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Conundrum by Blackfriar
Chapter 2 : Caught
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 I would have stayed on that toilet pot for a lot longer staring at that test had I not remembered that I have a Charms class to get to in about ten minutes. I rose from my sitting position, still clutching the pregnancy test, and scanned the small space for a suitable to place to dispose of it. I fear that the little dustbin in the corner may not be a safe enough place to discard the test and the same goes for my schoolbag. I’d be afraid that one clumsy withdrawal of textbooks may send it tumbling out of my bag and catch the wrong people’s attention.

I resort to using a spell. The vanishing spell. I learned it last year and I didn’t find it too difficult, which is a great achievement for me as Charms would not be my most favoured subject. But I’m afraid that I may be a little rusty with that spell and Professor Wilken had said that a nasty mess can be created if the spell is executed incorrectly. She never specified what the mess was but I am not eager to find out. With a deep breath, I place the pregnancy test on the tiled floor and point my wand straight at it.


As soon as the final syllable rolls off my tongue, a bright burst of orange light flows from the tip of my wand to the middle of the stick and then the stick disappears. I gingerly place my toe in the spot the test had been just to see if it really had vanished and it had. Only Merlin knows where it vanished to. Maybe it transported to the Bahamas or to the bottom of the lake. I much prefer the latter.

I quickly grab my bag and fling it over my shoulder and begin my descent to the second floor. As I walk, a million thoughts are flowing through my brain and are actually making me a bit lightheaded. I can’t believe that right now, this very moment, a child is growing inside me. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t fit my head around it. It’s almost as if you’re having a terrible dream and you’re begging your brain to end it so you can return to the real world where those monstrous things don’t exist.

But this isn’t a dream. This is one hundred and ten per cent real.

I don’t even know how I’ll be able to handle a screaming child. It won’t be like one of those baby dolls you had when you were younger; the types that you could just put aside when you grew bored or tired. This is a real baby, a baby that’s going to need love and devotion twenty four seven.

How will Teddy cope? At least I have younger siblings and cousins but Teddy’s an only child and as far as I know he doesn’t have any cousins.

It doesn’t take me too long to reach the Charm’s classroom and I have a couple of minutes to spare. It’s no surprise to see Zoey stood by herself near the door, her arms wrapped around her books, pressing them against her torso. When her eyes land on me, she scurries over to me. Her brown eyes were wide like a doe’s but they didn’t possess that vacant look most does have. Zoey’s eyes were eager and somewhat suspicious.

“Where were you today, Vee? You were meant to meet me in the library. You had me a little worried.”

As she speaks the last sentence, her head droops and I feel a bit guilty. I shift my weight onto my left side and lean my head closer towards her ear so no one stood nearby can hear snippets of our conversation.

“I’m sorry about that but it was urgent. I’ll tell you about it later, I promise.” I send her a small smile, a smile she doesn’t return. She inclines her head and looks down her button nose at me, a gesture she’s prone to doing whenever someone has ticked her off.

“…Alright then. Come on, class is about to begin.”

And no sooner then she says it, the door opens and a group of third year Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws begins to file out of the classroom. We wait until they all exit the room before Zoey and I make our way to our usual seats towards the back of the class near the window. Professor Wilken is stood at the front of the class, her platinum blonde hair tied into a tight plait that hangs down her back. Her milk-bottle-rimmed glasses are balancing on the bridge of her nose and she is sporting her trademark crimson lipstick and even from my seat I can see that it’s slightly smudged around the corners.

When we have all taken our places, she launches into one of her long lectures and I let my gaze shift to Zoey. She’s purposely not looking at me and is instead staring at the back of a girl’s head in front of us. I roll my eyes and try to focus my attention back onto Wilken but before I get a chance, a piece of parchment is slid in front of me. Cautiously, I bring it down into my lap and unfold it and see Zoey’s messy handwriting scrawled across the parchment.

Tell me.

I pick up my quill and write a short little message in reply.

No. Later.

Keeping my eyes glued to Wilken, I toss the parchment towards Zoey and I can hear her gently unfolding it. The parchment is pushed back over towards me and I wait a few seconds before I unfold it to reveal Zoey’s reply.

Go on.

My irritation causes my hand to tremble, which in turn makes my usually neat writing turn messy as I jot down my refusal. Again, I slide the parchment over to Zoey. She doesn’t reply for a while and I begin to hope that her replies have ceased and I can finally refocus my attention back onto my Charm’s professor. My hope is soon dimmed when a scrunched up piece of parchment is thrown at my shoulder. Trying my best to do it quietly, I smoothen out the parchment and my eye twitches in annoyance as I read the single word written in the middle of the page.


Desperate for the annoying notes to stop, I make a quick decision to tell her that I’m pregnant. This wasn’t how I had planned this moment at all. I had hoped to tell her in person, in our dormitory, perhaps and not through paper.

Unfortunately, my confession never gets to Zoey as Professor Wilken has somehow teleported in front of our desks and is glaring down at me. Every head in the classroom is turned towards me and I can feel my cheeks reddening.

“I have noticed that neither of you have been paying attention during this entire class,” She says, her annoying, high pitched voice reminding me of the sound of nails being scraped along a chalkboard. Her gaze shifts from me to the ball of paper in my palm. Her brow wrinkles in anger and she holds out her hand. I reluctantly pass the parchment into her hand and she smoothes it out and holds it in front of her eyes.

Her mouth is open as if she is about to read our messages aloud to the class but it closes again once her eyes reach the two words at the bottom of the page.

I’m pregnant.

With a long and hard look at me, she turns on her heel and walks back to the top of the class and resumes her teaching as if nothing ever happened. Zoey and I share a puzzled look before aiming our attention back towards our professor.

When the bell clangs and we move to exit the classroom, I feel a firm hand on my shoulder. I slowly turn around and am not surprised to see that the hand belongs to Professor Wilken. She waits until everyone has left before she walks over to close the door and turns around to look at me, the note still clutched between her fingers.

“Is this a joke, Miss Weasley?” She asks, holding up the hand that held the piece of parchment. I try to speak but for some reason there is a sort of locking in my throat, preventing me from getting any words out. So I just shake my head.

“I want you to come with me this instant. You need to tell the headmaster at once,” She says, pulling the door open.

“But Professor I have herbology now-“

“Don’t fret. I’ll explain to Professor Longbottom  about your absence.”

I don’t respond but I give a small nod in response and follow her to the Professor Clutterbuck’s office. Professor Clutterbuck began teaching Potions after the second wizarding war and in within a few years she was promoted to headmaster. Professor Clutterbuck is probably one of the nicest teachers within the whole school but when she gets angry it’s supposed to be terrifying. I’ve never actually experienced Clutterbuck in one of her rages but I’m afraid that I’m about to.

We reach the spiral staircase and Wilken states the password: “Fuschia” and both of us step in and stand shoulder to shoulder as the staircase revolves upwards, transporting us to her office. When it halts, I see the headmaster sitting behind her desk. It looks as if she was expecting us. Her russet coloured curls are pinned to the top of her head and her small brown eyes are locked on me. Her head is resting on her folded hands, each fingernail painted bright pink.

“Professor Wilken?” She says in a tone of surprise, her gaze shifting from me to my professor. “What’s the matter?”

Professor Wilken grips my shoulder and steers me towards Clutterbuck’s desk and I take a seat across from the headmaster. Wilken hands Clutterbuck my note and I can see her eyebrows raising in clear surprise. She nods once at Wilken before turning back to me.

“Miss Weasley, I hope you know just how serious your current situation is. Are your parents aware?”

“N-no, Headmaster,” I reply, mentally cursing myself for stuttering. “I just found out myself today.”

“So I’m going to assume the father doesn’t know. Correct?”


“Is the father still in school?”

“Yes, professor.”

“Who is it, Victoire?”

“Teddy Lupin.”

Clutterbuck nods before turning back to Wilken.

“Fetch Mr. Lupin for me please, Professor Wilken. He should be in Potions right now.”

Professor Wilken turns on her heel and retreats down the spiral staircase and I am left alone with the headmaster. I’m not looking directly at the Professor Clutterbuck, instead my eyes are shifting to the portraits of each Hogwarts’ headmaster. I can feel the intensity of Clutterbuck’s gaze on me and I try my best to avoid any form of eye contact. This is going to be how Teddy finds out he’s going to be a father. Just like I had with Zoey, I had intended to confess to Teddy somewhere we could be alone, somewhere private. I don’t think anything has gone according to plan recently.

“You’re the not the first girl to be pregnant at Hogwarts.”

Professor Clutterbuck’s voice interrupts my thoughts and I tear my gaze away from the portrait of Headmaster Dippet and lock eyes with the current headmaster. I think I can see a ghost of reassuring smile on her face. “And you’re certainly not the last.”

I can hear the grindings of stone against stone as the spiral staircase revolves upwards, transporting Wilken and Teddy to the office. As soon as my eyes lock with Teddy’s-puzzlement evident in them- a wave of nausea hits me.

Whether it’s from the pregnancy or nerves, I can’t be too sure.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Lupin. Please take a seat. There is a lot we need to discuss.”

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