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Lily Luna and the Unforgivable Curses by Amanda Moon
Chapter 1 : The New Life
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                                                          Chapter One

                                                           The New Life  



A midsummer’s night breeze blew through the window of a house somewhere in England. 

  And a sudden scream breaks the silence of the calm night.  Three boy of the ages of one and two wobble across the living room as fast as they could.  Running from the room where the scream was coming from. 

A young man jumps up from the couch in the living room and sets down a latest copy of the daily prophet. 

The boys both jump and climb into the youngest boy's crib under the huge stairs and wailed and sobbed for they feared for their mother's (godmother's) screaming and pain and thought she was in agony. 

Teddy Lupin, Albus Severus, and James Sirius we're sad because they thought that it was their fault for the screaming that was filling the calm house but it truly wasn't. 

The  man's name was Harry Potter and  he ran into the room where the screams were coming from. And calmed his wife Ginny down, for a baby was about to arrive. As he calmed her, he phoned his best friend and brother in law Ronald Weasley to watch the three boys who were still crying though the screaming stopped.    

Seconds later there came a knock at the door and Harry jumped to his feet and ran to the door.

He found at the door his two of his three best friend Ron and Hermione Weasley. As he let them in he saw that Hermione was holding a small box wrapped in yellow wrapping paper with a blue silk bow on the top of the box. And that Ron was followed by two small children who's names were Rose and Hugo Weasley and they were also of the ages of one and two.

As Hermione ran to the crib to relive the three boys of their stress Ron plopped on the couch and turned on the muggle TV that was a gift from Hermione to Ginny and Harry. Ron's attention span was short so he found a TV show station about muggle news and went in to the kitchen to get a Butterbeer in the fridge and grabbed a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and sat back on the couch to watch the muggle "Breaking News" Harry told them there was baby milk powder in the cabinet and and the feeding hours of the babies and their were two spare bed rooms down the right hall and ran in to Ginny and his room a Dissaperated from the Potter property and to the Wizarding Hospital.

As Hermione fed the five babies the powdered milk bottles Ron dozed of on the feather soft couch Hermione tucked the three boys of Harry's and then tucked in her own children in one spare bedroom and Hermione walked back in to the living room and turned of the TV. And walked in to her own bedroom and slipped in to her red sweater and blue PJ pants and walked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth flossed and put her tooth brush into her never ending bag and slipped in to the soft light sheets and fell asleep as the night went on. 

As Hermione woke up she looked at the digital clock next to her it was 10:39am and she stood up and went in to the bathroom and changed in to a classic grey hoddie and jeans. She took a flat hair iron and made her hair wavy. She shut the bedroom door and looked in the other spear bedroom and found it empty. She quickly ran into the kitchen and saw Ron and the five babies sitting at the table and eating a huge pile of burnt pancakes, burnt bacon, and burnt eggs on each plate.

"I made breakfast!!" said Ron proudly. And the five babies looked at their plates and gave a sour face. "Ron you gave babies solid food you can't do that and you wasted Harry and Ginny's food and burned it!!!!!!" said Hermione angrily. "I'm not eating that!!" said giving Ron a sour face like the babies. "You know you look like your children when you do that I think they have your face my hair and both of our tall height!" said Ron trying to lighten up the mood of the morning. Hermione laughed as the children started to give an extremely angry face.

Ron finished the burnt food and Hermione feed the babies milk and ate a bagel that was in Ginny and Harry's fridge. When they finished they went outside to Ron's Lincoln and they all buckled in and he drove them to the Wizarding Hospital as they got there Ron asked a nurse where the Potter's room is and she said the eighth room to your right when they got to the room they opened the room's door and they entered. They saw Ginny holding a newborn girl and Ginny said "Her name is.................

Lily Luna Potter!" she said happily.     










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