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The greatest witch of their age: Hidden Truth by thelost_lovegood
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I woke up a few hours later still edgy from the nightmare I walked out of my room and towards the bathroom where Draco was brushing his teeth and casually sat on the countertop
“Morning” I murmured half asleep
“Morn- uh mm” he giggled
“What” I gasped looking down at myself just remembering I was only wearing my very Gryffindor themed bra and knickers “Crap”
“Tired this morning” he chuckled
“Yep” I blushed as I transfigured some silk tight green pyjamas
“You Look so good in slytherin colours” he smirked
“I hate to admit it but I do” I giggled
“Oh what should we do in class today” he asked
“4th and 5th years” I asked. “Um muggle history and interhouse trust games?”
“Sure thing” he smiled Flicking his wand at the iPod we now shared in the dorm
“I've got to get ready for herbology” I said shoving him out the room and jumping in the shower. An hour later we were walking down to breakfast I took a seat next to Ginny
“How's things going with Harry” I Asked?
“He won’t talk to me I tried to talk but he” she stopped and looked at me “If I tell you, you won't get mad at him”
“Maybe what happened” I demanded
“Well he told me to get a life and stop trying to keep friends that Don't exist because he's” - she began
“RIGHT THATS IT” I shouted and stormed out of the hall grabbing Harry by the ear and dragging him with me all the way to the RoR
“What was that” He yelled
“How could you say that to Ginny” I asked
“What” he asked
“You know” what I Shouted
“I'm sorry I it's just ugh never mind It probably nothing just nightmares”
“Oh ... I had a nightmare that Voldemort came back last night”
“It's nothing”
“I'VE been having rages and Voldemort dreams again I don't feel safe”
“Harry do you think he's”
“DON'T don't say it”
“Okay just talk to Ginny please?”
“Can u explain to her for me otherwise she might not”
“Okay” I smiled “c'mon we have herbology were going to adapt a normal cactus to an antidote cactus”
“Cool” he chuckled

“Morning all welcome back to herbology I hope u had a pleasant summer Now grab a cactus uhh uh PUT THE GLOVES ON Please grab a booklet turn to page 27 and begin” I sat with Harry to continue talking
“What shall I say to her for you” I asked
Just explain the last few days and what happened but don't mention Voldemort” Harry murmured
“Crap Draco said that he -I'll talk to him later it's fine for now”
McGonagall walked in a few mins later asking for me Draco and one prefect to go somewhere I chose Ginny picking her up from charms
“Okay so this isn't exactly head stuff but I need you to go talk to some guards from Azkaban at the weekend I was thinking u could do that when you visit Ron yeah Hermione?”
“YOU’RE VISITING RON” Ginny screamed
“Yes” I sighed
“Why didn’t you tell me can I come?”
“No that's why I didn't tell you he wants you there separately to me”
“Chill red it’s no biggie” Draco murmured
“You knew Malfoy!”
“Yeah and what.”
“And you’re going with her?!”
“HA THE- wait, who is then?”
“Dean” Draco smirked raising his eyebrows suggestively
“Pft dean? Hermes if that’s who you want. Then-“
“I have had enough of this okay! Me and dean are only friends I'll talk maybe ask Harry he can visit whoever um bye then “
“Ginny we need to talk about Harry” I said as we were walking away
“Ugh I told u to leave him”
“He's been having nightmares again” I explained
“We all have Hermes and you know it”
“No, I mean he's been having the old ones again you know”
“You mean the vol”
Don't say his name
But he's gone he why wouldn't I
“Oh just that the name is still tabooed and you never know who his followers were for definite, I mean remember Filtch? Who’d a thought he’d help Voldemort?!” I covered casually actually freaking out inside
“OH suppose so but harry? Is he?”
“He will apologise but bear with him he will be a bit harsh Okay just be harsh back” I laughed
“Okay thanks”
I ran to collect my bag from herbology and went to set up the 4th and 5th years lesson and as it was free period I did some thinking about how I could possibly be related to the Weasleys’, it didn’t make sense and I had no idea why. Mrs Weasley had also been a bit funny with the idea, almost fearful for a while and that worried me, also I have not yet said that I’m beginning to experience a similar thing to Harry’s rages but I guess that’s just down to hormones and emotional trauma and everything that’s happening with me.
I headed out to the field and prepared some team building exercises Getting everyone to mix in pairs from different houses I went with Harry this lesson since I was now a ravenclaw and all and talked with him about going to Azkaban at the weekend , halfway through we swapped and began some competitive games to get rid of competitiveness between houses we started off with setting the task of getting all the team inside a small circle without arguments team 3 won by 2 people then we did some obstacle courses
Afterwards I walked around the grounds with Harry leading him toward Ginny who was waiting to meet us "coincidently"
“Harry you have to talk to Ginny”
“I have” he lied trying to walk the other way
“No you haven't” I scolded whacking him on the head with my book
“GOSH Hermione Sorry” he snapped
“Its okay- stress” I teased
“I don't know what to say”
“Just tell her sorry”
“I want to but I can't whenever I'm around her”
“What do you want to tell her?”
“That I'm wrong and I don't mean to be so horrible and I'm so sorry and I wish she can I've me another chance”
“I will” Ginny smiled
“Ginny what are you?”
“Surprise” I smiled
“Youuuuuu” he chuckled picking me up and swinging me around
“So you both have a dinner waiting for you by the lake the password is vapa just say it to the tree” I smiled
“Thanks Hermione” he smiled
“Okayyy bye” Ginny smiled pulling Harry away

Smiling I sighed and stilled over to a rocky bit over the lake and sat down in peace
“GRAB HER” I heard suddenly a hand was over my mouth and an arm round my waist and I disappeareated away into the dark....

It's dark, I can hear laughing, I’m sweating, and someone’s looking for me!
“Herminie!” Harry called
“I'm here!”
“Who are you where is Hermione?”
“It me I'm Hermione it is me”
“No you’re not” he yelled and ran forward with a sword. Instead of piercing me he cracked the ring my cousin gave me and I heard a scream all was dark again. I couldn't breathe I I I “Hermione? ?”
“I'm here”
Suddenly Voldemort was in front of me holding his wand to my neck

“No no just a dream crap”

“This is far from a dream granger”
I suddenly snapped into action realising it was actually happening

“I thought you were rotting in a grave,” I spat “and its Thorne now in case you didn’t know”
“Huh so did everyone else, so you’re the missing Thorne are you, the Thorne in my backside that’s keeping me going, interesting of course it all makes sense” he mused his facing morphing to an unrecognisable one ( with a nose?)
“How did you do it I asked how could you come back and what do you look like you’re different

“Simple my most loyal follower took my place ... Used a time turner ... Swapped body’s my soul and mind was on him and he in me then later found a very close friend in Azkaban and things happened and lets same I am literally not the same person as tom riddle-DONTCALLMERIDDLE- that’s what we are-YOU-no you” he bellowed changing and twitching in a threatening manor
“Lucius took your place” I spat
“Exactly just not quite how it all ended”
“Go on kill me then” I laughed manically
“No I'm asking u to join me, your power and stamina reminds me of Bellatrix OH yeah your related” he chuckled sarcastically

“SHUT UP” I yelled shooting a stunner at him
“You know nothing about her she is not like u and were not related oh and also u seriously think I would join YOU?”
“Calm down you stupid child it's simply a warning and let wonder boy no he’s not the target anymore hehe”
“Who is?” I asked
“Never mind just take this for now” he chucked the cracked ring at me and yelled “OBLIIATE”

I fell to the ground and cried
It's dark, I can hear laughing, I’m sweating, and someone’s looking for me!
“Hermione!” Harry called
“I'm here!”
“What happened” He asked
“I don't know I had a bad dream I think I it he who –OBLIVIATE-“I screeched in pain “no sorry bad dream” I sighed
“No you were grabbed and disappearated by some men I think they were death eaters” Harry murmured holding me close
“You think what” Ginny called running up to us
“Nothing gin it's probably just a joke right” he looked at me
“I I don't know” I said to myself confused “but I I need to think um I'll talk to you guys later enjoy your date”
“We did 3 hours ago” Ginny said worriedly
“I was out for3 hours”
“Maybe more Hermes it 7 o'clock”
“Seven !! I'm late” I screeched
“Late for what Ginny” asked
“Was gona talk to Draco bout stuff and bells coming round too”
“When” gin asked
“Half an hour ago” I laughed running off to my dorm

“Hi sorry I'm late” I called as I walked through the door
“Hello miss granger” a timid voice sounded
“Yes if you don’t want me here I-”
“Stay” I commanded
“Ok” she relied quickly a scared expression on her face
“Don't worry Cissy I just need to talk”
“Mia DON'T” Draco and Bella Warned in a low voice
Chill drake it's not that I I think we he I can't remember it'”s I broke down crying
“Ohh Hermes Deary its ok Hermione please it's okay let's just talk yeah so what's this all about
Is it about You-V?”
“STOP” I squealed jumping on Draco before he continued talking
“Please don't” I cried pressing my finger against his lips
He nodded slowly removing my hand from his face and stood from where I'd knocked him into sitting position
“Miss Granger”
“It's Hermione and if you’re wondering what's happening we need to talk in the room of requirement okay but I need Harry ... Draco you take them I need a place where no one and nothing no matter how magical can see hear or get to us unless invited in I'll meet you there okay”
“Yes” he murmured

I ran down the hall to the Gryffindor common room
“Thorne what are you doing here” Clara the prefect asked
“Well Oswald I'm head girl and I can still visit my own house”
“You’re forgetting your ravenclaw now aren't you?”
“Yes but after speaking to McGonagall I decided to STAY. A Gryffindor after all I grew up here and Clara you’re meant to be patrolling the potions corridor”
“Fine “she huffed and stormed off
“Hello Deary been a while” the fat lady sang
“Hiya forums goragaina”
“Enter ... Have fun”
“I NEED HAR-“ I began as I ran I the room .... Ginny and Harry were kissing passionately on the couch
“Hermione” are you okay Ginny asked
“N- yeahhhhh it's cool but I need Harry NOW for an hour most likely more”
“Why is something wrong can I come”
“Yeah babe-“harry smiled
“NO I cut Harry off um it's about Azkaban nothing much just”
“Hermes seriously”
“Gin please I want to tell you but it's too I just can you please understand”
Okay I trust you Hermes just don’t try and steal my boyfriend, I just got him back” she laughed
“Thanks gin and ewe he’s practically my brother”
I grabbed Harry and ran down the corridor to the RoR thought of Draco and walked through the doors there was a plush sofa in green with silver running through green walls and loads of silver embellishments
“Seriously” Harry and I yelled together
“What” Draco asked smirking then going serious?
“So what's this about?”
“Your father Draco ...”
“My dad?” Draco spat his temper clearly rising
“Yeah um Harry can you get us to the black house” I asked
“Sure thing but I think we should tell Ginny now”
“okay then I’ll text her to meet is on my room we will floo there”
5 mins later we were all in my room going through the floo system I went first I landed in the old house and heard voices quickly casting a load of disillusion spells and a silencing spell around the area of the chimney I froze when everyone else had come through I quieted them “Shhhhh”
“People are in here “

“You sure this is the place it's just an old muggle house” a tough raspy voice came from the stairs
“There are signs of magic here and didn't you hear the chimney... There are people here just flooded in”
“Look let's just grab Lucius”
“Shut up fool besides old Lucy died a year ago in the dark lord’s place”
“Oh yeah right even Lucy wouldn’t do that”

I turned to look at Draco but he was gone
“YOU’RE WRONG” Draco yelled at the men from outside the safety zone

“Stop flint well Malfoy our righteous little heir what do you know we don't”
“That my father was a pathetic liar who'd do anything for the pathetic halfblooded riddle” he spat “impedimenta” he yelled shooting one of the men causing them to collapse in shock
“Cruc-“the other began before I ran out rolled over To Draco
“PROTEGO, expeliamus, stupefy” I yelled at the other who deflected all
“Aww sweet little mud blood”
“Don't you dare” Draco s voice sounded backed up with Harry still hidden
Bella walked out grinning slyly I was immediately worried
“Hello flint aww Danny is it you” Bellatrix cooed batting her eyelids as we began to watch in fear
“Bella” one of the men exclaimed
“Oi” flint yelled “she's a goodie now ent she”
“Huh you
Think. Well would I do this? Explovedad miridad”
“Bell” I gasped as we were all blown back and all I heard was Bella laughing


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