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Sparkles and Eyeliner. by MusicLover17
Chapter 2 : Clearly This Isn't The Bathroom.
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Pansy invited me back to her house after school, and I agreed for three reasons. One, because my dad, wouldn't be home until late and I would be just bored
until then. Two, because I did want to be friends with Pansy, and I was pleasantly surprised someone was even bothering to make an effort with me this early on. And
three, even though it was crazy, I wanted to see Draco again.

There was something about him that just intrigued me.

I was nervous, of course, when Pansy walked me to her car (I was planning on picking my car up later). Draco was waiting by their car, leaning against the boot,
listening to his iPod. He looked up at us when we approached, and he actually rolled his eyes at me.

It pissed me off. I did absolutely nothing to offend him, but he obviously had some sort of problem with me, and I was dying to have it out with him. Too bad I didn't
have the guts.

He got into the back seat and I sat up the front with Pansy. He ignored us both the whole way home, and I tried to ignore him as successfully as he was ignoring me. I
chatted with Pansy easily, unable to help fidgeting.

Pansy and Draco lived in a massive house just outside of town, at the end of a seemingly never-ending drive. The minute Pansy had parked the car, Draco climbed out
and stormed straight into the house. I grumbled to myself as I watched him go - there was also something about him that made me want to hit him. Pansy had told me
that she was staying with Draco and his parents while her parents were on a round the world trip, I did think it was strange they didn't take Pansy with them, but
she didn't say anything else about them.

"This house is really amazing," I told Pansy, as we headed up the front steps.

"Thanks," she beamed. "Draco's mother is really into interior design and stuff - wait until you see the inside."

True enough, the interior was stunning. I felt so out of place, but Pansy made me feel at home pretty quickly.

"Come on and see my room," she squealed, and practically dragged me up the stairs. I took one look at her room, which was pink and girly and had cushions everywhere,
and I shook my head. How she could be related to Draco was a mystery.

"Cute," I commented, and she laughed.

"Thanks. It's totally me. I never really grew out of that pink and girly phase," she said, turning on the radio. I sat down on a cushion-covered beanbag, looking
around. "So Mia," she said, sitting cross-legged on her bed and grinning at me. "Have you seen any guys in school that you think are cute yet? Because I could
totally set things up! You just can't have Ron, obviously," she grinned, putting her hand over her heart, "or Harry, 'cause Ginny would tear your head off…"

"No, no," I said, shaking my head, smiling. "They're both good-looking, but not my type."

My type appears to be a gorgeous emo boy with an attitude problem, aka your cousin.

"Who would be your type, then?"


A distraction arrived in the form of Draco storming into the room, with which I was grateful for about one second, until my mind went totally blank. Had anybody ever
told him those jeans were too tight? Maybe someone should tell him? No, I told myself, dazedly. That would be a crime… let him wear the jeans…

"Have you seen my hair gel?" he demanded of Pansy, folding his arms. I realised with a shock, that it was the first time I had heard him speak, and he had a smooth
and velvety voice. Damn. I was expecting some sort of growl, but he sounded like he had just drunk of bowl of chocolate. Why, oh why, did I find this jerk so hot?

"Nope," Pansy shook her head. "Oh, and by the way, I want my black eyeliner back."

He glared at her. "I do not wear eyeliner," he huffed, and stormed out of the room.

Pansy looked at me and we both giggled.

"He so does," Pansy said. "He just won't admit it."

So he wears makeup. That, and the fact that he was the Biggest Jerk Ever, was still not enough to put me off him. I was an idiot.

"Where's your bathroom?" I asked, feeling the need to splash water on my face and snap me out of these thoughts.

Pansy gave me directions, and I set off down the spacious, long hallway, trying to remember that it was the fourth door on the left. I peered into each room anxiously
as I passed them, admiring the beautiful décor at the same time. Then I stopped.

A door was left ajar, and the room inside it was nothing like the elegance and sophistication of the rest of the house. Posters of heavy metal bands adorned the
walls. The bedcovers were dark grey and strewn around untidily. There was a black electric guitar leaning against the wall, and a pile of multi-coloured Converse on
the floor.

Draco's room.

"What are you doing?"

I nearly had a heart attack, and whipped around to see the guy himself shuffling up the hall towards me.

"Oh! Er, well, I need the bathroom," I stuttered.

Oh, well done, self. He doesn't need a bladder newsflash, for God's sake.

"Well, clearly that's not it," he said condescendingly, and brushed past me into his room.

"Yeah. Sorry," I mumbled, trying to ignore the way my skin was tingling from the almost-contact. I stumbled away and finally located the bathroom, and considered
drowning myself. When I passed the door again on the way back to Pansy's room, it was closed.

Pansy looked up when I re-entered her room. "Wanna watch a film?" she asked.

"Sure," I shrugged.

"Horror or teenage rom-com?"

"Horror," I said immediately. I was so not in the mood for a bloody romantic comedy.

"Cool," Pansy said, and we spent a few minutes deciding on which one to watch. "We'll watch it in the living room."

I followed her down the stairs into yet another beautifully decorated room, and took a seat on the couch. I tucked my legs up under me as Pansy fiddled with the DVD

"Where are you going?" I asked her, as she suddenly started skipping out of the room.

"Oh, I'm just gonna ask Draco if he wants to watch it with us," Pansy trilled. "I know he likes this film."

I swallowed nervously as she left the room. That may be true, but for some reason he had taken against me, and I highly doubted he was going to join us.

So imagine my surprise when he shuffled into the room after Pansy a few minutes later.

I tried not to look at his gorgeous, moody face, or the jeans… I stared straight ahead of me, at the TV screen, and watched Pansy press play.

I fidgeted the entire way through the movie, a combination of the tension emanating from the film, and the fact that Jerk Boy was sitting only a few feet away from
me. I managed not to look at him for a whole hour, and was priding myself.

But before I could catch myself, I had glanced over at him. My eyes locked with his for the shortest second before he looked away quickly again, and my heart did a
funny jump when I realised that he had been staring at me. I didn't know what to make of it.

I didn't dare glance at him again.

The movie was almost finished when a glamorous blonde stuck her head in the door.

"Dinner's almost ready, guys," she announced, and smiled warmly at me. "Hello, dear, I'm Narcissa."

"I'm Hermione, but please call me Mia." I said shyly.

"I know," she grinned. "The whole town's been talking about your arrival for a while now."

I rolled my eyes, and she laughed, and left the room.

The moment the end credits rolled, Draco was out of his seat and out of the room. Pansy got up and skipped into the kitchen, and I followed her, feeling awkward.
I was hit by an appetising smell, and breathed it in, my stomach growling.

"Mia, grab some glasses out of that cupboard, will you?" Alice asked, pointing, collecting plates from a shelf. I wasn't sure how many to get, so I just pulled six
out, but in typical Mia fashion I managed to drop one, and it shattered on the ground.

"Oh, shoot!" I muttered, and immediately started picking up shards of glass. "Sorry, Pansy…"

"Oh no," she said sadly. "That was Draco's favourite glass."

"Oh God," I said, mortified. Great. Now he had another reason to hate me.

"I'm just teasing you," Pansy giggled, arriving with a dustpan and brush and proceeded to sweep up the remaining glass. I rolled my eyes at her, and she shook her
head. "You like my cousin," she accused, her eyes twinkling.

"I do not," I protested vehemently. "He glares at me for no reason and he's judgemental and moody."

"Don't forget handsome," added a familiar velvety voice.

I turned my head slowly, my eyes closed in horror, and opened them to see Draco glaring at me from the doorway. He shuffled in and smiled sarcastically at me,
before grabbing a handful of cutlery and walking back out.

"Oh no," I breathed.

"You do like him," Pansy said matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes again and rounded on her.

"Did you set me up for that?" I hissed.

"No, honest!" Pansy said, her eyes wide. "I had no idea he was there."

"He hates me," I sighed.

"He hates everyone. Don't let it bother you."

God seemed to be working against me today, and I founded myself seated next to Jerk Boy at the dinner table. He treated me like an empty seat, blaring his iPod. I
could make out a load of guitars and drums, but I couldn't quite discern the band.

Also at the dinner table was Draco's father, Lucius. I could totally see where Draco got his good looks from, anyway. Lucius was warm and friendly and
gave me some sort of idea of what Draco would look like if he was chirpy. A chirpy Draco appeared to me as some sort of myth, or legend.

I didn't say much, only speaking to answer Narcissa's questions on how I found The Big Move and how I was finding school and how I was adjusting, and the usual
questions adults want to know the answers to. Pansy was animatedly explaining a fashion design course she had come across to Lucius. It made sense to me, that Pansy
would pursue something in designing. Clearly she had gotten the skills from her aunt.

Narcissa sighed at Draco suddenly.

"Draco, must you listen to your iPod at the table?" she asked exasperatedly, but Jerk Boy didn't look up. "Draco!" Esme called. "Draco!"

I would have tapped his arm to get his attention, but I was afraid of the glare I would no doubt receive.

"DRACO!" Narcissa and Lucius and Pansy all yelled at the same time. He looked up and glared at them all, and slowly pulled one of his earphones out of his ear.


"Must you listen to your music at the table?" Narcissa demanded, and he sighed loudly, as though he was being mistreated. He turned the music down, but kept one
earphone in his ear. Narcissa rolled her eyes.

This guy was really impressing me… NOT.

He stayed at the table for about five more minutes, before announcing that he was done, picking up his plate, and leaving.

Narcissa watched him go, sighing. "I hope Draco hasn't been rude to you," she said to me in a low tone of voice. "He's been going through a phase lately…"

In my peripheral vision I could see Pansy rolling her eyes.

"Oh no…" I shook my head. "He's been… nice," I finished lamely.

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