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The Thrill of the Hunt by Pottergirl7
Chapter 1 : The Thrill of the Hunt
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The metallic smell clings to the air like a thick fog. It draws you in, entrances you. It’s nauseating and tantalizing all at once. You sniff the air eagerly, drinking it in. The one aroma which seduces you with a single whiff is the one thing you also fear the most; blood. You can’t help as your muscles lock into place and your senses are suddenly heightened. You sniff again trying to locate the luscious smell. Then you hear it; a soft rustle, the smallest of movements. You set off for the thick trees, craning your ears for anything else.

Your paws thud against the muddy forest floor, mimicking the rhythmic beating of your own frantic heart. Although you’re slightly unsteady you move silently through the forest, expertly navigating over protruding tree roots and fallen branches. Your claws dig into the ground and retract with each step and as you run you leave a spray of dirt behind you. Your legs are tense and muscles coil and uncoil with every bound. Your eyes glow in the darkness, two floating amber orbs as they roam through the black for life amidst the dense forest.

As you come to a clearing you stop, and catch sight of a young doe. The smell of her blood is overpowering and your eyes follow the trail up her leg until they come to rest on a gash in her thigh. As if sensing your presence the doe lifts her head and her wide eyes dart from side to side on the lookout for danger. Her gaze roams over your hiding spot and although you are beginning to grow impatient, you wait until she has averted her attention back to her wound. Another sound catches your attention and you’re practically salivating as you listen to the blood pumping through her veins, circling her lean body. Her heart beats steadily and the promise of food is enticing.

Your breath quickens and becomes ragged and uneven as you slip into a crouching position. You lean back on your haunches and ready yourself. Then you spring forward and the does’ head snaps up in surprise. For a brief second your eyes meet.

Amber on brown. Desire on fear.

Then the spell is broken and the doe begins to run. You bound through the undergrowth, effortlessly dodging trees. Your heart is going a mile a minute and the adrenaline is dizzying but you power through the haze. The doe’s spindly legs push her further and she sprints through the undergrowth. You follow, rapidly gaining on her. Her legs may be longer but you have muscle and raw animalistic need on your side.

The doe makes a sharp turn and you stumble, surprised at the new direction. You quickly regain your balance and begin again but by this time she’s darted ahead and you must move faster if you want to eat tonight. Once again you pick up speed, steadily closing the distance between the two of you. You leap but she again swiftly turns and you only manage to swipe her flank. You land back on your paws and scramble after her. You both can feel that the chase is drawing to a close; she is bleeding heavily from your scratches and the gash has weakened her leg considerably. Her limp is slowing her down and you’re only a few feet away. You savour the fear you’re creating as the doe realizes that the end is near and her death is imminent. Yet she continues admirably, still determined to get away. You trot after her almost lazily until the hunger is too much to bear and you pounce, knocking you both off of your feet and causing you to tumble down a hill. You roll over each other again and again before coming to a stop at the base of a large tree.

The doe struggles frantically and you shift your weight until you’re lying on top of her, pinning her to the ground. She continues to writhe under you until you growl in annoyance as her neck keeps evading your teeth. Finally you have her in position and you sink your teeth into her soft fur and keep going until you find the flesh beneath it, relishing the long-awaited taste of blood. You meet her eyes once again, and you cannot help but stare as the light flickers and she is desperately trying to hold on but you bite down harder and the light goes out, her eyes grow dull. You tear across her neck, drawing lines in her skin from her shoulder to her side. And then, content that she is no longer fighting; you nudge her over onto her back and expose her soft underbelly.

Once you have finished feasting, your muzzle wet with her life’s blood and your fur matted and knotted, you stand. A howl escapes your throat, loud as it is sad. Another howl tears through you and you lift your head to stare at the moon. If you could glare you would, because the doe’s eyes are imprinted in your mind. Her large, baleful eyes now cold and glassy. You howl once more at the moon, shouting- no screaming at it, fuelled by self-hate and remorse.

For somewhere deep inside of you, you are human. 

A/N: Well, I don't really know what to say. I've never written anything like this before and this was kind of an experiment. It had been sitting on my computer for about six months until I found it last night and finished it off. Drop me a review and tell me what you think. 

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The Thrill of the Hunt: The Thrill of the Hunt


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