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Faking It by PhoenixGirl
Chapter 4 : And Then Came a Hogsmeade Weekend
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Sorry for the long gap between chapters! :(

Caspian POV

Two weeks.

You don’t start liking someone to a point you could be convinced it’s love in two weeks.

You just don’t. That’s just how it is.

It takes months to fall in love.

Years, maybe.

So how on earth did I fall start liking Lily Luna Potter so freaking much in just two weeks?

The first month of fake dating was easy. We barely spent a couple of hours a day together, in very public places to sell our relationship.

Every now and then, a smile, a kiss on the cheek, holding hands; just the bare minimum.

I was sure I had no romantic feelings for her.

And then came the Quidditch match.

Yes, I know I was writing my own death wish when I sent a bludger her way, but I certainly didn’t expect it to end the way it did.

I ended up kissing her and even though she punched me after that, I can’t say I wouldn’t like to kiss her again.

And then she came to apologize to me and I gave her my family heirloom.

To be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. But I’m glad she has it. It makes me happy.

And ever since then, we’ve been spending more time together.

And every moment I spend with her, I find myself liking her just a little bit more.

She isn’t like the girls I would usually date.

She’s down to earth, despite her famous background. She isn’t fake. She doesn’t obsess over how she looks. She loves Quidditch.

And she also loves Lysander.

I know Lily has no romantic feelings for me. She really loves Lysander. I can tell.

That’s why, no matter what, I’m going to help her get him.

I’ve began to feel for Lily for two weeks, in ways I can’t imagine I’ve ever felt before; she’s loved Lysander for three years and she deserves to have a fair chance with him.

That’s why, even if it’s going to kill me to act like I want her to get him, I’m going to do it anyway, and I’m going to make it so convincing that Albus Dumbledore won’t be able to tell that I’m lying.

This Hogsmeade weekend, I’m going to finally make her happy.

“Are you spending the day with Potter?” Jonathan asked tiredly at the breakfast table on Saturday morning.

“Obviously. It’s our first Hogsmeade weekend together.” I said, unable to control the rising feeling in my stomach.

“And hopefully your last.” He muttered, poking his sausage.

“Come on, Jona, you could at least be happy for me.” I said.

“Mate, I’m happy for you. I’m just wondering why it’s Potter; that’s all.” Jonathan said.

“She’s a beautiful girl, Jon. You haven’t even talked to her properly.” I said defensively.

“Alright mate, it’s cool. You love your girlfriend. That’s some cool shit, mate.” Jona said, putting his hands up in surrender.

I sighed, “I’ll see you in the evening.” I said, rising from the table in the Great Hall.

I caught Lily’s eye and waved to her, a smile automatically coming to my face.

Before I used to try to show the extra enthusiasm. Now it just came naturally.

I motioned that I’d wait for her outside so she could finish breakfast with her friends.

I was supposed to meet her at eleven anyway and it was only ten.

I sat in my room and looked over Quidditch plays mostly.

Our next game was against Hufflepuff and ever since their best player, Ian Ford, left Hogwarts two years ago, they didn’t stand a chance.

Still, I’d rather be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

And then, I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I asked.

The door opened without an answer and I grimaced.

“Tina.” I said, conveying my disinterest with one word.

“Hey Caspian! It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” she said cheerfully, sitting on the desk next to me, swinging her legs in front of her.

“What do you want Tina?” I asked tiredly. I was not ready to deal with her right before my date with Lily.

“I don’t have anyone to hang out with at Hogsmeade, so I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” she said. I could hear the hopefulness in her voice.

“Sorry. I have a date with Lily; you know, my girlfriend.” I said flatly, “Tina, you have to leave me alone. We’re done, okay? You have to move on and find someone else.”

Tina jumped off the desk and leaned close to my face, making me recline in my chair was far as possible, “We are not done. I know you still have feelings for me. And I don’t some little Gryffindor bitch to stop you from realizing that. She’s in my way, and I will eliminate her if you don’t break up with her.” She said dangerously, “I’m not going to threaten her, Caspian. I’m going to threaten you, so that if your girlfriend gets hurt, you can hold yourself responsible.”

I narrowed my eyes at Tina, “You sadistic little bint. Touch her and you’ll wish you never knew me.” I said.

“You won’t lay a hand on me, Caspian.” Tina said sweetly, “That’s not very gentlemanly.”

“No, I won’t.” I agreed, “But I know others who will.” I said, pressing my mouth into a hard line.

Tine smirked in satisfaction, undeterred by my words, “In the end, it’ll be both of us, Caz, you know it. C’est la vie, darling!” she said, and with that, she sauntered out the door.

“Caspian, are you alright?” Lily’s concerned voice asked, interrupting my day dream.

I turned to her, “Yeah I’m fine.” I said easily, trying not to worry about Tina’s threat.

“Are you sure? You look a little pale to me.” she said, frowning.

“Probably just hungry.” I lied, “Shall we go to the Three Broomsticks?” I asked.

Lily grinned at the thought of food, her eyes shining, “Yes, let’s do that.” she said, pulling me towards the pub.

I laughed and let her drag me along into the warmth of the pub, “I’ll get some drinks.

Why don’t you get a table?” I told her, shrugging off my coat as we stepped inside.

She nodded, disappearing among the crowd towards the corner booths.

“Two butterbeers.” I said to Madam Rosmerta, putting some money on the table.

“You here with Lily, huh Gray?” I heard someone say on my right.

Without looking at him, I answered Lysander calmly, “Yeah. Jealous?” I taunted.

Lysander scoffed, “Like I’d be jealous of you.” he said, “I’m just worried about her, that’s all.” He said.

“A little too much worry for just a regular friend, right?” I said, a protective edge coming into my voice automatically, “Because Lily told me she never talked to you much until we started going out.”

“Please, Lily and I are very close. The four of us are like best friends.” He said haughtily.

“Okay, so what’s her favourite colour?” I asked. This was a basic question; even I knew the answer and if they were really as close as Lysander claimed, which I knew they weren’t, then he would know it too.

“Red. Obviously. She’s a Gryffindor.” Lysander said confidently.

“Funny…she told me it was green barely an hour ago.” I said, smirking, “And that’s it’s been green ever since she was five.”

Lysander narrowed his eyes at me, taking a few bottles of butterbeer from the table,

“You take care of her, Gray. If there’s as much as a scratch on her, you’ll answer to me.” he said.

“I think you care about her a bit too much, Scamander. She’s my girlfriend, yeah? Honestly, if you had a problem with her being in a relationship, you should have claimed her when she was still single and not chased after her cousin.” I said seriously.

“That was to make her jealous!” he blurted out.

For a moment he didn’t register what he had admitted to me, but then his eyes widened.

He mumbled something too soft for me to hear and abruptly left the bar table, going towards Molly and Hugo.

I took the two butterbeers to our corner booth where Lily was waiting with food on the table, “I took the liberty to order some food for us.” She informed me when I sat down.

I grinned, “I hope you got me steak.” I said.

“Medium rare, the way you said you liked it.” she said, taking a sip from her butterbeer.

“Good, you actually listen when I talk to you.” I said, smiling.

“Of course I do.” She said, pretending to be offended.

I debated inside my head whether to tell her about what Lysander said.

He had basically admitted that he liked Lily. And now that our plan had worked, I owed it to her to tell her.

“Um…Lily…” I said uncertainly.

“Yeah?” Lily said cheerfully, looking up from her plate of pasta.

“So I met Lysander at the bar…”

“Well that’s good news, isn’t it?” Lily asked uncertainly, when I was done.

“It’s great news, Lils! He likes you and he admitted it! Now you can ‘break up’ with me or something and get together with him!” I said, forcing the cheerfulness into my voice.

“But what about your Tina problem? Has she stopped bothering you?” she asked in concern.

“Oh yeah, she stopped. Don’t worry about it.” I lied easily.

“Caspian, are you sure? I don’t want it to seem like I’m using you.” she said kindly.

“Trust me, Lily. You’ve done more than you know.” I said, putting an arm around her.

Lily shook her head, “No. Maybe we should date a little longer. We can make sure Tina gets off your back and it could make Ly a little more jealous.” She said.

I smiled, trying not to show how happy that made me, and nodded, “Okay. It’s your call, Potter.” I said.

Lily flashed me a smile as she sipped her butterbeer, “Not longer than Christmas, okay? Just two more months.” She said.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have any problem with fake dating someone like you.” I said, leaning back in my chair.

“’Someone like me’?” she questioned, arching an eyebrow.
I paled as my mind started racing, “Um…” I said blankly.

“Yes, Caspian? I’d like an answer today.” Lily said, smirking in amusement, as if enjoying my discomfort.

She has the Potter-smirk too…I guess it really does run in the family.

“You’re a nice Gryffindor.” I finally said, deciding not to ramble on about what I actually would have said, “And you’re smart.” I added on an afterthought.

Wow, isn’t that brilliant, Caz? You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

“You don’t mind dating me because I’m smart and nice?” Lily asked in a tone of disbelief. There was also something else in her voice; something like disappointment.

“And you have a good sense of humour.” I said uncertainly.

Lily stared at me incredulously, “Oh Merlin, Caspian, you can’t be ser-”

“Trouble in paradise, huh?” another familiar voice said.

Lily stopped midsentence and looked up at my best friend, Jonathan, and started to smile politely

Then she stopped, seeing who was on his arm.

It was Tina.

“What are you doing with her, Jona?” I asked in a low voice.

“We’re on a date, Caspian!” Tina said, her shrilly voice going into frequencies of ultrasonic waves, “I’m quite sure I mentioned it to you this morning in your room.” She said, smiling sweetly.

“What was she doing in your room?” Lily asked angrily. I honestly hoped she was just acting and playing the part.

I sighed, rubbing my temple gently, “It’s a long story, Lily.” I said.

“Well I’ve got plenty of time.” She said in a voice so calm, it sent shivers down my neck.

“Wait, I’m confused. Why were you in his room this morning?” Jonathan asked Tina, his voice full of hurt.

Oh Merlin.

“Lily, we’re leaving.” I said, putting a bunch of galleons on the table.

Lily raised an eyebrow at me quizzically.

I shook my head and took her hand, pulling her out of the booth, “It’s all yours, Jona.” I said dramatically.

“Aw, Caz, don’t go.” Tina teased.

Lily narrowed her eyes at Tina and was about to say something to her when I pulled her away even faster, literally dragging her out of the pub.

“That was just plain stressful.” I muttered, leaning against the wall of a side alley.

Lily stood in front of me, observing me with a hint of amusement, “So why was she in your room this morning?” she asked.

I hesitated, trying to figure out how much to tell her, “She wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me.” I finally said, “Obviously she chose to forget that I would be going with you.”

Lily nodded, not exactly bothered by this, “You told me she was leaving you alone.” She said.

“She was!” I lied, “I guess she decided to try one more time before moving to my best friend.” I mumbled, “I mean, honestly, I thought Jona was smarter than that.”

“Maybe it’s just a fling.” She suggested.

I shrugged, “It isn’t my business anymore. All I can do is look out for Jona. If he wants to date her, let him.” I said.

“You know-” Lily started to say, when we heard voices coming from the Three Broomsticks.

I cringed at the all too familiar laugh.

“Honestly Tina needs to learn to leave me alone.” I muttered, pulling Lily a little further into the brick alley to hide us from view.

Lily laughed as we heard the door of the Three Broomsticks open again, and this time, the voices we heard were of her friends, primarily Lysander and Hugo, who were arguing about Quidditch.

“They’re coming our way.” Lily said, paling at the thought of facing Lysander.

“We could just leave, you know?” I suggested blankly.

She started to agree, but turned to me with a mischievous, “What would someone normally be doing in an empty alley?” she asked, smirking.

I frowned, “I don’t know, may-Oh! Oh, I see…” I said, seeing her intention, “You really want to do that?” I asked.

She grinned and nodded, “Let’s make sure Tina leaves you alone; once and for all.” She said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

Well, here goes nothing.


Lily POV

“I cannot believe I just walked in on you and Caspian.” Hugo said, shuddering as we approached the Gryffindor common room.

“You’re making it sound like we were actually doing something bad. Honestly, Hu, snogging your boyfriend is no big deal.” I said flippantly.

“Now that is a bad mental picture.” Lysander muttered.

I shifted uncomfortably next to Molly, remembering what Caspian told me.

“A bad one indeed.” Hugo said, covering his eyes.

Huh. As if that would stop the flow of images to his mind.

To be honest, while the kiss lasted, it was a good one. I mean, Caspian sure knew how to snog.

Maybe both of us could really benefit from this relationship. You know, we could do the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing.

As we reached the portrait hole, I remembered that I had to go see Uncle Neville and groaned; his office was on the second floor.

That’s five floors down that I don’t want to walk.

“I have to run down to see Uncle Neville, okay? I’ll just meet you three at the Great Hall for dinner.” I said, sighing in anticipation of all the walking I had to do.

“Why? We don’t even have any essays due for Herbology.” Molly said.

I nodded, “I know. But it’s Caspian’s brother’s wedding in two weeks and I’m invited as his date. So I need to get it cleared with Neville as soon as possible if I want to go.” I said.

Hugo and Molly stared at me in shock. Lysander started glaring at the floor.

“You’re going for Gray’s brother’s wedding in two weeks as Gray’s date?” Hugo asked in disbelief.

“I thought I just told you that.” I said innocently.

I had a feeling Hu wouldn’t take it too well.

“Are you spending the night with him?” Molly asked excitedly, grinning.

I shrugged, “Probably. The wedding is on Sunday morning but since Caspian is the best man, he has to go the night before.” I said.

“You’re spending the night with him?!” Hugo exclaimed.

“Hu, you are repeating everything I’m saying. Just calm the fuck down. It’s really no big deal.” I said nonchalantly.

“Lily, it’s a pretty big deal.” Lysander said unhelpfully from behind Hugo, “You probably shouldn’t go.”

Now I glared at him, “Well I hardly think that’s any of your business.” I snapped.

I turned to Hugo, “I’ve written to mum and dad already so don’t get your knickers in a twist. They’ll probably reply soon.” I said, smirking.

“This is such a big step for you, Lils! My little baby finally has a boyfriend!” Molly shrieked.

“I’ve been dating him for well over a month.” I pointed out.

“Don’t remind me.” Ly muttered.

I shot him a glare as Molly hugged me happily.

“Ugh. Molly. Can’t. Breath.” I gasped for air.

She let go of me and beamed, “Don’t listen to those boys. They’re idiots.” She said under her breath.

I nodded, “Amen to that.” I mumbled, “Alright see you in the Great Hall.” I said, walking towards the staircase.

I could feel Molly’s positive energy streaming till the end of the corridor.

Dear Mum and Dad,

How are my favourite parents doing? I hope everything’s alright back at home.

So clearly, you have figured out that I have something to ask you…so I’m just going to tell you without further delay.

So there’s this guy, Caspian Gray and he asked me to come to his brother’s wedding as his date, which is about two weeks from now.

I’m pretty sure Uncle Neville will let me go, but I know he’s going to ask for proof of your permission so here I am.

Can I go? Please?

Okay thanks!

Love you loads,


PS: Send me some money; I’ll need to buy a stupid dress…or you can send me a dress. Yes, that’s better. Less shopping to do. Okay mum, send me a nice dress.

A/N: So here's the next chapter! Sorry it took so long to update. A) I was updating my other story. B) I was out of ideas. 

Anyway, let me know what you think in a review because you know I love them and I love hearing from my readers :D 

Thank you my loves!

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