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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 4 : I Don't Care
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Disclaimer: I'm not as rich or famous or creatively endowed as JK therefore I do not own anything you recognise. Sydney and Ashley are mine though.

Authors Note: Righto, fourth chapter here, thank you for those that are sticking with this, this Sirius/Sydney train will be getting its choo choo on soon I promise, but we can't dive into the pool too quickly young ones, we must wait at least an hour to let our food go down. I don't really know what my point is right now, I'm pretty tired and I have to be at work in the morning. Please let me know what you think!! So much love dudes and dudettes.

Try to tell me what I shouldn't do
You should know by now,
I won't listen to you
Walk around with my hands up in the air
Cause I don't care

Freak Out - Avril Lavigne

In the darkness of the night, from the huge castle emerged a small creature. It darted off through the grounds keeping low to the ground as if it were stalking prey. The grass of the grounds brushed against the creature’s stomach and as it got closer to the Herbology greenhouse a light shone on the creature. It froze as the torchlight got closer.

“Bloody fox.” Grumbled Filch, the caretaker, as he had been patrolling. He turned and headed back inside the castle.

The fox then unfroze and headed on further into the grounds, getting dangerously close to the Whomping Willow tree. The furry red fox sniffed the ground and suddenly ducked down low; its stomach completely on the floor, its tail low down and its hind legs crouched, ready to dart off into the night. From behind the tree came a huge, black dog sniffing the ground and growling with every breath it took. The fox’s eyes widened as the dog came closer and closer. The anticipation became too much as the fox bounded off through the grounds, however the dog was hot on its tail, snarling at the fox as it snapped its jaws at the terrified creature. The fox was almost in the dark forest when a glorious stag came bounding out majestically. The fox changed its course of direction as the animals had decided to team up and chase her around the grounds. The hellhound attempted to pounce on top of the terrified creature however the fox was too fast as it leapt off into the darkness of the Forbidden Forest.


“I still can’t believe it,” said Ashley as we sat in our Charms class. “You slept with Remus Lupin!” she whispered the last part.

Professor Flitwick was demonstrating the specific hand movement needed in order to produce a patronus.

“Neither can I,” said James Potter swishing his wand, creating a paper bird and blowing it into flight in the direction of Lily Evans. “It bewilders me why Remus would make such a bad choice.”

“I never asked for your input Potter.” Sydney snapped

The Professor now had a silvery blue mist emerging from the end of his wand in the form of a pelican.

James Potter ruffled his messy, black hair and smirked “You’re welcome anyway.”

“Are you jealous Potter?” Sydney smirked and turned around.

Sirius Black had a revolted look on his face. “You’re a whore.” He commented spitefully “Why would anyone be jealous of someone like you” his eyes narrowed at Sydney’s.

“You’d better watch that filthy mouth of yours, Black” Sydney spat, her eyes narrowing also.

Sirius smirked darkly “I think you’ll find, if you ask the whole of Hogwarts,” he raised an eyebrow “that you're the filthy one.”

Sydney scowled and rolled her eyes, looking back towards the professor at the front of the class. Professor Flitwick was now writing the instructions on the board to which Sydney decided to scribble on a piece of parchment. She felt something hit the back of her head. She snapped her head around and narrowed her eyes at the two burly boys, who innocently twiddled their thumbs and looked up at the ceiling.

“Right,” announced Professor Flitwick, clapping his hands together “let’s see if we can’t put this into practise.”

All around the classroom all that could be heard was “Expecto patronum!” but with no outcomes. Ashley, being in Ravenclaw was always great at charms, so it came to a surprise to no one, when after her second try a slight grey mist oozed from the tip of her wand.

“Well done Miss Phillips!” exclaimed Professor Flitwick “But I expect it to be a few lessons before these charms to take corporial form --”

The professor was cut off by a glorious grey Stag leaping out from the end James Potter’s wand. The animal soared around the room and was closely followed by a giant, shaggy dog which had radiated from the tip of Sirius Black’s wand.

Professor Flitwick along with the rest of the class gaped in shock, however Ashley was scowling with jealousy as the non Ravenclaw boys had managed to perform the charm perfectly in less time than she. Only Sydney had looked at them as if she had just seen a ghost. As the shaggy dog came bounding towards her she fell backwards out of her chair, her eyes wide.

“What’s wrong Maura?” asked Sirius mockingly as his patronus evaporated into the classroom air. “My dog got your tongue?”

“Nothing of yours Black,” Sydney said viciously as she stood up and pulled her chair up with her “will ever have my tongue.” She flipped her hair at him and continued to concentrate on her patronus charm.

“Good job too,” commented Sirius offhandedly “I’d probably catch something.”

“Mm.” Sydney feigned her interest in Sirius’ rude remark as she scoured her mind for a powerful, happy memory. Powerful memories she had many, but happy memories not so many.

“Expecto patronum.” She could hear Ashley whispering, but once again all that came out was a drip of grey-blue mist.

As Sydney looked around the room she could see many frustrated teenage faces attempting to conjure their individual patronuses, a few of the faces turning red with annoyance. In fact, almost all of the faces were turning red. No, all of them were red. As Sydney observed the room with her brows furrowed in confusion she realised that even the walls were turning red, along with the rows of tables, chairs, board, utensils, wands, even the vapour emerging from a few wand tips that was once a light greyish blue colour had now turned into a light red colour, she turned to her once ebony coloured friend who was now a dark shade of crimson. Ashley was now staring at her incredulously, her eyes wide with horror.

“You’re eyes!” she screeched, pointing at Sydney frantically.

Sydney reached up towards her eyes, worry now filling her face. “What’s wrong with them?!” she had begun to feel what felt like tears dripping from her eyes.

The whole class had now stopped to listen and watch the two frenzied girls. There was a laugh from behind Sydney and Ashley and with that Sydney immediately knew who was responsible.

“My Goodness!” said Professor Flitwick as he came over to see what the commotion was “You best go and see the nurse.” He advised, handing her a tiny pocket mirror.

Sydney looked into the mirror and saw what the problem was. Her iris was now a deep crimson colour and she had blood trickling down from the corners of her eyes. Another stifled snigger came from behind her.

She snapped her head around to glower monstrously at Sirius and James, who initially flinched at her extra evil glare. She felt as though she could launch herself at the boys and maybe throw in an unforgivable curse or two, however she decided on a glare, not allowing them the satisfaction of knowing how she was love to break them in two. Sydney gathered her books together and stuffed her pen and parchment into her bag; she clutched her books to her chest as she made her way out of the classroom.

She knew that this look would definitely not deter a few students from being terrified of her. A couple of fourth year girls stopped and looked at her for a second or two as Sydney looked at them in disdain.

“That’s the one I was telling you about.” One of the brunette girls whispered to the other. They both trotted off giggling down the corridor.

Sydney carried on towards the nurse’s quarters noting to herself how eerie Hogwarts had become in a colour of blood red. She began to feel faint and flushed as she walked however she urged herself on as it was not that far to the hospital wing. Her walking became sluggish as she struggled to breathe, panting and gasping for air. A high pitched noise rang through her ears as she felt her knees buckle under the pressure of her own weight. She felt her bones crash against the stone ground of the castle, she could now see spots of blood on the floor as she attempted to steady herself on all fours, however she fell onto her side, gasping at the cold stone touching her now unbearably hot skin. Her vision began to fade and her eyes grew heavy. A nauseas feeling swept over her as she closed her eyes.

Damn you Black.

Authors Note: Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I'm gonna try and write ahead for a few days and then start with the uploading again, hopefully will only be a few days maximum until my next upload! Please please review, tell me what you think!

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