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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 20 : Final scan
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“This is quite exciting,” Louis said, looking around the room that he and Freya were currently in, staring at all of the machines and medical equipment that was on the sides of the room. Freya was currently lying down on a comfy bed looking thing that Louis didn’t know the name of and they were both waiting for a Healer to come back into the room.

They were currently in the maternity area of St. Mungos, a part of the hospital that had been added back when his parents had Vic. Apparently the hospital hadn’t had a ward before then, which meant that most witches would have their appointments and checkups at home, as well as having a home birth. Louis must admit that he was thankful that they had built the ward; it seemed a lot easier to have everything on hand if something went wrong.

“It’s uncomfortable to lay like this for a while, especially with a full bladder.” Freya told him, shifting slightly and trying to make herself more comfortable.

There was a knock on the door and they both turned to the sound and saw a Healer walking in with a smile on her face.

“Hello,” she said coming into and standing next to where Freya was lying down.

“You must be, Louis.” The Healer added, giving Louis a smile. Louis gave a nervous grin over at her before he nodded.

“How are you feeling, Freya?” The Healer asked as she waved her wand around Freya, a tape measure seemed to be taking measurements of something, Louis had no idea what it was doing or why.

“Very uncomfortable,” Freya told her, “I can’t wait until this is all over.”

“You’ve still got under a month left to go, although she could come any day. You should be prepared for the signs of labour that I went over with you during your last appointment.”

“Let’s hope that the sooner, the better. I don’t know if I can deal with this for another month.”

The Healer looked at her notes as they updated themselves. “It says here that you’ve gotten bigger.”

“I’m not too happy about that.” Freya muttered, turning to look at Louis. He didn’t know what to say that would make her feel better, in fact, he seemed to be at a loss of what to say at all, the excitement that he was going to see his baby soon seemed to have made him incapable of forming any words.

“Are you ready for your final scan?” The Healer asked, she looked up at Louis, who was wondering if he looked as excited as he felt inside. She gave him an encouraging smile before she waved her wand to dim the lights and hovered her wand over Freya’s bump, a picture appeared on a monitor in front of the Healer and she turned it so that Louis and Freya could look at the image.

“There is your daughter.”

Louis felt like he was going to burst from all of the happiness that was filling him. Goosebumps crept up his arms as he looked at his daughter, his mouth opened in shock and he wanted nothing more than to jump around in happiness. He could feel Freya watching him and he turned to look at her, she seemed to be waiting for his reaction.

“She’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” Louis breathed as he turned back to look at the monitor, a sonogram of his daughters face appearing on the screen. “She’s beautiful.”

He turned to look back at Freya and saw that she was watching him, a small smile crossing her face as she took in how happy that he was. Louis was more than happy, he was ecstatic and he couldn’t wait to meet his daughter.


“Do you ever get worried that Freya will give birth on your birthday?” Horatio asked Louis later that night. He had turned up twenty minutes ago, telling Louis that he had missed hanging around with him and that he was bored at home. Horatio was currently juggling with a set of hand sized bean bags that emitted different coloured lights every time that they landed in his hands.

“When did you learn to juggle?” Louis asked his friend, Horatio had picked up the bean bags from next to the till, they were half price items. Horatio had been juggling with them for a while now and it was actually good for business, children had seen Horatio and asked their parents for the bean bags as well so that they too can juggle.

“Nik taught me, he was trying to teach Ally so I joined in,” Horatio told him. “He actually taught me a skill worth knowing.”

Louis watched in amazement for a while before he decided to answer Horatio’s question.

“Freya is due a few days before my birthday, so there is a possibility it could happen if Samantha arrives late.”

“Are you alright with sharing your birthday? You barely share your presents.”

“No, I wouldn’t share my Honeydukes chocolate with from mum with you, that’s different.” Louis told him, “Besides, I’ll have no choice if she’s born on my birthday. I wouldn’t mind sharing my birthday.”

“What if Freya’s actually having twins?” Horatio stopped juggling to look at Louis, who had gone a bit pale.

“She’s not having twins,” he told Horatio shaking his head at him. “She doesn’t look big enough to be having two; you can agree with that you’ve seen her.”

“Not really. The last time I saw her she was hiding under all of those baggy clothes. It was like she was embarrassed about being pregnant.”

“I don’t think that she is.”

“She might have changed now, I don’t know. But, I suppose back then she was trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant.”

Louis shook his head at Horatio, as he continued filling in the inventory that his Uncle had asked him to do. It was partly the reason why Louis was working until close, Louis was looking forward to when he could go home, he was feeling pretty exhausted. It was his own fault that he was so exhausted, he had taken any shift that his Uncle could give him, wanting to earn as much money as he could so he could pay towards his own child.

“She could still be hiding the fact that she’s carrying twins, if she wanted to hide her pregnancy before.” Horatio stated.

“It’s not twins, Horatio; I went to a scan today and let me assure you that there was only one baby in there.” Louis told him, wanting Horatio to stop talking about the possibility of twins; he wasn’t prepared in the slightest for that.

“You went to a scan? What was it like? What does my goddaughter look like?” Horatio asked, Louis could see the intrigue on his face as he waited for Louis to answer him.

“It was amazing and pretty weird. It’s strange to realise that you can see the baby even though it’s not even here.” Louis told Horatio with a wide grin on his face. “Apparently she’s facing the right way, with her head pointed down or something, so she’s ‘engaged’ I think the word the Healer used was.”

Horatio looked a little horrified at Louis’s words. “So she could come out at any moment?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Louis said with a nod, looking back down at the inventory list and checking the shelf in front of him.

“So if Freya sneezes she could just shoot out?” Horatio asked he seemed to be in shock.

Louis turned to look at him. “I was scared of that as well, but apparently that won’t happen. I’ve heard that it could take hours or days for the baby to be born once Freya goes into labour.”

“So the baby won’t fall out when Freya’s walking around?”

“No, thank god. I was worried about that as well.” Louis admitted, glad that Horatio had mentioned that, he felt like a fool for even thinking it.

“We probably should have read up on that part.”

“We?” Louis asked him.

“Yes, we,” Horatio said, “we’re in this together, you and I, and I guess Freya has a part as well.”

“A major part,” Louis said with a small laugh. “Now, stop distracting me and I may get this done before nine tonight, then you can take me home.”

“I can’t wait until you can take your apparation test, then I won’t be your transport.” Horatio grumbled, going back to throwing the bean bags in the air.

“You could always go home, you know, and I’ll use Uncle George’s floo system to get home.”

“Go home? No one is there. I’d rather stay here with you.”

“Then shut up and let me get on with this.”

“Dad wants to know if you’re done with the count yet?” came a voice from behind Horatio; they both turned around at the sound of the voice and saw that Roxanne was watching them.

“Not yet, I’m working on it though.” Louis told her, he turned to look at the till area and saw that a customer was waiting to be served, he looked vaguely familiar to Louis but he wasn’t sure why.
He went to hand, Horatio the inventory count, as he had stopped juggling, but Roxanne stopped him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll serve.” She told her cousin with a smile as she moved around both Horatio and Louis to make her way to the till.

“Are you allowed to serve? You’re not breaking any laws by working here so young are you?” Horatio asked her.

“My dad owns the shop, I don’t work here. But I will most definitely serve that customer; do you not know who he is?” Roxanne asked them with a smile.

Horatio and Louis both looked at the guy who was in his late teens and gave a frown, sensing something familiar about him but not sure why. Roxanne gave a scoff and rolled her eyes at them as she walked over to the till.

“Do you know who that is?” Louis’ Uncle George asked from behind Horatio, who jumped in fear. He hadn’t realised that George was standing behind him.

“Are we meant to?” Louis asked as Horatio muttered about George liking to give people heart attacks.

“That’s Jason Turner.” George stated as though it was information that they should already know.

Louis and Horatio both looked at each other to see if they recognised the name, before they both gave a shrug.

George let out a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose, “I forget that the Quidditch nuts of the family are Victoire and Roxxie. Jason Turner plays for the Wimbourne Wasps; they signed him up before he even finished his sixth year at Hogwarts.”

“Oh, it’s Jason Turner.” Horatio said slowly as he nodded knowingly, before he shook his head and shrugged again. “That means absolutely nothing to me.”

George shook his head at the two, before he walked over to where Roxanne was waving goodbye to Jason, who was leaving the shop after making his purchases.

“What’s so fascinating about him?”

“I have no idea, Horatio.” Louis said, shaking his head before going back to the inventory. “How many packets of sugar quills are there in that box?”

“I don’t work here, Louis.” Horatio moaned at him, before bending down to count the sugar quills.


Louis was exhausted as he lay down on his bed next to Freya. He barely had the energy to change out of his clothes, only managing to take off his trousers and shirt before he lay down. He didn’t feel the exhaustion really take over him until he was down in the kitchen eating the dinner that his mother had cooked for him and had kept warm in the oven. Freya was already upstairs when he came home; he had felt guilty at coming back so late, but hoped that Freya understood that he was working so much for them to have their family.

He gave a small yawn as he turned to look at Freya, who was lying on her side with her eyes closed, he moved forwards to give her a kiss on the lips, causing Freya to open her eyes and look at him.

“I’m sorry that I woke you,” Louis said tiredly, he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

“I wasn’t asleep. I was trying to, but the baby is fidgeting around and it’s keeping me up.” Freya told him in a whisper, Louis reached his hand to lay on Freya’s bump and a smile crossed his face.

“You’re home late,” Freya said softly to him, she took hold of his hand and moved it so that he was holding her hand on the bed.

“I’m sorry about that; Uncle George asked if I could do the inventory count for him as he was snowed under. But I’m off soon and we can spend the day together, I know that Horatio and Molly want to come and see you as well.” Louis told her, Freya could tell that he was close to falling asleep.

“That’ll be nice,” Freya said, trying to keep the disappointment out of her voice. She wanted to spend Louis’ day off with him, not with anyone else joining them.

“I love you,” Louis whispered sleepily to Freya.

Freya faltered for a moment as she looked at Louis in the darkness. She could see in the moonlight coming through his curtain covered windows that his eyes were closed and his breaths were shallow.
Louis didn’t notice her silence; he seemed to have fallen asleep instantly.

Freya gave a sigh before looking around the room; she felt sleepy, but couldn’t fall asleep due to the baby moving around. Freya gave a frown as she looked down at her protruding stomach; she expected to feel different when she was here with Louis. Expected to feel the excitement that he and his family seemed to have at the prospect of the soon to be new arrival, but Freya hadn’t been feeling as excited, if anything she wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

She was truly terrified of what was soon to happen to her.

Sure, there were times when she let herself smile when she felt the baby kicking, or moving, or even that time when the baby had the hiccups. Things were changing too quickly for her to fully grasp, her parents weren’t talking to her, she had been moved to home schooling and she wasn’t even sure if she’d be able to go back when the new school year started and the baby was here. She was really starting to resent everything around her for making her life change drastically; she knew it was her fault as much as it was Louis’s.

She had hoped that she would feel a lot different when the baby was here, but deep, deep down Freya knew that might not happen, she had never wanted children, they weren’t part of her life plan. She wanted her career, she wanted to go out with her friends, she wanted so much more than what she faced, tied down at the age of seventeen with a baby.

But how could she tell Louis that? How could she tell him how she was feeling without him hating her?

She had hoped that she would feel differently if she began buying things that her baby would need, using the money that her parents had placed in her account. They may not have approved of the fact that she was pregnant, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t care about her, they had told her that in their letters.

She hadn’t told anyone about the letters that she was receiving from her parents, not even Louis. They had told her that she should come home, realise that it was for the best that she went back to school. She shouldn’t have to ruin her life because of one mistake.

Maybe she should have listened to them? Maybe she would have been a lot happier than she was now?

A/N: Pretty quick update for you all! I hope that you enjoy this chapter.

What do you all think of Freya's feelings at the end? Let me know in a review. :P And also thank you so so much to everyone who's voted for this story and Horatio in the Dobbys! You seriously made my whole life!


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