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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: Judge And Give No Judgement
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“Right Draco. First things first, happy birthday! But most importantly, sit.” I grumbled. Cho looked very happy to have painted Cyrus and Blaise and was waiting for me to sit in her chair.

Rhianna, who had wanted in, dragged me over. We were in Cho’s dorm as she 'had all her make-up here and wasn’t about to carry it to our dorm to get ready'. Cho and Rhianna were getting ready together but insisted on doing our face paint before changing.

This had really annoyed Blaise who had confided in me last night that he had begged her to help her get ready. Lovely mental image Blaise. I sat in the chair and felt Rhianna scrap my hair back.

“Ow? Watch it.” Her face loomed above mine.

“Make me.” I grumbled.

We flew up here for this? No one else gets treated like this on their birthday.  

As we weren’t technically allowed up here we’d flown up by broom. I felt her slap a ton of powder on and work it around my face and neck. I am going to have acne after this. Hermione will hate that.

Shut up!

“Is this what girls do every morning?” Cyrus was inspecting his deathly white complexion in my mirror. Cho laughed.

Luna was sat on her bed with her Quibbler but I caught her sneaking glances at Cyrus’s behind over her book. Oh Luna, bit of a dark horse aren’t you? “Cyrus. You have something on your bum.” I frowned, Cyrus had sat on some powder and his bum was painted white.

I burst out laughing. Sorry Luna, misjudged you there. Cyrus grumbled and tried to bat it off. I wasn’t wrong about Danielle. A sixth year who had been giving Cyrus goggle-eyes as soon as he squeezed through the window. I’d been mostly ignored which was fine by me.

“Right Draco open wide.” I opened my mouth, as soon as I had seen her do this to Blaise I’d chewed about ten soft mints just to make sure she couldn’t smell my lunch.

I wanted to be seen as normal not disgusting. She pointed her wand and I felt my natural teeth grow into fangs. “How about that?” She held up the mirror.

“Erm, longer?” How am I meant to know?

“There we go. Now stay still whilst I finish your eye make-up.” I stayed deathly still. Closing my mouth I felt around my extended canines with my tongue. It was a weird feeling to get used to.

“Wonder who’ll win the match on Sunday?” It was Slytherin versus Gryffindor. First match of the year. 

Wonder what Hermione will be wearing to support Gryffindor's.

I wasn’t on the team but Blaise had put me down as a back-up beater should one of the fourth year Staff twins be bludgeoned to death. A bit grim. It being Friday everyone was hyped about it.

“Probably Gryffindor.” Cyrus grumbled at my comment. “Well look at their team, then look at ours.”

“There you go Draco. You’re finished.” I sat up.

Everyone glanced up, and all responded in the same manor. “Wow!”

“Oh lord mate you look dead.”

“Ah ha ha that’s brilliant!” I looked around at the surrounding grins before turning to the full length mirror.

My skin was deadly white, it darkened around my eyes till my stormy grey eyes were framed in deathly black eyeliner. My lips were painted a blood red and my fangs looked deadly, shadow had been subtly placed on my cheekbones making them stand out higher. Standing fully and pulling on my cloak I looked deadly.

My mind involuntarily wondered to what Hermione would think if she saw this.

“Cheers Cho. This is brilliant.” I turned my eyes on her and she smiled. Even Rhianna looked pleased.

“Right well we need to head back.” I grabbed my broom and stuck my leg out the window. Blaise walked over and kissed Cho on the forehead. She blushed slightly but Rhianna took charge.

“Right out! Out! Out! Out! All of you out!” I laughed, getting on my broom I pushed away from the window. Cyrus followed.

“Hey Cy, watch this.” I gentle lowered down to their common room window where a few first years were having a laugh and gobbling up a huge bag of sweets. I pushed my face next to the window and waited.

After a second a young lad glanced up to me, his face paled as I smiled. He screamed at the top of his lungs scrambling backwards and sending their table flying. They all screamed and ran from the window. I dropped down below laughing. Cyrus was roaring above me, personally I thought he looked scarier than me.

Both our hair’s had been scrapped back with gel. His electric blue eyes shone stronger out of the eye make-up than mine did. I laughed and gently hovered upwards.

Blaise had joined us by then but I didn’t want to land. I had secretly put charms on my broom so I couldn’t fall off as I turned as sharply as possible, to feel the wind on my bare neck. Up here no one was glaring, there was no rules. Just the moon and stars to judge and give no judgement. From up above the castle was truly beautiful. The lights in the windows made it look like it was covered in little twinkling Christmas lights. I hovered around for a while before realising that both Cyrus and Blaise had ditched me to go inside. I floated about around the towers, every now and again diving down and back up again.

“Oh I don’t know Ginny.” I froze, I had been speeding in circles up the astronomy tower, after a second I allowed myself to drift closer. “I mean, he saved my mum’s life. In an hour!”

“Hermione. Do you love Ron?” I grabbed a hold of the wall to steady myself.

“Yes I do love Ron.” Hermione? My heart threatened to throw itself through the wall.

“No Hermione. Do you love him.” I heard a sigh.

“I don’t know Ginny. I want to but I guess it’ll just take time.” There was a moment of silence. I should leave.

“What about Malfoy?” Wait. What about me? “What do you feel when you look at him.” I heard a strangled whine and Ginny’s laugh. “Well it’s settled then. You have the hot’s for ex-deatheater Draco Lucius Malfoy.”

My legs went light and my broom just dropped from beneath me. I clawed at the wall desperately trying to regain my balance. I crossed my legs and tilted upwards to get out of my headfirst plummet. Wow! Happy birthday Draco Malfoy!

No, no, no. It’s just ‘the hots’ as Ginny calls it. I shouldn’t be excited by this, she deserves better. Besides, she didn’t say that she liked me for me.

Hell, she probably just thinks I’m good looking. Still nice though, to think that she thinks that. She’d never like me, and that is good, she deserves a whole load better.

Just not Weasley.

I clutched the wall this time, my ear right next to the window ledge with my toe on it so I couldn’t fall again. “No I don’t.” She said it in a rather small voice.

“Yes you do.” I could hear the triumph in Ginny’s voice. I frowned. “I’ve seen the way you look at him, talk about him, even defend him from Ron.”

“Ginny! Please!” I heard tears. “I can’t Ginny. I can’t. He’s only been changed a month, I need more proof, I need it to be proven, that he truly has changed.” My heart broke as I heard the tears fall.

“What more proof do you need? He’s even defending his cousin. Harry was already keeping an eye on her but he came and asked us too. He actively pushed the mission to save your mum and even let us snoop around his home. The one that’s half destroyed because of his argument with his father.” I heard a nose blown. “He had the chance to kill us all and join a rising group of Deatheaters instead he fought off Rudolphus and his minion single handed. You’re just looking for excuses to stay with my dimwit brother to avoid disrupting the peace.”

“What if Malfoy doesn’t want me though? I doubt he does.”


“Even so, if you stay with Ron, you are staying with a guy who you don’t want to be with. When will it end Hermione? At your Wedding? At the birth of your fifth child?” I turned my broom away and flew over to the dark forest. Feeling incredible guilty for having listened in on their conversation. What if she did like me though? Could there be a chance.

“Oi! You!” I glanced down and spotted Hagrid glaring up at me. “Come down at once!” I twisted around and darted out across the forest till he was far out of sight. Close one. I don’t think I could afford a detention. After waiting a second I flew back in a semi-circle, avoiding Hagrid’s hut and landed at the entrance hall. I put my broom away and quickly descended towards my common room.

Throwing open the door I jumped as two first years screeched. “Oh dear god! Move, move, move!” I think god is a muggle thing. I looked around trying to find the problem. They were running down to their dorms, screaming and shoving.

I scanned the room, everyone was frozen and staring at me. “What on earth is the problem?” A couple of frozen fifth years began to laugh. Clutching at their sides.

Blaise and Cyrus came bowling up the stairs. “What the hell is going on?” Cyrus had gone to the entrance to the girl’s dorms. Glancing down the stairs and scanning the common room, Blaise had gone in front of the sofas where the fifth years were lounging.

“I don’t know.” I stood, flapping my arms a bit not really understanding. One of the fifth years, pointed at me, barely able to speak.

“It was, it was, he scared, scared the first, first years.” He doubled over and howled.

“Me?” Blaise and Cyrus began to laugh hysterically. “I’m not that scary.” They fell onto the floor laughing. “Whatever.” I stormed off to find the decorations box.

I walked down the steps to throw open my dorm room, throwing myself onto my bed. Running everything through my mind.

Maybe, maybe if Hermione could forgive me? She would never truly have feelings for me, but I have to make it up to her. What happened at the manor, I couldn’t help. I would have been taken down in seconds and thrown in the basement with Potter and Weasley and Bella would have gone back to torturing Hermione.

She didn’t give me a chance to find a way to convince Bella to stop. I’m glad. I’m glad it didn’t go on for long enough.

I rolled onto my side, being careful of my heavily painted face. I sat up slowly as I spotted a small pile of black wrapping paper piled at the foot of my bed. I slowly moved round, I hadn’t got any presents from friends over the years. I didn’t really have any, but I recognised Blaise and Cyrus’s writing.

I picked up a letter, recognising my mother’s handwriting next to a small wrapped black box shape.

Dear Draco.

Happy birthday Darling, hope you’re having a good day! The money from your father’s accounts has been transferred into my own. So when you come home for Christmas I’ll be taking you to our new place in the countryside. It’s only a small something but I hope you like it, I know you wanted your own owl and I guess I have to get around the fact that your father is gone forever. You had your problems but I loved you both. He thought he was doing you a right in his own way.

Love you my special son



I unwrapped the present, a blue box with silver string sewn into the top. A name, Iseara. I opened the box to find a few pieces of owl food inside. At the bottom was a folded piece of parchment, MADAGASCAN RED OWL FACTS AND HABITS. I tipped it out and frowned, pouring them back in I fiddled with the lid. It looked like something was indented into it. I scratched at it.

Fabric began to peel away, I pulled it until it fully came off the lid. Leaving a silver imprint of where it was. I inspected it, like a name tag. I went back to the letter, turning it over.

If you are confused as to the named box, it’s a few bits of your new pet owl’s food and information. She’s waiting for you in the owl tower. I hope you like her, Andromeda rescued her from one of those black market rare animal importers, she’s a very rare breed. Xxx

Holy merlin.

I placed it all delicately on the coffee table, desperate to go see my new owl but it would have to wait till morning. I reached over and picked up the one that was from Cyrus, it was square shaped with a simple label.

Happy birthday mate

I ripped the paper off and picked up bag of chocolate éclairs, I smirked and looked at the other thing that dropped out.  Unfolding it, it was a cloak. A normal wizarding cloak, completely black. Silver detail down the sides of little entwined snakes around the hem. I pulled, my shirt off and changed into the tight black trousers we’d all agreed to wear. As apparently it was normal vamp costume wear. I pulled the cloak on. It fit like a dream, falling about my shoulders and covering my skin. It was beautiful and wonderfully understated. I smirked and turned back to the presents. One more to be exact.

It was from Blaise. I opened it and looked at the insides, it was a bottle and a broom cleaning and repair kit, ‘up keep for your upward keeps.’ 

I checked the bottle, it was labelled NATURAL BLOND HIGHTLING SHAMPOO! YOUR WORTH MORE! I laughed, putting it back on my table with the other presents.

I stood and stretched, feeling a bit perked up. Two friends, real friends, and a brand new rare owl. Guess it’s not so bad being normal. I picked up the box of decorations, and walked back up towards the common room. Blaise had gone to get the food and there were only two people lounged in the common room.

Cyrus was stretched out sat at the end of the sofa facing the fire. A slightly chunky girl with light brown hair was sitting on the other side, she her feet on Cyrus’s lap and he seemed very content. They were both very deep in conversation. I grinned, turning to the wall and began magically sticking the real cobwebs along the point where the roof and ceiling meet.






“So. How are you and Harry doing?” I felt myself blush as Hermione pressed. Oh if only she knew.

“Very. Very good.” I rubbed my hands together between my knees.

“Ginny Weasley don’t get shy on me.” I laughed as Hermione slapped my hand.

I jumped as the door to the astronomy tower opened. Hermione grabbed my hands and looked at me. “If we get caught it’s detention for a week!” I dragged her down the steps to the floor below. Pulling her to the back and crouching behind a bunch of boxes filled with old telescopes. We heard the footsteps and a thin stick of a girl slipped up the stairs, wearing a long black ragged dress and a ripped black veil over her pale white skin. Talk about Halloween.

“What the?” A second later possibly the sexiest and scariest vampire I have ever seen walked up the steps. I heard Hermione gasp beside me. Dam why did I have to be taken?

Sorry Harry.

 The stick spun around as a man who I would let drink my blood every day hesitated slightly. “Oh Draco. What are we going to do with you?” I scratched at Hermione’s arm as she gasped.

“Ginny!” She hissed.

“I know, I know.”

“Pansy?” Oh no. I heard Hermione whimper. Draco’s voice held no passion, just surprise.

“Ex. Remember? Ex. No one gets back with an ex.” She was pale and scared, scared of what might happen. Oh Hermione.

“Oh very clever Drakie.” I couldn’t help but snort at that. Drakie?

Hermione’s face said the same. “Please tell me you’ll never do that.” She giggled.

“Only if you don’t.” I grinned.

“Why did you come back?” Draco’s voice had gone back to his regular frozen drawl. Pansy Parkinson giggled, I wanted to punch her in that little puggy face of hers.

“Oh Drakie? Not pleased to see me? I came back because my parents weren’t too keen on this hell hole.” I hate her. “Yet I met someone Drakie. Someone who you can join with and set right the wrongs of this mudblood disease. We can join him Drakie? Together.” She put her hand on his chest above his heart, slowly walking around him and pulling her arm across him. “You have the dark mark Draco, you will always be a Deatheater. At heart, as well as skin. We were always meant to be together Draco.” She ran her fingers up his arm, uncovering more of his chest from under the tightly drawn cloak. He only smirked. Pushing back the cloak to reveal his left wrist. She gasped in horror stepping backwards away from him like a disease. Call 999 I might be infected.

No, think of Harry think of Harry.

Oh don’t be stupid I’m in love with Harry. Just nice to have a bit of eye candy.

His eyes flashed and he smirked slightly at her response. “I ask again. Why are you here?” Her lips narrowed as she stepped around him. He crossed his arms. She walked around again and slapped him. I gasped but in true Malfoy fashion he just smirked. “That it?” He chuckled deeply. “Then again you always were cheap.”

I opened my mouth, shocked. “Oh ouch! Oh you go Draco!” Hermione gasped from beside me. A look of pride flashed across her face. She tried to slap him again but this time he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him. I tensed at what might happen next. Maybe I should get Hermione out of here. The look on her face however said she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Listen to me Pansy, I was only ever with you because of my father. Now he’s gone I don’t want anything to do with you. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going back to my party.” He turned and walked back down the steps again, Hermione was watching Pansy but when Draco was passing our hiding place he turned slightly and smirked at me. I gasped. He knew! He came onto our floor and leant over the box of telescopes. “Spying on me again are we?” We both laughed.

“We were here first actually.” Hermione stood and crossed her arms, a smile on her lips. For the first time ever he smiled, a proper smile, flashing a row of perfect white teeth that made my heart stop, his eyes crinkled slightly and he had dimples. Dimples! It took me a second to feel normal again after he stopped smiling, breathing heavily I stood up.

“So you threw a party.” I could sense Hermione was still recovering from the effect of his smile. “And didn’t think to invite us?” He shrugged.

“House party I’m afraid. Which reminds me I should be getting back, I’ve left Cyrus to run the place.” He pulled a face. How can you look so sexy?

“Do you have fangs?” Hermione suddenly asked, frowning at him. He grinned again, showing off his wonderful teeth and two horrendous fangs. How I didn’t notice them before I don’t know. My heart gave a little flutter just looking at him flash that wonderful smile at Hermione again. “Are they your real teeth?” He nodded.

“Cho did them.” Wait what?

“Cho? Cho Chang? Harry’s ex?” I liked the girl, but I had a soft spot of pre-assumed dislike. She had Harry before me, but she was never getting him back. He nodded.

“Now she’s going out with Blaise, she did our make-up and everything.” He looked a little disgusted. “Seriously have to go or Cyrus will kill me.” He stood and turned. “See you later Weasley, Hermione.” He left down the stairs. At some point during our conversation Pansy had left as well. Not that I could remember. I turned to Hermione my mouth open. 

She just burst into tears in front of me.

“Oh Hermione.” I pulled her into my shoulder as she sobbed uncontrollable.

“Oh Ginny your right. I have a crush on Draco Malfoy!” I smoothed her hair with my hand whilst she just sobbed. After about ten minutes she composed herself. “You go ahead Ginny, I’ll be right with you.” I watched her rub at her eyes.

“Are you sure?” From her face I could tell she wanted alone time so I stood and went over to the stairs, looking back to give her a second chance. She just smiled and sat down, biting her lip. My heart jumped as I fought my urge to run and hug her.

I walked to the common room, clambering in and finding Harry lounging asleep on the arm chair by the fire. Ron and the others had already gone up to bed. He had obviously stayed up to wait for us, he never liked to sleep alone. Ron, and the others didn’t mind that I would come up at night and curl up next to him. Chatting quietly till exhaustion eventually over-ruled his fear of what will come in his dreams. I walked over and snuggled into his lap, putting my arms around his neck and resting my head on his shoulder.

“Hey you.” I smiled at Harry’s groggy greeting. It was adorable when he woke up all groggy, made me feel no guilt at the fact that I had woken him from his sleep. I kissed his cheek, keeping my lips pressed against his stubble, he seemed to like having a bit of stubble. I loved it. I kissed along his jaw till I found his lips, soft and welcoming. “Someone’s in a good mood.”

“No idea who.” I felt his smile with my lips and smiled with him.

“So. Going to tell me about it?”

“Can’t you ever just enjoy the moment?” I pulled back and glared at him. He looked sheepish. Good.

“Yes, but I’m curious as to how you got into this mood.” I felt him pull me into his chest, his forehead pressed next to mine.

“Oh fine!” I punched his chest and looked towards the stairs to the boys dorm. “You tell anyone. Especially Ron! Every time you fall asleep I’ll slam a book on your face.” His eyes went wide.

“Promise! Now tell me, tell me.” I smiled, curling further into his lap.

“Seriously though Harry.” I looked at him and he understood the gravity of the situation, nodding gravely I leant into his neck again and whispered everything. After a moment’s pause Harry sighed.

“I need to grow fangs.” I punched him and he grinned foolishly before burying his face in my neck, resting on my shoulder and closing his eyes.

“Ginny, I don’t think I can stand to see Hermione and Ron go to war again, which this will be if her emotions grow.” I stroked the back of his head, feeling the twitching muscle in his neck. This was going to stress him, which wasn’t good when he was meant to be relaxing back into a normal life.

“It might not be that bad. You never know, him and her might never happen.” He sighed and I felt him slip back into sleep. I carefully got off his lap and drew my wand. Using magic to carry him upstairs to his bed, before going back to my own bed. It felt cold, and spacious but we couldn’t both sleep in a single bed every night. I curled up in the duvet. I was wrong though, if Hermione ever did admit to Ron her feelings and brake up with him things were going to get sour. Ron just wouldn’t be able to cope with it, know how to cope with it.

Hermione never came back.






Oooh! A little cliff hanger for you, I don't do many as you can probably tell but hey ho! If you have stuck with me this far then could you please just grace that lonely little box down there with a review? Anything! I am not fickle :)

x Ravenpen x

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