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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 10 : Together
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Author's Note

This is one, if not the, longest chapter yet. It's also where all the drama starts happening. It's number ten guys! I really don't think I could have gotten this far without all you readers and reviewers. We currently have 2,645 reads, 16 reviews, and 16 favourites, which is way more than I ever thought I could achieve at the start of this story.

However, this chapter is mainly dedicated to all you reviewers, and especially one Harry and Ginny, who without fail has reviewed every single chapter of this story, and made my day along with it. Thanks honey!

Anyway, onward and forward!


Kasy's P.O.V.

Eat. Lessons. Quidditch. Homework. Sleep. Eat. Lessons. Quidditch. Homework. Sleep. Eat. Quidditch. Quidditch. Quidditch. Sleep.

That was how the next few weeks went. Before I knew it, it was Halloween, and Hogsmeade. I woke up, crawling over to Rose's bed opposite me.

"Wakey wakey Rosie-posie." I yawned into her ear.

"AARRGGHH!" She screamed, rolling onto the floor with a muffled thud.

"What the hell?" Sal coughed, glancing over at me.

"Hey. It's Hogsmeade!" I smiled cheesily. It worked like a charm. Every girl in the room, including Rose, sat bolt upright and started squealing and moaning over clothes and make-up and hair and dates. Like anybody really cared.

I, however, skipped over to my wardrobe, pulled on a pair of scuffed skinny jeans, a Confundus t-shirt and an oversized red cardigan, before sitting down and watching the chaos. It was only me, Al and Aidan anyway.

"Kas!" Rose cried from in front of her mirror.

"Yes Rosie." I sighed.


It was times like this that I wished I was a guy. Guy's don't give a shit.

"You look fine...but change the Chucks for your boots...and take off that necklace...and why the fuck are you wearing pink make-up?"

Unfortunately I'm not a guy, and therefore I have to give a shit. It's like, one of the rules of being a girl at Hogwarts. You have to care.

"There. Perfect!" I smiled, gazing as Rose wound a strand of her straightened red hair around her finger. It was the thing that we shared, and what had really made us friends.


First Year- 2nd September

"Bulldozer!" I cried, as the dark-haired boy barrelled into my side, taking my bag with him.

"It's Albus." He growled, trying to sound threatening.

"Okay, Bulldozer." I grinned back cheekily.

"Al? Who's...?" A timid looking girl stammered from behind him. She was only a little taller than me, with dark blue eyes, and bright red hair that wound around in ringlets, settling over her shoulders.

"Rose, this is Kasy. Kasy, this is my cousin Rose. She's a Gryffindor too."

I smiled, recognising her as one of the girls from my dorm. I'd been too tired to bother talking to any, and had woken too early for them to catch up.

"Hi." I smiled.

"Hi. I like your hair." She replied wistfully, wounding a strand of her own around her small fingers. They were long and delicate for an eleven year old, like a pianist's.

"Thanks. This is it on a good day." I replied, my eyes sparkling.

"Really? You should see mine on a bad day. My dad originally wanted to call me carrot because my hair was bright orange when I was born!" She grinned, all the wispiness of her vanishing.

"Then why are you called Rose?" I asked.

"My Mum says it was the next best thing."

A tall boy who looked a lot like Albus wandered up to us while me and Rose giggled, flanked by two other boys.

"Hey Al. Settling in alright?"

Albus nodded, smiling at the other two.

"This is Kasy. Kasy, this is my brother James, our cousin Fred, and their friend Connor Jordan. They're all in third year."

"Hi." James smiled, his amber eyes sparkling. "See you later, okay?" Albus nodded, not even turning to see them leave.

"Hey! Albus!" A brown haired boy our age cried, hurtling down the stairs into the common room.

"Hey Aidan. This is Rose and-"

"Kasy. Can we go and get some food now?" I asked, sending the boy a big smile. He nodded along with the two others. We talked on the way down, discussing family and teachers and the Sorting.

"You're Kasy Wood? Your Dad is so cool! James is a gigantic fan of his- he wants to be a Chaser, but Keeper is his second position." Albus commented. I nodded, spotting my sister up ahead.

"Becky!" I screamed. She turned around, her sharp features smiling when she saw me.

"Kasy!" I pulled her into a hug, feeling the static from her charmed hair. It was still slightly wavy this morning.

"Guys, this is my sister Kasy. She got put into Gryffindor. Kasy, this is Viola, Ivy, Lisa, Ky, and Scorpius." She smiled at the last name. I turned to see a pale boy, with blonde hair and ice blue eyes. His features were pronounced, with long lashes and high cheekbones that a girl would die for.

"Hi." He smiled, that...Slytherin glint flashing in his eye.

"Kasy!" Albus shouted from where I'd left them.

"It was great meeting you. See you later sis. Bye!" I smiled, jogging to catch up with Albus and the other two.

"Sorry. That's my sister. What's wrong?" I asked, seeing the fierce flash in Albus' eyes.

"Him. Malfoy." He spat the name out like it was acid on his tongue. It took me a few seconds to realise who he was talking about.

"You mean Scorpius?" I asked, confused. Rose nodded, her lip curled in distaste as the Slytherins walked into the Great Hall before us.

"Just...just stay away from him Kasy. You're one of us now. You're a Gryffindor."

I smiled, letting them lead me into the hall, nattering on about their extensive family, while me and Aidan nodded in agreement. Whatever there was between him and 'Malfoy', I was not going to let it ruin my time here.


"You coming Kasy?" Sal asked from where she was pinning back her long hair into two winding plaits.

"Yeah. You look really pretty Sal." I smiled. With all the Quidditch that Al had been forcing us to do, we'd grown quite close. Me, Sal and Evangeline were the only girls on the team, and as Chasers, we had to work well together anyway, so it was quite normal for her to sit next to me at lunch or while doing homework in the library.

"Thanks. I'm going on a date with Lorcan today." She ducked her head, a furious blush spreading across her cheeks.

"It'll be fine." I said softly. She had liked the Ravenclaw twin for a while now, and almost fainted when he asked her out. His brother Lysander, who was a Hufflepuff, had clapped him on the back in a 'finally' sort of way when she had said yes.

"Come on. Rose? You don't want to be late!" I shouted behind me, listening to a few pots get knocked over as Rose hurtled from the bathroom and out to join us. She was wearing a light green dress with sleeves that hung around her elbows and ended a little above the knee. It was decorated with faded blue and brown spirals, like flowers and leaves, all the way up the centre, and had a thin brown belt tied around the middle. She wore little make-up, and her red hair settled around her shoulders like a curtain.

"You look amazing." Sal gasped. Rose blushed furiously.

"So do you." She replied, gazing at Sal's hair that bounced against her lower back.

"My beauty must be so great it would physically kill you to compliment it." I said dryly, hopping down the few steps ahead of them.

"Are you guys ready for the match tomorrow?" Rose said nervously. It was Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw, and the reason Al had been working us to death. The other houses were evenly split between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and enjoying it mostly due to the fact it was being played on Halloween. That meant partying all around, no matter who won.

"We'll be fine. And anyway, shouldn't you be worrying about your little date with old Scorpo boy?"

Rose blushed again, and immediately stopped talking, checking her dress and everything looked right.

"Aidan. Bulldozer." I nodded, joining them to walk down. Rose and Sal had started going on about their dates, and it took all the will inside of me to not throw up right there and then.

"Come on. Al's meeting Evangeline at one to go over some stuff for tomorrow." Aidan said, throwing me a banana nut muffin from the Great Hall. Scorpius glanced up from where he was waiting beside the doors. Lorcan was standing with a few of his mates, all of them laughing as he looked up as soon as he heard footsteps.

"They're both right behind us." I rolled my eyes, hearing the girls walk down behind us. Scorpius' face lit up with a smile. I could feel Rose blush from here.

"Sal." Lorcan smiled, looking her up and down.

"Hey." She smiled back, gazing at him lovingly.

"Oh God. Can we leave before I puke?" I said loudly, getting Al, Aidan and the Ravenclaw boys to all laugh and walk out with me.

"I thought you would have had a date Wood. I've heard tons of boys talking about you." Marc said, strolling alongside me.

"Na. Relationships still give me the creeps."

In truth, I'd been asked out by quite a few guys. Some were young dweeves who I just cocked an eyebrow at and they started running. Some were guys in my year who I just could not think of in that sort of way, after hearing every single rumour spread about them. And some were the uper-hot seventh year heart breakers, who I told politely to go and find another whore to shag.

"Come on guys. Honeydukes?" Me and Aidan nodded, chatting mostly about Quidditch as we followed the winding path down to Hogsmeade.



Rose's P.O.V.

"Rose. What's wrong?"

We'd been wandering around Hogsmeade for a few hours, gazing into the small shops that were scattered around the smaller village. Eventually the autumn cold got too much, and we escaped to the warmth of the Three Broomstick's, nursing mugs of Butterbeer.

"What do you mean?" I asked, meeting Scorpius' blue eyes. They were searching my own, trying to figure me out. We'd both sent letters to our parents yesterday about how we were going out, and despite the fear that resided in the pit of my stomach, it was mostly excitement, and hope that they would be as open to it as everyone else at Hogwarts were.

"Rose, come on. Something's bugging you. Tell me."

I sighed. For weeks now I'd been hiding the results of that stupid test, hoping it was wrong. Hoping every time I threw up was just the cause of a stomach bug or me overworking myself. Hoping that the tiny bulge in my stomach was just a sign that I needed to go on a diet. But it wasn't.

"Scorpius..." I breathed, checking around to see if there was anybody listening in. But no, everyone else in the bar was crowded over by the door, leaving our little corner quite empty.

"There's something I need to tell you." He looked at me, fear sparkling in his eyes. I breathed in again, biting back the tears.

"I'm pregnant."

He froze. Just...froze. Staring at me with his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide, trying to figure it out. I breathed out. That wasn't so bad actually. I took a swig of my butterbeer.

"It's yours by the way. But you probably already guessed that. I haven't exactly been shagging anyone else, even if we did only do it once, but we-"

My ramble was cut short as Scorpius leant over, kissing me roughly. I moaned, trying to figure out what was going on inside that pretty blonde head of his.

"I'm in." He whispered, pulling back. A smile broke out on my face.

"It's going to be hard. And annoying. And we're going to be put through hell for it." I pointed out, making sure he understood.

"I'm in for as long as I can be." At my puzzled look, he broke into an even bigger smile. "Well after this, your Dad is going to murder me!"


Albus' P.O.V.

Me, Aidan and Kasy had wandered around, eating sweets and checking out quills, until I left to see Evangeline. I wandered into the Three Broomsticks, spotting her sitting a little way away from the day. She waved me over.

"Hey. Do you want anything?" She asked. I shook my head, thinking of the disgusting Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans me and Aidan had scoffed down to Kasy's amusement. I was still feeling sick.

"Anyway. You wanted to talk about...?"

"Quidditch." She replied, her face turning to a mixture of worry and seriousness.

"Right. From the practises I thought everything had been good. You, Kasy and Sal work together perfectly, Rose is as brilliant as ever, and even Ricky has settled down."

"I know, I know. It's just...there's been some rumours. That some Slytherins have teamed up with the Ravenclaw team and...well, they're planning something Albus. And I'm worried."

I frowned. "What sort of thing are they planning?"

"I don't know for certain. Some people say that they're going to jinx the balls, or our brooms, and then some others are saying that they're going to take out the team right before the match, so there's no time to get a replacement. I don't know if it's even true, but I thought you should know either way."

I nodded. "Thanks Evangeline. Was there anything else?"

"Yeah, actually. There are rumours going around about scouts, though these have a lot more truth to them."

"This early on?" I questioned, shocked. Scouts usually only came to the last three matches, not the first few.

"I know! But it's not a big secret that the Quidditch industry is running out of young blood. A lot of witches and wizards are going into business at the Ministry, as a Healer, Auror, or even as a journalist. Quidditch is just a hobby for most, and for others they're usually not good enough to make the teams."

"Do you want to do it professionally?" I asked curiously. Evangeline shook her head.

"I love Quidditch, but I'm actually trying out to be a Curse Breaker at Gringotts. McGonagall thinks I could definitely get in if I keep my grades up. But I know for a fact that Kasy wants to do is professionally, and you..."

"No, actually. I'm going into the Ministry." I said quickly.

"You see? A team of seven extraordinary players and only one would consider a professional career. James getting as many offers as he did was not just because of his skill, despite the fact that he does have a lot. He's one of the greatest Chasers I've seen, even better than your guys' Mum."

I nodded. "So they'll try to grab somebody now? So early in the year?"

She shook her head. "Not exactly. They'll get them on board, so as soon as they finish their seventh year, they'll automatically be on the team. It would be illegal otherwise- you can't play professional quidditch under the age of 18."

I nodded again thoughtfully. Glancing around, I spotted Rose and Scorpius in the far corner. They were whispering to each other, Rose curled up against Scorpius' chest, his head resting on hers.

"How long have they been like that?" I asked, smiling at the sight of them.

"Since I got here." I turned, seeing a sad smile on her face.

"See you tomorrow Evangeline. Get enough rest, okay?"

"Will do, Captain. And same to you. Don't worry too much."

I smiled as I left, planning to catch up with Aidan and Kasy. Even if James thought it was a waste of time, that was what I wanted. What I saw with Scorpius and Rose, that's what I wanted with Kasy.

Tomorrow. Ask her tomorrow. After the match. Then you'll have it. Then you'll be together.

I smiled, turning the corner to a small backstreet. I saw Aidan and Kasy sitting against the wall, facing away from me, but something stopped me from calling out to them.

"Monday I think." Aidan replied to whatever Kasy's question had been.

"Monday. That sounds good." She tilted her head on to his shoulder, snaking her hand over his. "Together."

Aidan hummed in response, kissing the top of her head. I felt my heart suddenly drop into my stomach.

All those chats they'd been having. The amount of times me and Rose found them studying together in the back of the library. How he had waited patiently by her side throughout everything.

I had started running before I could hear another word.

Together. Then you'll be together.


Kasy's P.O.V.

"And Wood scores again, bringing the total up to 110-70, to Gryffindor!"

A cheer erupted from the red and gold side of the audience. I did a little victory Sloth Grip Roll, avoiding a bludger sent by one of the pissed off Ravenclaw Beaters while doing so.

"You okay Sal?" I shouted over the biting wind. Sal nodded, diving to catch the Quaffle as one of the other Chasers dropped it to avoid a bludger sent by Ricky. No matter how much I still hated him, he was one hell of a Beater.

"And that Bludger was narrowly missed, but gave Grant the opening to steal the Quaffle from right under his nose. She passes to Lockhart, to Grant, to Wood, to Grant, and SCORE! 120-70 to Gryffindor!"

I grinned, hearing Lorcan whoop from his seat next to his brother. He wore a mixture of red and blue, still supporting his house with pride.

"Another bludger sent by...POTTER IS DIVING FOR THE SNITCH!"

Everyone stopped, watching as Al dived lower and lower to the ground, the Ravenclaw seeker a few metres behind him. His hand reached out, his broom still hurtling towards the ground, and...he swerved up, skimming the grass, and flew straight up, a flickering gold ball clutched in his right hand.


The crowd erupted as we landed on the ground. I pulled Sal and Evangeline into a hug, laughing at Sal's argument that 'we were all sweaty and gross.'

Behind me Rose landed, throwing herself onto my back.

"We did it!" She squealed. I turned, pulling her into a big hug.

"You were epic." I whispered.

"I let seven in." She whined back.

"But you blocked, like, three times that amount."

I could feel her smirk with pride. "Yeah, I guess I did. But since you scored, like, eight of those goals, I think you fared a little better."

Two throats cleared noisily behind us.

"I'm feeling rather unhugged." Aidan commented.

"Yeah. I would have thought that being her loving, caring boyfriend, I would at least get a 'hey' while she attacked her best friend."

Rose let me go, jumping into Scorpius' arms.

"You were awesome." He whispered into her hair, which had sprung out of the tight bun she'd originally put it in.

"Aidan." I sighed, accepting his offerings of a chocolate frog and a hug.

"That was one of your best matches yet Kas. Now please go and get ready so we can get the party started!" He cried at the top of his voice, causing the gathered crowd to rush into action.

"Come on Rose." I smiled, searching the crowd for Al. "Let's go get ready."


I hate parties. The loud thumping music, the couples shagging in the corner, the fiery alcohol, the people in general. I turned to face Rose, who was sitting next to me on the couch. Scorpius had left earlier, saying that his homework pile had gotten too big to ignore.

"Aren't you going to drink?" I slurred slightly, thrusting my third glass of firewhiskey in her face. Just because I hate the fiery alcohol doesn't mean that I don't drink it.

"No...Kasy, you're getting too drunk. Come on."

I protested very little while she dragged my upstairs to our room, mostly out of stubbornness than anything else.

"But I need to see Al!" I whined.

"You'll see him tomorrow." She said, sitting me on my bed. I sighed.

"What's wrong Rosie? There's something you're hiding from me and I don't like it."

Rose sighed. "I don't think you're sober enough to handle it." She said flatly, changing into a vest and pyjama pants.

"I'm sober! You're the one that's drunk! You and Scorpius wander around like no one else exists, when you two would still be hating each other if it wasn't for me!"


"No! You have offended your best friend I declare you a fool in love!" I shouted, trying to remember the tune to that stupid old song.

"Kasy." Rose whispered. I stopped talking, seeing how small and vulnerable she looked sat there on the edge of her bed, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Kasy...I...I'm pregnant." She stuttered, just like she did when we first met, before promptly bursting into tears. I opened and shut my mouth like a fish, wondering what to say.

"Well that sobered me up."


It took ages for me to get everything out of Rose. She and Scorpius had only done it once, after his birthday early October. She found out a few weeks back, and told him yesterday. He was beside her, though still recovering from the shock of it.

When morning broke, my hangover had been and gone, and Rose was curled up in her bed. I lay on top of her duvet, having joked about her parent's reactions and how I'd better be the godmother for most of the night. I decided to head downstairs and try to clear up some of the mess that would be left behind from last night's raucous party.

As I walked down the stairs, a figure crashed into my own.

"Oh, sorry...Rebecca?" My sister's eyes widened at the sight of me, her grip tightening around the pile she held in her hands. Her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared, and she appeared to only be wearing a skimpy top and skirt, as her underwear, tights and shoes were held in her arms.

"Wow. Shagging a Gryffindor. I didn't think you were into that kinda stuff sis. I just hope he was older than 16 this time." 

Her eyes narrowed, but she didn't take the bait.

"I have to go." She whispered. I nodded, about to move out of the way, but another figure bounded down the stairs behind her.

"Rebecca. You forgot..." His voice choked at the sight of me. I stared at him, to the garment in his outstretched hand, to my sister's guilty face.

"No. No, no, no, no." I whispered, backing away from them. A few more people wandered down the stairs, stopping at the scene.

"Kasy. Kasy, listen to me-"

"No. Oh my God, no!"

Rebecca nodded slightly, her eyes shut tight.


"Kasy, stop!"

But I was already running, hurtling back into my room and throwing myself onto my bed. Rose woke up, gasping at my crying figure.

"Kasy, what's wrong? Kas?" She stroked my hair gently, trying to figure out what was wrong. Sal appeared in the dorm, having come up from the common room.

"Sal? Do you know what happened?"

She swallowed, her gaze resting on me. I couldn't talk, I couldn't hear, I couldn't do anything except cry and hope it wasn't true.

"Her sister just came down from the boy's dorm. She...she slept with Albus."


(Second) Author’s Note

Review please! I’ll answer ASAP. :) And just to clarify, at the beginning, Confundus is a wizard band. Thanks for reading!

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