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The League of Extraordinary Map Makers by Hero Of Winds
Chapter 2 : Quidditch
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Two o'clock rolled around and soon Cygnus, Josephine, and a few other students were found walking down to the quidditch pitch to watch tryouts. The air was misty and unseasonably cold, and not to Jo's surprise, the stands were nearly empty. She found a seat next to Remus and slid in, Cygnus in tow.

"Oh, hello Jo. Cygnus," he nodded kindly.
"Where's Peter at?" Cygnus asked, glancing around, her eyes finally resting on Remus.
"I think he's working on the History of Magic essay. He's always so nervous about those kind of things.."
"Ah." She pulled a box of biscuits from within her robes, "They're raspberry." She grinned as Remus and Jo both helped themselves before everyone's attention snapped to the field where students were taking to the sky. Keepers were set up at each end, and prospective Chasers buzzed about, with James overseeing from above.

"I've never understood why you don't try out, Remus. I've seen you playing with James and Sirius you're honestly not half bad," Jo remarked, grabbing another biscuit.
"But I'm not that good. And I'm not entirely well enough to be on the team." He quickly shrugged off what he had said and directed her attention to a chaser that was performing a steep nose-dive, but Jo was left bothered. Remus was always sickly and worn, and frequented the hospital wing, but she never understood why. He always displayed a calm fondness of his friends, and was one of the kindest, most gentle people she had ever known; yet somehow, he seemed ill and damaged to his very core.

The group watched in silence until another all too familiar voice chimed in.
"Well, what do we have here," Sirius smirked as he stepped down a row on the bleachers and wedged himself tightly between Remus and Jo. Remus gave him a look, "Yes, Sirius?"
"What? I'm not allowed to sit with my two favorite people in the world? Oh, our lil' Hufflepuff is here too," He grinned towards Cygnus who quietly rolled her eyes.
"Don't you have somewhere better to be?" Jo accused. Sirius leaned back.
"Oi! School wide event, I can be here," Sirius grinned at Josephine, who's frown lessened a bit as she refocused on the players as they all landed their brooms. James sauntered up the stands and planted himself in front of Sirius and Remus.

"Well, that went well," He removed glasses and rubbed the sweat from his brow, a sarcastic droop in his voice.
"Did it?" Jo asked cautiously.
"No," He eyed her suspiciously, "We don't have much of a team. McCade will be our Keeper as usual, Donalds, Portson, Beaters again. Lynch, and Decker will be the new Chasers, and they're not the best. Oh, and Smalls will be staying on as a Chaser."

"Oh! By the way! I found what we were looking for," Sirius interjected, pulling out a large piece of blank parchment and holding it out to James. "It should do the trick." Before he could grab it, however, Remus snatched it from Sirius' hands and gave him a stern look.
"Do you really think this is the time or place for this?"
Sirius shrugged. "It's just a spare bit of parchment," he said with a wink.

That night Josephine sat awake paging through an old copy of Omens, Oracles & the Goat, and thinking all of the standard nighttime things. What would she have for breakfast? Would it be cold? Rainy perhaps? And most importantly: why in Merlin's beard was she reading about goats? Then of course she heard the crash, like a chair had been smashed in the common room. She quietly pulled the curtains back from her bed and pulled on a dressing gown. Jo slipped through the dormitory door and flitted down the steps and cautiously poked her head around the corner.

Several things met her eye all at once: Remus was waving his wand to repair a completely shattered and singed arm chair; Peter was passed out in a small heap next to the bottom of the stairs, clutching what appeared to be an embroidery hoop; James was hastily chasing a small owl that was flying about the room in a panic; And Sirius was attempting pat out an ever-growing fire on one of the tables.

"What the hell are you doing!" Jo violently whispered stepping out from the stairs.
"Uhm, Nothing," Sirius began, turning around in an attempt cover up the crackling flames, "Nothing at all now why don't you just go back to bed, eh Jo?" She stared at him in disbelief as she drew her wand and sent water sprinkling over the blaze.
"Just 'go back to bed'!" She replied in disbelief, "It is three in the morning what the in the name of Merlin's pants are you doing?"
Remus stepped forward shyly, "Writing a letter..." He said, testing the waters. There was a thud as James hit the floor, the hooting owl in his arms.
"Why else wold we need a bloody owl, Roberts!" James exclaimed as he walked over to the window and released it into the night.

Jo gave them a violent glare and stomped back up the stairs. She knew they were liars, but it was much too early for this.

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The League of Extraordinary Map Makers: Quidditch


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