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I Hate James Potter by Proud to be a Puff
Chapter 3 : A Date
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 Chapter Three


It turned out that the guys had no trouble looking at us, and we caught them looking away quickly, blushing, several times. Even Pettigrew, and we guessed that the others had been able to explain in extreme detail. Laura was more mortified than anyone, even Ashley, who's underwear choices now seemed to be the (quite literal) butt of their every joke. James seemed to be endlessly praising Pettigrew, Lord knows what for. But the short, plumpish boy was now walking with a swagger in his step, and was almost as arrogant as James himself.

“Lily. We need to talk.” said Sev quietly. I hadn't noticed him behind me, and I jumped. The girls glared at him angrily, except Esther who stared determinedly at her toast, as though that would somehow reach him. I glanced over quickly to where James was sitting to see if he was getting pissed off at Sev being in such close proximity to me. He was indeed, shooting 'Snivellous' looks of utter loathing and fingering his wand.

I sighed. Maybe it was worth talking to the grease-ball to see James that mad.

“What is it?”

“I-uh-I was thinking... Umm... Y'know Hogsmeade? Ah- I- I mean would you...”

I groaned inwardly. I knew what was coming. To be honest, I was absolutely sick to death of boys. They were just a distraction, and I didn't need them. They're plain annoying and I know it makes me sound like a eight year old, but they're kinda gross too.

“Will you go to Hogsmeade with me on Valentines... As my date?”

The girls looked at him bewildered, wondering how he could be dumb enough to actually even consider it. I saw Remus and Sirius struggling quietly to keep James in his seat.

“I'll kill him-”

“That's why we're holding you.”

“I'll resort to muggle fighting if that's what it takes-”

“I'm sure you will.”

I wanted to laugh, but instead looked Sev right in the eye. Maybe it wasn't worth seeing James mad to speak to him. I hoped this would stop him following me everywhere.

“Surely you don't want to go out with a mere mudblood, Severus?”

“I-uh- I...”

“Tell me, why on Earth am I so special to you? So special you have to follow me around to... What? Make sure I'm safe?”

“Lily, please...”

“What, are you afraid Potter might rape me when you're not looking?”

I heard Sirius yelling: “It's not rape if you enjoy it Evans!” before seeing James tackle him to the ground.

Severus pointed to the two fighting.

“Well, look at him! He probably will!”

I really couldn't argue with that. But I had a sudden flash of inspiration. I looked over and saw James and Sirius were now seated, and were dusting off their robes.

“Well, it seems Black was onto something just before...” I struggled not to gag as I walked over to James and put my arms around him, draping myself around his shoulders.

“Because I'm going already going to Hogsmeade with-” I tried to smile as I called him by his first name. “With James.

Sevs face was one of utter horror. I looked quickly at James's and then my friends, who were all either ducking under the table to laugh, or choking on whatever they were eating. Luckily, Snivellous was oblivious and ran out of the Great Hall.

“I knew you couldn't resist me Evans.” grinned James, looking up at me with a gleam of utter cheerfulness in his face.

I quickly detached myself from his shoulder. “Shut up Potter. I'm only going to go with you to piss of Snape, and try to get him to stop stalking me.”

“Well... sweetie- I think you're going to have to be more convincing.” he smiled slyly. “Maybe a kiss?”

“In your dreams Potter.”

“Ah, guess that'll have to do.”



Saturday, Valentines Day



“Ready to go on your hot date with Potter?” joked Laura.

“Shut up Laura. I don't care at all about this, it's just to get Snape off my back.”

“For someone who doesn't care at all, you've spent an awful long time getting ready.”

The truth was... She was right. I'd picked out my nicest jeans, cutest shirt and a new, fluffy jumper. Then to top it off, a dark red scarf and matching beanie. I was never one to compliment my own appearance, but I looked simple, yet stunning.

“Shut it.”

She grinned wickedly.

“I think you actually really like Potter.”

“No way! I hate him!”

Laura sighed. “You're acting like you're in grade one. Honestly Lily, I thought you were the mature one.”

I looked around our dorm briefly. Ashley had already left, having secured a date with some Hufflepuff seventh year. Esther, Mandy and Laura were all going together, for a girls shopping time. I was sad I wouldn't be with them, but it was worth it to get Snape away.

“Don't make me hex you.” I joked at Laura. I decided to change the subject. “James said he'd meet me in the common room-”

“Did you hear that! She called him James!!” squealed Mandy.

“He told me to!” I blushed. “Whatever. It's 12:30, I'm going down to meet him. Don't have too much fun without me!”

I walked down, trying not to mess up my hair. Wait- what? Why am I trying to impress James Potter! I deliberately shook my head a bit to make it seem more like a quick effort.

“-And so then Padfoot said-” James seemed to be very into a discussion he was having with Remus, who seemed a little bored.

“Hi Potter.”

“Lily- I mean Evans- hi!”

I was kinda lying to the girls just before. James and I had agreed to only call each other by our first names when Snape was around. We knew for certain he would be following us around, sulking.

“Hey, Evans.” said Sirius, who emerged from a couch.

“Hi Black.”

“Um.. Evans do you know if Ashton has a date for Hogsmeade?” he asked nervously. I'd never seen Sirius Black nervous before, and I wished I could take a picture.

“Nope, her Mandy and Esther are going shopping.”

“Which ones are Mandy and Esther?”

“Lahai is Mandy, and Cauld is Esther. How did you not know?”

“Guess I never really paid them much mind. I knew you because of James and his obsession-” he earned a swift kick from the man himself. Wincing, he continued. “And everyone knows Ramona, she's part Veela. And I know Ashton because.. Uh... Just because...” he looked around the room for inspiration. “Remus told me! Yeah, Remus knows everyone, don't you mate?” he grinned half-heartedly, slapping his confused friend on the back.

I was suspicious, but I knew Laura would be delighted once I told her Sirius Black was getting all flustered about her.

“So anyway, Ashton... is single?”

“Yeah. Thinking of asking her out?”

“No! No, uh, just a friendly concern. Gotta look out for friends, right?”

“Ri-ight. So Potter, ready to go?” I asked. Laura would kill me later for not pressing Sirius for ore information, but I just wanted to go and make Snape mad.





It was frosty and cold, but it most of the snow had melted down. The tips of rooftops were still decorated in the white stuff though, but it might've just been magically put there.

I spotted Snape in Honeydukes, and quietly pointed him out to James. I looked around Hogsmeade: A few shops were boarded up, and posters of Death Eaters were everywhere. Luckily it wasn't too bad...yet. But I felt safe and sound in Hogwarts.

James smiled at me... nervously? No, I must of imagined it. He smiled at me arrogantly, and took my hand in his. It was all I could do not to shudder. He led me into the warmth of Honeydukes, and we pretended to look at the various sweets, and act like we hadn't noticed Snape glaring at us. He came a little closer, and James's grip on my hand tightened for a moment. Then he put his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him, making my head rest just below his neck, since he was so tall. He bent his head down towards my ear, and whispered. He could see Snape perfectly well from where he was, and Snape could see him. James was just describing what grease-ball was doing, and apparently he was livid.

He leant away from my ear, but kept his arm around my waist. Now that his stupidly massive hair was no longer obscuring my vision, I could also see Snape. James spoke up, just loud enough so that Snape could hear as well as me.

“Come on Lily, let's get these and go.” he picked up a box of chocolate something or rather off the shelf we were in front of, paid and we left together. I put on a fake smile and acted like I cared.

“Where to now James?”

We noticed Snape walking sadly into the Three Broomsticks, no doubt to drown his sorrows in Butterbeer.

“How about the Three Broomsticks sweetie?” he grinned.

I gave him a murderous look but allowed him to keep his arm around my waist and go in with me.

The barmaid, Kaley, had a pretty daughter called Rosmerta who was about thirteen following her around. Rosmerta sure was a cutie, with her curly brown hair and rosy cheeks. She'd always been home-schooled, because her mum wanted to keep her near, and she was on very good terms with Dumbledore, who tutored her.

“Would you two like to order yet?” little Rosmerta asked sweetly. Her mother was off serving someone else, and Rosmerta had been helping her mum since she learned to say “What would you like to drink?”.

“No thanks, not yet.” I smiled at her. Rosmerta really liked me.

“Lily, who's this boy?” she asked, smiling up at him.

“Don't you recognise me Rosmerta? Me and my friends come here all the time!” said James indignantly. But a look of recognition flickered across the girls face.

“Oh yeah... You're James Potter, right? So you're Lily's boyfriend? I thought she hated you.”

“Do you actually hate me, Evans?”

I cleared my throat. “James,” I said, reminding him of Snapes company. “Let's go sit down.”

We chose a place that was easy for Snape to see, because not doubt he would be looking, and we didn't want the poor baby getting whiplash from twisting his neck around so much. After looking over the drink menu briefly, I settled for plain old Butterbeer, while James got something that I can't recall. It was complicated, that was for sure.

We had already planned topics for conversations, but James seemed to have other ideas.

“So Lily, is what Rosmerta said true? Did you used to hate me?”

I noted the use of the words 'used to' , and realised he was planning on saying something cheesy and soppy at the end of the conversation.

“Well, I guess.”

“I always really liked you. You're so smart and pretty.”

“Well, thank you James. That's really nice of you.”

I was probably meant to say something nice about James here, but I honestly couldn't think of anything except that he's really good at Defence, which didn't sound right after what he just said. I briefly wondered if he was actually telling me what he thought.

He started talking again, but stopped when Snape arrived at our table and sat himself next to me.

“I think you're smart and pretty too.”

“How old are you Snivellous, eight? Piss off.” said James. I was slightly amazed. Usually by now, he'd be in a hex battle with him.

“Lily, I love you. I love you more that Potter does. You hate Potter, remember?” he said, eyes pleading like a child. I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him.

“Not anymore Snape. Leave us alone.”

“You're lying. You don't really like him. If you do, prove it!”

“What the hell do you mean?”

“If you can prove that you like him, I'll leave!”

James was looking slightly amused by this whole thing. He looked at me from my left, and Snape looked at me from my right.

“Fine. I'll prove it.”

“Lily wha-”

And then I snogged James Potter.

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