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Hating You Is What I Know by s2rocks
Chapter 5 : Understanding
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All characters belong to J K Rowling except my original characters and the plot. Thanks for your reviews and following it.


  This awesome pic is by AstoriaViana@TDA



Even if an atomic bomb had exploded in the middle of the classroom, Professor Binns wouldn’t have noticed.


The class was super boring.


But it had its advantages.


For example, I was catching up on sleep. I was trying my best not to fall out of my chair and catch the attention of the entire class. At first, I swear, I tried to pay attention when class started, but after few minutes, however, I could feel myself dozing off.



My sleep was interrupted by someone poking me from the right.



“What?” I snapped, awake now and turned to Scorpius. He had been poking me for five minutes, even though Al was sitting between us, sleeping in his seat.



“Pay attention to the class,” he grinned and smirked at me. I wanted to slap that smirk off his face, but now it wouldn’t have mattered because I was awake.



“Why not wake Al?”



“I tried, but Al sleeps like the dead,” he said, shrugging and frowned.


I searched in my bag and found what I was looking for.




My quill.




I looked at Al and grinned at Scorpius, motioning with my fingers for him to watch me. I clutched the quill in my hands and used the feather to tickle Al. I tickled his ears, and he squirmed and groaned but didn’t wake up. I motioned for Scorpius to do the same, and he readily took out his quill and started working on his other ear. It took us less than twenty seconds to wake Al.




“STOP IT!” he woke with startle and then tried to rub his ears to stop the tickling.



The whole class was watching Al’s outburst, and it was becoming harder to control myself from laughing out loud. I looked at Scorpius and gave him a thumbs-up. He grinned. Al huffed like a baby and glared at us. Even after all of this, Professor Binns didn’t stop droning on about Goblin Rebellions.



After class ended, we left to go to the Great Hall for food.



“Hey, do you know the way to Owlery?” I questioned, and Scorpius gave me the directions. I bid them goodbye, leaving my friends with the assurance that I would find the Owlery just fine.




Dear Mom,

It feels good to talk to you. I miss you so much. Don't take tension. I am fine. I was sorted into Hufflepuff, but it’s a great house. I know I talked a lot about being in Slytherin, but it’s fine. I made some great friends and my first day classes went well. I loved Charms, and Potions came easily to me. You know I love cooking. I just had my last class, and it’s true when Alex said that History is boring. I’m headed to dinner.
Take care of yourself, and I will look after Bro. Don’t worry and write back. Mars will wait.




I whistled and called for my brother’s owl. I forced him to buy an owl when he went to Diagon Alley before his first year at Hogwarts so he could send me letters and tell me about his school. After a great deal of persuasion, he gave up and told me to choose whichever owl I liked. I was pleased and was intending to select a cute little owl, but a brown one caught my eye. Its lower body was pale with dark streaks, and its upper body was grey. Despite everything, I absolutely loved him.



He flew towards me, hooting lovingly, and happily pecked me on hands. He loved me because I was the one who named him Mars.



"C'mon boy, take this letter to mom and wait till she sends you back with a letter." He hooted, meaning he knew what I was talking about and flew through window.
Mars was very smart; he bit my brother one time when he tried to prank me. After that, I knew I could totally trust him.


It wasn’t that he didn’t love my brother, but he did like me more.



It was a long distance from the Owlery to the Great Hall, but I remembered about a secret passageway my brother had told me about on third floor. It led directly to the Great Hall corridor. All I need to do was to search for the “looniest old witch.”



These are not my words, but my brother’s.



I searched, but there were so many portraits that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find the one. I was about to give up when I saw an old portrait of a witch who was frowning. I had never seen someone loonier than her. I just tapped the wall beside her and could feel it was hollow; I pressed it and it divided to give way to the the passageway.



Merlin, I love magic.



I started moving forward, mentally patting myself on the back for the accomplishment. I was so happy that I didn’t hear the voices coming from in front of me; I froze as soon as I turned the corner.





A blond girl was standing so closed to a dark haired boy, and it took me time to realize that they were going to kiss each other.



I tried to retreat back as silently as I could. Unluckily, I fell flat on my face.




“Shoot,” I cursed and turned to look at the couple, who were both staring at me. I stood up, trying my hard not to wince from the pain in my knee. I looked at them but I couldn’t quite see their faces in the dark. However, I was sure I startled them. I pulled out my wand and lighted it.



“Lumos.” The light spread through the passageway, and I could see the girl who was standing before me was looking down at me with no concern, just irritation. I turned to the boy and took a step back and couldn’t stop myself from whispering “Al.”



He was glaring at me like I had just stabbed him in the back, but frowned when I called him Al.



He looked like Al, like he was carbon copy from far but now as I looked closely I could see the difference. He was taller than Al by five inches, and his hair was lighter. Al had sharp, black hair, but this boy had a blend of dark brown and red. I turned my eyes to meet his and now the main difference was there. His eyes were hazel, not emerald green like Al, and the boy wasn’t wearing any glasses.



"Sorry, I kind of lost my way. I was trying to go to the Great Hall," I apologized for the intrusion. The frown on his face disappeared and he started glaring at me.



“How come you know about this secret passageway?" He questioned irritatingly. I was completely taken aback by the rudeness in his voice.



Definitely not Al.



I knew I had disturbed them, and he had every right to be angry at me. His annoyance was right and I was a little ashamed. If someone disturbed my kiss, I would have hexed the intruder.



"I am really sorry. This passageway isn’t a big secret or something," I mumbled sheepishly. He closed his eyes tightly, a big frown on his face.



I was ready for some insult, and it came when the girl behind him said, "Why don't you go wherever you were going and leave us alone.”



Any guilt I had for disturbing them had just vanished on hearing the venom in her voice.



"As if I am dying to watch you guys kissing and wanted to separate you," I snapped back before I could stop myself. It was almost amusing to hear what she was insinuating, and I rolled my eyes.



“You,” she hissed. “Dumb ‘puffer!”



My head snapped to her so fast, and I scowled at her.




“Excellent choice of words. That’s so Ravenclaw of you,” I snapped back. She growled and glared at me. I looked at the boy behind her. I might have imagined the upwards twitch of his lips because it was gone as soon as I blinked.



“Look, I don’t have any interest in your social activities. I was just going to the Great Hall, and I will continue on my way. You can carry on here if he doesn’t have any problems with going at it again,” I replied back, smirking at her.



I turned around without giving her a chance to respond and thought of opting the long route now. I turned the corner and breathed a sigh of relief, retracing my steps.



It took me fifteen minutes to reach the Great Hall which looked almost empty. I saw everyone conversing at the Gryffindor table and made my way there. They all turned to me when they realized I was there, and I sat down, filling my plate with boiled and roast potatoes, chips, and roast beef. As I started eating I could feel the eyes of others on me.



"If you’re hungry, fill your own plates. I’m not going to share anything," I snapped at them. I felt bad as soon as I uttered those words. I was irritated, but I couldn’t just pour out my anger on my friends.




“We’re already done. Where were you?” Scorpius asked me, totally ignoring my snapping. I sighed.



“I went to send letter to mom and got stuck in the middle of a kissing couple,” I answered, wrinkling up my nose in disgust. Seriously, if she thought I was trying to interrupt them, then she was barking mad.



“Kissing couple? You disturbed them?” Al asked grinning, and I shook my head but then nodded.



“What?” Rose looked a lot more confused now.



“I didn’t want to, but I slipped and fell and startled them.”



Thinking back, I had felt bad. But remembering the girl’s reactions made me sure that I hadn’t been wrong to reply back.



“How horrible,” Alice sighed, sad.



“Poor them, poor me,” I shouted, and their heads snapped back to me. “They insulted me, and the girl she called me a dumb puffer. The nerve of her!”




“Bitch,” Dom cursed and we all turned to her. “What? It’s good of Evie that she didn’t hex her. I would have done that in a heartbeat.”










I turned my head and saw my brother running towards me. When he reached me, he hugged me tight.



“How are you?” he whispered. He knew I never liked discussing private things publically.



“Fine. Hufflepuff’s cool,” I winked at him and he sighed. I could see the tension leave him, and I felt bad knowing that my brother was worried about me.



“Well, it’s good to know that you are doing well. So, how was the first day?” he asked, knowing that I would be dying to talk to him.




“It was really cool. We practiced a Levitation Charm, and I managed it!”



His brows raised in appreciation that I had succeeded on my first day.



“Potions was awesome, it’s really easy. It’s more like cooking.” He grinned and nodded, letting me ramble on.



”History was boring, and I fell asleep,” I scowled slightly; I never wanted to sleep through class on my first day, but it was boring .



“Who doesn’t?” Al scoffed, causing everyone around to laugh loudly.



“Looks like you had the best day, better than mine,” he replied, and I could feel the pride emitting front him. I gave him a wide grin.



”You know what, wait a second, FRED! FRANK! HERE!” he yelled for someone sitting little away from us. I saw the same tan skin boy with red hair, which now I identified to be as Weasley hair and another boy with dirty blonde hair.




“This is my sister, Evie. Evie, these are my friends,” he introduced us. Frank nodded, and Fred shook hands with me.



“Fred Weasley, pleasure to meet you,” he said smiling and his smile was infectious, forcing me to smile back.



“Evie Feather and the pleasure is all mine,” I replied, imitating his sixties British accent. He grinned.



“I like her,” he told Alex.


“Frank Longbottom,” I turned to Alice who nodded. “Alice’s brother.”


“Evie,” he was very polite, but I could see the hidden mischievous fire in his eyes.



Now I know how Alex was in detention so often. All of his friends were troublemakers.



“Where’s James?” Alex asked and looked around. Fred shook his head and whistled. Alex mouthed a big ‘o’ and grinned.



Now that my brother was here, I wanted to ask him a question.



“Hey, bro,” I called, and he hummed telling me to continue what I was asking. “I wanted to ask you something.”



“Go on.”



“I heard this word this morning, and I thought I could ask you.”



“Wow, Evie Feather the great bookworm asking me about a word. When did this happen?”



“I am not bookworm,” I yelled back, horrified that he called me that. He snorted, and I glared at him.



“Ask away,” he said and continued to eat.



“I was going to potions this morning,” I started. “There was this girl who said something to me. I don’t remember the word exactly, but it was something like mud...”




He froze when he heard the word and his head snapped to me so fast that I was sure it would break away. His sea green eyes were piercing with anger, and I was shocked to see the hatred in them.




“Mudblood?” he said the word, and I immediately recognized it.



“That one,” I nodded, now realizing that it might not have been good idea to ask him.




“Who called you that?” he questioned me, his expression blazing.




“Uhm…” I stammered for the first time in my life, reluctant to have him hurt someone. I flinched upon seeing his expression, the one I had seen after so long. His eyes softened on seeing me back away, and then he sighed.




“Don’t let anyone call you that the person who called is son of...” Fred started, but Alex cut him off, gaining my attention.




“Evie,” he said, strongly commanding my full attention to him. “Mudblood is a term which is used for those who come from non-magical families,” he said looking straight into my eyes. “It’s extremely offensive and lewd.”



Sighing, he continued.



“You have to understand that the Wizarding world wasn’t always accepting of Muggleborns. There were certain magical families,” I saw his eyes turn to Scorpius, and I frowned, “who called themselves ”Purebloods.” Generation of witches and wizards were born with prejudiced against Muggleborns , considering them to be of lesser worth and undeserving of magic.”



“It means dirty and filthy blood.  It's not a term one usually hears in civilized conversation, but during the War, that word was used for people like us. We were believed to have stolen magic from other witches or wizards.” His words were shocking to me.



He had never told me anything about it when he came for his first year. I had never thought that there were some people who would be against the idea of someone like me studying magic.



I thought it would be difficult to learn magic because it was brand new to me. I never knew that magic even existed before my brother got his letter. I thought that it woulb be uncomfortable and hard to live in this new world, but there might be people who would never accept the idea of educating me wrong never crossed my mind.



“It’s an idiotic thing,” Scorpius said turning to me with conviction in his eyes “No one can steal magic, you’re born with it. It’s everyone’s right to learn magic. During the Second War, Muggleborns were blamed by the Ministry for obtaining the magic by force, and many families supported this concept. The Malfoys were one of them.” My eyes snapped to him when he whispered the last word.




“My great grandfather,” he mumbled, “was one of the believers. I don’t know whether he was forced to believe in it, or he actually did, but he was prejudiced and he taught the same thing to his son and grandson. Dad told me that he was arrogant and believed that he was above everyone. His jealousy, insecurity and the pressure from his family was what forced him to become a Death Eater. He never wanted that, but you can’t just escape it when you and Lord Voldermort live under the same roof. Voldermort would have murdered my entire family if Dad didn’t try to kill Dumbledore,”

Scorpius chuckled darkly, “He knew that Dad won’t be able to do it. It was punishment. The war changed everything.”



“But this whole pureblood rubbish is wrong, otherwise there wouldn’t be any squibs. There have been many Muggleborns who were stronger than purebloods. Those who call themselves Purebloods are rubbish. Every Wizarding family is at least Half-blood.”



The expression of his face was full of guilt.



There was a long silence after Scorpius finished. Everyone was looking at him with surprise and shock. I shook my head when I started feeling pity for Scorpius.



“Moreover, one of the best Ministry officials is a Muggleborn and she is the brightest witch of her time, my Aunt Hermione,” Al said, and the others nodded.



I gave Scorpius a smile. He sighed in relief and nodded.



“Wow! Never thought I would hear that from a Malfoy,” Fred commented.




“You can hear things? I thought you were deaf, Freddy.”




A tan skinned girl with dark red hair came and sat down between Fred and Frank



“Now, now, Roxy, It’s my birth right to ignore my twin. Younger sisters can be a bit irritating,” Fred teased and shut up when Roxy smacked him.



“I am seven minutes younger than you,” she scowled at Fred.



“It still means you’re younger than me,” Fred shrugged.




“Aggravating your younger sister is never a good idea, Fred,” I commented, and Roxy looked at me with a small smile on her face. Fred just rolled his eyes.



“Isn’t it, Alex?” I turned to my brother who shook his head on my tactic and nodded.


Fred glared and mouthed, “traitor”.



“Roxanna Weasley, and it’s nice to meet you,” she introduced herself. I chuckled when I saw Fred mimicking her silently and making different expressions.



“Ignore him. I do.”



“You wound me.” Fred put his hand on his heart and faked being hurt. A big grin formed on my face when I saw his pouty one.



“Where? Let me add salt to that,” Roxy exclaimed, and everyone laughed.



“Where’s Molls?” Frank asked and Roxy stared at him with an unknown expression before replying.






“I’m surprised that you’re not there, Frankie,” Fred smirked at Frank who shrugged.



“It’s dinner.”



I concentrated on my plate when my brother and his friend started eating. I was almost over when I heard someone behind me.



“I am late. I got distracted. Tell me you saved some for me.”



I turned around and froze when I saw the boy standing behind me.










(Editing done by wonderful Claie and Voldy needs a Hug)

Well let me know what you think with your reviews as to whether you like this or not – really appreciate all feedback.


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