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All She Ever Wanted by TaylorAnnMitchell92
Chapter 1 : No Such Thing as Peace and Quiet
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Authors Note: Hey guys! So this is my first fanfic EVER! I am super stoked. It introduces an orginal character. I hope you all enjoy her story as much as do!


        Since being at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ivy Granger has met her long lost sister, became best friends with the famous Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley, helped keep the evil wizard Voldemort from returning for a little while longer and then watched the world fall apart when he did finally return during her fourth year at Hogwarts.

                Then during their fifth year at Hogwarts, Ivy and Dumbledore’s Army secretly went to the Ministry of Magic to keep Voldemort from getting some orb.  Not only did they succeed, the Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge finally accepted that Voldemort was back. Of course this all happened with only one causality, Harry’s Godfather, Sirius Black. Black was framed for the murder of 13 muggles and Peter Pettigrew, who turned out to be alive, and Black was then sent to Azkaban, the wizard prison, for life until he escaped in their third year.

                Harry, Ron and Hermione all got the fame and glory, of course Ivy didn’t care. ‘The Golden Trio’, as they were called now, are her best friends and she doesn’t mind to wait in the shadows.

                It was the end of the summer. Ivy and her sister Hermione decided to stay the last week of break at the Weasley’s house, The Burrow.  In the morning they were going to head to Diagon Alley to pick up their school supplies for that year.

                “Children? Kids?” they heard Mrs. Weasley holler from down stairs. “You lot better get some sleep! We are going to Diagon Alley first thing in the morning! You all better be in bed by the time I get there!”

                “Okay Mum!” Ron yelled back. “Geez, you would think she would get that we never go to sleep early anymore.” Everyone laughed. Ivy got up to get ready for bed. Ivy and her sister, Hermione, were sharing a room with Ginny, Ron’s younger sister.  Hermione and Ginny followed suite.

                “She does have a point though,” Hermione said. “Diagon Alley isn’t like it used to be.  Death Eaters can just apparate there and attack. We need to be on alert.”

                Ron rolled his eyes. Harry just stared at her. “Hermione, we will be fine,” Harry said. “There hasn’t been an attack at Diagon Alley. Why would they start now?”

                Ginny spoke up then, “Still, witches, wizards and muggles have gone missing since He returned. Personally, I would like to stay alive given the fact we always have Harry with us.” Harry turned his head to Ginny to glare. Ginny made an innocent face as if to say ‘well its true!’

                Ivy stretched. “Well I don’t care who shows up, as long as I get my school things and come out alive I will be happy.”

     The next morning Ivy woke up before anyone else in the house. She quietly got out of bed and creeped to the bathroom to shower. ‘It’s the only peace and quiet I will get today’ Ivy thought so she took her time.  She finally got out when she started to hear the Weasleys rustle in the rooms around her. Ivy quickly towel dried her hair and put on simple muggle jeans and a dark blue plaid button down blouse and blue converses.

                Ivy looked in the mirror to examine herself. She hadn’t realized how bright her face has gotten considering the recent events.  She decided to just apply light eye liner and mascara for today and put her hair in the usual ponytail and walked out of the bathroom.  Not even two seconds later Ginny runs in before any of the boys could.

                “Oh come oh Ginny!” Ron yelled. “I need to use the loo!” We could hear Ginny chuckle on the other side of the door.

                Ivy almost ran head on with Harry as she started to go down the winding stairs. “Oh, hello Ivy. How long have you been awake?”

                “Eh for an hour or so,” Ivy grinned. “Long enough to shower before the rest of you got up and pretty much get ready to go.”

                “Right; well Mrs. Weasley has breakfast ready. I just on the way up to get everyone. As soon as we eat we are taking the Floo Network to Diagon Alley.”

                “Oh okay, well I will just go down and eat,” Ivy replied with a smile.

                Ivy let Harry pass and heard him yell as did, “Oi! You lot! Food is ready! Then get ready to leave!”

                Ivy laughed at the thought of Ron still waiting for the loo and continued down the stairs. She was greeted with the smell of eggs and bacon and, of course, Mrs. Wealsey’s smiling face.

                “Good morning Ivy! Breakfast?” she asked.

                “Of course!” Ivy said as she was sitting down. Soon Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny all sat down with her.

     About one hour later everyone was lined up in front of the fireplace to go to Diagon Alley. Ron went first; followed by Harry, Hermione, Ivy, Ginny and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.  When Ivy stepped out of the grate, she saw a totally different Diagon Alley. It was dark and depressing. Many of the shops were closed up with boards on the windows.

                “Okay,” Mrs. Weasley started, “You are all allowed to go your separate ways. Ginny stay with one of the older ones at all times. Meet at Fred and George’s shop in an hour.”

                Ron whispered to Harry, “She didn’t say about not going to Knock-.”

                “Ronald! You stay out of Knockturn Alley! This is not the time to go on adventures!” Mrs. Weasley yelled before he could even finish his sentence.

                Ron shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, it was worth a shot”

                Ginny decided to stick with Hermione and Ivy. “Where to first?” Hermione asked.

                “Well we are right here at Florish and Blotts. Might as well get our school books,” Ivy said nodding her head toward the book store.  They walked in the door of the very empty shop.  Owner poked his head around the stacks of books.

                “Oh finally! I was wondering if anyone from Hogwarts was going to show up. What can I get you ladies?”

                “We need two sets of 6th year books and one set of 5th year books”, Hermione said handing him their list.

                “Okay,” he said pushing his glasses on his nose. “You just missed another boy: blonde hair, wearing all black. Kind of a sketchy fellow in my opinion but none of the less I helped him too.” Ivy knew automatically who he was talking about.

                Draco Malfoy was a sixth year as well. His family is all followers of Voldemort. His father was currently locked up in Azkaban until there was a massive breakout last week and many Death Eaters escaped.

                The store owner looked out of his window. “You know it’s a shame of what has happened. Poor Ollivander was just taken yesterday from his shop.” He nodded his head toward the broken windows of Ollivander’s.

                Hermione turned to the man, “But where are students going to get their wands from? Everyone got their wands from him.”

                “I believe that another wandmaker is doing all of that. I just hope that Mr. Ollivander is okay. He’s a dear friend of mine.” The man sighed. “Well here are your books. The sixth year books cost 10 galleons each and the fifth year 7.”

                They handed him the money and with a thanks they were out the door.  Ginny turned to Hermione, “Can you believe it? Mr. Ollivander…gone; just like that.”

                Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny. “It’ll be okay. He will be okay…”

                Then the three girls held a simple moment of silence for Mr. Ollivander’s safe return.

                After taking a deep breath Ivy said, “Well, we need to get going.”

                “You’re right Ivy,” said Hermione.  As the three of them started to head to the Leaky Cauldron for a quick bite to eat, Ivy heard someone behind them.

                “Well look what we have here boys,” said a cool voice.

                The three girls turned around to come face-to-face with three of their classmates, who happened to be their enemies.

                “We have two mudbloods and one Weasley roaming around by themselves,” said Draco Malfoy with an evil smirk on his face.

                Ivy stepped in front of the girls. “Piss off Malfoy! We don’t want any trouble today.”

                Malfoy looked at Ivy, “Well I think we are just going to have to teach you some manners Granger.” Malfoy pulled his wand out and turn it towards Ivy. Crabbe and Goyle, Malfoy’s two goons, followed suite.  Ivy took a step back. She looked around. They were in Diagon Alley, alone, no one there to see what Malfoy was about to do or trying to do.  “Could you imagine the look on my father’s face if we caught Harry Potter’s two best friends and his girlfriend?” Malfoy said as he was starting to advance on the girls. Crabbe and Goyle started to laugh and follow Malfoy.

                Ivy knew what was about to happen. She turned to Hermione and Ginny. “Run!” she yelled. Hermione grabbed Ginny’s hand and started to run. Ivy followed them. She could hear three sets of feet running after them. She knew Diagon Alley wasn’t that big but she also knew that one wrong turn and you could end up at a dead end. She caught up with Hermione and nodded for her to run to the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione took a sharp sudden turn towards the Leaky Cauldron.  She heard Malfoy yell, “Go get those two before they reach the pub! I got this one.” The three set of feet change to one pair.

                Ivy took a sharp turn down another empty alley. She realized that she can run a little bit faster than Malfoy and her turn threw him off her trail. She ran and looked for some place to hide.  But before she knew it the alleyway came to a dead end. “Crap,” she muttered. She looked around for somewhere, anywhere to hide but there was nothing.  All she saw was a single window about two feet above her head. She looked around for boxes to stack on top of each other. Maybe she could reach the window and climb through it.

                She could almost reach it, when she heard, “Don’t even think about it Granger.” Ivy turned around to see Malfoy, with his wand in his hand. He motioned for her to get down.  Sour faced and angry she jumped down.  “Well one is better than nothing,” Malfoy said with the same smirk he’s had for years.  

                “Don’t you have something better to do besides pester us?” Ivy said as she crossed her arms.

                “Well, these days I have a lot more important things but you see, this is now one of them,” Malfoy said. Then without warning he approaches Ivy. Ivy steps back until her back touch the alley wall. She started to reach for her wand but Malfoy grabs both of her wrists and pinned her against the wall.  Ivy heard her wand fall to the ground. She starts to try and struggle against him but it seemed like the more she moved the tighter his grip got. She could hear him laughing and not wanting to look at him she keeps on trying to move.

                “Poor little Granger. You can’t move, you can’t run, you can’t do anything,” laughed Malfoy.

                ‘He is pure evil,’ thought Ivy still not looking at him. She looked for a way out. For anything that could help her get out of this predicament. With running out of places to look, she finally looked at Malfoy. She looked into those grey eyes. Ivy did have one thing right. He was evil. She could see it in his eyes. She was hoping for a second that we would soften his grip but he didn’t.

                “How does it feel Granger? How does it feel to be the one stuck and unable to go anywhere?” asked Malfoy.

                Ivy didn’t say anything. She just looked at him. Then without warning, she spat in his face.  “Argh!” screamed Malfoy. Before Ivy knew it she was on the ground. Malfoy had hit her in the face.  When she looked up, she saw Malfoy wiping his face on his sleeve.  Malfoy glared at her. At the same time, they drew their wands.  Feeling a little disoriented, Ivy was struggle to focus.  And before she knew it, just like before, Malfoy had her pinned against the wall, except he did it with magic. Vines came bursting out of the wall and wrapped around Ivy’s wrists, ankles and throat.

                “You are going to regret that Granger,” Malfoy said in her ear.

                “You know Malfoy?” Ivy said struggling against the vine on her throat. “I don’t think I am.” Ivy started to laugh uncontrollably. She don’t know what started it or why. She just laughed. Malfoy looked at her with a confused face. He then decided that she was taunting him. She looked at Malfoy. He looked angry. No correction: he looked pissed. Malfoy held his wand right at Ivy’s chest. “You find this funny Granger? We will see who is laughing. Crucio!”

                The next thing Ivy knew, she was feeling pain. More pain than she has ever felt in her life. She wanted to yell but the vine against her throat was preventing that and it prevented her from properly breathing. Her arms wanted to move in unnatural ways but the wall was preventing her from doing that.  She wanted it to stop. She wanted to die.  And just as fast as it started it stopped. She felt like she could pass out. But she couldn’t. She had to stay awake because if she didn’t then Malfoy could do whatever he wanted with her.

                She felt Malfoy get closer to her. “See Granger; see what happens to people like you. You better learn your place and you better learn it quick. Otherwise things can get really, really ugly.” Ivy slowly lifted her head; it felt heavy. Too heavy. Ivy looked at him straight in the eyes and said, “Malfoy, you are nothing but a slimy git, who just wants to do what daddy tells you to do. You are pathetic and I honestly feel sorry for you.” Without warning Ivy fell to the ground but she then felt a searing pain in the back of her head. Malfoy had grabbed her hair and forced her to stay on the ground.

                With some great force, Malfoy tilted her head back and whispered, “Granger, one day you will learn to respect people like me; people with power. I had fun today. Don’t worry though we will have a lot more fun at Hogwarts. You better make sure you don’t run off by yourself this year. Remember I am a prefect, you have to do what I say, when I say it.”

                Ivy tried to fight against him but it was no use. As if her prayers have been answered, she heard footsteps. Malfoy tilted his head up to see who it was.

                “Let her go Malfoy.” Ivy heard Harry’s voice. Then she heard a lot more footsteps following him.

                “You’re done,” said Hermione.

                And the Malfoy disappeared. Just like that. Ivy wasn’t sure how he did it since he wasn’t of age. The last thing she remembered was six pairs of feet and two more running up and Mrs. Weasley saying, “Oh dear.” And then everything went black.


It was dark. Ivy couldn’t see anything. She was sitting on a cold, wet stone floor. Then out of nowhere Malfoy appeared. “Miss me, Granger?”  She let out of piercing scream.

                “Ivy! Ivy!”

                Ivy was jerked awake. She opened her eyes to come face to face with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

                “Merlin’s beard Ivy! I have never heard someone scream so loud!” Ron said rubbing his ears.

                “What happened?” Ivy asked as she was trying to sit up but thought better of it since her whole body was like jelly.

                “Well just now you were having a nightmare,” Harry started. He then looked a Hermione with questioning eyes.

                “Ivy,” Hermione said, “how much do you remember from the other day?”

                “Everything. I blacked out about the time you lot showed up,” Ivy realized that Malfoy had apparated even though he was underage. “Malfoy apparated. He’s not of age. How could he do that?”

                “We asked Mr. Weasley the same question,” Hermione said.

                “Apparently, You-Know-Who’s crew can do a lot of things without the Ministry’s knowledge,” replied Ron with a dismal face.

                Hermione grabbed Ivy’s hand. “We don’t know what all happened. When we showed up, he was just standing over you.  If you want to talk about it, we will listen.”

                “Guys, let’s just say that we all misjudged Malfoy’s intelligence.  He’s cruel and vile. But I don’t think he will try anything else,” Ivy said with a fake smile. Of course, she knew this wasn’t true but she hoped that he wouldn’t try anything else while they were at school, even though he said he would. She didn’t want to worry her sister and friends. This is something she will handle in her own way.  Personally, this changed every perspective of Malfoy she had. She always had a certain thing for him. She didn’t know if it was his bad guy persona or what.

                “Ivy, are you sure you are going to be okay?” Hermione asked. Ivy could tell that she was worried.  She could see it in her eyes.

                Ivy scooped up both of Hermione’s hands, “I’m fine. Or I will be.”

                Hermione nodded her head. “Okay, if you say so. Oh I almost forgot,” Hermione pulled out Ivy’s wand from her pocket. “We found this while we were searching the alley. Besides your school things, it was the only thing we found.”

                Ivy grabbed her wand and a warm familiar sensation swept over her. “Thanks. I was wondering about this.” Just then Mrs. Weasley busted in the door.

                “Thank Merlin you are okay! Mr. Weasley thought we all arrived there too late. It was a good thing your sister, Harry and Ron were ahead of us.” Mrs. Weasley approached Ivy. Ivy tried one more time to fully lean up but it was no use, she was still weak from the Cruciatus Curse. “Dear, don’t try to sit up. Going through something like that isn’t easy. You need your rest.”  She started to usher the rest of the kids out. “Go! Shoo! You can see her in a couple of hours.”  She turned and left the room.


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