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Unfortunate Mishaps by JustYourWallflower
Chapter 2 : CHAPTER 1: Social Interactions
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Social Interactions

The Hogwarts Express was buzzing with life. Many students were walking around, trying to find empty compartments and were talking about their holidays. Everyone seemed to be excited about the new school year, as rumours had been floating around that something big was going to happen. People were jumping from one compartment to another, sharing stories and theories about the upcoming year and occasionally scaring the first years with terrifying misfortunes and tales.

In a relatively small compartment in the centre of the train, sat Morgan Chambers; re reading one of her favourite books for what must have been the tenth time that year. Across from her sat Tiana Hemsworth, who also happened to be reading.

Morgan and Tiana were cousins and were practically inseparable; however Tiana was the complete opposite of Morgan. She had short blonde hair, interesting green eyes and a fair completion. She also made up the social half of their duo, as Morgan rarely interacted with people. Tiana was also the perfect Ravenclaw stereotype: brains, beauty and a bubbly personality. The only flaw Tiana had was that she tended to be sarcastic; which in Morgan’s opinion made her all the more cool. She wasn’t jealous of Tiana or anything; she just admired her as she could do the things that Morgan couldn’t.

It was becoming late afternoon – possibly around 2:30, when there was a loud knock on the door. Neither Morgan nor Tiana bothered to open the old compartment door, as they presumed that it was just the candy lady. The two continued reading, however were interrupted by the same loud pounding on the door. Not waiting for an answer, the two strangers barged into the confined room.

“Why thank you Miss Hemsworth, for allowing me and my dearest twin access to your top-secret compartment!” an annoyed George Weasley exclaimed, with an amused Fred Weasley in toe.

Immediately Tiana looked up and smiled. “Well it is my pleasure kind sir. I would have opened it sooner; however my dear cousin insisted we do not answer, for it is a secret compartment after all.”

George’s face fell from its usual smiling and mischievous look to a more serious composure. “You have a cousin?” he asked confused.

Morgan, who had yet to acknowledge the twins, fought the urge to roll her eyes. It wasn’t like she was shocked that someone didn’t know her – she was the antisocial one after all – it was more the fact that George still hadn’t noticed her presents after six months of hanging around Tiana. He had started to take a liking to Morgan’s lively cousin and, somehow, found any opportunity to at least talk to her.

As if Tiana has sensed Morgan’s annoyance, she answered back rather rudely, “Yes George; I have a cousin. She is sitting right here you know.”

Both Fred and George looked around the small room and focused on the girl by the window, reading her book. Neither of the twins knew who she was, but George did vaguely recognise her. Suddenly, George clicked.

“Morgan Chambers!” He exclaimed.

“Hey,” Morgan simply said, not lifting her eyes from her book. She wanted to avoid all interactions with the twins. They were not her friends after all.

“Okay,” George said, feeling uncomfortable. He then turned to Tiana. “Mind if we join you?”

“Sure,” Tiana said happily.

The twins sat down, Fred next to Morgan and George next to Tiana. George and Tiana engaged in a conversation almost instantly, whilst Fred sat their uncomfortably, feeling like the third wheel.

Morgan kept reading. She could feel Fred’s eyes on her occasionally looking at her at start up a conversation, though she had no intention of talking to him. She preferred reading a good book over socialising any day and she wasn’t about to start being social now, because some boy she had never talked to in her life didn’t want to sit there, doing nothing.

Whereas time moved fast for the others in the compartment, it pasted slow for Fred. At first he didn’t mind his twin’s idea of sitting with different people but now, sitting in the small room, he began to feel awkward. George and Tiana seemed to not notice Fred’s presents at all and the other girl, who George had said was Morgan, didn’t even attempt any sort of conversation with him. So Fred just sat there, watching all of them.

He always ended up studying Morgan though. He didn’t know what it was about her but he always found himself looking at her. Every few minutes she’d flip to the next page of her damaged paperback and glance quickly at Tiana and George. There would be a small smile on her face once she looked at then; one that suggested that she knew something they didn’t and then she would continue reading. Fred secretly hoped Morgan would catch his eye and possibly, start talking to him.

In spite of his hopes though, that never happened. Time continued to move slowly as Fred continued his observations. It wasn’t long however, when Morgan suddenly got up, reached for her bag above her seat and began to proceed out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Tiana asked when she noticed Morgan at the compartment door.

“I’m going to go change and then see the others,” Morgan replied, as though it should have been obvious.
“Oh,” Tiana said. “I think I’m going to stay here; if that’s okay?”
Morgan’s small knowing smile appeared on her face again. “I figured that much.”

Morgan left the compartment and entered the narrow corridor. It wasn’t full of students anymore but the occasional person leaving one compartment and going into another one; possibly to see more of their friends.

“Hey Morgan; wait up!”

Morgan turned around and saw Fred racing down the tight corridor, trying to catch up to her. Once again Morgan fought the urge to roll her eyes as she waited for the red head. Why couldn’t he just leave her be? She had no clue.

“You weren’t seriously going to leave me in there with those two; were you?” Fred asked once he reached Morgan, slightly out of breath.

“Yes,” Morgan said monotonously, “You seemed quite focused on watching everyone.”

“So you did notice,” Fred said more to himself than to Morgan.
“It was rather difficult not to,” Morgan said, beginning to quicken her pace in hope to lose the unwanted company.

Fred began to struggle as he tied to keep up with Morgan. How was it possible that someone could walk that fast? He had no idea. Eventually, the two had reached the bathrooms, where Morgan quickly entered the girls’ room and changed out of her jeans and jumper into her school uniform.

Morgan never really liked the Hogwarts uniforms – as they were itchy, uncomfortable and never sat right – and looking at herself in the mirror now, she could see that her opinion hadn’t changed at all. Her black pleated skirt stuck out at random sections and her shirt collar didn’t tuck over her jumper the way she wanted it to. Perhaps she was being picky or maybe she was just a perfectionist.

With one last check in the mirror, Morgan left the girls’ bathroom; hoping that Fred had had enough of her and their pointless conversation and finally left. To her dismay however, the ginger was waiting for her, already in his uniform.

“You weren’t thinking I’d leave you, were you?” An amused Fred asked with a smirk on his freckled face.

This time, Morgan rolled her eyes as she pushed past Fred. Of all the people she had to get stuck with, it had to be him.

“Now Chambers,” Fred mocked, “That’s no way to treat company.”

Morgan ignored Fred and kept walking, checking the compartments for the one she was looking for, when she suddenly walked into someone slightly taller than her.

“Sorry I –” Morgan began to apologise, then stopped when she realised who it was.

“Morgan,” said the sickly sweet voice of Angelina Johnson, “What a pleasant surprise!”

“Angelina,” Morgan said her voice venomous and her face twisted into a scowl.

“So Morgan how’s Ben?” Angelina said, getting straight to the point and ticking off Morgan.

“Who’s Ben?” Fred asked confused; not only about who Ben was but how the two girls new each other.

“Fred,” Angelina said, shocked. “Since when do you talk to Morgan?”

“Since today?” Fred replied, more of a question than a statement.

“Oh,” was all Angelina said before turning back to Morgan. “So, how’s Ben?”

“Oh he’s just distraught these days,” Morgan said her voice leaking with sarcasm. “Ever since you happened to him, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself!”

Angelina’s face began to turn a light shade of red and her mouth opened and closed in embarrassment as Morgan smiled in triumph. Any opportunity she had to humiliate Angelina, Morgan took advantage of it. After all, she did deserve it.

However Angelina recovered quickly, as she was used to Morgan’s sarcastic comments, and tuned to Fred, batting her eyelashes. “Freddie I was actually on my way to see you. I was hoping to go over a few Quidditch tactics with you; I was made captain you know.”

As Fred was about to congratulate his friend on her achievement, Morgan let out a very loud and un-lady like snort and continued her way down the corridor, on her search once again.

“Is something funny Morgan?” Angelina called out, trying to keep her cool in front of Fred.

“Quite,” Was all Morgan said as she attempted to hold in her laughter.

She continued walking, leaving Fred behind with Angelina, though it wasn’t long until Morgan found the compartment she was looking for. She opened the compartment door and entered, only to be greeted with a loud eruption from her two friends inside, Jackie Moore and Sam Anderson.

Morgan and Tiana had been friends with Jackie and Sam ever since their first year, when the two cousins were looking for an empty compartment and decided to sit with two girls in the only section with available seats left. From that moment on the four were almost joined at the hip – as Jackie and Sam were sorted into Slytherin – and did most things together. Morgan enjoyed their company, as they were some on the best people she had ever met. Jackie was always full of life and would say the most random things, whereas Sam was the quieter one; that is until you got to know her personally. They reminded Morgan a little of her and Tiana’s relationship, as Tiana was like Jackie and Morgan was more like Sam.

“Morgan! What took so long?” Jackie exclaimed, curious to know where her friend had been.

Morgan shrugged as she took a seat next to Sam. “I was held up.”

“By who?” Sam questioned, looking up from the sketch book she had been drawing in.

Just as Morgan was going to tell her friends about her somewhat social and eventful train ride, the door of the compartment flew open, revealing Fred.

“Morgan, you have to stop leaving me. Can’t you see that I –” Fred stopped mid-sentence when he realised that Morgan was not alone and that two pairs of eyes were looking at him strangely.

The girl seated next to Morgan had dark brown eyes, very pale skin and short blue hair that came to below her chin. She also wore a red and white beanie that had the words ‘Positive Vibes’ on it. Across from Morgan sat a girl who looked the complete opposite from the other one. She had long curly brown hair that was slightly frizzy, light brown eyes and extremely tanned skin. Fred couldn’t help by notice that they were both wearing Slytherin uniforms, which made him a little uneasy.

“Oh, that makes sense now,” the girl with the curly hair declared. “Morgan how come you didn’t tell us you were making friends?”

“I wasn’t,” Morgan said as she got her book out from her bag, “He just followed me when I went to get changed.”

"Just like an attention seeking puppy," the other girl said rudely, "How adorable."

Fred stood in the door way awkwardly, waiting for either someone to offer him the spare seat or for Morgan to get up and leave. He hoped it would be the latter, yet Fred was unlucky as after a while Morgan sighed and told him to sit down as she introduced the two girls to him.
“Considering that you won’t leave anytime soon, this is Sam,” Morgan pointed to the girl with the blue hair and then to the girl with the curly hair, “and this is Jackie.”

After Sam and Jackie said their hellos – Sam more impolitely than Jackie – Fred started to feel uncomfortable for the second time today; as everyone had gone back to whatever they were doing before. He again settled on watching everyone and found himself looking at Morgan once more. Sam had said something about her drawing, so Morgan leaned over to get a better look at it. Fred couldn’t help but notice that she looked more at ease with her friends; which made him a little jealous. He just didn’t see that was so special about the two Slytherins.

Fred looked away from Morgan at glanced over at Jackie, who he found was staring at him intensely. Even when she noticed that Fred was looking right back at her, she just kept on ogling him.

“Can I help you?” Fred asked Jackie weak and rather rudely after a few minutes of unbroken eye contact.

“I just couldn’t help but notice, you have little in the middle but you’ve got much back,” Jackie said simply, with a smirk on her face.

“Sorry; what?” Fred asked confused.

“You have little in the middle but you’ve got much back,” Jackie repeated.

Fred was still puzzled at what Jackie was trying to say. He noticed that Morgan and Sam had started listening in and were trying – and failing miserably – to hold in their laughter.

“Can someone please tell me what she means?” Fred begged getting annoyed that he was the only one out of the loop.

“Well you see," Jackie said before she got up and started singing out of pitch, "I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung!”

Morgan and Sam started laughing uncontrollably while Fred just sat there, looking mortified. Morgan couldn’t help but feel bad for him; even if she didn’t want him there. She didn’t feel too bad though, as she let Jackie continue to make a fool of Fred. It wasn’t until the middle of the second verse that both Morgan and Sam decided to calm down Jackie.

“Okay Jack,” Sam said, trying to control her laughter, “That’s enough.”

Jackie slowly began to stop her performance and sat down again; although that didn’t stop her from giggling uncontrollably. After everything had settle down, Fred leaned across to Morgan

“Is it always like this around you?” He asked warily.

“Pretty much,” was all she said, not even bothering to lift her eyes away from her book.





Chapter 1 everybody! I The characters Tiana, Sam and Jackie are all based off certain friends of mine. So when for example, Jackie starts singing Baby Got Back, that's something my friend who Jackie's based off does constantly.

Also I just want to make this clear, I actually like Angelina's character but for the purpose of the story, I had to make her like that.

Baby Got Back belongs to Sir Mix-a-Lot

JustYourWallflower :)


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