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She Came From the Land Down Under by tonksadora
Chapter 3 : Quidditch Try Outs and Arrogant Berks
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 The fourth weekend of the school year was the Hufflepuff Quidditch try-outs. I can never understand why they take so long to try people out. The other three teams have been training since the first weekend. This is why we suck.


Owen Fittleworth, the captain was busy fluffing around with bits of paper and quills and was also holding a large pile of brooms in his arms. There was a Chaser spot and a Beater spot. I was determined to nail Chaser.


“If you don’t have a broom, please collect one from me now,” he stated, dropping the brooms at his feet. I winced- what if he damaged them!?


A flurry of second and third years ran forward to grab a broom each. I don’t mean to be a bitch or anything, but how on earth do they think they’re going to make the team if they don’t even own a broom?


“This is a recipe for disaster,” I muttered to Callum Cadwaller who was standing next to me.


He jumped a little and looked at me with a bit of a frightened expression. He always reacts like this when I talk to him, though I just can’t understand why. Does he really think that I’m a big enough snob not to talk to him simply because his face is like a pizza? True, I hang around with gossip gods/snobs like Lara Davies and Bailey Abercrombie but it doesn’t mean I’m exactly like them. I try to be nice to everyone. I guess that’s the Hufflepuff bit coming out in me.


Speaking of Lara, she forgave me that night for our little tiff over Sirius Black and has decided that me sitting next to him is actually ideal, so I can bring her up and see whether he likes her back. I haven’t, it’s been a month since the tiff, and my reasoning to her about that is ‘I’m just easing him in so he trusts me.’ I just don’t want to talk about her to Sirius- she’s been getting on my nerves since we’ve been back at the castle.


“Yeah,” Callum replied a little squeakily. I had almost forgotten Callum was there, I ignored his obvious discomfort and continued conversing with him.


“What position are you trying out for?”


“Beater,” he replied. I tried not to look at him too cynically- the beaters on the other teams are far more capable than he is. I’m convinced that seventh year Ludo Bagman in Ravenclaw and sixth year Joey Jenkins of Gryffindor will end up playing for the country some day.


“Oh that’s cool, I’m trying out for Chaser,” I told him even though he didn’t ask.


“That’s cool,” he said quietly.


I watched the younger students try out and it was pretty tragic. It’s not their fault I guess, but there was not one person I could see being in an actually Quidditch match with actual balls and stuff. And not ending up dead by the end of it.


“Thank you guys please just wait over here on the stands,” Fittleworth said to the group.


“Come on, why doesn’t he just let them go?” I murmured to Callum, “They probably have better things to be doing.”


“Maybe he thinks some of them may have potential,” Callum replied in a shaky voice. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure what was going to come out of my mouth and it probably wouldn’t have been particularly lady-like.


“Chasers come over here!” Fittleworth called to us as three other people- two guys from fourth year and a girl in sixth year, (plus me) came over to him. Why there were only four people trying out for the team is beyond me. I suppose Hufflepuffs are renowned for being pretty impartial.


The trials weren’t anything I hadn’t expected- you get five penalties and you shoot them into one of the three rings. I got all five- although that might just be because our keeper is shit. The other three got between two and four out of five.


“Thankyou all for coming… you were all great,” Owen Fittleworth smiled at everyone. He’s so nice, it’s sickening! “Unfortunately, there is only one spot and because I believe in fair trials… Georgie Hart is our new Chaser.”


Everyone turned to me and clapped politely wearing very polite smiles. I tried not to look too pleased… I hate gloating or boasting in any shape or form. So I smiled and nodded politely as well.


I watched the rest of the try-outs, cheering loudly for Callum since he was my only classmate. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the spot- a sixth year by the name of Calvin Copplestone did. He was good- not as good as Bagman or Jenkins but he was the best we had. He wasn’t bad looking either. His light brown hair and kind brown eyes reminded me of Remus.


I walked back to the castle alone and as I crossed the grass I spotted a certain foursome of displeasure.


“Oi Hart, what have you got your broom for?” James Potter yelled out. Great, now I have to tell him I’m his new opponent. I was hoping to delay this confrontation but I guess fate hates me.


“Don’t call me Hart,” I said to him once we were closer, “it’s annoying,” I added and he just grinned.


“The Hufflepuff try-outs were today weren’t they?” he stated this rather than asked me, completely disregarding my previous comment. I made brief eye contact with Sirius who was pretty much ignoring me. He’s always like this around his friends which irritates me since we get along so well in Muggle Studies. So I gave him a little look before answering James.


“They were,” I said resignedly.


“And?” he pressed on.


“Surprise, surprise I’m their new Chaser,” I said unenthusiastically. Don’t get me wrong, I was as happy as Larry for getting this but it was James Potter I was talking to. King of the Chasers. Lord of the Quaffles. He just raised an eyebrow at me.


“Really?” He asked doubtfully. Wow, he is a prick.


“No, of course not, I’m joking!” I exclaimed sarcastically and walked past them without looking back, my broom slung over my shoulder.


I was still pissed off thirty seconds later when I walked into the Great Hall and saw Lily, Mary and Amber walking down the marble staircase.


“Georgie! How did it go?” Amber rushed up to me first, her stawberry blonde hair flying everywhere.


“Well, I’m the new Chaser,” I said and she squealed and hugged me. I finally let my true feelings for the position out- I began to do this little gallop/dance thing, grinning broadly. Lily and Mary both hugged me as well when they reached me.


“I’m so proud of you!” Lily exclaimed her green eyes shining.


“Aw thanks Lils,” I replied still grinning. “Tell you what though,” I said to her, “James Potter is an arrogant berk.”


“No, no Sirius Black is an arrogant berk. James Potter is an egotistical, narcissistic moron,” she said wisely. “But I thought you were getting along with them?” She and the other girls were looking at me curiously.


“I was getting along with Sirius and Remus,” I said pointedly, “I was never close with James and he was just condescending to me about being a Chaser. I ran into him a minute ago,” Lily and Mary were looking at each other, shaking their heads whilst Amber was frowning at me.


“But you’re close to Sirius?” She asked, cocking her head to the side. I remembered that she tells Lara everything.


“No, we’re not close,” I answered hurriedly, “We just sit together in Muggle Studies.”


It was true- I wouldn’t call Sirius and I close at all, but we cracked jokes at each other and passed notes since we didn’t want to be separated for talking. Well, his excuse was that he couldn’t stand anyone else in the class (which makes me feel very flattered and important).


I mean, we’re a lot closer than we were last year where he would occasionally join in conversations Remus and I had.  But he pretty much treats me the same as everyone else outside class and doesn’t pay much attention to me when he’s with his friends. It’s a little outputting- actually it’s very outputting. So much so that I don’t really fancy myself in a relationship with him anymore.


I think I’m going to tell him Lara likes him.


I guess my crushes don’t last too long then.




I need to ask you a question


I wrote this on a piece of parchment tore it off and passed it to Sirius. I was feeling a little nervous about doing this but I knew it was the right thing to do. Plus it was the end of the week and the last period so I could easily avoid him for the whole weekend if things went pear shaped. I was writing notes off the board when the note was passed back to me.


What sort of question?


I dearly wanted to right something smart-arse like ‘well, maybe the sort that has a question mark at the end’ but I resisted. I turned it back over, vanished my first message with a tap of my wand and wrote;


I’m just going to ask- what do you think of Lara Davies?


I flicked it over to him. I didn’t receive it back for at least five minutes.


She seems nice enough, she’s friends with you. She’s pretty hot as well. Why?


I think she fancies you


I don’t even say the word fancy but everyone else here does, I should probably say it too. Though, to be honest, it doesn’t really make any sense. I mean… personally, I’m not fancy at all. Anyway, I passed my answer to Sirius and looked at him for his reaction. He just frowned at the piece of parchment and then frowned at me.


“So? Most girls around here fancy me, why is she any different?” He asked in a whisper.


I can’t believe that less than a week ago I still had a massive crush on this boofhead. I mean, I still think he’s sexy and beautiful and everything but he really is an arrogant berk, just like Lily said. The massive crush has shrunken considerably. Now it’s just something that rests in the back of my mind.


“God, you have an ego the size of bloody Antarctica,” I muttered back. “But Lara’s a great girl- she’s funny, smart and yeah she’s pretty hot.” I left out the part where she’s completely untrustworthy, has a bit of a potty mouth (not that I can talk) and is completely superficial.


But who knows? Sirius might find himself his soul mate. My heart dropped at that very thought. I guess my thoughts about him aren’t too far back in my mind, then.


“Do you think I should ask her out?” He said, looking unconvinced.


“It’s up to you,” I shrugged, trying not to act too interested in the whole thing, “I’m not going to make you do anything… I’m just letting you in on relevant information.”


“I’ll think about it,” he said to me. Professor Wilson looked over to us so we hastily went back to our notes.




That night I was in the Library with my little sister Ava who is in second year. We were having a good old read of books unrelated to anything either of us were supposed to be learning (did you know that Billywig stings are in Fizzing Whizzbies? Well, now you do) when none other than Severely Slimy Snape crossed our path.


“Hey Snape,” I said cheerfully. He leapt into the air and drew his wand out which amused me greatly. Ava was looking a little apprehensive so I inwardly promised I wouldn’t say anything that would incline him to hurt her. I doubt that he would even hurt me- I’m Lily’s friend, after all. He loves her.


“What do you want?” He spat at me. Such the charmer, our Severus.


“Nothing, I’m just saying g’day,” I said lightly and Ava stifled a giggle. “What are you up to tonight?”


He looked at me as though I was something very strange indeed. “Do you know where Lily is?” He asked me finally in an almost civil voice.


“Well, I know she isn’t here,” I said in a friendly voice, “I think she might be in the common room.”


I don’t like Snape very much- he’s creepy and weird and hangs around with Death Eater wannabes but he’s Lily’s friend so I always try to be nice to his face. I also feel a bit sorry for him since he’s not particularly wealthy and wears very old robes and generally looks homeless most of the time.


“Ah,” he said. He’s probably taken aback that someone’s being nice to him for a change.


“I’ll let Lily know that you were looking for her. Good talking to you Snape,” I said giving him a smile. He nodded curtly and walked away.


“Why are you so nice to him?” Ava asked me once we were sure he had left the library.


“Because it freaks him out like you wouldn’t believe,” I exclaimed to her, “didn’t you see how unnerved he was!? That’s how you scare people, you be nice to them!” I made my classic exaggerated shocked face.


Ava began laughing and unfortunately, Ava’s laugh (whilst it’s a great laugh, don’t get me wrong) it is also loud and carrying and within three seconds we were kicked out of the library by Madam Pince. Or ‘The Pincenator’ as Ava and I call her.


“God Ava, why do you have to laugh so bloody loud all the time?” I reprimanded her in a mock way. Ava was about to retaliate but stopped, her jaw dropped and she pointed to a broom cupboard.


“I just saw Sirius Black and a blonde girl having a pash… she looked like your friend Lara,” she whispered to me, “and when they saw us they jumped into that cupboard,” she was looking as though someone had just died.


I guess Sirius ‘thought’ about what I said, then.


“Yeah, let’s just get out of earshot,” I muttered to her and we jogged out of the corridor down the stairs until we were nowhere near that bloody broom cupboard and closer to our common room.


“So I kind of told Sirius to ask Lara out,” I confessed to Ava once we stopped running. “I don’t think anything will ever happen between us. Besides, I don’t think he finds me attractive”


Before school started I had informed Ava about my crush on Sirius, making her swear she wouldn’t tell anyone. I knew she wouldn’t but I needed her to know how important it was. I tell her everything and she tells me everything- she’s my best friend.


“How do you know nothing will happen?” Ava was looking devastated.


“I just do,” I sighed, “I thought he’d pay me more attention if he thought I was into him but he hasn’t so it’s kind of a clear message,” I began walking again in the direction of our common room.


“Maybe he doesn’t know you’re into him,” Ava stated reasonably.


“Maybe he doesn’t,” I agreed even though I thought it was unlikely, “but it doesn’t matter now- he’s with Laura, I’ve kept my promise to her and hopefully he’ll be happy as well.”


A/N This is probably the longest chapter so please bare with it! Also please review! I'd love to know your thoughts :)

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