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All She Ever Wanted by TaylorAnnMitchell92
Chapter 2 : A Simple Misunderstanding
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Authors Note: Hello! So here’s another one for you guys! I hope it is turning out okay. This Chapter managed to be super long...Could use some feedback. You know whether or not it doesn’t have enough dialog or description or too much. I actually have this one done and starting on the second one.  So enjoy Chapter two. Oh and everything is ,of course, J.K. Rowling’s.


Two weeks later Ivy, Hermione, Harry and the Weasley’s woke up in the early morning to get ready to leave for King’s Cross Station. All that was left of Ivy’s run-in with Malfoy was a couple of scratches, bruises and the memories. In all honesty, she was nervous about her first encounter with him since then. Luckily, no one has tried to push the details out of her. Though, she did tell Hermione because she was her sister.

                Mrs. Weasley had toast made for everyone and after a couple of trips to the car that the ministry provided (obviously for Harry’s protection), they were on their way. They arrived at King’s Cross with a good twenty minutes to spare. Mr. Weasley led the way for everyone. “Okay Harry, you and Ron go through first, then Ivy and Hermione, and Ginny, Molly and I will follow,” he directed.

                Ivy and Hermione ran through the barrier at Platform 9 3/4. Ivy heard the others follow behind her. Ivy noticed that there was a lot more adults on the platform.

                “Wotcher group!” Ivy heard behind her. She turned around to come face-to-face with Tonks, Lupin and the entire Order.

                “Tonks!” Ivy gave her a big hug.  Out of everybody in the Order, Tonks was her favorite.  Tonks was one of the few females left in the Order.  Ivy greeted the rest of the Order with a smile.

                “What’s everyone doing here?” Ron asked.

                “We are just making sure everything goes smoothly on the Platform. After what happened in Diagon Alley, we decided to take a few extra precautions,” Kinsley said.  Ivy felt everyone look at her.

                “What? I’m fine. We already dis..” Just before she could finish her sentence, Ivy saw Malfoy with Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise.  Her face fell and her body got cold. Tonks noticed and turned to see who she was looking at. Malfoy looked at Ivy straight in the eye. Ivy could feel herself getting angry. Tonks must have noticed because she put her arm around Ivy. Without a word Malfoy got on the train. Ivy turned her head to see him go on, right before Malfoy was fully through the door, he turned looked at her and smirked. It’s going to be a long year Ivy thought.

                Pretty soon they were on the train heading towards Hogwarts. Ivy felt like she was going someplace safe, someplace where Malfoy can’t get to her:  if only that were true. Slowly it started to get dark outside and the train just rolled on and on.

                “Maybe we should go change,” Hermione suggested. She turned to grab her bag and Ivy followed behind her.  The two sisters stepped out of the compartment and started to the changing room. Luckily there wasn’t a line, so Ivy went first. As Ivy started to put on her cloak, her nerves started to get to her. She looked in the mirror: she looked the same. She didn’t change her diet despite what happened to her, so her body looked the same. Her hair hung very plainly around her face (she took it down on the way to Hogwarts). Deciding against the hair being down, she put it back up in the usual ponytail.  To calm her nerves she washed her face with some water, and just like that she was ready to go.

                Ivy stepped out of the changing room. “I will be right back,” Hermione said to her. “You will be okay, right?”

                “Of course, it’s going to take you all of five minutes to change. I can manage until then,” Ivy smiled. Hermione nodded and went in. Ivy leaned against the wall beside the door.

                “Just breathe. Everything will be okay this year,” Ivy mumbled to herself.

                “Oh, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Granger,” Ivy heard a voice say.

                Ivy looked up to see Malfoy standing there, by himself. Odd. “I guess you aren’t taking my advice are you Granger? You are here by yourself, aren’t you?”

                Ivy didn’t say anything but without realizing it, her eyes darted toward the door to where Hermione was at. Malfoy noticed.  “Who’s in there? Is it your sister?” Malfoy’s grin grew wider. He pulled out his wand and Ivy heard a click. She then heard her sister yelling and banging on the door.

                Ivy pulled out her wand. “Malfoy, I don’t want trouble.”

                “Oh, don’t worry Granger; I’m not going to try anything here. I just figured I should remind you to not wonder alone, because obviously you aren’t listening.” Malfoy said as he started to smirk. For a second Ivy’s heart faltered, but then she remember that he was threatening her. Malfoy stepped closer to Ivy. Ivy tried to move back but she remembered that there was a wall behind her. “Nowhere to run Granger,” Malfoy said. Malfoy then pinned Ivy against the wall. “Hmm…this seems familiar,” Malfoy smirked.

                Ivy didn’t budge or look away. She looked at him dead in the eye. “Back off Malfoy!” she yelled at him. With that she pushed back on him and made him fall. “I’m getting sick of you trying to bully me! You are the one that better-…” Ivy was cut off with Malfoy pushing her into an empty compartment. Before she knew it Malfoy was on top on her.

                “Now Granger, you have got to learn some manners. This is your last warning. Next time I won’t be so kind.” Malfoy leaning close to Ivy and whispered, “And I always keep my promises.” Ivy could feel tears running down her cheeks. She was terrified. She could still hear her sister beating on the door. Obviously she didn’t bring her wand like Ivy did, which laid a couple of feet from her. “Don’t worry Granger, we will meet again.” Malfoy got up and walked out. Ivy heard the click of the door and Hermione practically fell out. She looked around, and then she saw Ivy.

                “Oh Ivy,” she fell to where Ivy was. At this point Ivy was feeling many emotions. She didn’t realize that she was crying a lot harder until Hermione started to wipe her tears away. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t get out and I left my wand in the compartment.”

                Ivy sat up. “It’s okay. I’m fine.” Ivy stood up and started to walk back the compartment. Hermione caught up with her and looped her arm in Ivy’s. They arrived to their compartment and automatically Harry and Ron knew something happened. They were playing exploding snaps when they walked in.

                “About time! Merlin, I thought you two got lost,” Ron started to say before he looked up. “Is everything okay? What happened?”

                Harry looked up as well.  “Malfoy; that’s what happened,” Ivy said. “Before any of you start, I’m fine. He didn’t do anything. He just tried to scare me, which obviously worked.” Ivy signaled to her face when she said that. The tears had stopped but she knew that her eyes and face was red.

                “I’m going to kill that git,” Ron said before he and Harry continued to play exploding snaps. Hermione and Ivy sat down and watched until a voice said “Five minutes until we reach Hogwarts” over the intercom. Everybody gathered their things and waited for the train to come to a halt. The group got off the train and headed to the carriages. They climbed into one with a fellow Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood.

                “Good evening everyone,” Luna said with a simple smile, over her copy of the Quibbler.

                “Hello”, everyone replied. The carriage took off the ten minutes later they arrived at the castle doors. 

                Lune turned to everyone as they were getting off, “See you later.”

                “I really don’t think all of her screws are connected,” Ron said as Luna was skipping away.

                “She did help us at the Ministry though,” Harry said.

                Ron nodded in agreement and everyone laughed. They walked into the Great Hall to find it a little empty. “Merlin, where is everyone?” Ron asked.

                “Everyone is to scared to come back with all of the You-Know-Who commotion. Come on, let’s find a seat before the sorting starts,” Hermione answered.  Everyone sat down, watched the sorting, listened to Dumbledore say his spill about Lord Voldemort, clapped his hands and then everyone ate. Ivy, still a little frightened of the events from earlier, ate quietly as she watched everyone visit. A couple of people came to say to her and the hugged them like they were family. Even her old boyfriend, Dean Thomas came to say hello, even though he was currently with Ginny Weasley. Ivy snuck a couple of looks over to Malfoy. He was talking very intently to Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise, and his on again off again girlfriend, Pansy. 

                Out of nowhere, Hermione grabbed her arm and made her jump, “Are you okay Ivy?”

                Ivy nodded, “Yes, I’m fine. Just a little tired.”

                “Alright, well we are about to all head to the common room. Do you want to join?”

                Ivy looked down at her plate; she had hardly eaten a bite and her stomach was still growling. “No, I’m not quite finished eating. You all go on ahead. I will be up there soon.”

                Hermione nodded and wave and started to follow Ron out of the Great Hall. Harry turned around to Ivy though as if to say “Are you sure you will be okay alone?” Ivy nodded and shooed him and with a smile he left. Ivy looked over to the Slytherin table; Malfoy and his group were all gone. Probably to the common room Ivy thought. A group of Gryffindors were leaving the Great Hall. Ivy quickly shoveled her food down and started to follow them out. Just in case he tries to do anything Ivy thought. She quietly followed the group up the many staircases at Hogwarts. The castle was warm and comforting. Ivy smiled to herself. She was going to make this year her year. She wanted it to go perfect; despite the events that have taken place.

                They were almost to the common room, when someone placed a hand over Ivy’s mouth and pulled her into an empty classroom. She was then thrown on the floor and slide across the room until she hit the wall. Ivy’s head hit the wall hard and she looked up and saw Malfoy. Well there goes my ray of sunshine Ivy thought. “What do you want now?” Ivy said as she was getting up. “No offense but this,” she spread her arms out motioning to the two of them, “is getting old.” Ivy crossed her arms. She could feel her wand in her cloak ready to be used when necessary.

                “Getting old you say?” Malfoy asked. Ivy just nodded not taking her eyes off of his. He started circling around her. As soon as he was clear of the door Ivy ran for it. It was locked. And before Ivy knew it, he had grabbed her around the waist and picked her up. Her legs went in to the air kicking. She screamed for help and for him to put her down but mostly for help. She could hear Malfoy laugh as he carried her to the back of the classroom.  She kicked and kicked; not making any contact. Malfoy threw her down in the back corner on the floor. It was a surprisingly soft landing. She looked down to see a mattress. A mattress the thought finally registered. Ivy fought to get up. Malfoy held her down.  “Calm down Granger! This won’t hurt too much.” Malfoy said with that smirk. Curse that smirk Ivy thought. Malfoy climbed on top of her. She finally got a good look at him. He had changed from his Hogwarts uniform to his signature black suit. Ivy smiled; despite her current situation he looks good. “Be careful Malfoy don’t want to wrinkle your little outfit.”

                Malfoy took his hand and slapped Ivy across the face. “Shut up you mudblood.” She looked at him with a stern face. She wasn’t going to let him do this. Not now not ever. She isn’t about to be afraid of every movement in the shadows or wonder when he will take her away again. She decided to talk her way out of it.

                “So tell me Malfoy, do your little friends know about your extracurricular activities?” Ivy smirked back at him; hoping she mirrored his.

                “As a matter of fact no, not yet.”

                “I don’t think Pansy will enjoy the fact that you are trying to get into another girls pants,” Ivy said strongly. This earned Ivy another slap.

                “It doesn’t matter what Pansy think. We aren’t together,” Malfoy spat.

                “So currently she’s off again?” Ivy looked at him.

                “Yes,” he nodded. His face went soft but only for a second. He grabbed Ivy’s wrist and pulled her arms upward. She could feel her white blouse being untucked and she got the chills from the little bit of skin that was showing from it. Malfoy looked at her with wanting, dangerous eyes. He leaned in close to her “This may hurt a little Granger but don’t worry it gets easier.” He laughed. Ivy was terrified. No one could hear her yell. He most likely put a silencing charm around the entire room. Her only hope was that Harry would be looking at his Maurander’s Map. Malfoy let go of her wrist, which was now stuck to the wall, how he had done it, she don’t know. He started to undo her tie. Ivy started to wriggle and move trying to get him off of her or something. She finally flung him off of her “Pig!” She yelled him.  “Go find a new hobby!”

                Malfoy got up. The side of his face had a small scratch on it. He looked angry but Ivy didn’t change her face. She looked at him with the same sneering look. He took out his was, “Crucio!” Ivy felt pain. This time was worse than the first. Her body twisted and turn and it felt like a hundred knives were stabbing her.  Then it just stopped. Ivy was breathing heavily.

                “There that should keep you from having too much energy.” He bent down over her. His hand caressed her face. Ivy turned her head suddenly and bit down hard on his hand. Malfoy yelled and took a step back. His faced turned dark. Very dark. “You are going to regret that Granger.” Ivy watched him unbutton his jacket, take it off and lay it carefully on a chair. He then rolled up his sleeves and took off his tie. He flicked his wand and Ivy was forced off of the ground into the air. Her feet were barely off the ground. Ivy noticed a mirror right across from where she was. That pig wants me to watch him do this to me! Ivy examined herself. Her normally neat hair was now messed up and half way out of its ponytail; her tie was halfway undone and her blouse was now completely untucked and about an inch of her stomach was showing. She didn’t want any more of her body parts showing. Malfoy noticed her looking at the mirror.

                “Looking at your pathetic self in the mirror? Don’t worry you will have a lot more to watch.” He started to approach her. She tried to kick him but he grabbed both of her legs.

                “Malfoy I swear to Merlin, if you do not let me down now, I will kill you personally, you slimy, stupid, little git!” She wiggled and moved but she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

                Malfoy parted her legs and walked up between them. Probably to prevent me from kicking him. Git. Malfoy then started to finish undoing her tie. He pulled it slowly around her neck and let it drop to the floor. If he wasn’t about to hurt me, this would be hot Ivy thought. Without even realizing it, she blew her hair out from her face. Malfoy looked up, he was starting on her shirt, and he smirked and continued what he was doing. Ivy tried hard to fight him off with the little energy she had. “Hold still Granger! You are making this very, very difficult!” His voice sounded rough. Malfoy looked at her. At this point her shirt was completely unbuttoned.

                “Why don’t you go sleep with Pansy or something? It would be a lot easier and probably a lot more enjoyable since you would have her consent and such.” Ivy said as she was trying to kick him.

                “I told you Granger, Pansy and I aren’t together. Besides, it seems like you have forgotten who’s in charge. I have to remind you.” Malfoy said as he started to untie her shoes. He did both of them really quick. She really started to get scared. She started to move more; trying to wiggle herself free. Malfoy smirked. He was feeding off of her fear. Ivy could see the pure hate in his eyes. She didn’t want to do this, not with him, not now. Granted, the little crush she had for him was currently under the rocks. That’s it!  Ivy thought.

                “I like you!” Ivy blurted. Malfoy stopped what he was doing. From the looks of it, he was conjuring a bed. He slowly turned to look at her. Ivy knew she looked pathetic. He didn’t have to tell her that, but maybe she could change the pace of things.

                “What did you say?” Malfoy looked confused.

                “I like you. I have always liked you. Damn it Malfoy! Don’t you remember our first year here. And how we decided to just go our separate ways? We may have been eleven but I still remember everything. I could never say anything…because, well, I just couldn’t. And you will look at me like you are now.” Ivy stopped and lowered her head. Malfoy’s face looked stunned. Obviously he wasn’t expecting this. He finished conjuring the bed and slowly walked over to Ivy. She turned her head away from him; expecting the worst. Malfoy then grabbed her face with both of his hands and made her look at him.

                “I am no good for you!”

                “Don’t you think that I know that?” Ivy said she felt tears in her eyes. She also felt the urge to kiss him. She knew it was ridiculous, even after everything he has done to her. Ivy looked at him and she didn’t take her eyes off of him. She watched his face change into many different emotions: confused, angry, sad, then his eyes went soft. It looked like he made his decision on what he was going to do. He reached up and with a swift motion, he let Ivy down. She tripped and almost fell but to her surprise he caught her. He slowly lifted her up and made her face him. He looked at her; he put his forehead to hers.

                “Ivy Granger,” he whispered, “I have done many bad things in my life. I’ve had many people tell me the same thing you just did and I have never let it get to me.” Ivy was breathing hard. She had no idea where it was going. “I’ve had many girls Granger. Many. None of them have ever affected me like this.” Ivy could feel his sweet breath on her lips. She tilted her head up so she could look in his eyes and that was all it took. Their lips came crashing down on each other. Her lips moved easily with his. He tasted sweet. Her hands moved all over his strong body. She stopped and held on to the back of his neck. Slowly he led the way to the bed that he conjured.

                He gently placed her on the bed taking his hands off of her briefly. Then she heard it; the “click click” of a lock. She went stiff. She didn’t realize that he had moved her hands above her head. She tried to move them but they wouldn’t. Malfoy noticed and he pulled away from her and he had a sad grin. With a confused look Ivy said, “What are you playing at Malfoy?”

                Malfoy looked down and sighed. “This may be a strange thing to say but believe it or not this is probably the safest place for you.”

                “Oh really? Being locked up in a room with you while being handcuffed to a bed. Yep, I have never felt any safer than this,” Ivy said sarcastically.

                Malfoy shook his, “I’m serious Ivy! You have no idea what’s going on or what’s happening outside of these walls.”

                Ivy was taken aback for a second when he used her first name but quickly recovered and continues, “What’s going on that we don’t know about? You need to tell me!”

                Malfoy’s head shot up and points his finger at her, “That’s the thing, I can’t! I want to but I can’t.”

                Ivy motioned the best she could around her, “So what’s with the deal with all of this?”

Malfoy sighed, leaned over her, and undid the handcuffs, “This,” he answered, “Is just a simple misunderstanding. This is me trying to please people that don’t care about me. This is me being someone I am not.” He sat down beside her and put his head in his hands.

                Ivy sat up rubbing her wrist, “So what now?”

                “Now I leave and you wait for your friends to get here.” Malfoy got up to leave, “Oh and Ivy, I am really sorry about this.”

                “Sorry about what-“ And just like that Ivy blacked out.


“Ivy! Ivy wake up. Please don’t be dead.” Ivy slowly opened her eyes. She was still in that damned room but she looked straight into a pair of green eyes. Harry! Ivy opened her eyes fully and turned her head. She saw Ginny, Hermione and Ron with him.          

“We started to worry when you didn’t come back from dinner. We looked at the map but your name was nowhere to be seen until thirty minutes ago,” Ron started to say.

“It was like the room was under a spell that couldn’t be seen on the Map,” Hermione finished.

Harry looked at Ivy concerned. “What happened?”

Ivy took a deep breathe. It hurt her inside, literally. Then she started her story. She left out a few key points (her crush for Malfoy for obvious reasons). She declared over and over again that she was fine but no one would take her word for it. “Do we need to go to the hospital wing?” Harry asked.

Ivy shook her head. “No. This doesn’t need to get out. Not yet at least. I just need something for the pain.”

Harry nodded and turned to Ron. “Let’s help her to the common room.”

To Ivy’s surprise Harry picked her up in one swift. Harry looked around the room and it gave Ivy a better look as well. Everything was neat. It was like Malfoy was never there.  Harry then said, “Ginny grab the map out of my back pocket and make sure no one is around. Hermione make sure everything is cleaned up.” Ivy wrap her arms around Harry as they prepared to leave

“Okay let’s go quickly,” Ginny whispered. Quickly they all filed out of the room. Hermione was the last. She shut the door. Ivy felt weak in every way imaginable. She had no idea what spell he used but she was just exhausted. Her body and her mind were being scattered throughout the halls as they made their way to the common room. Ginny told the Fat Lady the password and let Harry in with Ivy first. To their lucky surprise, the common room was empty. Harry took Ivy to the girl lavatory. He then whispered something to Hermione and Ginny. They nodded, walked in the lavatory and shut the door.

Ivy felt numb; from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Everything hurts. Her insides, her muscles, even her heart. She didn’t notice Hermione undressing her slowly and Ginny running some hot water. She did notice the gasps from her sister and Ginny. For the first time since she told her story she spoke, “How bad is it?”

Hermione looked like she was close to tears. “Pretty bad.” Ginny just nodded in agreement. Both of them helped Ivy slowly get into the tub. She felt the hot water soak her body. Her muscles started to relax.

“Are you going to be okay?” Hermione asked Ivy carefully.

“I think so. I just feel sore and apparently I have good reason to be.”

Ginny looked at Ivy. “If you need anything don’t be afraid to ask. We will wait for you before we go to sleep.”

Ivy smiled. “Thank you Ginny and can you please tell everyone else that I said thank you as well?”

“Of course,” Ginny said with a grin. She, too, turned and walked out.

                 Ivy scrubbed herself. She then relaxed and took a deep breathe. Ivy then made a mental note to research whatever spell he could have used.

                Once most of the bubble was gone she decided to emerge from the tub. Ivy took a quick glance of herself in the mirror. A lot of her body was covered in bruises but she really didn’t know why. “This spell is some serious voodoo,” she mumbled to herself. Ivy grabbed a towel and poked her head out of the door. 

                Hermione looked up first. She smiled gently and then got Ginny’s attention. They both got up and headed to the lavatory with Ivy.

                “Let me see them again,” Hermione said. Ivy slowly opened the towel. Hermione nodded and started to cast healing spells on her. It stung a little but eventually it soothed the pain. After Hermione stopped, she smiled to herself. Obviously proud that she can do such advanced magic. This made Ivy smile as well. Hermione then handed Ivy a little bottle of ointment.

                “Rub this on the bruises once a day. It should help. But I can’t guarantee that it won’t scar.”

                Ivy nodded and thanked her sister. Ginny smiled at Ivy. “So Ivy, did you notice the way Harry looked at you today?”

                Ivy shook her head, smiled and said, “No!” They all started to laugh. Ivy never thought about Harry like that in all honesty. She figured he was still too caught up in Cho Chang. Hermione grabbed Ivy’s hand taking her out of her thoughts and they all went to the dormitory.

                Ivy crawled in bed with her thoughts finally to herself. Ivy was scared. The idea that something was going on the Malfoy couldn’t tell her is frightening.  Then there was the thought about Harry. The Harry Potter interested in her? He was one of her best friends but that was it right? He has been sort of a protector for her lately. Ivy knew sleep was impossible so she just laid there all night staring at the top of her four post bed.

The next morning Ivy rose as soon as the sun started to come up. Everyone was still sound asleep and they wouldn’t be for another thirty minutes. Ivy tip-toed her way to the lavatory and shut the door behind her. Ivy took a look at herself in the mirror again. Her bruises were actually a little lighter. Ivy smiled. Her sister was a genius. It no wonder she is first in there year. Of course Ivy was close behind her. Ivy fixed her hair in its usual ponytail. She decided since it was the first day of class to put on some light makeup. Maybe a little foundation, eye shadow and light eye liner and mascara to top it off Ivy thought to herself. Considered to what happened to her, she didn’t look half bad. Ivy decided last night to be strong. She was going to focus on her studies and her friends. To survive she had to stick with them and that would be easy enough right?


              Ivy walked down to the common room. It was empty of course. Ivy was so hungry but she didn’t want to leave by herself for obvious reasons. Ivy strolled over to the window. The grounds looked beautiful. She could see the Quidditch pitch from the window. Tryouts were going to be held in a couple of weeks. Ivy was actually a decent player according to the Weasley twins. There are two chaser positions open and the keeper. Harry was also captain this year. Maybe she would try out.

                “Ivy?” said a voice behind her. Ivy about jumped out of her skin. She turned around.

                “Oh! Harry! I didn’t realize anyone else was awake,” Ivy said will a small smile.

                “I didn’t mean to startle you. How are you doing?” Harry said.

                “I’m doing okay. After something like that, it’s hard to recover from it.” Ivy shrugged her shoulders. She was on the verge of tears so she turned back to the window. Harry walked over to her and looked out as well.

                “You know there are a couple of positions open this year. You should go out for one,” Harry smiled to Ivy.

                She nodded. “Yeah I was just thinking about that just now. Fred and George said that I was a decent chaser.”

                Harry turned to Ivy, “Ivy, are you really going to be okay?”

                Ivy nodded her head. “Yes I believe I will be one day. I don’t want him to see me falter. If I’m constantly trying to hide from him, he will get the satisfaction. I don’t want that. I have to be strong.”

                Harry grabbed her hand. Ivy almost pulled away out of shock but she looked at him. “I’m here for you,” he said, “We all are Ivy. You don’t have to fight him alone.”

                “Thanks Harry.” Ivy grinned at him. “Want to go get some breakfast?”

                “Sure,” Harry answered.


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