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When They Fell by ATLpaintingflowers
Chapter 8 : The Bones Crew
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 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or places that you recognise. Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 8

The weeks after the quidditch trials had gone by in a blur. Almost everything had settled back into routine, and soon enough it was nearly Halloween. The topic on the general population’s minds, it seemed, was the upcoming annual Halloween Ball; and the anticipation of who was going to ask who.

Lily, evidently, had been avoiding Nicholas since their heart to heart a few weeks back; and it became very apparent by the fact that she no longer sat with him and the twins during meals, and instead opted to sit with Hugo, and Louis and co.

“Lil,” Louis spoke through a mouthful of toast, one day at breakfast. “You’ve been really quiet lately. Anything wrong?”

Lily ignored his question, and continued staring at something across the hall.

“You’re not going back to…before…Are you?” He trailed off awkwardly, looking at her with concern evident in his expression.

“What’s before?” One of Louis’ particularly dimwitted friends called out.

Hugo, who had just appeared, and had heard the last snatch of the conversation, snapped out. “Oh, you mind yours.”

“I’m fine.” Lily stood up, and had an undecipherable look on her face. “I think I’ll go to Defense early.”

Hugo grabbed a piece of toast and started buttering it. “You want me to come with.”

She just shrugged. Hugo stuffed the rest of his toast into his mouth. As he did so, he looked over at Lily walking beside him. She was so short, he’d almost missed her.

“You’re shaking.” He noted.

“What? I’m not.”

Lily pressed her hands together to hide the fact that she was indeed shaking, and she knew it. She’d had the worst nightmare the preceding night, and could not erase the images it had imprinted inside her head. She’d woken up shaking and sweating and silently screaming, and sat still and upright for almost an hour before trying to get some more sleep. But she couldn’t, which was why she looked so exhausted and was shaking.

The nightmare had again been about the woman on fire; which it seemed was all she had dreamt about lately. But this time, the dream had been very different. She hadn’t been watching the woman, like she had in the previous dreams; she had been the woman burning.

She could see the other woman with long, black hair leaning over her; screaming and crying and begging. She could feel the excruciating pain of the fire burning her. Worse than any Cruciatus Curse she could’ve imagined. Then the woman who had been crying over her, turned into Nicholas, he was crying and screaming for her. The man who had cast the dark mark would come running at her, still looking eerily similar to Rogerson Nott, and he would start torturing Nicholas; Lily would still be burning, and unable to stop the torture the man was inflicting upon him. The dark mark would grow larger and larger, and more and more grotesque, until it ate her whole…

“There is definitely something wrong with you.” Hugo commented, as they walked into the classroom and sat down. “I made like, three jokes in the last five minutes and you didn’t even laugh once. They were funny too.”

“Oh,” she said, sitting on her hands as they started shaking more violently. “Sorry, I was distracted.”

“Clearly.” He replied in a sour voice.

Lily opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by Teddy, who stood up in front of the class and started speaking.

“Alright,” Professor Lupin clapped his hands together. “The Obliviation Spell. Who can tell me anything about it?”

As someone raised their hand with an answer; Lily struggled to listen and not lose herself in the memory of the nightmare. But throughout the lesson, she found herself slipping into it far too often. Twice while Teddy was talking; she found herself completely unsure of where she was, with her mouth clamped tightly shut, and holding in a scream. She had to do something about this; it was too much for Lily to handle. So when the bell rang, she didn’t move.

“Are you coming or what?” Hugo asked as he put his things into his bag.

Lily shook her head. “I have a headache. Tell Flitwick I’m in the hospital wing, will you?”

Hugo looked worried, but nodded. “Maybe you’re sick. That would explain why you’re shaking. And pale. Here—” He started to move his hand towards her forehead, but she flicked it away.

“I’m fine. It’s just a headache. Go before you’re late.” She sighed. He gave her a concerned look, as he filed out with the rest of the class.

Lily waited until almost everyone was gone. Rogerson Nott was lingering at the back of the classroom, deliberating as he tossed his things into his bag. Deciding he’d leave quickly, Lily took a deep breath, and said, “Teddy?”

However, at the same time, Rogerson Nott called out. “A word, Professor?”

Teddy laughed and looked between them. “Classes only just started, you can’t be lost already.” He joked.

Lily looked at Rogerson and was vividly reminded of her recurring nightmares. He smiled at her. “You go,” he said as he moved to the door. “I’ll wait outside.”

Teddy leaned against his desk and crossed his arms. He looked so teacher-like, Lily almost had second thoughts. He looked concerned. “You are pale,” He said under his breath. “Shaking? Are you alright?”

Lily crossed the floor to him, and sat in the teacher’s chair. He didn’t tell her off as she pulled up her legs, and tucked into herself. She didn’t say anything for a while, just stared at her hands.

She took a deep breath. “Teddy, I need to tell you something.” She mumbled. He turned around so he was facing her.

“Seems like a time for confessions.” Teddy muttered. Lily pressed her lips together and nodded.

“Well, there’s something I needed to tell you.”

He waited. He didn’t push her. He just grabbed a chair from a nearby desk, and pulled it up in front of her. She stared at her shaking fingers.

“When…I was out one night,” Lily started, carefully weighing each word. “I was a little way from or house. And I saw something.”

And with careful deliberation, she told Teddy everything. Every terrifying detail, right up to the part when the Aurors came. She even told him about the man who set the dark mark. She didn’t mention her father coming though, and just escaping him when she ran home. But when she finished she was crying, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t look up.

Teddy said nothing for a long time. “And you still remember it? Vividly?”

She nodded, blinking back tears. “Remember at the Burrow, before school started? We were eating and I remembered it then. And it made me sick.” Her voice was hoarse; she didn’t tell him about the nightmares or the party.

“I saw you,” Teddy said quietly. “I just assumed it was nothing. Lil, you have to tell Harry.”

Lily shook her head. “No,” this time her voice was firm. She finally looked up and met his gaze, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“Lily, this is—this is important information.” Teddy’s eyes were a cool green today, like her father’s. Lily had suddenly found herself unable to meet them and turned away, silently studying a window to her right.

Telling Teddy had been a mistake. She could’ve dealt with it on her own. Now her dad would know and ask awkward questions, and start watching her, acting like there was something wrong with her. She would be scrutinised. That was the last thing she wanted. On top of that, he would be mad she didn’t tell him and hurt. She’d have to talk to hundreds of people—healers and Aurors and the lot. She’d never hear the end of it, and it would not help her forget.

“I can’t,” she shouted, standing up and grabbing her bag.

“Hey,” Teddy comforted, reaching out to grab her arm, but she pulled out of his grip and sprinted out the door. She rushed right past Nott; ignoring Teddy who was calling out behind her. She kept her down and her hair curtaining her face, so nobody could see her eyes, which were swollen and red from crying. She had nowhere to go, and no desire to go to the hospital wing. The corridors were empty. And she started to walk.


Nicholas was being dragged out to the grounds by Alexis to, as she said, ‘spend time together’. Something he was not looking forward to at all. He had not managed to wheedle his way out of it, seeing as he’d had a free period, and somehow Alexis knew that he’d done all his schoolwork.

Alexis jabbered on about something Nicholas had no interest in, as they settled down by the lake.

“Isn’t this great?” She asked enthusiastically, leaning forward and kissing him straight on the lips. “We haven’t spent any time together alone since we first started going out.”

“Yeah,” Nicholas mumbled. Whilst thinking internally, well maybe because you’re completely psychotic.

“But anyway, I can’t believe I didn’t make the quidditch team. I mean, I’m much better than Bethany Green. You don’t think she has a crush on you do you?” Alexis glared daggers at the water; Nicholas assumed she was imagining it was Bethany.

“Er, I don’t know.” He responded.

“She’d better not. You’re my boyfriend, and everyone knows it. Speaking of which, Halloween Ball’s coming up.” She looked up at him expectantly, grabbing at his hands.

Nicholas knew what she was hinting at. He’d strongly hoped she wouldn’t.

“I don’t think I’ll be going this year.” He replied, as he gently extracted his hands from her vice-like grip.

“But you have to.”

I don’t have to, Nicholas thought irritated.

“Don’t you love me?” Alexis went on.

Lorcan and Lysander had told him he should probably break up with her by the time she had assumed they were at the point in their relationship were it was okay to use the word love. Despite the fact that she bothered him immensely; she was a great girl, and he did care about her. Her heart was generally in the right place, even if she did have slight obsessive tendencies.

“Lexi,” he started, her eyes perked up at his use of the nickname. Nicholas felt slightly guilty. “I—never mind, will you go to the ball with me?” And he chickened out. Clearly, the Sorting Hat had made the right decision when he wasn’t placed in Gryffindor, Nicholas thought bitterly.

“Oh, yes.” She squealed.  “I have to go tell Jenna and the rest of the girls.” With that she turned and ran back to the castle, leaving Nicholas sitting by the lake, mentally berating himself for being such a coward.

Nicholas sat there for a few more minutes dolefully glaring at the dark waters, when he heard a voice behind him.

“A bit too early to be angstily staring into the water, don’t you think?” The voice laughed.

Nicholas turned around to see Lily Potter standing behind him grinning. She dropped to the ground beside him cross-legged.

“It’s never too early to be angsty.” He replied back with an easy smile playing on his lips.

They were quiet. Nicholas took this time to observe her. Her skin was exceedingly pale, and her shoulders were slumped from exhaustion. Her eyes were slightly swollen with red rims circling them.

“Are you alright?” He asked, concern lacing his voice.

Lily continued to look at the lake. She was silent for a bit, before she responded.

“Is anyone ever really alright?”

Lily turned to look at him, her eyes meeting his; strands of scarlet coloured hair fell into her face, Nicholas was tempted to tuck it behind her ear.

“Do you think I’m alright?” Lily asked quietly.

“I think you’re more than alright.” Nicholas eyes met hers; he leaned forward and hesitantly put his arms around her, and squeezed gently as she relaxed.

They sat quietly looking at the lake for some time, before Lily spoke. “Can I show you something?”

“Of course.” Nicholas replied.

Lily turned to look at him; she was close enough that he could see the light smattering of freckles across her cheekbones. “I’ll see you later.” With that she stood up and smiled at him before walking back towards the castle.

Nicholas just sat there staring after her, feeling very confused and slightly cold.


Ginny could not stay cooped up here a moment longer. She should’ve known coming back would only lead to problems. Of course, Harry would hide her the moment she’d shown her face. He hadn’t even given her the chance to speak with him; Kreacher had been the one passing along his messages.


She’d come back the moment she’d seen the Daily Prophet. That woman dying. She’d been the catalyst in making it wrong, and now she needed to make it right. Harry wouldn’t talk to her, and she couldn’t help him if he wouldn’t talk to her. She couldn’t trust Kreacher to pass along any messages, because what she knew was for Harry and Harry alone. She needed another way to get to him, and if she had to play dirty so be it.

“Kreacher.” she called out in a sweet voice. It would only help if she was polite as possible. He appeared in only moments after she had called him.

“Mistress,” He bowed, and turned his gaze towards her. “How may I be of service?”

“How are you, Kreacher? I haven’t seen you in a very long time.” A small smile played on Ginny’s lips.

“I’ve been well. Would you like anything?” He had a rather confused look on his face. Perfect.

“I’ve been lonely. What with being stuck here, and having no outside contact. I’m going mad.” She sighed.

“Is there anything I can do?” Kreacher croaked. He looked sympathetic. Even better.

“Is there an owl? I need to talk to Harry. Sending messages through you isn’t the same. I miss him you know?” A few tears leaked out of her eyes. She could see Kreacher’s resolve cracking.

“Of course, mistress.” He apparated with a crack.

She’d reached into one of the drawers in the room, and brought out the letter she had written quite a while ago. She didn’t need to bother going over it again before she sent it, Merlin knew she’d spent the countless hours she been locked up here writing and re-writing it. She ripped a small piece of parchment and quickly scribbled ‘You’re spiralling, quit’ on it, and folded it up as Kreacher came back with the owl.

“Here you are.” Ginny glanced up at him; he’d have to go if this was going to get sent.

“Kreacher. Could you please get me blankets and some tea, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather.” He looked hesitant; she faked a few hacking coughs, and that was all the motivation he needed to get moving.

She only had a few moments, and she quickly turned to the owl. “Send the letter to Lily Potter at Hogwarts. This parchment is for Theodore Nott. He is not to see you under any circumstance. That is important.” She tied the post to the owl’s leg, and quickly ushered it out the window. She looked out after the owl smiling, until it disappeared from view.

Crack. “Mistress, where is the owl?” She smiled to herself before turning around.

“I sent it off to Harry, don’t you worry about it. Thank you for the tea and blankets. If you’ll leave me to it?” Kreacher set the blankets on the bed, and the tea on the side table before apparating away with another loud crack.


Rose had been combing through her dorm room for the hundredth time, and she still hadn’t found her blasted diary. She had no doubt, one of her dorm mates had stolen it, though mates was hardly a term to use. Rose did not like any of them, and the feeling was reciprocated; they were simply annoying girls she shared a room with.


She groaned as she went through Annie Longbottom’s trunk; as immaculately put together as that girl looked, she was about as organised as Hugo; whose belongings generally looked as though a hurricane had hit them.

“Damn Annie,” Rose muttered underneath her breath. “That girl really needs to sort out her shit.”

“Look at you,” A voice floated through the room. “Going through my things.”

Rose groaned and composed herself before she turned around. Speak of the devil, and it shall appear.

“Annie, I wasn’t expecting you.” She tried to keep her face straight and free of guilt.

Annie laughed; it was light and airy. “I wasn’t expecting you to be going through my stuff either.”

Rose was silent. Annie walked towards her, and brought out a small black book out of her bag, which she immediately recognised as her diary. She felt a rush of relief and anger. But it could be worse, Rose supposed, out of all the people that had found it, it had been Annie.

“I wasn’t going to read it you know; Alice was the one who found it, and she was about to read it. I didn’t think you would’ve appreciated her reading your private thoughts—”

“What? And I would’ve appreciated you going through it so much.” Rose interrupted, her voice taking on a sarcastic tone.

Annie held up a hand, a serious expression crossing her face. “Wait, let me finish yeah?”

Rose just gave her a sour look.

“I got it back from her, but as I went to grab it, it fell to the floor and opened to one of the pages. I might’ve accidently read some of it. The part about you stealing the answers to some of the NEWT exams during the summer, and how you were afraid you were getting too deep? Well, it was an accident. I promise.” Annie was speaking rushedly in a low voice now; she looked as if someone might come in and figure them out.

“Anyway,” she continued. “I didn’t mean to, but I got really curious, and I wanted to know what was going on with you. I just ended up reading it, but honestly you’ve got yourself into a situation.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” Rose’s eyes widened, like a rabbit who had realised the wolf was going to devour it whole.

Annie bit her lip and looked away. “You need help.” She finally said after a while.

“Are you going to tell?” Each word was sounded out with a terrifying force, and Rose’s face took on a scary quality; she brought her wand out and pointed it at Annie.

Annie looked a bit afraid. “Look, you need help. And someone has to intervene at some point. This is serious Rose. I just wanted to talk to you about it before I told anyone.” She brought out her wand, and shakily pointed it at Rose.

“That won’t do, will it?” Rose whispered. She crossed the room to where Annie was standing in a few short strides, and knocked her wand out of her hand.

Annie’s breathing was shallow and she looked terrified. She quickly made to run to the door.

“NO.” Rose shrieked, and pointed her wand at the door. “Colloportus.” The intensity of the spell knocked Annie off her feet, and she lay splayed on the ground a few feet away from the door.

Rose leaned over her, and punched her twice in the face. Blood spurted out of her nose, and tell-tale signs of a bruise appeared on her cheekbones. “You know what, you bitch. You just got involved in something you should’ve very well left alone. And now I’m going to make sure you leave it alone.”

Annie looked like she would’ve passed out from the fear apparent in her face at any second. “Please, don’t.” She gasped.

Rose had an intense look set upon her face. “A little too late. Stupefy.” Annie’s body slumped and her eyes closed.

Rose pointed her wand at Annie’s forehead. “Obliviate.


To say Hugo was worried about Lily would be an absolute understatement; he was positively panicked. She hadn’t shown up in any of their classes after defense, and when he went to go see her in the hospital wing at lunch break; she wasn’t there. And she still hadn’t appeared at dinner.

At this rate, Hugo thought to himself sourly, he wouldn’t be surprised if he went bald by twenty.

Hugo just wished he could have a day off; just get away from everyone and everything, and just have a day to himself where he could sit down and feel happy. Happiness was not something he had been accustomed to lately. Frankly, Hogwarts was a shithole filled with complete arseholes who took petty pleasure from other people’s pain.

Like that afternoon, when he was coming back from the hospital wing; he was ambushed in the corridor by Sid Flint and his cronies.

He hadn’t been paying attention; too worried about where Lily could’ve been to properly focus on his surroundings. So he was caught off guard when he was hit by the leg-locking curse and toppled over.

He was filled with an immediate sense of dread as he heard cruel laughter over him; he was not prepared for the onslaught of humiliating torture.

“Hello Weasley,” Hugo heard Sid snarl at him. “Screwed any blokes lately?”

Hugo just kept silent.

“Just going to take it.” Sid chuckled at his own bad joke. “You know I’m beginning to think the hat sorted you wrong, you belong in Huffleduff.”

“It’s Hufflepuff, not duff.” Hugo finally spoke up. "That's not a very nice thing to say."

“Yeah, but they’re a load of duffers they are.” Sid spoke. “But what’s it to you?” He kicked Hugo; he could feel pain shooting up his side, and little bursts of light going off behind his eyelids.

Hugo didn’t bother trying to speak, it wasn’t like they’d actually listen to what he had to say. He could hear the rest of Sid’s gang laughing at him. He wasn’t going to cry, he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.

“Anyway,” Sid continued. “You didn’t answer my question.”

“No,” Hugo protested. It was no use, however. “I’m not even gay.”

Sid snarled. “You’re a fucking liar.”

Hugo stayed silent, silently praying to whatever was up there that this torture would end.

He kicked Hugo again. “Say it.”

Hugo whimpered. Sid kicked him again, this time in the face. “Say it.” He shouted at him. Blood covered Hugo’s face, and dripped down onto his robes, and coated the cold stone floor beneath him. He could hear the raucous laughter above him. It was suffocating.

“I’ve slept with a guy.” Hugo gasped, air coming from his mouth in short rattling breaths, blood dripping from his mouth.

“Oh have you?” Sid taunted; another swift kick to Hugo’s ribcage.

“Yes.” He'd just tell them whatever they wanted to hear, it'd make it end faster. Hugo would not cry, he wouldn’t cry. He would not cry. Tears began leaking out of his eyes nonetheless.

“Are you are crying?” Sid laughed, he kicked him again. “Good.” Sid and his gang made to turn around and walk away, but as soon as Hugo tried to sit up, Sid swiftly turned around and pointed his wand at him, and turned his robes into garish yellow colour.

“Goodbye Weasel.” With that the group of boys ran away laughing at his expense.

Hugo had lain on the floor, covered in blood, silent sobs racking his body. He didn’t understand what he had ever done to deserve this. He didn’t understand what all these people’s problem were with him. He hadn’t ever done anything to them. He finally sat up, and as he brought out his wand, he heard footsteps coming down the corridor. Hugo groaned slightly and lay back onto the cold floor, wondering if Sid and his lackeys had come back to finish him off.

“Woah mate, you look worse than the pictures of Scorp’s dad in his third year.” The person who had found him was surprisingly Albus; Hugo relaxed slightly.

Albus continued. “What happened to you?”


“Doesn’t look like nothing. Looks like you’ve got mauled by a hippogriff.” Albus chuckled.

“Forget about it. Do you know any healing spells?” Hugo winced as he tried to sit up once again.

Albus sighed as he brought out his wand and did some spells. “If I’m going to fix you up, you’d better tell me what happened to you.”

Hugo fidgeted uncomfortably as the blood disappeared off of him. “I got beat up; because people thought I was gay.”

“That’s kind of fucked mate. Are you though?” Albus continued chanting some spells under his breath. Hugo felt his nose mend back into place.

“Yeah,” He said finally looking away. “I am. Nobody knows for sure though, they just suspect.” He felt the pain from all the kicks and punches slowly dissipate.

“You know what you need?” Albus continued conversationally, not bothering to wait for Hugo’s response. “A faux girlfriend. It might throw them off your back for a while.”

“Yes, because where are you going to find a girl who would willingly date me, fake or otherwise?” Hugo asked sarcastically.

Albus’ lips curved upward. “I’ve got someone who’d do it as a favour for me. Anyways,” Albus said as he stood and began to walk away. “You’ll probably be sore until tomorrow. Oh and tell Sid Flint, Albus Potter might drop by sometime." He twirled his wand between his fingers, looking quite menacing.

“Hugo. Hugooo. Hugo!” Hugo was jolted out of thoughts. He looked around and saw Lily standing next to him, seemingly calling his name.

“Oh, yeah.” He turned to her. “What’s up?”

“You’re distracted.” She said more like a statement than an observation.

Hugo rolled his aching shoulders back. “Well I’m sorry. It’s just other people have stuff going on their lives too, not just you.” He snapped. Lily looked a bit hurt at his words, and he felt slightly guilty.

“Fine.” Lily replied coolly, as she made to walk away. Hugo put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“Wait. Where have you been all day?” He asked her worriedly.

“It’s like you said: Other people have stuff going on their lives too, not just you.” She shrugged his hand off and walked away. And Hugo was left feeling even lonelier than before.  


As dinner finished and people made their way back to their common rooms, Lily followed the three boys making their way up to the Ravenclaw Tower.


“Nicholas,” She called out quietly. She saw him turn around with a start. He said something to the other two boys, and they waved him away, making their way inside Ravenclaw’s common room.

“Hey,” he said as he made his way to her. He pushed chestnut coloured hair out of face. “What are you doing?”

She looked up at him. “I wanted to show you something.”

“Oh.” Lily grabbed Nicholas’ hand and started walking.

“Where are we going?” He asked as they walked on in silence; out the castle, onto the grounds, and right in front of the whomping willow, whose branches slicing through the air.

“On an adventure.” She whispered as she waved her wand. The tree immediately stood still and she quickly pulled him through a hole underneath.

“Are you okay?” Nicholas looked at Lily concernedly as they walked.

“What is okay, really?” Lily said; Nicholas didn’t know whether she was answering his question or not.

She pulled him down onto the shabby couch with her. They were in what looked like a dirty shack. The wooden boards were broken and cracked. There were deep scratches on floor and walls, the windows were boarded up, trash was littering the room, and there was a small lamp in the corner.

“Shrieking Shack.” Lily continued, laying her head in Nicholas’ lap. “When my brother James was still at Hogwarts, we would all come here on the weekends.” She brought out a cigarette and lit it up with the tip of her wand.

“Oh.” That was all Nicholas said as he leaned back against the couch.

“He was the best brother ever,” She smiled at some distant memory, as she blew smoke out of her mouth. “I remember he used to sneak firewhiskey from Hog’s Head, and let me and Al drink some whenever we came to the Shack. Al drank too much one time, and James said he couldn’t go back to the castle like that, so he told me to go back and stayed the night here with Al.”

“He sounds great.” Nicholas commented, absentmindedly running his fingers through Lily’s hair.

“He was,” She agreed feverishly. “You have a brother don’t you? I remember he was the Keeper for Gryffindor.” She handed the smoke to Nicholas.

“Alex is a complete dickhead though. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone that isn’t himself. Same thing with my dad really.” Nicholas angled his head up to look at the ceiling and brought the cigarette to his lips.

Lily sat up and turned to face Nicholas; she put her hands on his chest. “I’m sorry. We’re some messed up people aren’t we?”

“That we are.” Nicholas smiled at her.

Lily sat quietly for a bit, seeming to be thinking of something only she knew. “Nic,” she began tentatively after a while.

“Yeah.” He replied in a quiet voice.

“I don’t think anybody has ever been as good to me as you. Most guys would probably be trying to get under my skirt by now. I feel like…like I don’t have to…like…like there’s no pressure for me to be something I’m not.” Lily looked at Nicholas with wide eyes searching his face for a reaction. When he continued sitting there quietly and not moving, Lily’s face fell, and a disappointed look crept up on her face.

“Sorry. I probably shouldn’t have said all that.” She whispered as she slowly got up Nicholas’ lap.

Nicholas put a hand on her arm. “Did you mean it?”

Lily shrugged, as she brought the cigarette to her lips. 

He stood up and turned Lily to face him. “I like you… loads.” He cupped her face. And they stood there; honey brown meeting swirling hazel. "But I can't."

"Why not?" She breathed, hot air fanned across Nicholas' face.

"I've got a girlfriend. It wouldn't be right. Not to her or you either." Nicholas bit his lip, but he didn't pull away.

"Oh." Lily made to pull away, her face burning with embarrassment. 

"Wait, Lily. You're alright." Nicholas said nervously.

"Alright isn't enough sometimes." She looked away.

Nicholas put a finger under her chin, and moved closer; their lips centimetres apart. "It's enough for me." He whispered, so quietly, as that if Lily wasn't standing so close, she might not have heard it.

"Do it then." She whispered back, moving even closer. Nicholas looked conflicted.

And then their lips collided. It was sweet and slow, and it was the start of something that should've never started at all.


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A/N: This was mentioned in one of the earlier chapter’s, but if you don’t remember Alex is Nicholas’ older brother. This was not mentioned but James was in the same year as Alex Wood, and they both graduated the previous year. I’m sorry this chapter took so long, in part because the scene with Rose attacking Annie was really hard for me to write and also I had to tone down the scene with Hugo and his tormentors. Also I seriously beg for reviews, because I worked really hard on this chapter. And if any of you could, and I would absolutely love you if could please nominate my story for The Dobby's on the forums.

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