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The Story Of Roxy Decoy by Roxy Decoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1- Bushes and Owls
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Part 1.

An eerie silence settled over Mount Lawn as the sun sank behind the mountains. The last of the curtains were being drawn closed, and the children were being tucked into bed.
Something stirred among the trees, sending the birds flying into the air and breaking the monotonous silence. A young man of about 17 jumped down from the lowest branch onto the wet grass. He pushed his greasy lank hair away from his eyes and, stooping low, began to cower along the bushes that surrounded a large pink house.
Cautiously raising his gaze over the windowsill, he peered into the front room. It was empty apart from a young girl sitting cross-legged on a couch, intently riffling through a book. Her red-blonde hair shone from the light of the lamp beside her and even from outside he could see the deep intenseness of her emerald green eyes.
He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, hunched among the grass, but he did not take his eyes off her for one second.
The dampness of the grass began to leak through his sneakers but still he did not move. Suddenly the girl stood up, startling him out of his trance. He watched her place her book on a large bookshelf beside the mantelpiece and retreat out a door to the right.
Disappointed, the boy whispered to the empty night "Lily….."


Part 2.

Eight hundred miles away a teenage girl was also to be found hidden among some bushes outside a strange house. Her reasons however were very different. Her name was Roxy Decoy and her sole purpose in life had recently become tracking down her mother. 
After living a life of constantly moving from place to place, her mother finally gave up and left Roxy, leaving behind only a letter as an explanation. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper. Written on it in an untidy scrawl was the following:

My dear Roxy,
You will understand one day that what I did is better for you. You deserve a better life than the one I can give you. I hope that you can one day forgive me for this and I want you to know that I will always love you, and you will always be my little angel.
Always and forever, Mum..
P.s, Albus Dumbledore will give you all the answers you need..

So that’s what she was doing now. Tracking down the only man able to help her. Although she knew she had a far way to go. She remembered her mother previously mentioning the name and of course no witch or wizard could go through their life without hearing of Albus Dumbledore. She knew he was no longer an auror but was focusing his time on running a school of magic. She was unsure of exactly where the school was, but she knew it was in the UK and she knew that getting to London would be the key. So that’s where she was going. Right now she was somewhere north of Madrid in Spain, camping out in empty houses.
The one she was presently hiding outside of seemed pretty empty, so she tiptoed over closer to it and carefully smashed a hole in the glass door, big enough for her to fit her skinny wrist in and turned the lock. She crept into the house and looked around. It was a small simple house with floral walls and pink-red floors. Every room seemed to be furnished the same.
'It'll do,' she thought, opening up the cupboards in the kitchen, searching for food.
Ten minutes later she was sitting comfortably on a bright pink sofa with her feet up on the coffee table and eyes intently watching the Spanish news.
Although she only picked up a few Spanish words the last time she was here, she could make out the general gist of what was going on and it wasn’t anything of important interest.
The breaking news was merely concerning the drought that had now spread all across America. As she shivered and pulled the blankets tighter around her she wished that the heat wave would grace her presence.
She took off her shoes, curled up and switched off the television before falling into a dreamless sleep.


Part 3.

A noise very close to his right ear woke up a startled Sirius Black. He leapt up and grabbed his wand out of the waist band of his boxers, ready to strike. He lowered his wand seeing as the disturbance was only caused by a tawny brown owl with a letter tied neatly around its ankle. He recognised the owl and the untidy writing on the letter immediately as being from James Potter, who had been his best friend since their first encounter in their first year at the school they attended, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
He tore open the letter and read: 

Hey Padfoot!!
How’s your summer going? Its only been like a month and I miss you like hell! I ran into Remus the other day, his summers going ok. He said he missed us during the full moon last week, but he got on ok without us. Mum and Dad said you can come over for the last two weeks of break, or whenever, because you’re always welcome to the house bla bla bla.. So let me know if you can.
I hope everything there is going ok and Regulus isn’t being too much of a git.
Talk to you soon, Prongs.

Sirius smiled to himself. He was incredibly relieved he had a chance to get out of this house two weeks earlier than originally planned, but before he could reply with a letter of his own, a loud screechy voice yelled up the stairs,
Scowling, he went to the door and threw it open.
"WHAT!" he yelled back.
Without replying, Sirius slammed the door shut so hard the dresser beside it rattled, causing its contents to come crashing to the floor.
He picked up a broken plate. It was in two pieces causing a jagged broken line down the middle of the Black family crest. Anger welled inside him as he stared at the family symbol he was so unfairly associated with.
He threw it across the room and due to luck rather than skill, it landed in pieces in the bin.
For one hopeful moment he thought he could escape this family. He silently berated himself for being so naive and thinking that he would ever be allowed leave here.
He walked over to his desk and grabbed a pen and paper.

I don’t think going to yours is such a good idea, my mum wouldn’t be too pleased. I also think its best that you don’t write to me again. Ill see you at school,

 It was probably the shortest letter he had ever written to his best friend, but he had to get the point across that he could no longer contact him. He wasn’t sure what his mother was capable of doing, but he wasn’t going to take a chance.
He tied the letter back onto the owls leg and it flew off over the rooftops. He sat by the open window-sill and thought about how much he wished he was back at school. He was probably the only person in the world who actually looked forward to returning to school.
But anything was better than staying here and enduring the taunts from his mother about what a disappointment he was just because he associated with what his parents called ‘mudbloods‘. They couldn’t understand why he couldn’t be like his little brother Regulus. Regulus was perfect, with his perfect grades and his perfect friends.
He didn’t care what his parents said, Regalus and his friends were far from perfect. Everyone in the school feared them, even some of the teachers. They tortured the new kids and antagonised everyone that disagreed with them or got in their way.
His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
The door opened and his brothers face peered around it.
"Mother wants you downstairs, we have visitors."
"Who?" Sirius asked bluntly.
"Narcissa and Bella," he said, leaving and shutting the door behind him.
Sirius heart sank. Every time his cousins came to visit, it always ended badly on his behalf.
Bellatrix, who was in the same year as his, was able to dish out everything to his mother about what he was up to in school and most importantly for his mother, who he was hanging out with.
His heart filled with dread as he went downstairs and entered the living room. His two cousins were sitting side by side with steaming cups of tea in their hands.
Sirius' mother was beaming at them from her rocking chair in the corner. She didn’t look up as he entered, but she spoke to him.
"Ah, Sirius. Bella was just telling me about what a naughty boy you've been in school."
Sirius said nothing.
"So," his mother continued, "I feel you have not understood me in my want for you to associate only with those who are worthy of being associated with. That does not include, what was it you said Bella? James Potter?" she asked turning her gaze towards Bellatrix, who giggled.
"Oh, yes," Bellatrix smirked, "and Remus Lupin."
"Yes, yes." she said, finally turning her gaze towards her son, "And if I hear of you communicating with any of these when you return to school, or before, I will see to it that they are no longer there for you to communicate with. Now go refill Narcissa's and Bellatrix's cups." 
Resisting the urge to kick them on the way past, he picked up their cups and retreated to the kitchen.
Anger coursed through him as his hand shakily refilled their tea.
It was more his mothers calmness when she threatened his friends that both angered and worried him the most. It simply made him realise that she had not been joking all those times she threatened him before.Seeing the sincerity in her eyes always frightened him and he hoped James would not send a letter back to him anytime soon. 


Part 4.

James looked up as an owl flew through his open window.
"Hey Tammy," he said frowning and taking the letter off his owls leg.
He was immediately worried at how fast Sirius had responded to him, and became even more so seeing how short it was when he opened it.  

I don’t think going to yours is such a good idea, my mum wouldn’t be too pleased. I also think its best that you don’t write to me again. Ill see you at school,

His heart sank as he read through it. Something was clearly wrong. Sirius would never write a letter that bluntly without there being a good reason behind it. He knew he couldn’t write back to him, but it took every ounce of his strength not to. He walked downstairs and decided to ask his parents what he should do. They always had an answer for everything.
He showed them the letter and each of them read it with interest.
"Well son, I think maybe you should do as he wishes and not write back. He'll tell you in September what happened if he's not ready to now." his father said, folding the letter back up and handing back to James.
Far from being comforted, he went back up to his room and decided to ignore Sirius' plea of not replying. He was going to write back to him, whether he liked it or not. How could he expect him not to?
He decided to keep it short and simple.  

What is going on?


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