He decided he wanted a last minute shower.

          “Good morning too I see,” Pansy remarked before she twisted out of his grip and sauntered over to Hermione and Ginny.

          “…I really need your help Mione. My mom is driving me up the wall with which fabrics should be used for this and which fabrics should be used for that I don’t get what the bloody difference is!” Ginny ranted at high speed.

          “And breath,” Pansy cut in and Ginny took a breath and turned angry eyes on Pansy. “No don’t give me that look, calm down. None of this is our fault and I believe Mione has some explaining to do,” Hermione looked up at Pansy then at Draco before looking at her hands.

          “She already said why she was late, she had a late shower,” Ginny answered with a frown. Pansy smirked in Hermione’s direction.

          “But she didn’t say who with.”

          “WHAT!!!” Ginny yelled and Hermione jumped a mile in the air before clamping her hand down on her friend’s mouth.

          “Shh,” Hermione hissed then Ginny removed her hand.

          “How could you not tell me that you and Draco slept together?” Ginny asked in a whisper.

          “You were angry, I thought it could wait,” Hermione shrugged. Ginny looked at Hermione incredulously then shook her head.

          “Well…how was it?” She then asked. Hermione blushed crimson to the roots of her hair and her friends laughed.

          “Blaise tells me there’s a reason Draco’s called The Dragon, besides the whole name thing,” Pansy said suggestively and if it was possible Hermione blushed even more.


Draco walked up behind Hermione and wrapped his hands around her waist and frowned at Pansy.

          “Okay, that’s enough leave her be,” Draco said quietly, but his quiet words held weight and Pansy and Ginny turned their attention to other things while Draco turned Hermione around in his arms. “You okay?”

          “I’m fine,” Hermione smiled. “Thanks for telling Pansy before I could tell Ginny!” She then added sarcastically

          “I didn’t! Pansy knows me better than anyone else since we were thrown together a lot as kids and she was supposed to be my betrothed,” Draco sighed.

          “Oh…I’d better go and help Ginny anyways, stay with Harry for a bit, he’s hiding over there with Charlie and Bill,” Hermione smiled as she pointed in the direction of the garden where she could see Harry’s unruly hair. Draco grinned then leant down and kissed her quickly before heading off in the direction Hermione pointed.


Hermione heard someone clear their throat and when she turned around she came face to face with George. There was a beat of silence then George strode up and enveloped her in a bone crushing hug.

          “Hey Mione,” George said to the top of her head.

          “Hey George,” Hermione said in a muffled voice. George let her go and stood back from her, noticing the way Hermione’s hair was still slightly wet and hanging over her shoulders in a way that didn’t quite hide the slight red marks on her neck with a mischievous smile.

          “So… Hot date with Malfoy I assume,” George grinned. Hermione groaned and began to walk towards front door. George kept pace with her. “Very hot date then if you’re not confirming it.” George insisted.

          “Shut up,” Hermione said with a wry smile.

          “On a serious note Hermione stop.” Hermione stopped and looked up at George. She could see the apology forming on his lips and she shook her head.

          “It’s fine. I understand and I forgave you when I got your letter,” Hermione smiled, cutting into whatever George was going to say.

          “Great… Now where’s Malfoy, I’ve got an interview to do,” George smirked.


          “Well of course, I can’t just let him date my sister without my permission now can I?” George grinned. Hermione beamed at him then pointed him in the direction of the garden. George ran off and Hermione pushed the door open and was greeted by a full scale argument between Ginny and Mrs Weasley.

          “Oh boy,” Hermione sighed then she conjured two cups of tea on a tray and used her wand to make a loud noise.


The two Weasley women jumped into silence and then a silence fell.

          “Mrs Weasley and Ginny, here.” Hermione sighed as she held out the tray. Ginny took a cup first and Mrs Weasley took one straight after. “No why don’t we all take a seat and discuss this calmly?” Hermione suggested. The Weasley women nodded and sat down and Fleur, Angelina and Pansy sighed with relief. “Why don’t we start at the beginning and go over this calmly, because we aren’t going to get anything done by screaming at each other.”


Authors Note

I am really really sorry for the exceptionally long wait. I know I said I was back last chapter but I had writers block and then everything got in the way. But enough with the excuses. I hope this is a good enough chapter to say sorry.


I’ve had requests for more Dramione romance so I hope this satisfies everyone :D and I hope this chapter validates first time the way I’ve written it because I have had to make some adaptations to this chapter because of the section in the middle. I have this story in other places, but I am not allowed to post the link or redirect you to that site because of the site rules. But this story will be under the same penname and title if you wish to find it yourself.

As always please leave me a review I love to read them and will do my best to answer them and on another note. I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY!!! Happy dances!!!


Happy reading



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