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Resurrection by missclaire17
Chapter 4 : Investigations
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“Rose, wake up. Wake up, honey. Rose!”

Rose sat up in the study, blinking and groggy. She had stayed up all night before, pouring through papers and trying to detect patterns.

When Rose registered her surroundings, she realized she had woken up to a nightmare.

Papers, books, and all manners of important documents and files were strewn everywhere, and Scorpius was standing there rather awkwardly with her father, Albus, and Lucy.

“What the hell happened?!” Rose screeched, jumping up and looking at the time. Nine o’clock. Way past the normal time for her to be up.

“I don’t know; I’d came down in the morning to find you because you didn’t come to bed last night when I found this. The front door was apparently open forcibly by magic,” Scorpius explained, relieved that Rose had woken up to be a buffer between him and her family.

Rose started to scramble around the room when her father stopped her.

Rose tried to ignore the odd feeling of not having talked properly to her family for ages; she still couldn’t forget her family’s reaction when Rose had brought Scorpius back to the Burrow that last time.

“Rose, that’s not it,” Ron said quietly, nodding uncomfortably to Scorpius.

It was then that Rose noticed the wrinkles and droopiness of Scorpius’ eyes; his slack figure scared her because she knew something was wrong. Immediately she felt sorry it hadn’t been the first thing she noticed.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Rose asked gently, sliding away from her desk towards Scorpius.

“My grandfather was murdered last night.”

Rose couldn’t stop the gasp of shock that escaped from her mouth. Horrified and unsure how to react, she gave her fiancé a hug, snuggling against him, hoping it would make him feel better.

Ignoring the tension in the room, Albus said quietly, “All the other Aurors are investigating the death because Narcissa Malfoy had found her husband lying face down on the floor with his wand next to him early this morning. We think there might be a connection, seeing as your flat was broken into, but Scorpius confirmed nothing important is missing.”

“How could you tell nothing’s missing?” Rose couldn’t help herself but ask as she peered up at Scorpius with a raised eyebrow. “You haven’t cleaned up at all!”

“We had to preserve the crime scene, love, and I didn’t want to wake you. You’ve gotten no sleep these past couple of days,” Scorpius murmured as he pulled away from his girlfriend. He felt conscious of Ron Weasley and Albus Potter’s burning gaze.

“Rose, if you find anything, let us know,” Lucy said as she began to turn to leave.

“Wait, why are you here?” Rose asked, stopping her cousin.

Lucy gave her a grim smile. “In light of recent events, someone from MLE has to be there at every Auror investigation. Your mum trusted me the most.”

Rose didn’t say anything and let her family leave without another word. The tense atmosphere was too much for her, and she snuggled back into Scorpius’s arms.

“Love, there was something I wasn’t sure you wanted the authorities to know just yet,” Scorpius whispered as he slyly pulled his wand out and cast several silencing charms for extra protection.

Rose pulled away and frowned. “What is it?”

“I found this file hidden underneath my pillow this morning,” Scorpius said as he pulled out a shrunken file of documents. He enlarged it with his wand and handed it to Rose.

“But this was one of the possible leads that I had been attempting to track down! It was part of a whole file that I wanted to look over,” Rose said frantically. She started to flip through it but stopped abruptly.  

What was written on the inside of the file shocked her more than she could say.

Destroy this as soon as you can. He’s looking for it. –SVS

“What does ‘SVS’ stand for?” Rose whispered. Her mind was working faster than ever but nothing seemed to come up.

Scorpius sighed as he ran his hand through his blonde hair. In an estranged voice, he replied, “It stands for Sanctimonia Vincet Semper, the Malfoy family motto. It’s written by my grandfather.”

Rose gaped at her boyfriend. Shock didn’t quite cover the degree of surprise that was overcoming her at the moment.

“I think it’s time we pay a visit to your family.



“This is getting more and more out of hand. Lucius Malfoy was clearly murdered, and we’re not getting any closer with figuring out what happened to the Palmers,” Harry told Ron in a private conference. “To top that all off, one of our own is being suspected of being involved.”

“The wand samples got back this morning,” Ron said as he pulled out a file. “The wand that killed all three Palmers came from a wand that belonged to one Ms. Agatha Shaw. She had died nearly eight years ago at age 102, leaving behind only a squib relative.”

Harry sat up immediately. Finally, they were getting somewhere. “Was she a pureblood, halfblood, Muggleborn? Any other relations that are still alive?”

“Pureblood. Her parents had lived in the First Wizarding War but didn’t join Voldemort. Since families usually come forward to claim wands, I put in a request to the Wizengamot Administration Services to figure out if anyone did come to claim it,” Ron explained, watching Harry pore through the thick file. He noted the dark circles under his best mate’s eyes, and how tired Harry had become since this entire mess began.

Harry shook his head with a heavy sigh. Without looking up, he replied, “It seems unlikely that someone would claim the wand if all they’re trying to do with it is commit a murder. Then their name would be on the record. But there hasn’t been a break-in or a security breach so I can’t imagine that someone had stolen the wand from the Ministry.”

“Unlikely as it is, we’ll pursue the leads with Agatha Shaw. Meanwhile, we also need Narcissa Malfoy to come down and give a statement,” Ron reminded Harry as he made a mental note to himself. Leaning back on the chair, Ron continued, “I think the Malfoys are involved.”

“What? Why?” Harry looked up, looking slightly amused. Usually, he was the one making up theories he couldn’t prove, and Ron was the one coming up with as logical an explanation as possible. Harry attributed part of Ron’s logicalness to Hermione’s influence.

Ron shrugged, but in a lowered voice, he replied, “You didn’t see the way Scorpius Malfoy acted this morning. I’m positive he was hiding something. He was acting so oddly.”

“Maybe the fact that the lot of us freaked out the last time we saw them had to do with his odd behavior.”

“No, this is serious. Malfoy knows something that he either doesn’t want to tell us to protect his family, or it has something to do with Rose’s investigation. You heard about how Danny hired her?” Ron said, giving his best mate a significant look. As long as it had been, Ron still hadn’t quite come to terms with his daughter’s occupation. Wasn’t it better to just be in the Auror Department where he can keep an eye on her?

Harry sighed. “Yeah. Al was completely against it. Come to think of it, I don’t think Al and Danny have been on the best of terms lately.”

“Come off it. They’re just going through a lot,” Ron frowned.

“Maybe, but they’re drifting apart. Remember how Danny and Albus were like the two of us? You can’t see one without the other. Now, Albus seems to be spending most of his time with Lucy, and Danny has been sulking by himself. I’m not sure how well he’ll handle being interrogated tomorrow,” Harry said worriedly. He ran his hand through his messy black hair, a bad habit he had acquired over the years to relieve stress. “I’m glad that Al is going with Danny to his investigation with the Muggles.

Ron stared off into space, contemplating everything. Lately, it seemed as if there was nothing the Auror Department could accomplish. Their leads were giving them dead ends, and mystery after mystery seemed to be piled on top of each other. Kingsley was going out of his mind trying to keep both the Wizarding world and the Muggles happy.

On top of it, his baby girl was engaged to the enemy’s son, and Ron and Rose weren’t even speaking.

The last time Ron had ever felt so utterly helpless was when they were attempting to destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes. At least then, they had some help.

This time, they were completely alone, trying to save the Wizarding world from another war. 



Rose always felt like an outside whenever she visited Malfoy Manor. The large and imposing manor was far out of Rose’s depths of comfort. 

It was a miraculous wonder that Scorpius, a pureblood boy who called Malfoy Manor home, and herself, a halfblood girl who could care less for material comforts, even became friends, much less engaged to be married.

Scorpius raised his wand and pointed it at the gates of Malfoy Manor lazily. He had done this numerous times before, but Rose could never feel so comfortable with walking around the grounds on which Voldemort stood.

As always, she waited for subtle changes on Scorpius’s expression and demeanor. She always had a critical eye for spotting the straightening of Scorpius’s back and a look that distinctly told others of his superiority. As always, none ever came.

He walked towards the front door, looking quite the same as when the couple had left their Muggle flat in London. Rose couldn’t help but feel like she needed to punish herself as a house-elf would for doubting that Scorpius would change.

Without either of the young adults saying a word, the large front doors opened. The scene resembled many nightmares that had once plagued Rose when she first stepped foot into Malfoy Manor. No matter how hard she tried, sometimes she still couldn’t shake the horrible images she had of her mother being tortured and her father being locked up in this house.

Rose wondered whether any of them or Uncle Harry could ever step inside this house without reliving their worst memories. It was baffling how Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy ever managed to lead a decent life and raise a wonderful young man in this house.

Astoria Malfoy stood amidst the opened front doors, a smile on her face and heavy bags peeking from under her eyes. Rose wondered how she could smile when her father-in-law had just been murdered.

“Scorpius. Rose. How wonderful to see you both,” Astoria Malfoy breathed, quickly ushering Scorpius inside before the doors closed again, magically.

Scorpius let go of Rose’s hand and in an uncharacteristic manner, hugged his mother so tightly her feet left the marble floor.

Rose couldn’t help but smile at the warmth emitting from Scorpius and his mother. No matter what, the Malfoys were still a very tight-knit family.

Astoria untangled herself from her son and reached forward to grasp Rose’s hand. “Rose. It really is a pleasure to see you here. Come. Draco and Narcissa are in the sitting room.”

Rose returned her smile, but felt the nervousness creeping inside her. Astoria Malfoy was something of a mystery to the Wizarding folks who concerned themselves with the social politics of the magical world. She was kind and outwardly generous, yet she was married to Draco Malfoy, a man who still remained quite aloof to society. She was open about the changes to Wizarding society, yet she was a pureblood Slytherin woman.

It wasn’t hard to deal with Astoria Malfoy; as much of a contradiction as she was to Rose at times, she could respect Scorpius’s mother as a kind woman who only truly had her son’s best interests at heart.

Draco Malfoy and his parents, however, were quite different. Rose’s mother had always been the diplomat in the family whenever the topic of the Malfoys arose. However, even the level-headed Hermione Weasley had her own strongly negative feelings towards Draco Malfoy, even if they laid dormant.

“Don’t be nervous. Everything will be fine,” Scorpius muttered to Rose, taking her hand again. “Just don’t think too much about it.”

The walk to the sitting room was almost unbearable; the fear creeping up inside Rose was becoming more and more tangible. How could she possibly do her job when all she could think about was how much the Malfoys disapproved of her?  

The three spent the walk from the front door towards one of the sitting rooms in silence. Rose rehearsed the questions she had mentally prepared in her mind once again as she ignored the varying reactions from the portraits on the walls.

“Here we are,” Astoria murmured quietly as she entered first into the sitting room, Scorpius following behind and Rose gripping at his hand tightly.

Rose’s first shock was just how disorganized both Narcissa and Draco looked. Though it should have made Rose feel more comfortable that the Malfoys were still humans grieving over a loss, it made her task seem all the more daunting.

“Dad,” Scorpius sighed with relief as he surged forward. “Grandmother.”

Scorpius, Draco, and Narcissa embraced in a tight hug that made Rose feel more unwelcome than ever. She should have let the Malfoys have time to grieve. This was no time to be making inquiries on a crime that could potentially be part of a serial murder.

Surprisingly, Narcissa, with her robes looking hastily thrown on and her hair barely brushed, beckoned Rose forward with a smile. “Rose. I’m glad you could make it.”

“Of course,” Rose stammered, sitting down on a plush velvet love seat with Scorpius. It felt weird, to be so welcomed. “I’m very sorry about Mr. Malfoy.”

Narcissa didn’t say anything she sat down opposite Rose. Her eyes, however, told of a sadness that Rose wasn’t sure she could ever comprehend. Draco and Astoria followed suit, looking like two halves to one whole.

“I had told Lucius to be more careful, but he obviously thought our name still carried weight amongst those who were in the Dark Lord’s circle if they have managed to escape Azkaban,” Narcissa said quietly, looking down at her hands.

Rose had met Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy during another disastrous time. Narcissa Malfoy had still looked like a million Galleons then, even with her age and her life experience. To see this woman looking so downcast made Rose’s heart contract painfully. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like for Scorpius to see his grandmother this way.

“I know that this is a bad time, so if you feel uncomfortable at all with any of the questions I’m going to ask, please just let me know,” Rose replied gently, glancing at Scorpius. He nodded once as an encouraging smile appeared on his expression.

Rose turned back towards Narcissa to see her looking as ready as she could ever be.

“Alright. The file that Mr. Malfoy had instructed Scorpius and I to destroy is one of the leads that I am currently tracking down for one of my current cases, which is, as you know, regarding the murder of the Palmers. I had read it, and the file had an immense amount of detail regarding Voldemort’s past and regarding my Uncle Harry. The information is highly confidential and I had managed to get my hands on it by extreme difficulty. Did Mr. Malfoy ever tell you of anyone or anything that could be connected to this particular file?”

“Certainly.  Most of the Dark Lord’s secrets have come not from previous Death Eaters but from important key figures who fought against him in the First and Second War. Many things that the Dark Lord had entrusted to his most devoted followers were not explained properly because there wasn’t a need to. My late sister Bellatrix saw no need to question the importance of Hufflepuff’s Cup, and my husband saw no reason to question why the Dark Lord’s old, unwritten diary was important in any way. The only information those who on the Dark Lord’s side can offer is observation of his actions, his words, and so forth,” the older woman took a breath as she finished, and Rose couldn’t help but notice how smooth her response seemed. It was N as if she had rehearsed her answers as Rose had rehearsed her questions. It was like a game that the two of them were going to be playing.

“Do you know the importance of Hufflepuff’s Cup and the diary?”

Narcissa smiled, though not warmly. It was obvious she was remembering something, because Rose had the distinct impression that Narcissa was not smiling at her. Narcissa’s eyes seemed to cloud over as she answered, “Oh, there have been many theories. None of which were ever shared directly to me. Men have their talents, but we women have our own. The Dark Lord and your Uncle shared many secrets that are forgotten to this day.”

Rose’s heart started beating faster and faster. Unlike what her classmates thought, she hadn’t ever been entrusted with the nitty-gritty details of the War.

The true history of what had happened to Voldemort and her Uncle Harry were known only by her Uncle Harry, her aunt Ginny, her parents, Minister Shacklebolt, and Professor McGonagall. The others who had been in on the secrets carried them to their graves.

“Would Mr. Malfoy’s death be related to people who plot to restore Voldemort back to power?”

“There have been numerous attempts at such an idea, though none will ever come to any feasible and tangible results. The people who killed my husband are far more clever than that, Rose,” Narcissa answered. Her eyes seemed to penetrate Rose; Narcissa seemed to contemplate whether she should continue along the path both she and Rose knew they were going down.

There was nothing that Rose wanted more at the moment than to know everything that Narcissa knew.

“Are Hufflepuff’s Cup and the diary related to restoring Voldemort to power?” Rose asked. She tried to keep her voice as calm as possible, but it was nearly impossible to contain her anxiety. After so many years, she was so close to the truth, if only Narcissa Malfoy would share them.

“They explain why he was able to rise again after seemingly being defeated by your uncle. They also explain why he is unable to rise to power again. The truth behind the Dark Lord’s rise and fall are both in Hufflepuff’s cup and the Dark Lord’s diary,” Narcissa answered. The entire room seemed to chill at her words.

“Why would your husband go through such lengths to protect information that would only tell its reader how Voldemort is unable to rise again?”

Narcissa regarded Rose carefully. Next to her, Draco fidgeted, and Rose remembered for the first time in minutes that they weren’t alone.

Narcissa finally answered, after several long moments, “Because something happened in the Forbidden Forest during the Battle of Hogwarts. Something that no Death Eater alive or dead who were there would ever want to talk about. Something that ensured the Dark Lord’s destruction.”

This was it, Rose thought excitedly. She had always known, of course, that something had happened. However, no one had ever been able to sate her questions. None of her cousins nor her brother ever bothered to be dig more about that night, but Rose knew there were more to it. All she needed was Narcissa to put it into exact words what they were.

Before Rose could ask, Narcissa had already started talking again. “Knowledge is the source of all power, Rose. To chase down truth is to chase down wisdom. There are many angles of the Dark Lord’s secrets, and this is only one of the secrets that you will, in time, come to yearn to know and understand.”

“What other secrets can there possibly be?” Rose blinked, confused. She hadn’t known that there had been any other secrets that she had been concealed from.

Draco coughed. Much to everyone’s surprise in the room, he spoke up. “The Dark Lord required another’s wand.”

“What?” Rose asked. She could feel her face twisting into heavy confusion. What did wands have to do with anything? What did wands have to do with what happened at the Forbidden Forest? “Why did he require another’s wand?”

“He asked for my father’s wand when facing Potter the night they flew from Potter’s Muggle home to a safe house belonging to a member of the Order,” Draco said. He gripped Astoria’s hand tightly, and Rose could feel the distinct tension rising in the room. “The wand that the Dark Lord bought from Ollivanders’ when he was eleven and Potter’s wand are brothers. They cannot face each other in battle and be forced to kill one another. So the Dark Lord sought a new wand.”

Rose felt like she had been knocked back by a wave of new information that no one had bothered to tell her about. Voldemort had been looking for a wand because his old wand were brothers with Uncle Harry’s wand. Somehow, this was something that her parents had conveniently forgot to ever mention to her.

In an unsure tone, she asked, “Does… this wand Voldemort was pursuing have to do anything with Hufflepuff’s Cup and the diary?”

“They are two sides to one coin,” Draco answered gravely as he ran a hand through his hair. Several strands of blonde hair fell into his face, and Rose was reminded just how much her soon-to-be father-in-law resembled Scorpius. “They are two different sides to the Dark Lord’s plan for eternal power.”

Rose’s brain whirled as she took in all of this information. Narcissa still hadn’t answered her most crucial question, but Draco had given her something to think about that she hadn’t ever considered. If the Cup and the diary told why Voldemort returned after being defeated and why he can never rise again, then what did Voldemort’s quest for a new wand tell?

Draco spoke up, suddenly, in an uncharacteristic kind tone. “Rose, I wish I can tell you what that wand meant. But all I can tell you is that wand was ultimately retrieved by the Dark Lord, but it was also his downfall. It was the reason why Potter was able to defeat him in a one-on-one duel. I had been ordered to kill Dumbledore in my sixth year. I never managed, but I did disarm him. Potter and I had a tussle for wands when he and your parents were locked up, and he won.”

Rose caught the unsaid words about her parents and Uncle Harry being locked up… here. Nevertheless, she said nothing and willed Scorpius’s father to continue talking.

“Potter won true ownership of the wand that was the Dark Lord’s ultimate downfall because that wand belonged to Albus Dumbledore.”



Danny felt utterly humiliated about having to be questioned.

As he sat, handcuffed to a metal table in a Muggle interrogation room, all he could think about was how betrayed he felt by Cameron Richardson.

Danny knew Mr. Richardson, or Mr. Prime Minister now.

His dad had threw a fit, knowing that his son was being pulled in for questioning when the three of them, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Richardson, and himself, had gone out for drinks together nearly every weekend. Cameron Richardson had been over at the Palmers’ enough that he was one of those cool uncles that Danny and Cara had loved as children.

“Daniel Henry Sanford, age 24, born in Derbyshire, currently living in London and unemployed,” the investigator announced loudly as he walked into the room. He had graying brown hair, a beer belly, and a sneer on his face as if he’d just landed a promotion.

The entire thing was silly. A Muggle who worked for the Muggle government was investigating a Wizard who worked for the Wizarding government, and the ICW and the Ministry weren’t going to step in?

Danny wanted to momentarily forget that Shacklebolt had conducted an emergency meeting because of this because this surely had to be a breach of the Statute in some way.

The unsaid fear that the Ministry was going to let the Muggles lock him away took hold of him as the investigator sat down. How could he possibly tell him that all this was doing was waste his precious time? The time that could be used on finding the killers rather than putting up a pretense to keep the Muggles happy?

“I am Matthew Smith. But just Smith is perfectly fine. Now, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way,” Smith said in a condescending tone. Danny felt like he was watching a really badly made police investigative movie.

“Does one of those ways include you believing me when I tell you that I had nothing to do with their murder?” Danny gritted his teeth, feeling extremely irritated.

Smith’s expression twisted into a nasty smile. “How about you tell me first why such a capable young man such as yourself is unemployed? Our country needs men like you to help boost up our country in this time of need.”

Choosing to ignore Smith’s jib about his unemployment because what Danny actually doing with his life was far more important than Smith’s little brain could imagine, Danny said, “Are you trying to recruit me into the military?”

“Only if I can prove your innocence, Mr. Sanford,” Smith answered easily. Leaning back, he folded his arms and regarded Danny carefully.

Danny felt his irritation grow more and more by the second. He needed to find whoever it was that killed Cara, not be stuck here!

“If you can prove my innocence… there’s nothing to prove because I didn’t bloody do it! All you’re doing is wasting time. The real killer is out there, and you think that trying to examine my life and my habits is going to get you anywhere closer to the answer!” Danny started yelling, shaking his hands around. The metal chains rattled noisily, and being handcuffed didn’t do wonders for Danny’s anger.

“Well, how about I first tell you why I  think you did it? That may help assuage your fears,” Smith said, sitting up straight. “You disappear to an anonymous boarding school in Scotland when you’re eleven. There’s been no record on any sort of graduation or higher education, so we can only assumed you dropped out. Mr. Prime Minister had noted oddities about your behavior over the years. You’re currently unemployed, you were alone the night that this terrible crime occurred, and several acquaintances have noted the falling out of your friendship with the late Ms. Cara Palmer.”

“Our friendship has nothing to do with your investigation. That is private,” Danny clenched his fists, angrier than ever. He wanted to break something right now, and there wasn’t a better object to break than Smith’s face. “Just because my life may be lacking direction in your eyes doesn’t make me a suspect.”

“Oh of course you’re not. If you were, we’d have you arrested already,” Smith smiled, seemingly to assure Danny but he saw the malice in Smith’s eyes. Smith was utterly convinced Danny was guilty. Perhaps this was why Shacklebolt hadn’t been able to do anything. According to Albus, everyone in the MLE, the IMC, and at the ICW were tense because Muggle international politics.

Danny barely remembered the rest of the investigation. His answers were monotonous as his brain was working faster than it ever had. Smith dragging him in for an investigation suddenly had more meaning than it ever had before.

As much as both Danny and Albus hated Adam Aldridge, there was truth to his theory. Al had filled him in on the progress with the other Muggles who were put on constant supervision by the Aurors but something didn’t fit.

Lucius Malfoy’s murder was clearly tied into this entire conspiracy. This extended far more than just some angry witch or wizard who was upset that Muggles could threaten the safety of the Wizarding world.

The Palmers’ death was carefully instigated. Knowing that this would upset both worlds and potentially lead to what the higher-ups at the Ministry feared the most, whoever was behind this is behind a massive conspiracy that they had to figure out before it was too late.

When Danny was finally allowed leave, he bolted from the room, grabbing a patiently waiting Albus with him, and surged towards the busy London streets.

“What the bloody hell was that for?” an irritated Albus asked.

“Look, Aldridge’s theory isn’t right,” Danny said in a lowered voice. “This isn’t some angry fellow who wants to take the safety of the Wizarding world into his own hands. What happened to Cara, Mr., and Mrs. Palmer was carefully thought out.”

“Well of course it is! You don’t just decide to kill the Muggle Prime Minister and his family for nothing!” Albus said, though his eyes and worrying tone told Danny he was listening intently.

“Smith, my investigator, was utterly convinced that I was at fault. Shacklebolt couldn’t have done anything because they want to appease the Muggles because they all fear for an all-out war. Richardson isn’t as magic-friendly as some other Prime Ministers have been. Whoever is doing this is trying to make a point about the Muggles and magic,” Danny explained in a hurry as the two of them slowly walked down the streets towards the Leaky Cauldron. They were far safer in the Muggle world at the moment than the Magical world. They didn’t know who their enemy in the magical world was, at the moment.

“Yes, but what’s the point? Why kill Lucius Malfoy then? It doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t Lucius Malfoy only be too happy to help?” Albus shook his head in confusion. Leading his best mate to a nearby bench, he continued. “As reformed as Lucius Malfoy claimed to be, I can’t imagine that if someone had a brilliant plan to subdue the Muggles, they wouldn’t want the Malfoys involved.”

“Didn’t you talk to Rose?”

“Not recently. Why?”

“She went over to the Malfoys the other day. They know things, and I am willing to bet all the gold in my Gringotts account that they weren’t happy about it,” Danny explained with a sigh.

Albus made a noise of irritation. “That makes them accomplices, then doesn’t it? That ought to be against the law, to know things and not come forward about it.”

“Lucius Malfoy was murdered, Al!” Danny said. He wanted to shake sense into his friend. “They probably were going to come forward to the Auror Department with it. Why else would he have been murdered? Old Malfoy was probably in on the plan, Narcissa disagreed with it, Mr. Malfoy didn’t want anything to do with some bloke, probably a pureblood, trying to subdue Muggles, and they decided collectively as a family to come forward with it so that Scorpius and Rose wouldn’t have to live with the stigma of belonging to a family that can’t resist itself when it comes to Pureblood Supremacy.”

“I didn’t know the Malfoys cared so much about Rose,” Albus muttered bad temperedly. He could see the truth in the argument, though he didn’t see why his father and Uncle Ron hadn’t hauled Narcissa in for an investigation yet.

“Look, what we need to do is keep up a front by trying to follow the information that Lucy gave you. Our best bet is to help Rose because I think she has the upper hand on this one. It’s a larger conspiracy that we’re not seeing, and it’s too much of a risk that your father and Mr. Weasley can’t just jump into until we have concrete facts,” Danny told his friend firmly. “What we need to do is rally everyone together.”

“By everyone you mean…”

“We need eyes and ears everywhere. Reach out to Molly. Reach out to Lily. Get everyone who can to help because Rose needs our help. I need everyone’s help.” 







Author's Note: I apologize for this super late update! Rest assured, updates will be far more periodic from now on. Special thank you to my beta, Jchrissy (Jami) for editing this chapter for me! 

What did you all think about this chapter? What Rose discovered with the Malfoys? Danny's investigation and his theory? 

Please leave a review down below! They make me so happy and motivated! 

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