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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 19 : Chapter 18: Stupid Cupid
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                                                  Chapter 18: Stupid Cupid


"Okay. Well now I know everything." I said numbly, two hours after we'd left Rose downstairs.

My big cousin was going to be a mum. She would have a little baby of her own… at age 17. Sarah snapped a huge slab of Honeydukes into rows of eight and handed me one. She bit her own slab as I broke mine into pieces, watching her chew thoughtfully.

"So Scorpius doesn't know?" I asked for the fifth time.

"He doesn't know he's the father, no" Sarah replied patiently. I sat in silence for a few minutes.

"I need to talk about something else… my head will explode if I keep obsessing." I said, lying more comfortably on Sarah's stack of pillows.

"Okay, what do you want to-?"

"Do you love James, Sare?" I asked suddenly, cutting her off. She gasped and accidentally inhaled some of the chocolate she had been taking a bite of. I sat up quickly, and she coughed, her face reddening and her hands flew to her chest momentarily before she instantly relaxed.

"Non-verbal magic" She wheezed, massaging her throat. I relaxed again, sure she was okay.

"Why do you ask that, Lil?" She added after she had recovered, her stunning blue eyes darting between mine.

"Because I want to know." I shrugged as if it was nothing. It wasn't. I needed to find a way to make James happy again.

"Lily, I will always love James. Nothing could ever, ever change that. But I have other things on my mind. I have Rose to support… and I have a boyfriend who I care about." Sarah replied carefully. I nodded.

"I understand." I said. I truly did. But it didn't mean I would stop trying to get her back with James any time soon.

I'm Lily Potter, but you can call me the new cupid.



"Great practice tonight guys. We are going to kick some Slytherin arse on the weekend!" James said in the changing room a week later. I sighed. He was working us to death again.

"Right, I'm sure you all want to shower and get to bed. See you at practice tomorrow!" He added, dismissing us. It had been a long Monday, a long few weeks actually.

As I meandered through the hallways alone after my shower, I thought over the past few weeks. I had showed the others my scan photo and there had been a mixture of reactions.

"Aww," Becky had said, nervously checking my reaction to this.

"Yeah, it's really… erm... It's really little." Dom said lamely.

"It has your eyes" Albus had joked. I had pocketed the photo and swallowed the desire to burst into tears.

"There, there Rosie. You're going to get through this; we're all going to be there for you the whole time, okay?" Albus added, noting my expression.

I shook my head to try and dispel the memory of last week as I climbed distractedly between my clean, crisp and warm sheets. Lily hadn't spoken to me since she found out. She had been avoiding me, escaping the dinner table before I had finished and not hanging out in the common room. According to Hugo, she spent most of her time in the library reading violently pink books on her own the whole time, and the rest of the time nobody knew where she was. I sighed and looked down at my body before pulling the duvet over me. I had my flannel pyjamas on, and I felt lovely and clean and warm. I stroked the skin of my stomach and pulled my penguin patterned top up to reveal my stomach. It was usually fairly flat when I was lying down, although I usually had a bit of a cake-induced bump forming a tiny pot-belly. However nowadays there were small purple threads of stretch marks clawed over my hips and my stomach was perhaps slightly bigger than before. I wouldn't start showing yet, but I could tell. I soon drifted off to sleep, dreaming terrifying dreams of a Godzilla-sized me terrorizing Hogwarts with my huge baby bump…

"Rosie, can you pass the ketchup please?" Dom asked patiently for the second time two days later over dinner.

"What? Oh yeah, of course." I said, giving her the bottle.

"What's with you today, your head is in the clouds" She commented as Sarah sat down next to me at the table, looking tired but pretty as ever.

"Hi Lily" Dom said casually and I looked up to see Lily stood behind Sarah. She looked momentarily terrified and quickly passed a goblet into a bemused James's hand. He looked up from where he was sat next to Sarah and Danny looked up at Lily from Sarah's other side.

"What you doing with my hot chocolate? You know I need that to stay awake to do my homework!" Sarah said playfully, smiling and looking back down at her bowl of rice and chicken strips. Lily blushed, smiled nervously, muttered a high-pitched 'sorry!' and scuttled away. James looked inside the cup.

"She must have thought it was yours, she wouldn't randomly drink from Sarah's goblet." I said to him.

"How do you drink this with dinner?" He asked, putting it down after eyeing it up and returning to his meal. Sarah pushed her goblet away from her.

"I usually have it with ice cream after dinner," She explained, picking the cup up and putting her nose to it, "But it smells a bit funny tonight."

"Give it here?" Danny said, opening his hand. He took a hearty swig and licked his lips.

"It doesn't taste too bad. Maybe a bit metallic, perhaps the cup is getting old or something," he said casually, giving his girlfriend her goblet back.

"Whatever. I'll go down to the kitchens later and get one if I fancy it tonight before bed." Sarah shrugged.

"Okay. Well I will see you later," Danny said, dropping a kiss onto Sarah's cheek and standing up, "I'm going with Steve to do that Herbology write-up on the magical properties of ginger root." He sighed.

"Bye gorgeous!" He said, winking at Sarah and casually waving at the rest of us.

"Bye love-muffin!" James said sweetly, grinning after Danny with a soppy look on his face. Danny didn't hear him as he exited the Great Hall and Sarah raised her eyebrows at him, smiling crookedly.

"What time is the field booked tonight?" Dom asked, concentrating intently on hexing Amy's goblet to fill with frogspawn over at Slytherin table.

"Seven. It'll be dark by then so the flood-lights will be on" James said, stuffing his pockets with mini French baguettes for when he wanted a snack later. I looked at my watch. Just over an hour and a half to get ready and get my new-fangled phenomenon that I call 'morning-sickness-but-in-the-evening' out of the way.

I finished my meal and stood up, not fancying dessert.

"I'm going to read a chapter of my Quidditch book now, see you upstairs in a bit" I said, subconsciously holding my stomach as I got up. I grinned at the guys before walking from the hall and finding my way up the stairs to our common room, where I sat in comfort to read- one of the only means of escaping my problems right now.

But let's face it, I deserve a night off.


"James, have you seen Danny?" Sarah asked, coming up behind my cousin suddenly later that evening. None of us had seen him for a while and she had asked the rest of us. James turned around from the fire and stepped forward automatically closer to her and fell over, landing at her feet.

"That was slick." She said with a smile, helping him to his feet. "How do you keep managing to fall over?"

"I don't manage to, it's not like it's a goal I've set myself. I happened to fall over. It was an incident of trippery that nobody could have foreseen." James rambled on.

"I could have foreseen it – your laces are undone." Sarah replied, brushing dust off his chest and then turned and walking away, laughing.

She came and sat down next to me, shaking her head with a smile on her lips. Soon I found myself sat on the floor by the fire with her, beating her at Exploding Snap, which, thinking about it, was probably not as safe as James 'Singed Eyebrows' Potter had led us to believe. The man himself was on the sofa with Dom, their heads together trying to figure out a new and daring way to get into Hogsmeade at night, however ever since I'd overheard him say the words 'thirty fireworks' and 'distraction' in the same sentence, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be going along with this plan any time soon. Lily was finally being seen around the common room again and she and two of her friends were practising some transfiguration on an old tea towel they had found. Becky was looking over some of Rich's homework in the corner and we were all very relaxed when Danny's best mate Steve burst into the common room, panting.

"It's – Danny" He gasped. "He's – been - poisoned!"


"What the fuck happened?" Sarah hissed over Danny's sleeping body ten minutes later in the hospital wing.

"We were in the library and he started to look a bit pale, then he started having a fit or something – he was foaming at the mouth – so I sent a first-year to get Madame Pettifoot." Steve replied, worry etched into his face.

"Don't worry; he'll be fine within a few days. I was just speaking to the matron and she says that he ate or drank something containing a badly made potion." Dom said shrugging and patting Steve on the shoulder.

"What kind of potion?" I asked, trying to do some sleuthing in my head.

"She doesn't know. We probably won't find out. The main thing is that he's going to make a full recovery before Monday. Maybe even in time for the match. Fingers crossed." Dom filled us in.

My mind was whirring. Why would Danny drink a random potion? Why would anyone drink a random potion?

Suddenly a thought hit me and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach… Perhaps if he didn't know he was drinking it… My eyes darted up and I met with James's brown ones. He looked concerned as he looked between Sarah and Danny. I looked down again and quickly went back through my day, thinking of anything weird that I may have witnessed him ingesting… and then it hit me.

"Excuse me." I said. Everyone watched me hurriedly leave the ward and as soon as I was out of sight, I began sprinting down the corridor. I appeared in the common room five minutes later.

"Lily!" I hissed through gritted teeth, grabbing her arm roughly and dragging her up the stairs to my dormitory.

"What is it Rose?" Lily asked. Her face was sweet and innocent but her terrified eyes gave her away.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at?!" I demanded. Lily shook her hands in a flustered way and sat down on the nearest bed.

"You poisoned Danny?!" I practically shrieked, believing her to be absolutely mental. "I know you want Sarah and James back together, but trying to kill Danny? That's really fucking serious Lily!"

"I wasn't trying to kill anyone… I didn't mean to… it was Amortentia… I've been working on it all last week…I put it into Sarah's drink; there must have been something wrong with it!" Lily admitted, bursting into tears.

"I didn't know he drank it!" She added, hiccupping through her sobs.

"Well it's a bloody good job he did otherwise Sarah would be lying in that hospital bed and James would be on the warpath for whoever hurt her!" I said, exasperated but sitting down next to my weeping cousin.

"It – was - an accident" Lily hiccupped, looking at me with huge, tear-filled eyes.

"I know."

"Please don't tell anyone, I don't want to go to Azkaban!" Lily wept.

"Don't be a dick. I'm not going to turn you in. And you wouldn't go to prison just because you spiked someone's drink trying to play god. By the way, cupid would be so pissed off if he'd seen you"

Lily gave me a watery smile, but her face was still worried.

"Please don't tell James… he wouldn't understand." She said, staring at me, on tenterhooks.

"Well Danny is going to be okay, so I won't tell anyone. But don't do anything like this again Lily; you can't force things like this. James will get Sarah back in the end, we all know their love is like a fairytale… how many fairytales do you know where the handsome wizard doesn't win the beautiful sorceress' heart and they don't live happily ever after? It'll happen. Have patience." I said, leading her out of my dorm as she wiped her tears.

"Thanks Rosie." She said before she took a deep breath and returned to her friends.

I love my family, but god they can be a handful.


The night passed weirdly. Sarah stayed in the hospital wing until as late as they would let her and afterwards didn't speak to any of us before she went for a bath and then bed. The next evening at Quidditch practice was incredibly eventful though.

There I was, happily minding my own business (and of course trailing the quaffle) when Sarah swung her beaters bat as hard as you would think possible and whacked the bludger with a sickening crack towards James, snarling menacingly. I could see why she was a beater. Merlin, I've never seen any girl with so much aggressive power. God help anyone on the receiving end of that kind of force when she was angry, never mind PMS. James swerved to avoid it, but it grazed his left elbow just as he tucked it in.

"OW! What the hell has gotten into you?" He yelled at her. "We're at practice; you shouldn't be even trying to exert that kind of force!" He called to her back as she flew away.

Lily passed me the quaffle and I threw it into the hoop with a satisfying 'ding!' Steve high-fived me as I flew back to my starting position by our goal and Lily gave me the thumbs-up from the other end of the pitch, beside Sarah.

"What's wrong with Sare?" Dom called over the wind from about two feet behind me, marking the hoops. I looked over my shoulder and shrugged. I could see her from over here, hovering by Lily and watching out for either of the bludgers. I could see one flying in my direction and in about a second Sarah was behind me. I ducked just as she swung her bat and sent the bludger rocketing at least fifty feet away at about three thousand miles per hour.

"Jesus, Sarah" I said, awed, but she was already back on James' tail and hit the other bludger at the back of his head.

"DUCK, JAMES!" Steve roared from beside our captain and James instinctively dropped about ten feet on his broom, staring up at Sarah's face, which was contorted in anger.

"What the HELL is wrong with you!" James bellowed at Sarah, zooming towards her.

He grabbed her arm and rocketed down to earth and ignoring her cries of pain as she was dragged behind him, as limp as a rag doll. The rest of the team hovered uncertainly, Lily looking positively ashen with worry as we looked down. James still had Sarah by the arm.

"Are you trying to bloody kill me?!" James shouted, gripping her arm like a vice.

"With any luck! My aiming is terrible, I really should practice!" She snarled fiercely. James looked at her with confusion while Steve tried to rally us together to play.

"Right Lily, you mark me and I'll try to get the quaffle past Dom. Go!" He shouted as loud as he could, trying to cover the awkwardness. The others got back to playing and I heard the clang of quaffle against hoop as I hovered above Sarah and James, pretending to sort out my broom tail.

"I don't understand…" James said to Sarah, looking hurt while she tried to beat his hand away from her arm with her bat.

"What don't you understand? YOU POISONED MY BOYFRIEND!" Sarah bellowed. James dropped her arm as her cheeks reddened in fury.

"Poison Danny? I don't think so! Why would I poison him? The match against Slytherin is this Saturday!" James said back, trying not to raise his voice. Steve cheered loudly up above as I hovered ten feet above Sarah and James, ears peeled back.

"Hmm… Why would you poison Danny…I don't know, maybe because you hate him!" Sarah spat. James shifted uncomfortably.

"I don't hate him." He said quietly.

"Well why else do you try and get him away from me all the time? I'm not doing him any harm!" She cried, too angry to sound really miserable, although there was a hint at sadness behind her voice.

She had totally the wrong end of the stick. James must have done a pretty good job of convincing her he didn't love her anymore if she thought James was genuinely concerned for Danny's welfare around Sarah rather than just plain ol' jealousy.

"Because I don't like him being all over you, Sarah. Can't you see?" James groaned. It was her turn to look confused, her beaters bat hanging loosely at her side.

"I don't know what you mean James…" she said uncertainly and I groaned inaudibly. She was going to make him spell it out for her. Lily suddenly came into my line of vision. She had been a few feet away at the time and touched down to earth just as her eldest brother opened his mouth.

"Come on, Jay. It's getting too dark," she said heavily. James half turned towards her and Sarah looked at him, frown back on her face.

"Well?" She said. James started to speak again but I touched down next to him, finally understanding what Lily was doing. He couldn't tell Sarah he loved her here and now, Sarah was far too loyal and kind to leave Danny on his sickbed, if indeed she did still care for James. In the long run, it was bound to leave him more hurt than before. There were better times than this for what James wanted so badly to say. He obviously realised this, and changed what he was going to say as Dom and Steve passed the quaffle between themselves up above.

"Would you have been this loyal to me if the tables were turned?" He asked Sarah quietly, stepping towards her. Sarah looked slightly up to the chocolate eyes no one could lie to.

"You mean if I was with you and I suspected Danny of hurting you in any way, shape or form would I try to kill him with my beaters bat while you lay on your sickbed?" She asked, quietly but clearly.

"Mmm." James replied, nodding and biting his lip in apprehension. Lily grabbed my hand for support; she too needed to know if there was hope that James could be happy again. Sarah stepped towards him, there were about two inches separating their lips.

"Kill for you James? In a heartbeat" She breathed before turning on her heel, inadvertently whipping his face with her gorgeous mane of hair, and marching towards the changing rooms, leaving James to sigh contentedly and pirouette on the spot.


The next few days passed fairly quickly, Sarah and James didn't speak of the attempted murder incident and we all followed suit, although Dom and I had filled in the others. We were at dinner on Friday night when Steve came and sat next to Dom.

"Hi guys. I just came to inform you about Danny. He'll be ready to be released from the hospital wing in about an hour – he'll be able to play the match tomorrow!" He said excitedly.

"Excellent!" Sarah said, beaming, "I'll go and grab some of his stuff. You finished Ro?" She asked.

"Yeah, want me to come along?" I asked. She nodded and we left the hall together.

"So, do you think someone was actually trying to hurt him?" I asked, trying to convince her and everyone else that I knew nothing.

"I don't know. But if I found out somebody was, they'll know about it." She said with a dangerous glint in her eyes. I shuddered internally, thinking of Lily.

"The main thing is that he's okay. It's just a bonus that we don't have to use our reserve beater." She added more calmly as we stepped off the magical staircase and walked down the corridor towards the ward. We turned the last corner and got a shock. There, sat by Danny's bed, was Amy, talking to him with a small smile on her face. Danny noticed us before she did, and we approached them.

"Hello?" Sarah said, bewildered.

"I came to bring Danny his Care of Magical Creatures homework." Amy explained, standing up and for once speaking to us like we were normal and not dragon dung.

"Oh right… thank you." Sarah replied, genuinely. This was awkward… we all knew that when Amy saw Sarah again she'd be trying to make a dig at her.

"Bye Danny." Amy said, shooting Danny a nervous glance. And just like that, she was gone.

"I didn't know you guys were friends?" Sarah asked inquisitively.

"We share most of our classes," Danny explained quickly. Sarah nodded.

"I only came in here to grab your books and stuff. Thought it would be a bugger to have to levitate or carry everything back." She said, picking his schoolbag up and throwing it over her shoulder.

"See you in a bit" She smiled, dropping a kiss on his cheek. I held up a hand in goodbye and we left.

"Don't you think that was a bit weird?" I asked quizzically.

"Not really, no. I trust him." Sarah shrugged. I couldn't see a way to continue the conversation so I left it at that.

We entered the common room and Sarah made her way up the boy's dormitory stairs after telling me she'd be coming to bed late while I padded up to our dormitory in my slippers. I was planning to tell Becky and Dom about the Amy visiting Danny thing and see what they thought about it… maybe it was nothing.

However, this plan flew out the window when I opened the door and found Becky, alone and crying on her bed. I shut the door behind me in shock and she looked up in terrified horror, wiping her eyes desperately.

"Bex, what's wrong?" I asked, shocked. She sniffed and I walked over and sat on her bed, drawing the curtains around us. Becky shook her head and half shrugged as if she didn't know where to start. I pulled her into a sideways hug.

"I think I'm falling out of love with Rich." She sniffed after a second, hugging me back. I looked at her, stunned.

"What d'you mean?"

"He hasn't done anything wrong, but I just… I just don't love him anymore… he used to give me butterflies in my stomach and I used to want to see him every waking moment. But I just… I just… oh I don't know Ro… I don't know what to do" She sobbed. I patted her shoulder, still completely stunned by this revelation.

"Oh Beck, don't cry. What do you think you want to do?" I said soothingly. I wasn't very good with crying women. Or men. Or children.

"I don't know… I don't want to be out of love with him… He is my world. But I just don't feel the way about him that I should… the way that I used to." She explained, pulling away from me and looking me in the eyes, for advice.

"I'm so sorry to burden you with this." She cried harder. "You've got so much going on…"

"Don't be silly. You can't go through this alone. That's what girlfriends are for! Does anyone know about this, Dom or Albus maybe?" I asked, knowing she was close to both of them.

"No. I didn't want anyone to know until I had made a decision. You finding out was just chance" She hiccupped. I rubbed her back.

"Look, how about you give it until the Christmas holidays, see if you can get the spark back… don't give up on it without knowing what you're giving up." I advised. She nodded slowly.

"Thank you Rosie. That sounds like a good plan. I don't want to chuck this away if I only feel bad right now. I do love him; I just need to remember why I was in love with him." She said, her tears drying.

"There you go!" I said encouragingly, but realising that the way things stood between Scorpius and the boyfriend I never see, I was in no position to be doling out relationship advice. Becky gave me an attempt of a smile and I drew the curtains, letting more light in.

"I was going to have a bath before I started thinking." Becky said, showing me the clean pyjamas and towel in front of her.

"Hop along then. Go and have a soak." I said with a smile.

"Thanks Rose." She said, giving me a hug and taking her things into the bathroom.

It seems all my friend's lives are as screwed up as mine.



It was early Saturday afternoon and we'd been playing for about half an hour now, we were winning 120 to 80 against Slytherin so far, although this match didn't actually count towards the semi finals in May, it still felt good to see the looks on the faces of Amy and Chelsea.

"Albus Potter has spotted the Snitch! He dives, but James P is hot on his heels! The snitch flies toward Sarah Addams, who sends a bludger towards Albus! Nice shot, Addams!" Rocky's booming voice cried.

Sure enough, the bludger Sarah had whacked was hurtling towards Albus and James at light speed. James ducked immediately but Albus was slightly too late and had to slow down and shoot upwards, giving James the edge. James leant forward on his broom, whizzing towards the golden snitch, and –

"GRYFFINDOR WINS!" Rocky cried. We flew back down to earth, whooping ecstatically.

James jumped off his broom, ran towards Sarah and pulled her roughly against his chest. I jumped in the air while Dom grabbed me around the waist and kissed both my cheeks twice. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye when Danny threw his broom to the muddy floor and advanced to a still embracing James and Sarah. He got there just in time, for James had pressed a heartfelt kiss to her forehead and was making his way down to her lips when Danny pulled them roughly apart, rounding on James and throwing Sarah behind him savagely.

"That's it! I've had it up to here with you James! She's my fucking girlfriend; you can't keep trying to kiss her every five bloody seconds or interrupting us every time you think we're having sex! If you hadn't noticed, she chose me! And we're happy; she doesn't need you reminding her of the big mistake she made when she decided to go out with you in the first place!" Danny shouted.

We all broke apart and the crowds, who were in the middle of piling out of the stands, took their seats, hoping to watch a fight.

As always, James didn't disappoint.

Danny hit the floor, blood spilling from his mouth; James has very strong arms and he can use them well. From the muddy ground Danny crouched and sprang up towards James, taking him around the waist and tackling him to the floor, where he weighed him down, punching him repeatedly 'below the belt' and in the stomach. He got another well-aimed punch in between James' legs, and my cousin cried out with a masculine grunt and screwed his eyes shut, unable to defend himself due to the agonising pain.

"NO!" Sarah screamed, before she swung her beater's bat and hit Danny around the head with a sickening crack.

The crowd gasped unanimously, although not being able to see who exactly had hit Danny and when Dom, Lily and I reached them, Danny was slumped over a groaning James, unconscious. I managed to drag him off my cousin, with Albus' help, and a trembling Sarah threw the beaters bat at my feet and dropped to her knees beside James as he rolled on his side, tucking his legs up to his chest and still screwing his eyes shut, coughing and wheezing. Albus, Scorpius and Freddie jumped off their brooms and hurried across the field towards us.

"Alright, nothing to see here!" Lily shouted as professors begin running across the muddy field.

"Everyone give them some space!" Albus added, standing over James so no-one could see him at his weakest moment.

Scorpius and all the other lads in the vicinity were scrunching their faces up in sympathy and wincing as they look down at James, whose face was being stroked lovingly by Sarah.

"I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so, so sorry" She's whispering to him under her breath. He grabbed her hand with the one that wasn't clutching his crotch and looked up at her through teary eyes.

"Jamie, are you crying?" She whispered in disbelief.

I'm not so surprised, it's probably very painful, and she's rarely seen him cry. Come to think of it, I never had until she broke up with him. Honestly, I've never seen someone so depressed, his eyes turned into Niagara Falls as soon as he was alone with me for about four months after they finished. After that he just resorted to obsessing over her.

"You have no idea how painful this is." He croaked, trying to crack a smile and she kissed his forehead, her perfect hair dangling in the mud as she cradled his head, whispering something that sounds terribly like 'my poor Jamie.'


But still, those three are going to have detentions until half term. All together. Probably not the best plan ever, that.

"Miss Weasley" Said a from behind me. About twelve of us turned around. I turned to see Madame Pettifoot, the school nurse, gaping at the scene in front of us. Scorpius, Albus, Me, Dom, Freddie, Lily and Steve have created a sort of barrier between James, Sarah, Danny and the rest of the world.

"What happened here?" Madame Pettifoot asked, hurrying towards James and looking at Sarah, who was closest.

"Well, Danny attacked James and so-" she started, wiping the mud from James' face gently and absentmindedly while he lay curled on the floor, eyes closed with the effect of her touch.

"I hit him around the melon with this." I said quickly with a maniacal laugh, picking up the beaters bat that Sarah had discarded.

Danny, Sarah and James in joint detention? I don't think so.

"Rose Weasley!" Professor Hart screeched from behind me.

Oh hells bells and buckets of blood.

"Did you do this?!" She continued. She's my head of house and she's Minerva McGonagall's niece. And yes, there is a family resemblance.

"No. She was covering for me. I levitated it with my wand from over there." Scorpius said, stepping up from behind me and putting an arm around me. Freddie narrowed his eyes at him. Sarah stared at us from the floor, mouth agape. Two people had covered for her in less than two minutes. Danny was being levitated to the Hospital Wing and Sarah stood up and followed James, holding his hand as he too floated on thin air and still looking shocked at me and Scorpius.

"Right, joint detention for James, Danny and Scorpius for fighting, and also Rose for covering for Scorpius. Detention starts at half past eleven next Saturday. Now get out of my sight!" Hart bellowed and we all trudged up to the changing rooms to shower and change and then go up to the Hospital Wing.

God, the things I do for my friends.


Hi guys,

Just thought I ought to tell you all that, while it wasn't my intention to keep you all waiting this long for the juicy bits to pop up (I've had a few well-deserved comments about how far along into the story it took to find out Rose was pregnant and about how long it's taking for Scorpius to find out it's his) I realize it has been quite a long time coming. I thought I'd give the more impatient of you a heads-up: Scorpius doesn't find out until Chapter 29. It wasn't planned to be that far along into the story, but there we have it. I do regret that it took that long to find the right place for him to learn the truth, but as a writer, I would prefer the good parts are written right rather than crowbarred into the story as an afterthought.

Obviously I expect a few of you to be more than annoyed that it will take that long and will probably give up reading. For those of you who are interested enough to keep reading, my love goes out to you! To keep you loyal few interested, an interesting holiday and an eventful New Year's Eve for the gang is coming up before the shit hits the proverbial fan with Scorpius. Please R & R as ever, I look forward to your thoughts and feelings on the chapter and this footnote.

- Sarita x

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