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Bloodlust by FeltonLewis
Chapter 12 : Finding The Edge
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BL 12: Finding The Edge

Hello readers :D Once again, an update as promised. Do enjoy xx


"Something's scratching its way out
Something you want to forget about
No one expects you to get up
All on your own with no one around"
-Little House, The Fray

(1st Person Narration,
Hermione Granger)

"We need to keep moving." I announced, strapping on the quiver and bow. Malfoy nodded and slipped into his pocket one of the guns and a knife. Pansy stood on shaking legs, put the vial and paste into one pocket and a knife in her other pocket. We had left everything else back at the previous cave and we didn't think it would be useful going back. We had everything we needed.

We began heading in the same direction we had been going before. My head started throbbing. Would all this be worth anything? Would the game makers just unleash something right now to finish us once and for all? What if, after everything, the fourth remaining tribute won?

We walked for the next three hours. We didn't stop. We were tired, panting, hungry. But we didn't stop. Pansy and Malfoy made small talk behind me, reminiscing about their Hogwarts years. I shut them out.

A few minutes after those three hours, I heard rumbling. The ground started shaking and I spun around, eyebrows furrowed, to look at the other two. They were equally confused. What was going on?

Our question was answered a few moments later when the entire ground beneath us began turning, knocking us to the floor. Soon, it was spinning and we shut our eyes to avoid getting dizzy. The spinning finally stopped and when I opened my eyes, my world spun for a bit until I gathered my bearings. And when I did, I swore loudly. I no longer knew which way we had been going.

"It's that way." Pansy said in a soft voice. I turned to her questioningly. She was pointing to our right. We stood up and she spoke again. "You were going in a straight line, not turning or twisting at all. We continue that way because I noticed how the clouds looked before we began spinning. See that cloud there-" She pointed above the area she had pointing towards at the sky, "-The clouds there are much thinner and separated than the clouds in the other directions." She was right. "We go that way." I nodded and we went on again.

"We're obviously getting close to what you're looking for, Granger." Malfoy suddenly said. I turned to him without stopping. "It's too soon after the birds to be bringing in another trick. They know you're getting close so they're bringing in tricks to throw us off." I knew the game makers could probably hear him but if they already knew and Malfoy was right, it was no point keeping it a secret. They knew I was looking for the edge and they knew I was very close to it.

I nodded. "We can't give up now. Keep looking for signs that show us the straight path." We walked on.

The next time the ground spun, we were ready. What we weren't ready was for the spinning fifteen minutes later where not only did the ground spin but along with it, the sky became dark and rain poured down on us heavily.

The spinning stopped. The rain did not. We whipped around, searching desperately for any sign that would indicate out direction. We found none. I grit my teeth together and swore loudly. My head ache worsened.

"What do we do?" Malfoy asked, shielding his eyes with his hand and squinting at me.

I began shaking. My arms, legs- everything began trembling. Not from the cold. I was frustrated. I was angry. I was upset. I was tired. Tired more so than anything else. I hadn't slept properly in days. I was just mentally and physically drained and the main part of me- my brain- didn't seem to be functioning properly.

What do we do? Malfoy had asked. And the truth was that I didn't know. I didn't know what we were supposed to do. My only plan had failed and I had nothing beyond that. We stood there, getting soaked in the rain for the next half hour as they awaited my response. I had nothing. My head was splitting open and all I could think of was Calyx and Seamus and Hannah and death and blood and rain and sweat and tears. I couldn't think of a plan. I couldn't get myself to move. I couldn't get myself to run for cover. Anything.

I was frozen. Mentally and physically.

Arms wrapped around me and my eyes fluttered shut because of the pain.

"We need to get under some kind of cover." I heard Pansy say. I knew that. Somewhere in my mind I had registered that we needed to take cover. But I couldn't say it. Did I want us to die here? I didn't understand my thought process.

Malfoy had obviously agreed because the next second, I was being lead somewhere. We walked for what felt like hours before I was rushed forward and then the rain stopped. I could hear it but not feel it. Or was that my imagination? Was I imagining hearing the rain? How much of this was real? Was it falling but I couldn't feel it?

"Pansy, you look like you're about to pass out. Get some sleep." Malfoy said somewhere far away. Were they leaving me here?

"But-" There was silence, probably gesturing.

"I'll take care of it." He said. Silence again. A hand took me by the arm and sat me down on the ground. "Granger?"

Ah. The gesturing was at me and I was 'it'.

"Granger." He said again. Why is it that he sounded so far away? "I need you to talk to me." Was he talking to me? Why did my head feel like it was going to split open? "Does it hurt somewhere?" Merlin, it hurts everywhere. My mouth didn't move. "Does your head hurt?" I managed a soft whimper. "Your head hurts? You need to sleep. You're completely drained out." Why was my vision all black? My eyes were open, I was sure of it. "Granger? Gra- dammit!" It was the last thing I heard before I fell sideways and darkness and strong arms enveloped me.

* * *

The next time my eyes fluttered open, I could no longer hear the rain. I could, though, hear myself think a tad better than before. I rubbed my eyes and sat up slowly, looking around. We were in a small cave. Smaller than the other caves we had stayed in. Pansy was fast asleep to my right, curled up with her clothes sticking to her skin. I envied her for her capability to sleep without waking so often.

I looked the other way and saw Malfoy sitting at the front of the entrance, his eyes closed and the gun in his hand. I stood up on shaky legs and took a step forward. His eyes snapped open and his head whipped in my direction. I made my way to the entrance on trembling legs.

"I need to use the toilet." I said quietly. The truth was that I needed to be away from everything.

He nodded and moved his legs for me to pass through. "Take more than five minutes and I'm coming after you." I didn't acknowledge him, just walked on.

I walked for a minute till I found a cliff like formation. I stood near to the edge and looked down. Darkness, from what I could- or rather, couldn't- see.

I hadn't found the edge I was looking for but this edge- it could end everything as well. The darkness had never looked more inviting. All I had to do was take one more step forward. It would all be over. I wouldn't have to be tired anymore. No more thinking. No more trying. It would be so easy.

So so easy.

I took a smaller step forward. Closer to the edge.

After Calyx and Seamus and Hannah's death, did I deserve to live? Why had I survived but not them? I was useless here. I had no plan. My brain barely functioned. My body was breaking down. And one of us would have to die anyway. Amongst the three of us. Malfoy and Parkinson would do better than me alive. And they had eachother.

I didn't deserve to live after the lives I had taken. After the lives I had watched being taken. It was just not worth it... Just not worth it.

I had a minute before Malfoy came for me.

But somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. Had the games made me so selfish? Despite everything, I still wanted to survive? Some part of me deemed it right to live? How could I be so insensitive to all the lives that had been taken? To Calyx and Seamus and Hannah? To everyone who had deserved to live but couldn't?

I left the edge, wondering if it was possible to hate myself more.

* * *

"I don't think we should separate." I said, not looking at either of them. I knew it was illogical. But as I already knew, I made no sense any longer. But I didn't want to separate today. Every time Ive separated from the person or people i have been with, something bad has happened. Calyx's death, the birds followed by Seamus' death. It just didn't seem worth it.

"We need food, Hermione." Pansy said. The number of times I'd heard the same argument... Food. Food wasn't a reason to lose each other! To risk each other! I wanted to scream. I nodded instead.

"Pansy, stay at the cave. We have only one gun and a bow. You're not confident with either." Malfoy said and when she tried to protest, he shook his head firmly. "This isn't up for argument. You're staying here and you're staying hidden no matter what you see or hear. Alright?"

Pansy bit her lower lip as it began quivering. She took a deep breath and finally nodded. "You both have to be back here in half an hour. No arguments. Whether you've found something or not."

We agreed and started out. Malfoy finally spoke, "You go right and I'll go left."

I nodded. "Mark your way as you go and meet back at this point in twenty five minutes. We'll return to the cave together." I didn't know why I said that. We could have returned to the cave separately but the prospect of being separated, even from Malfoy, for a long period of time didn't feel right to me.

He didn't question it or suggest otherwise. He simply nodded curtly and we separated, marking our way by denting the trees.

It had crossed twenty five minutes when I pocketed three apples and began moving back to the clearing we had planned on meeting back at. Halfway back, I froze as I heard a cannon go off. No... No! No!

My heart racing in a way it hadn't raced in several days and emotions of all sorts running through my veins in a way they hadn't for too long, I sprinted towards the clearing. It had definitely been more than twenty five minutes. He couldn't have- no! He wasn't there. He wasn't there like he said he would be!

My world began spinning and my vision began tilting around madly. In my mind, I saw blue, stormy eyes. I saw blonde hair tackling Krum to the ground and stabbing him. I felt a hand covering my mouth. Pulling me away from danger. I heard his voice. 'Granger'. I saw his eyebrows furrow when I didn't run up to hug Seamus. I saw his eyes darken when I mentioned Calyx's death. I heard him ask how I was. I heard him ask me if my head was hurting. And lord, was it right now. And finally, I felt his arms catch me as I fell.

My eyes snapped open.

"Malfoy!" I began running in the direction he had gone. If the remaining tribute was still there, I would kill him. I wouldn't stop to think. I would finish him. "Draco!" I vaguely registered using his first name as I sprinted through the trees. I heard someone running towards me. I halted and strung my bow and pointed it towards the footsteps. I waited.

And then he burst through the branches, a gun pointed in front of him. I stared at him. His familiar eyes, reflecting so much. His white blonde hair, ruffled and sticking up in all directions. And my heart and chest constricted.

"Draco." I said softly. I dropped the bow and arrow and shocking myself and him, rushed towards him and threw my arms around his neck, crushing myself to him. I didn't care that he stilled in my suffocating embrace. I didn't care that he didn't respond. I didn't care that I was probably making a complete fool of myself. I only cared that he was here. Alive. I only cared that the one person who had been making me feel human time and again was not gone.

"Granger?" He sounded choked.

"God, you idiot!" I cried, my grip not ceasing. His arms were by his side and I could practically see his shocked expression. "I heard the cannon go off and you weren't here! I thought you were-were dead!"

"I-I got caught up. I'm sorry." He said, worry laced with his voice. He probably thought I was mad. I probably was.

"Don't you dare scare me like that again." I whispered, clutching the back of his shirt. "I can't lose anybody else, I can't!"

I felt him hesitate for a second before feeling his arms wind around my back slowly. I released my grip as he held me gently, as if I would break if he held me any tighter. "I'm sorry."

"Thank god you're not dead." I said softly. And I meant it.

We both stilled at the same time and I pulled away to look at him. The same thought obviously hit us both. If he wasn't dead. And I wasn't dead. Then...

We stared at each other. I blinked. We both ran in the direction of the cave. Pansy...

* * *

DRAMIONE MOMENTS YUSSS. AND AND AND PANSY. Alas, what shall happen? You shall find out very soon in the next chapter! Thank you all for all your support and those who reviewed! Till now, that's Draco Amor, MadiMalfoy, Mercedes, granger_ , lexyy, Brooke Granger, Audrey Thompson, Funstuffman, Lisa age11 your's are the first few reviews I read on my chapter and you made me a very happy girl ^^ All those who do review, even after, you guys are brilliant :') Thanks so much to readers as well ofc (:

See you next chapter! Here's a preview:


"They were so busy that they didn't hear the metal door slide open before it was too late. "What is going on in here?" Evvie and Charley's heads snapped towards the entrance where two death eaters stood, their wands out.

"Charley Avons and Evvie?" One of them asked, his wand lowering for a moment. Charley took that moment to cry- "Expelliarmus!" The man's wand flew out of his hand and into Charley's.

"Stupefy!" Evvie said, knocking him to the floor.

"Avada Kedavra!" "


Oh! And Ive begun writing an original story which I probably plan on calling "Writing Life" and I wish I had a way to send it across to you guys! :(

Anyway, until next chapter- do review pleaseeee :')
FeltonLewis xx

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