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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 9 : Filling Spaces and Secret Spells
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How's school? Bet everyone's missing me and Fredster- we were quite well known, not that you'd understand. Trials go okay? Give me some updates on the simpler life of Quidditch! The Cannons? Well...I'm not gonna sugar coat it Al. The reason they lost? Their training is shit. Like, as worse as what Kyle was doing with the 'Puffs. Yeah, that shit. So, I kicked them into action and we actually have a chance of winning some matches this season! I'll send you, Kas, Ro and Aidan some tickets sometime. I'll be expecting you to arrive in orange.

As you are now the sole representative of the Potters (Lily doesn't count- she's half Scamander and the other half Malfoy), I'm expecting you to be representing us well. Not that tie tightened, homework done stuff Aunt Hermione drilled into us either. I'm expecting you to be the man of the night. I'm expecting a new hot chick every week. Unless things turn out well with Kasy. Which they won't. You're screwed if you're still chasing after that!

Anyway, I've got training in five minutes, and am only writing this due to the rather embarrassing Howler Lily sent this morning. It exploded right before training, and all it had inside was a list of all the girls I'd shagged back in Hogwarts. Monique hasn't looked me in the eyes since. Have fun bro, and grab me a large supply from Honeydukes for Christmas!

Sincerely, your mind-blowingly awesome brother, James


"Who's that from?" Aidan gargled through a mouthful of cereal.

"James." I replied, slipping it into my bag. Lily appeared seconds later by my side.

"Did he send you one?" I nodded. "Really? Like a proper letter?"

I frowned, watching her grab the letter from my bag instead of waiting for an answer.

"Oh my God! This is sooo unfair!" She whined, throwing the letter onto the floor.

"What on earth is wrong with you today Lily?" I asked calmly, skimming through the Sunday paper.

"All he sent me was a packet of Bernie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, only filled with the gross flavours!" She whined, her now curled hair dancing around her face.

"Serves you right for sending him that Howler. He and Monique were really hitting it off. He said that he expected her to wake up in his bed sometime next week." I replied simply, throwing the letter and paper into my bag. "You coming?"

Aidan nodded, following me out of the Great Hall. Lily growled from behind us, muttering about payback while walking over to the Scamander twins at the Ravenclaw table.


We carried on walking. Rose huffed, sprinting to catch up with us.

"Guys! You were supposed to stop!" She whined, grabbing our elbows to stop us walking away.

"We weren't supposed to do anything. You merely suggested it." Aidan replied, throwing a Bertie Bott bean into the air and catching it.

"At breakfast? Really Aidan?" Rose shook her head at him.

“Mmm…over stewed rhubarb…” Aidan said thoughtfully.

"Rose. What did you want?"

"Oh yeah!" She smiled widely. "Kasy's out of the hospital wing! She just went up to bed! I thought you two might want to know."

Me and Aidan looked at each other.

"Transfiguration can wait." Aidan shrugged, setting off in a sprint ahead of me.

"Thanks Rose!" I shouted over my shoulder, joining in the race.

Kasy's P.O.V.

I hate hospital wings. I hate hospitals full stop. Ever since the age of twelve, they just creeped me out. It's like...that's where people died. How do people expect to get better in the same place, the same bed, that someone...didn't?

Me and Aidan had only had five minutes to talk, but he said that he'd talk to Pomfrey about when I'd be released. Surprisingly, she said I could leave the next day, as long as someone came in to help me up the seven flights of stairs to the common room. Remind me why Hogwarts needs so many floors? We barely use some of them. It's like a trap for first years, leaving them lost in a maze of floors and stairs and classrooms to rot. That's why I say Salazar built the moving staircases. It's more of a Slytherin styled thing.

Amazingly, after waiting for an agonising twenty minutes, Rose appeared, and was extremely happy to take me up to bed. I hadn't slept at all last night.

So here I am. Sitting on my bed. Waiting to go to sleep. Just waiting to drift...and fall...and disappear...



"What the hell guys? I was about to fall asleep!" I cried, marching down the stairs into the common room. Al and Aidan stood waiting at the bottom.

"And she's alive!" Al cried, both of them encasing me in a big hug. It was slightly weird, though I wasn't complaining much.

"So...happy Sunday!" I smiled cheerfully. They grinned back.

"We were just going down to the library to do that Transfiguration homework-" Al started.

"You mean the one we got last Monday. Due in tomorrow." I pointed out. Aidan grinned sheepishly from behind Al.

"We were preoccupied!" Al cried hastily.

" You were 'preoccupied', as you put it, with going crazy over trials. And you were busy doing extra credit for classes which you're already fabulous at." I corrected, pointing at each of the boys in turn.

"What's your excuse then?" Al replied.

"Excuse? I did that homework on Wednesday, with all my other papers, you nutbrains. Me and Scorpo didn't just spend hours stalking on your cousin. So, you two can go and rush some work, choke on some food, play some chess, rush some more work, and then sleep like dogs. I on the other hand, am going to start at the end." Whisking around as haughtily as I could manage, I marched back up the stairs.

"What does she-"

"She's going to sleep." Al answered. "Hey, Kas!"

I paused at the top of the stairs, turning just in time to catch a small bundle of writhing chocolate frogs.

"Enjoy." He smirked, jogging to catch up with Aidan. I looked down at the chocolates, and sighed heavily.

"If only..."

Rose's P.O.V.

I smiled at Kasy from where she was curled in the armchair by the fire with 'Quidditch Through the Ages'. It was her Dad's old copy, barely held together despite the layers of Spellotape and sparks from failed charms, but she still refused to replace it. To my right, Albus had pinned up the Quidditch timetable for that term. Practises were every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, and Sunday mornings. That was good. I'd have time for homework and Scorpius as well, unlike last year. Though I didn't really have a Scorpius then.

Only Sal was in our dorm. She looked up expectantly, only to frown slightly when she saw it was me.

"What's wrong?" I asked politely. Me and Sal had never talked much, but since she was now on the team I felt that I had to seem more open to her.

"I've been waiting for Laura. She said that she was only going for a walk, but that was over five hours ago."

I glanced at the clock. It was nearing twenty to eight.

"She'll be fine. Maybe she just went to the library, or lost track of time? If she missed dinner, she could just be in the kitchens."

Sal nodded, still doubtful. I carried on.

"But if you're super worried, just go out and search for her. Ask around and see if anyone saw her. I know Kasy went out to do some flying a couple of hours ago; she might have seen her."

Sal sat up, a tentative smile creeping on her face.

"Yeah. Thanks Rose."

I smiled in response as she walked past me out of the room. At least it was empty now. Kasy wouldn't be back up for ages- even once she'd finished reading, Al and Aidan would have probably returned from their trip to the library and kitchens for stocks by then, and she'd spend forever talking to them or annoying them by not telling them her answers.

Breathing deeply, I walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Just one spell. Just a few words. And then you know.

I muttered the words as quiet as I could, but the spell still cast. I felt it spread all over my body, heating up my stomach like a flame. After a few more breaths, I opened my eyes to see the results.



Author's Note

You like? The next is going to jump forwards a couple of weeks. Please leave a review, and thanks for reading guys! :)

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