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Love/Hate by Sleazy For Fred Weasley
Chapter 6 : Love/Hate: Chapter 5
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 Jess and I had our brooms over our shoulders as we walked into the change rooms, and wasn't it a sight, Eva and James with their tongues down each others throats.

"Jess time to run some interference" I said sighing. I grabbed both bats while Jess got Eva's broom.


"Dude let's go" I told Eva but she continued to kiss James.


"Seriously E, let's go" she raised one finger at me telling me to wait which she knows pisses me off.


"Oh for the love of..." I grabbed Eva's arm and dragged her out onto the pitch.


"What'd you do that for" Eva said sulking


"Bat" I said as I handed it to her "Broom". As we walked out onto the pitch we could hear someone yelling our names. We looked towards the Ravenclaw stands to see Pat and Bianca cheering for us. When we got to the middle of the pitch James addressed the group.


"Alright everybody, for those of you who don't know, I'm James Potter you captain and lead Chaser for this year. Now we're gonna kick off this years try-outs with a little game" he rubbed his hands together "Alright Sam and Eva will be Beaters for one team and I'd just like to point out to everyone that Gryffindor has never had female Beaters before..."


"And we're not going to this year either" some buff kids said as he pushed through the group of people.


"Umm... what are you?" I asked


"I'm Corey McLaggen" he smirked at me "and this is my twin brother Carter" his brother emerge from behind him. They were exact opposites. Corey was more of a fat kind of buff with chubby cheeks where as Carter was muscular and toned.


"Alright McLaggen if you really want to get you arse beat by girls you two can be Beaters for the other team. OK everybody listen up" James raised his voice so we all could hear him "One team will have Sam and Eva as Beaters, Al as seeker" he looked down the list of people on his clipboard "Jess, Bobby, and Tom as Chasers and Cassie as Keeper. The second team will consist of Corey and Carter as Beaters, Tony as Seeker, myself, Xavier and Harry as Chasers with Brett as Keeper. Now remember these are try-out so go hard but don't kill each other, let's get started".




It was so cool actually playing a  real game, back at home it was always just three on three so this was awesome. James blew the whistle and threw up the Quaffle. Jess quick as a hiccup, grabbed the Quaffle and headed towards our goals. There was a quick steal by Harry, as he charged down field. As he was approaching scoring distance, a bludger hit by one of the McLaggens came towards me, I positioned myself and sent it straight for Harry hitting him in the shoulder, causing him to drop the Quaffle and nearly fall off his broom. James had the Quaffle tucked under his arm but Jess made a sneaky steal, flew straight to our goals and scored. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Al dive straight down and so did Tony. As Al was chasing the snitch, a bludger was sent at him. I flew over and intercepted the bludger before it could hit him sending it back at Corey McLaggen. He ducked it and smirked at me, I started smiling when I saw Eva behind him who sent it right back with full force. As it made contact McLaggen's head snapped forward like a crash test dummy. From then on Eva and I stayed near Al, diving when he dove and hitting bludgers as they came for him. About an hour in the score was 140-130 in favour of us. The other team got possession of the Quaffle when Al zoomed off towards our end, Eva and I flew on either side of him, me one his right and Eva on his left. Al had the snitch in his sights when I turned to see the McLaggens hit both bludgers at us.


"INCOMING, THERE'S TWO OF 'EM" I screamed over the sound of the wind whipping past us. We pulled back and swung with all our might and the bludgers went hurtling back at the McLaggens who were watching Xavier about to score and didn't see the bludgers that hit them both in the face. Al caught the snitch before Xavier could score and our team erupted in cheers.


"Congratulations to the winning team" James said when we were back in the change rooms out of our Quidditch stuff and into our normal clothes "Now is everyone ready to hear the line up for the Gryffindor team for this year?" everyone started cheering, hitting lockers and stomping feet.


"Alright clam down. Now our keeper for this year is Brett" he jumped up and high-fived James while everyone clapped "Next our Chasers other than me are...Xavier and Jess" both of them got up and hugged each other saying the congratulations "OK, OK shush, our Seeker is Al Potter" we all cheered and high-fived Al as he ran past everyone sitting down"And now the positions of Beaters this year goes to... drum roll" everyone stopped their feet "SAM AND EVA" he screamed. Eva and I jumped up and hugged each other so tight I nearly ran out of air. We went over to the team and hugged them as well. Eva and James kissed, Brett picked up Jess as he hugged her and Xavier was talking to Tony and Bobby. Al grabbed my hand and pulled me into a big hug, he pulled away and looked me in the eyes. As he was about to kiss me James ran over yelling "Party in Gryffindor Common Room tonight" Al looked a little disappointed, I just shrugged. It looked like I was partying tonight.

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Love/Hate: Love/Hate: Chapter 5


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