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Albus Potter and the rise of generation by MoonyWolf
Chapter 1 : Chapter one
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Chapter 1

Albus Potter woke with a start. Today was the day. He lifted up his heavy head and looked around his surprisingly tidy bedroom.

"Albus wake up," Came a voice. Lily, his younger sister, was tugging his hand, "You have a letter".

Albus shot up and ran full speed past James's room and sped down the stairs to the kitchen where an owl perched looking proud and smart. A letter was attached his leg.

"We thought you run down to get your letter!" Laughed Harry, his dad, who had just strolled into the kitchen. "Well open it."

Quivering slightly, Albus opened the envelope and took out a piece of parchment. His mum Ginny had just walked into the room with James and Lily.

"Yes I'm going Hogwarts! Yes! In your face James, I'm not a squib!"

"Well as Rose also got her letter to Hogwarts, I will arrange at time with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron to meet up in Diagon Alley to buy all your school stuff." And with that, Harry swiftly left the room with Bernie, the family owl.

"Albus!" Called James from the door, "Come here."

Albus followed James up to his room.

"Well done mate but first, we need to get a few things straight. Any problems, you can come to me but don't hang around near me all the time." Said James.

Albus nodded. He didn't want to ruin James' 'reputation'.

"James come and help me tidy the Kitchen" called Ginny from downstairs.

"Why can't Lily help you?" Protested James.


"Always me." Muttered James as he trudged slowly down the stairs dragging his feet.

Albus grinned. He had waited all summer for this day and now it had arrived Albus could hardly believe it. He had dreamed about going to Hogwarts since James got his letter. Making friends wasn't such an issue as he had Rose since childhood. It never struck him why, but Rose always had difficulty making friends. She preferred to be reading a book than hanging out with friends.

Someone knocked on his bedroom door.

"Hi son," Said Harry, who had just walked in and sat himself down. "I see someone was excited downstairs." He chuckled.
"Yeah, Hogwarts is going to be great."

"I remember when I first got my Hogwarts letter. Hagrid burst into a little cabin where I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle." Laughed Harry.

"That must of been scary. I can't wait to see him again." Replied Albus.

"Okay, well I'm going downstairs, you may want to start packing now and not leave it to last minute. I can't wait for you to be sorted and do our family proud when you're in Gryffindor." And with that, Harry left the room smiling to himself.

Albus gulped. His dad thought he was going to be in Gryffindor. What he wasn't? Would his dad be ashamed of him? James always said he wasn't brave enough for Gryffindor. What if he was right?

At the back of his mind, he was always worrying about winding up in Slytherin.

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